Piano Forte

Chapter 20-Partners



The morning was a routine one, if a person could consider a twelve-year-old boy sitting at a piano in a practice room playing Beethoven, Mozart, and Granados in the nude to be routine. Austin thought it was more than routine; he felt free and loose during his practice session, which came after his two workshops.
After lunch, Austin and Ned practiced the piano and flute transcriptions they planned to play the next evening. They stripped down to their underpants. Austin was willing to go all the way, but Ned was a bit more conservative.
“My sister would be even more pissed if she found out I was naked with you in a practice room,” Ned muttered.
“Does she know we’re performing tomorrow?” Austin asked.
“Who cares? No matter what she thinks, there is no way she can stop us from playing music together. That’s what camp is all about right? If she complained to old man Shepherd, I’m sure he’d laugh her out of his office.”
“What’s her hang-up?”
“Beat’s the fuck out of me. She’s always been kind of a bitch, but now she’s become a total bitch. John thinks she’s like a closet lesbo.”
“What’s that?”
“I thought you were the big sex expert,” Ned chuckled. “It means she’s a gay girl who won’t admit it, so she’s hiding in, like, in a closet, and it makes her unhappy.”
“So, what you’re saying is she needs a girlfriend.”
“You got it. Now, let’s take this second piece from the top.”
“Yeah,” Austin nodded. “We need to get our timing down better.”
The boys set back to work, focused totally on their music. Being almost naked together didn’t matter right then—only their music did.
After their practice, they attended the second badminton clinic. They were surprised by the news that the tournament dates had to be changed.
“The tournaments are new to camp,” Dave Bowen, the tournament coordinator said. “We had more signups than we anticipated, which meant we didn’t schedule enough time. The starting date for all of the tournaments will be this coming Monday.”
That lead to a cacophony of comments, some shouted out, others shared privately. Austin liked the idea of starting earlier and could quickly tell that he was in the majority.
“What did you do in camp before?” Hans Mertz asked. Hans was thirteen and played the oboe and the clarinet.
“Kids just played each other on their own,” Dave replied. “I mean, whoever heard of serious music students being competitive in sports, right?”
“I think a lot of people have. I like doing sports,” Alejandro said.
“So why start now?” Ned asked.
“Maybe because he’s working at camp for the first time and is ready to try something new,” William offered.
Austin turned his head and saw William sitting in the back of the room. He hadn’t seen William at the first clinic, which didn’t matter much. A player only needed to attend one clinic session in order to enter the tournament. He saw John sitting in the back of the room, as well, and wondered if William and John entered as a doubles team.
“William is correct,” Dave responded. “Mr. Shepherd thought the idea of having some athletic competition was a good one. Serious music competitions require a body in good physical condition as well as a mind tuned to compete.”
“Makes sense to me,” William muttered loudly enough for most in the room to hear.
After the meeting broke up, Austin and Ned moved quickly to the back of the room to corner William. “I didn’t know you were going to do badminton,” Austin said.
“I didn’t either until this morning,” William chuckled. He looked at Ned and said, “But then I met with Ned’s roomie at breakfast and we decided to sign up for badminton doubles. I also signed up for ping-pong singles, so I should be busy next week. Well, it might be more accurate to say I should be busier.”
“There are no age brackets, so Ned and I might have to play you and John,” Austin pointed out.
“Be prepared to have your asses kicked,” William said in a challenging tone.
“You might be older than us,” Austin retorted, “but we’re not that bad.”
“Do you have time to play us a practice game if a court is available?”
“Sure, why not?” Ned said before Austin could say no. Austin glared at Ned.
“I know what you’re thinking,” Ned told Austin. “Let’s get changed into our gym stuff while the old men get us a court.”
“Remember, the old men are bigger and stronger and faster than you guys,” William said. “I’ll get a court while I wait for you guys and John to change.” William was already wearing gym garb.
There was more than one outdoor court immediately available and William laid claim to it. Camp rules said a player could hold a court for no more than five minutes.
Knowing the rule, John changed in a hurry in case William had been able to save a court. As soon as John left the gym, Austin jumped on Ned. “What were you thinking? They’re going to kill us—it’s going to be bad enough getting killed by them if we play in the tournament.”
“Calm down, mate,” Ned grinned as he admired Austin, who was momentarily clad in just a pair of black Hanes briefs. “My sister isn’t the only person in my family who can be sinister.”
Austin thought about that as he pulled on his gym shorts and grinned when he thought he figured out Ned’s point. “Oh, you want us to tank the game.”
“Only because I really think we’re good enough to beat their cocky asses. I’ve seen you play, and I know how good I am. We both play sports in school, too. John and William might be older than us, and they might be okay players, but I think we can beat them. So, why not make them think they can automatically beat us in the tournament by letting them beat us today?”
“We just have to look like we’re playing our best, even if we’re not, right?” Austin asked.
“Exactly.” Ned finished tying his shoes and they two boys raced out to the athletic field. Since there wasn’t a line for the courts, the boys agreed to play one 15-point game; tournament games would go to 11 points.
William and John turned out being better than Ned thought they would be. Ned and Austin quickly fell behind 5-0 and ramped up their game a little to avoid being skunked, which would have been a 7-0 deficit. They avoided a skunk by cutting the score to 5-2, but the older boys pulled away to an 15-7 win. Austin and Ned admitted to each other that except for the start of the game, they had played their hardest; they had simply been kicked by two boys who were older, bigger, stronger, and faster.
“I still think we can beat them,” Austin said as he and Ned took a quick shower in the locker room.
“No doubt here,” Ned agreed. “They’re going to have big heads if we face them again. Plus—nobody messes with us Canucks.”
One thing Ned and Austin had going for them was that, even though he had just turned fourteen, John was only two inches taller and ten pounds heavier than Ned. That meant that the size difference, while a factor, was not overwhelming. Ned and Austin could tell that they were more athletic than William and John. They felt strongly that they were capable of spanking the older boys the next time they met in a match.
“Are your parents coming to our recital tomorrow?” Austin asked Ned.
He had asked a couple of times, but Ned always blew him off, saying he wasn’t sure. This time he had an answer. “I knew you were going to ask me or I would have told you already, but the answer is no. It’s a long drive from Vancouver and they both have to work.”
“That sucks.”
“It does, kind of, but I figure they’re earning money to send me and the bitchster to this camp, not to mention feed us after we get home. BUT, if we qualify to play Saturday night, they will drive down to listen. And your mom is coming, right”
“Yeah, she and Jeff both. Josh, my piano teacher, is driving them down. Mom said she’ll come back on Saturday if we qualify.”
“Well, it’s not quite as far from Bellingham to Seattle as it is from Vancouver. They won’t stay the night tomorrow, but Mom didn’t mention what they’ll do on Saturday.”
“I hope we qualify, but we’re not playing some of the super hard stuff the winners have been playing.”
“Maybe our stuff isn’t as hard,” Austin commented, “but we do a kick ass job of playing it.”
“You got that right,” Ned grinned.
“Funny how William and John worked up a big pit and didn’t bother to shower.”
“They probably went to one of our rooms to do it so they can mess around.”
“What do you know about messing around in the shower?” Austin giggled.
“Not much yet, but I’m ready to learn.”
“Austin and Ned weren’t near as good as they thought they were,” John told William as they stripped off their gym clothes in John’s room.
“They played us tough a couple of times, but, yeah, no way they beat us if we play in the tournament,” William responded.
John pulled off his boxers and was now naked. “I wonder if our roomies miss us.” His four-inch-cock was rock hard.
“I doubt it—they’re probably in the shower with their cocks hard, wishing they’d come back to the dorm to shower.”
“I’m glad they didn’t, or we’d end up stuffing four of us into the shower.”
William shook his head. “Nah, they’d go to my room and use that shower. But, the four of us squeezed into a shower could be kinda fun.” He yanked down his undies and was now naked as well, his four-and-a-half inches standing up proudly.
“Let’s shower,” John said. He opened a drawer, pulled out a towel, and tossed it to William.
“You’ve got a great looking ass,” William said as he followed John into the bathroom.
“I guess, but I’ve got a crotch like a twelve-year-old. Little cock, no hair, balls barely hanging down, plus I’m skinny and short.”
“I think you’re cute.”
“For real?” John asked. He reached into the shower stall and started the shower.
“For real. If I was gay, I’d kiss your ass, but I’m not, so I’ll just fuck it.”
“I thought we were doing that tomorrow night when we sleep together.”
“It never hurts to practice,” William smirked. “And my dick isn’t much longer than yours, but Michelle liked it.”
“But, it’s thicker, and your balls hang down, and you’ve got some hair.” John put his hands against the shower wall and pushed his ass out. “So, start getting yourself into shape then.” 
William wrapped his arms around John, kissed his neck and rubbed his cock along John’s ass crack.
“Fuck me, William, fuck my ass hard like my cousin does. Ram your cock into me.”
“I don’t have any lube.”
“Whatever, we’re in a shower and your cock is wet and my ass is wet and let’s do it.”
William nibbled on John’s neck. “I’m gonna rub off on your ass and save the real thing for tomorrow.”
“Pussy. I’ll let you off the hook if you French me and rub your cock on my crotch.”
“You’re a boy and I’m not gay, so I shouldn’t kiss you.”
John turned around and faced his new friend. “Damn, William, forget this gay shit and just get us off!”
Overcome by hormones and the heat of the shower water, William placed his lips on John’s and ran his tongue into his mouth, shoving his cock against John’s and humping like mad. The two teens tongue wrestled and rubbed against each other’s boners and abdomens. The final result happened quicker than they wanted, but deep down they knew this was what William had said; practice for the next night when they’d be sharing a bed.
Their mood was interrupted when they heard the door to John’s room open. “Hey, what are you guys doing?” came Ned’s voice. He eased open the shower door and saw John loosely clinging to William. William’s body blocked the shower water and Ned could see cum dripping down John’s smooth abdomen and crotch.
Austin looked over Ned’s shoulder and saw the same scene. “Whoa, I guess that answers that question,” Ned chuckled, pointing to the cum on both teens.
“Fuck, can’t a guy get any privacy around here?” William groused. 
“You’re lucky Denny and George didn’t come in here,” Ned pointed out, referring to his and John’s suitemates. 
“Yeah, and you’re lucky you didn’t find them in the shower,” John pointed out. “George has a temper.”
“Maybe, but I don’t think that would have happened. I think Denny knows less about sex than I do, and he’s thirteen.”
“Okay, children, how about letting us finish our shower and then maybe we can all go to dinner together,” William instructed.
Which is what Ned and Austin did, with some laughs and insults on the way out.
Dinner ended up being at one of the big tables, with the Master Quartet along with William and John enjoying the meal together. Gary had some news, which didn’t surprise anyone.
“I don’t have a roomie anymore,” he announced. “Brian got sent home.”
“Why, because he never did any of the activities?” William asked.
“That and because he left the school campus without permission more than once. He was packing up when I got back from rehearsal.  He said he met some girl when he was wandering around town and got caught naked in bed with her last night, which was why I never saw him. She was thirteen and just finished seventh grade.”
“Did he fuck her?” William asked. 
“He says that’s what he was doing when her parents caught them.” Gary shook his head and went on. “He talked more when I found him packing than the whole time we were roommates.”
“I bet everybody is in mega-trouble,” Titus said.
“He says it’s not the first time he’s been caught fucking a girl. His dad thinks he’s a stud. Not that he doesn’t get in trouble for shit, he told me, but fucking girls isn’t one of them. He lost his cherry when he was nine to a fourteen-year-old girl. You’d think a guy who never talks to anybody would have a tough time getting to know some girl.”
“Maybe he never talked to us because he doesn’t like guys,” Austin theorized.
“Maybe. I never asked him if he ever got caught fucking a guy. Oh well, now I don’t have a roomie, so that opens up my room for all kinds of fun.”
“Yeah, and now you guys won’t have to worry about getting cum on my sheets,” William chuckled.
“Me and Austin are the only ones in the Quartet who can shoot.”
“One more reason I should have totally clean sheets.”
“Yeah, while you and John mess up my sheets,” Ned said.
“Well, somebody has to,” William grinned.
The Master Quartet sat together at the Wednesday night recital. Austin noted that William was sitting with Cindy, who he would be playing with the next night.
Dr. Boardman played a camp faculty recital featuring Ravel and Debussy. That was followed by eight camper recitals. The only campers they knew were George Fredericks, one of Ned’s suitemates, who played the French horn in a brass ensemble, and Alejandro, who played the trumpet in the ensemble. Their ensemble was one of the two selections for the performance Saturday night.
“Are we going to sleep in my room or in Gary’s tomorrow night?” Austin asked his friends in the quartet as they had a late-night snack in the dining hall.
“We might as well sleep in yours since William is moving over to John’s room for the night,” Gary said. “But after that, we have a place we can always go to. If anybody wants to use my room for some fun, just let me know and we’ll work something out.”
After snacking, the boys walked to the dorm. When Austin entered his room, it was empty and was dark. He turned the overhead light on, stripped naked, and unrolled his fabric keyboard Ms Zimmer had given him during her evaluation that morning. She told him to try it for fingering practice when he was in the dorm.
“You can work on putting your fingers in the right place without bothering anybody,” she noted.
“But the white and black keys are all on the same level,” Austin complained. “The only difference between them is their location and color.”
“It’s far from perfect, but it’s something you can play around with when you don’t have access to a piano for a while.”
Austin couldn’t see the value in the big piece of cloth but thanked her and toted it to his dorm room. Now that he had the practice cloth unrolled and moved his fingers along it, he saw that it could help a little. He pulled out his Mozart score for the next day’s recital and let his fingers dance along the keyboard. He moved his feet as if they were working the pedals.
A half hour later, William walked in looking grumpy. “You’re naked. Why am I not surprised?” he snorted as he walked across the room and into the bathroom. Austin wondered who had stuck a cactus up his roomie’s ass.
“What happened, did you get rotten apples for your snack,” Austin asked.
“I didn’t get a snack,” William responded as he started to undress. “I spent some time with my duet partner.”
William shook his head. “Making out.”
He stood fully naked in front of Austin, his cock hard. “Sorry about me being grumpy. I mean I like seeing you naked, and tonight I like seeing you naked way better than seeing fucking Cindy naked.”
“Did she let you fuck her?” William noted that Austin’s cock rose almost as fast as he asked the question.
“I wanted to, she didn’t. We made out naked on her bed until I told her I was close to cumming and asked how she wanted me to do it. She said, ‘You can to it in your dorm room, or on the way there, if you want. How come boys always think about orgasms?’”
“I told her I thought that was what this was all about, even if we were just making out.” William sat on his bed, a forlorn look on his face. “If I hadn’t shot my load over John I would have squirted on Cindy or her bed. Anyway, the bitch told me to get dressed and said she’d see me for our last rehearsal tomorrow. And no, I didn’t jerk off coming back, and yes, I got a major case of blue balls.”
“What if you just skipped the last rehearsal?” Austin asked.
“You know roomie, everybody thinks I’m the one with the evil mind, but you seem to be competing with me just fine,” William chuckled. “Since my dad called earlier and said not only was he coming to the recital tomorrow, but so was my grandfather, who just happens to be in Seattle. I guess I’d better make sure I’m at my best so he doesn’t slowly kill me for fucking up at the keyboard.”
Austin got up from his chair and started for the bathroom. “And you’d rather have the fucking with Cindy, right?”
“Damn, you’re a nasty little boy.”  William followed Austin to the bathroom where the boys took care of their teeth and peeing. As they brushed, Austin thought it was strange that William hadn’t suggested that Austin give him the chance to fuck his ass.
When they returned to the bedroom, William climbed into his bed. Austin rolled up his piano cloth and shut off his desk light. “My dad gave me one of those cloth thingies. Grandpa thinks they’re worthless and I agree totally. I’ve only used it when I thought Dad might be watching.”
“I thought I’d see how it worked,” Austin replied noncommittedly. Austin got into his bed and turned out the overhead light. Austin looked up at the ceiling as the room fell into a dark silence. He saw the image of William’s troubled face; a face that was nowhere close to the arrogant face Austin remembered seeing when he first saw his roommate. Austin thought William’s look, as he went to bed, was the look of somebody who needed a friend. He pulled back his covers and sidled over to William’s bed.
When the overhead light went out, William wished, not for the first time, that he hadn’t come to camp. He wished he was in Seattle doing something, anything, to make him happy. He even wished he knew who at the camp knew where he could pick up some weed. And finally, he wished he had asked Austin to sleep with him so he wouldn’t feel the empty loneliness he was feeling right then.
He heard Austin’s bedcovers rustle, and, in the ambient light of the room, he could see him rise from his bed. Don’t tell me the little fart has to pee again, he thought. But that turned out to not be the case. William felt a surge of warmness shoot through his body as his roommate lifted the covers and crawled into his bed with him.
“What brings you here?” William whispered.
“I thought you might need some company,” was Austin’s simple reply to what could be construed as a complex question.
William turned to face Austin, draping his right arm over Austin’s left shoulder. He could feel Austin’s sweet breath on his face and squeezed the younger boy’s shoulder. Even though he was hard and horny, what William wanted wasn’t sex, it was exactly what Austin thought he wanted—a friend to take away the loneliness.
Without thinking, William placed his lips lightly on the lips of his twelve-year-old roommate. What am I doing? William thought to himself. I’ve already kissed a boy today, and now I want to kiss another one? Yes, I do, he answered himself. I want to kiss him worse than I wanted to kiss John, worse than I wanted to kiss Cindy, worse than I’ve ever wanted to kiss anybody in my life.
It was then that William started what was, up to that point, the most romantic kiss of his, or Austin’s, life. It was then that his lips pressed hard against Austin’s, that his tongue entered Austin’s mouth like it belonged there, that his hands rubbed Austin’s smooth back and silky ass cheeks, that his cock felt full of sexual energy that needed release even though it wasn’t what William really wanted or needed at that moment.
“Thank you for coming in here with me,” William stated with quiet emotion between deep kisses. “I needed this kiss so bad. I need you so bad. Oh, fuck, Austin, all I want to do is to kiss you and hold you.  I don’t want to cum but it’s going to happen.”
William locked his lips with Austin again, this time with Austin’s tongue wandering into William’s mouth. Austin could feel William’s hard cock, he could feel William’s precum on him, he could feel William’s tongue pushing his, he could hear William’s groans and grunts, and finally he experienced William’s mind blowing orgasm as he felt shot after shot after shot of warm teen semen covering his belly setting off an incredible orgasm of his own.
The boys lay wrapped around each other as their breathing slowly receded. William thought of so many things he could say to the boy he was holding, the boy he all but hated less than two weeks ago. One set of words that ran though his head was, “I love you,” but he knew that couldn’t be true. All he could do was to say “Thank you” again.
“I just wanted to help you,” Austin said. “It’s what friends do.”
“Then thank you for being my friend,” William said in the same subdued tone of voice Austin had used. “Are you going to sleep with me tonight, or are you going back to your bed?”
Austin’s answer was to scooch tighter to his roomie’s naked body.
“You know, you’re not going to have to worry about cum stains on my bed tomorrow. I think we left our share of stains on the sheets.”
Austin giggled, a giggle that sounded beautiful to William.
“I want to ask you one thing, and then I promise I’ll let you sleep,” William said.
“Go ahead.” Austin had a feeling William would ask him even if he said no.
“Do you want to play with me?”
“I thought we just played.”
“That wasn’t play, that was some serious fucking sex, even if we didn’t fuck. That was me having amazing sex with my very sexy roommate. No, by play, I meant play music.”
“Like a piano duet?” Austin asked with a hint of confusion in his voice.
“No, like a piano and guitar duet. I want you to be my partner on stage.”
Austin said nothing as he sorted through what he had just been asked to do. William interpreted the silence as rejection and felt a wave of depression wash over him. That feeling was short-lived however, when Austin asked, “What will we play?” Austin was certain that William would tell him the work they’d play and that would be the end of the idea, because he wasn’t going to have William tell him what they were going to do.
“Fuck if I know, let’s decide that together tomorrow.”
William didn’t realize it, but his answer sealed Austin’s decision.
Austin wrapped his naked body around William’s in a tight hug. “Yes,” Austin said with quiet enthusiasm. “I want to be your partner.”
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