The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 14-Broken Boys (Part 3)

<Eddie Shaffer>


As Troy turned into his driveway, Eddie stared at the big house in front of him. He had no doubt that Troy was rich and was suddenly feeling totally out of his element. He knew there would be two boys in the house who were clean, got good grades, played sports, jerked off, and never sucked a dick or got butt fucked in their lives. For sure, neither one was a whore. This was not where he belonged.
Eddie wished he’d told Gil to take down the tent and watch over it because he was ready to run away. But then he remembered Troy telling him that kids who ran away from foster homes were often locked in juvie. He told him that the only reason he and Curt were not taken to juvie was because he did volunteer work for the Seattle Children’s Alliance. “But don’t count on your luck holding forever,” Troy had cautioned him. Eddie knew that the only reason he’d stayed around this long was Curt, but he could feel his loyalty to his friend starting to waver. Curt will fit in just fine here, Eddie thought. He doesn’t need me anymore.
Curt, who had lived in a solid middle-class neighborhood, wasn’t as intimidated about the situation as Eddie. He sensed Eddie’s nervousness and placed his left hand around Eddie’s right hand. Curt could feel Eddie’s tension ease almost immediately. Eddie looked into Curt’s eyes and remembered how he’d told Troy that he and Curt needed each other. Once again, he realized that was true.
After Troy parked the car in the garage, the boys piled out of the backseat and waited patiently for Troy to lead them into the house. Just as Troy closed the car door, the door leading to the house opened and the boys saw a teenage boy standing at the door. The fourteen-year-old stood with good posture and emitted the confidence of a boy who was as sure of his place in the world as a teen his age could be. Eddie couldn’t help but feel that this was not a person he wanted to mess with. In some ways he reminded him of Aiden, which didn’t surprise him since they were cousins. Eddie had no clue as to how different the lives of the two cousins had been as they grew up.
“Hey, welcome to the Miller house, Eddie and Curt,” Chase said in the not yet mature voice of a young teen. “I’m Chase.” He stepped aside a bit, revealing another boy. “And this creature behind me is my brother Logan.”
While Curt thought Chase was a good-looking teen who seemed nice, he was hit by an instant boy crush when he saw Logan. Logan was one of the most beautiful boys he’d ever seen. Logan was smitten by Curt as well, despite his tattered clothes. He could just see some of Curt’s brilliant blond hair beneath his new Mariner hat.
“Come on into the house,” Chase told the visitors. “Dinner’s about ready. I hope you guys like fried chicken.”
 Eddie remained shyly quiet, but Curt told Chase that they loved fried chicken.
After entering the house, Troy introduced Eddie and Curt to his wife, Susan. “We eat in about forty-five minutes,” she informed the boys. “I want to see you both sparkling clean in time for dinner.”
“We don’t have any other clothes,” Curt said. “And these clothes are, like, really dirty. I mean REALLY dirty.” The role of dominant boy had subtly shifted from Eddie to Curt as Eddie kept feeling out of place.
“Yes, I can tell,” Susan smiled. “But I have a plan. Curt, you and Logan are about the same size, so I have a set of his clothes laid out for you. As for you, Eddie, you’re bigger then Logan, but I have some of Chase’s old stuff laid out. You might have to sort through it to find a right fit, but it’s all clean even if they’ve seen a lot of use.”
Chase and Logan guided Curt and Eddie upstairs to the guest room. “One of you will sleep here and the other will get the couch bed in the basement. This bed is more comfortable, but the basement has a better view.”
Eddie had seen that the house had a great view of Puget Sound but tried to envision a basement with a view. Looking at the big king-size bed in the guest room, Eddie opened his mouth for the first time other than to mumble “hi” since entering the house. “Me and Curt only need this bed,” he said and then waited for Chase to give them a bunch of shit and call them queers or faggots or something similar. He actually hoped that was what Chase would say, because it would give him an excuse to bolt.
Instead, Chase surprised him by nodding his head and saying, “Not a problem. It’s had four guys sleep in it so you two should do okay.”
If only you knew how we shared a grungy sleeping bag you wouldn’t be saying that, Eddie thought. Deep inside he was happy with Chase’s response. It showed him that Chase wasn’t an asshole, plus it meant he would get to sleep in a real bed with real sheets, big soft pillows, real blankets, and Curt cuddled up next to him.
Logan walked over to the divan under the window where Susan had laid out the clothes. “These are mine,” he said pointing to the jeans, t-shirt, socks, and underpants on the left side. “They might not be what you like but mom thinks they’ll fit you, Curt. Those others used to belong to Chase and they’re all kinds of sizes.”
“Just go looking, Eddie, and I bet you find some stuff that fits. And before you think these are saved so my little bro can wear hand-me-downs, they weren’t. Mom gives most of our old clothes away, but we keep some in case our overnight company might need something clean and dry,” Chase pointed out.
“Yeah, like after we mud wrestle in the back yard,” Logan grinned.
Even though he didn’t want to, Eddie found himself liking the brothers, while Curt found himself liking them even more.
“Where’s the shower?” Curt asked.
Chase opened a door and showed him a bathroom with a toilet, a sink with a large counter, and a tub shower. “If you want a walk-in shower, I’ve got one in my room you can use. In fact, you can run both at once if you want, but three at a time doesn’t work in this house.” Eddie remembered that there were times one shower taxed the hot water heater in his house. 
“I have to use the bathroom in the hall because I’m the little brother,” Logan said. He playfully stuck his tongue out at Chase.
“Can we shower together?” Curt asked causing Eddie total embarrassment.
“Why not? I shower with my friends,” Chase said. “It saves a lot of water in case anybody asks.”
Eddie began to doubt his initial evaluation of Chase regarding his sexual experience. He now found himself wondering if Chase messed around with his little brother.
“We’ll let you guys get clean, and no offense you need it. Just remember we eat in a half-hour,” Chase said.
“I’ll come knocking on the door if you guys aren’t down,” Logan said.
Logan’s eyes opened wide as Curt pulled off his dirty jacket and started taking off his t-shirt. He felt a shiver go through him as he watched the twelve-year-old exposing his belly, and his chest, including his pink nipples. When he started unbuttoning his jeans, Chase said, “I guess we better go so you guys can get showered.”
“Oh, are you guys still here?” Curt asked with seeming innocence. He knew Logan would only see him for a couple of days and he wanted the cute boy to see what he looked like, hoping Logan might somehow return the favor.
Chase and Logan scooted out of the room as Curt pulled off his jeans. They had left too quickly to notice that Curt hadn’t been wearing any underpants.
“What was that about?” Eddie asked.
“What was what about?”
“What was you starting to undress in front of those guys about?”
“I wanted Logan to see me. He’s kind of cute.”
“You’ve changed a lot since we drove up to his house,” Eddie said as he took off his new hoodie and his old sweatshirt. “There was no way I’d be undressing in front of them.”
“You’d freak them out with your big dick,” Curt said. He was now fully naked.
“You got that right. Well, you must think I’m cuter than that Logan dude.”
“Because you got totally naked in front of me,” Eddie grinned as he finished stripping. “Those two rich dudes spent too much time talking and perving, so let’s shower so we don’t miss any dinner.”
For the first time Curt and Eddie stood naked in front of each other in a brightly lit room. Before moving to the bathroom, they had to take an extra few seconds to truly admire each other. While their gazes had an aura of sexuality, they were also gazes of admiration for someone who had become their friend. They soon were standing in the tub with soothing warm water flowing on them as each insisted on washing the other in order to touch every body part they could.
Downstairs, Chase was having a talk with his parents. Logan was listening in, fascinated by the dramatic picture Chase was painting. Chase told them what Aiden had said about Eddie being a mean sort of asshole. He said Aiden had decided that calling Eddie an asswaffle was too good for him. He also mentioned the racial taunting of Darnell by Eddie at a baseball game the year before.
“Eddie called him the N word,” Chase related with confidence. “I thought you should know everything Aiden told me.”
“Eddie seemed like a nice quiet boy,” Susan observed. “But Aiden has not been one to put anybody down for no reason or to exaggerate since we’ve known him.”
“I probably should save Tyson a trip. I’ll give him a call after dinner,” Troy said.
“Curt is really nice,” Logan said.
“Has Eddie given you a hard time at all?” Troy asked his younger son.
“No, he’s been real quiet.”
“He probably knows I’ll kick his ass if he gives Logan a hard time,” Chase said.
“Chase!” Susan said sharply.
“Well, I will. And I bet he knows it. Nobody gives my little bro shit.”
“Okay, I suggest we all calm down so we can enjoy dinner. Your father will call Tyson and tell him to stay home on Sunday. I’m sure your father and some of the other volunteers will come up with a solution.”
Upstairs Eddie finished giving Curt’s ass a thorough cleaning, especially his crack. “Fucking A, it’s nice to feel clean and smell clean. It’s been hard enough to find toilet paper let alone take a shower,” Eddie said.
“Ten minutes!” came Logan’s voice through the bedroom door.
“Let’s see what we can find to wear,” Eddie said as he turned off the water.
Curt was pleased that Logan’s clothes fit him. He could tell that Logan was a sharp dresser as he slipped on a pair of blue briefs, tan Dockers, and a dark blue polo shirt. A pair of grey socks finished the look. He didn’t want to wear his smelly, grungy shoes to dinner. Eddie found clothes that fit in the hodgepodge on the divan. While he didn’t look as sharp as Curt, he looked better than he had in what he’d worn all day, and no worse than in what he had worn back when he had a home.
When Eddie and Curt came downstairs, they were embarrassed by the compliments. But they had to admit that being clean and dressed in decent clothes made them feel much better. Being rid of the dirty hair made them feel especially good. As much as he had liked his long hair, Curt didn’t miss it.
After dinner the boys ended up down in the basement playing video games, ping pong, pool, darts, and just sat around talking as they got to know each other. Chase was continually surprised by Eddie’s behavior; he didn’t seem at all like the asshole Aiden had described. What Chase didn’t know was the influence Curt’s presence had on Eddie.
While the boys were playing in the basement, Troy called Darnell’s father, Tyson, but got his voice mail. He left a message to call. He hoped his call would be returned by the next morning so he could start making other arrangements for Eddie and Curt’s placement.
Eddie was amazed when Susan came down the stairs and made a call to bed. It wasn’t the call itself that amazed him, it was Chase and Logan instantly acknowledging it with a request for five minutes so Chase and Curt could complete their ping pong game. Susan gave her okay and went back upstairs as Chase scored two straight points for an 11-7 win over his guest.
“How much do you cheat when you get called to bed like that?” Eddie asked.
“We don’t,” Chase fibbed. “The game is over, so now we put the ball and paddles away, and it’s time for bed.” What he didn’t say was he and Logan, or he and Dillon, or even Logan and his best friend Royce, often interpreted going to bed in a different way than his mom did. Once they had taken care of toilet business and were undressed and on the bed, they were in bed as far as they were concerned; talking or sexual activity could then go on as late as they wanted. If they were having a big overnight the rules for going to bed became even looser.
“Your mom and dad seem to be okay with me and Curt sleeping together.”
“Like I said, there’s lots of sleeping together going on here all the time. Logan and I sleep together a lot, although we try not to make a big deal out of it. Dad is cool with it, but mom thinks we do it too much.”
“Are you going to do it tonight?” Curt asked.
Chase looked at his little brother, who nodded. “I don’t see why not,” he grinned.
After the boys came up to the living room, Susan handed Eddie and Curt each a toothbrush. “We have lots of overnights here and lots of kids forgetting their toothbrush, so I keep an adequate supply.”
“This beats using my finger,” Eddie said.
“Good night Mrs. Miller and good night Mr. Miller. Thank you for letting us stay here tonight,” Curt said with genuine thanks. It had been a long time since he had felt this safe and comfortable.
After Chase and Logan said their goodnights, the boys went upstairs and into the guest room.
“If you guys need anything or have any problems, I don’t mind if you wake me up,” Chase told the guests. He noted how sweaty Eddie and Curt were. “And tomorrow I’ll find you shorts or something for when we play downstairs. Logan and our friends and I usually just play around in our underwear.”
“And nobody minds if you do?” Curt asked.
“Mom likes to complain a lot, but she always lets us do it.”
Chase and Logan left for Chase’s room. Eddie and Curt stripped naked and took care of their teeth and peed side-by-side.
“Are you sure you want to sleep naked?” Eddie asked as they climbed under the covers on the big bed. 
“I said so earlier and I meant it,” Curt replied. “It’s easier to mess around if we’re naked.”
“We just better keep our cum off the sheets.”
“Why? When the sheets get taken off the bed we’ll be gone for good, so who cares?”
“Damn, Curt. You changed so much today, I can’t believe you’re the same dude who was in my sleeping bag this morning.”
“I can’t believe we started the day begging for lunch money and ended up in a king size bed with soft sheets and pillows in a warm room and we’re both still together.”
Eddie turned out the light. “Do you want a blow job?” he asked.
When he didn’t hear Curt say anything, he listened carefully to his friend and heard steady, quiet breathing. Curt had fallen asleep the second his head hit the best pillow in the entire world. Eddie thought about waking him so they could have sex, but the long, confusing day had worn him out as well. His eyelids drooped on him and he joined Curt in dreamland.
Just after the four boys disappeared upstairs, Troy’s phone buzzed. He saw it was Tyson and answered the call. After exchanging greetings and a few preliminaries, Troy told Tyson what Chase had learned from Aiden.
“I remember when that happened,” Tyson said. “Darnell was very upset by the incident. But, when Aiden and his cadre stepped in, he also learned he had true friends.”
“I take it we won’t be seeing you on Sunday.”
“Oh, we’ll be there.”
“Even after learning about who Eddie is?”
“As I recall, when I signed up for this volunteer gig, I was told that part of the mission statement of the Alliance was to help mend broken kids. That would be extremely hard to do if we tossed a kid aside because he didn’t behave according to accepted standards.”
“That is very true, but we have to look at how Darnell fits into the whole process, too.”
Tyson agreed and said, “You and I didn’t have a lot of contact as kids. I was more a part of your brother Phil’s gang. But I always looked up to you as the wise high school brother. In fact, we all did. Since then you seem to have become wiser.”
“What does my so-called wisdom have to do with Darnell?” As much as Troy loved Tyson, he was sometimes annoyed by his friend’s habit of going off on a pedological tangent. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising seeing as Tyson was a university professor.
“It says you care. It so happens, Darnell and I discussed who we’re picking up. It seems your ever-busy nephew took it upon himself to call my son and tell him the news. That led Darnell to talk with me, which led us to decide to see what kind of influence the two of us can have on the boy.”
“He might bolt the instant he sees you.”
“Which would, of course, solve the problem,” Tyson chuckled. “This is a situation where my son can get some life lessons right along with our foster sons. Speaking of sons, how do you think the other boy, Curt, feels about the issue of living in a racially mixed household?”
“The subject hasn’t been broached, but from what I have seen he would be very accepting. He’s a good kid from a good family who was suddenly dumped into a cesspool. In just this one day I’ve seen him blossom from a wallflower into someone who has a way of taking charge when he finds himself in the right environment.”
“This should be an interesting and enlightening adventure,” Tyson said. “I would like to ask one thing of you.”
“Tell me.”
“That you tell the boys the situation tomorrow, which could save us a trip if young Eddie bolts as you fear he may do. Otherwise, Darnell and I will see you Sunday.”
After disconnecting, Troy spent a few moments thinking about how the real wise man was not him at all; it was Tyson Carr.


Eddie woke up before Curt. He stretched, looked at his bedmate and friend and debated whether or not to wake him. He decided not to and got up to pee. When he returned, he saw that Curt was awake.
“Good morning, Eddie. You look really good naked,” Curt said.
“Did I wake you up?”
“Yeah, but I must have been close to waking up. Dang I slept great. Being in a real bed was so nice. Want to shower?”
“Let’s do it.”
Curt hustled out of bed and went into the bathroom to pee. While he peed, Eddie set the shower. He told Curt not to flush until the water was set to the right temperature. When Eddie was satisfied, he asked for Curt’s approval. After saying the shower was okay, Curt flushed.
The boys entered the shower, got themselves wet, and then went right to work washing each other. Eddie had sported a boner ever since he started setting the water temperature.
“Last night, I asked you if you wanted a blow job,” Eddie said as he washed Curt’s groin, which caused Curt to sprout an almost instant erection.
“What did I say?” Curt asked.
“You were already asleep, doofus.”
“No wonder I don’t remember,” Curt giggled. Eddie enjoyed seeing his friend so happy. He hoped he would never have to take care of Curt’s tears in their new home.
“Well, do you want a blow job or not?”
“Yes, I do, but not now. We better finish our shower and get downstairs. We’re supposed to have a busy day, today.”
“I hate it when you make sense, even if your boner says you want one.”
The boys finished their shower and were soon dressed in their borrowed garb. At the same time they stepped out of their bedroom, the door to Chase’s bedroom opened and Logan, who was stark naked, stepped out.
“Hey, guys,” he said as if being naked in the hall in front of two relatively strange boys was perfectly normal. This was the same boy who two years ago was still so shy he often hid behind his mother to keep from being noticed.
“Oh…hi, Logan,” Eddie said. He wasn’t quite sure what to say or do.
“I was gonna use my bathroom across the hall to shower in. Chase is already downstairs. Mom’s cooking up breakfast. See ya then.” Logan gave Eddie and Curt a little wave as he disappeared into the hall bathroom.
The boys found Chase downstairs dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, which was more than he usually wore for breakfast. He agreed with his parents that since the visitors were not his regular friends he and Logan should be fully dressed. He wasn’t aware of his little brother’s state of undress when he came across Eddie and Curt in the hall.
After breakfast, Chase and Logan helped clean up and Curt helped where he could. Eddie, who wasn’t as cognizant of social graces as Curt, wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, so he watched and listened to the chatter among the other three boys. Once again, he was feeling out of place.
After the chores were complete, it was time to go clothes shopping. Troy thought it would be best to shop before having a serious talk with Eddie and Curt about where they would be living just in case the news caused Eddie to bolt. Troy, Susan, and the four boys piled into the SUV and headed to the University Village, where Eddie and Curt learned about the animal noises that were made on each floor of the parking garage when the elevator arrived. They were parked on Floor D. Curt and Eddie laughed hard and agreed that the donkey braying when the elevator got to their floor was perfect.
“I like the slurping aardvark on the A floor best,” Logan giggled.
Eddie even felt out of place shopping for new clothes, which was not something he did with his father. His clothes usually came from a thrift store in Centralia where his father purchased whatever was available in his size.
Troy instructed Eddie and Curt they could each pick two t-shirts, a polo shirt, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, a package of underpants, a package of socks, and new shoes. Eddie was told he could also pick out a summer jacket or a hoodie to replace the one that was “lost”.
“What about my money?” Eddie asked. “Can I buy anything with my money? I have over sixty dollars and I totally earned it.” Troy knew how Eddie had earned his swag but decided to not bring it up in front of his boys. His understanding was that Curt had not gotten involved with Eddie in prostitution although he knew what Eddie was doing to earn his money.
Eddie quickly lost his aversion to shopping. With the help of Curt, Chase, and Logan, he picked out his new clothes. He was even excited about getting cool new colored underpants. Chase was aware of what was cool, so he picked what the teen recommended.
Eddie admired himself in the changing room mirror wearing his new shirt and shorts. Troy allowed Eddie and Curt to wear one set of new clothes out of the mall. He had told the sales associate in advance what they would be doing with the clothes. After the boys came out of the changing room, Troy took the price tags to be scanned at the cash register. Eddie and Curt each received a carry-on bag to place their clothes in, including the hand-me-downs from Chase and Logan.
“Those clothes will give you something to play in and get dirty as you settle into living with Tyson, your foster dad, and Darnell,” Susan told their temporary foster boys.
After shopping, they had lunch at a pizzeria. Troy and Susan were pleased at how relaxed Eddie and Curt were and how well they fit in with Chase and Logan. They gave the credit to their sons for being so open and welcoming to the two broken street boys. But the test of their attitudes would come soon.
Upon returning to the Miller residence, the boys took their new things to the guest room and then proudly paraded around the house in their new clothes. Eddie was especially pleased; they were the first brand new clothes he’d been given in almost three years. Yesterday he’d been wearing ragged, grungy clothes, and now he had clothes that all but glowed.
Troy finally called the boys into the dining room, where he and Susan were sitting at the table. “Eddie, Curt, my wife Susan and I would like to tell you how much we appreciated having you with us. Your willingness to fit in and your behavior was special, especially considering how your life has undergone instant change over the last twenty-four hours. You comported yourselves well.”
“Logan and I agree, right Logan?” Chase said.
“Totally right,” Logan said.
“Tomorrow afternoon you’ll meet your new family,” Troy added. “I think you’re going to really like Darnell and his father Tyson.”
“Don’t they have a mom, too?” Curt asked.
“Sadly, she passed away a few years ago. Tyson and Darnell have a solid relationship and are eager to help the Children’s Alliance. Tyson is a great father and Darnell is a great kid. He, Chase and Logan have a good long-distance friendship going.”
“Why can’t we just stay here?” Eddie asked. “I like it here.” Eddie’s statement was exactly what Troy had been afraid of and why he hadn’t wanted to take Eddie and Curt into his home, even for a weekend. Compared to where they had been, they had to think they’d just landed in heaven.
“Unfortunately, that is currently not possible.”
“Why not?”
“Our work schedules and the schedules of Chase and Logan just don’t give us the time to be with you during the summer. Tyson works at the college and has a light schedule during the summer. But we do plan on keeping in touch and seeing how you are doing.”
“What if we don’t like our new family?” Eddie asked.
“You will have a counselor to work with who will help you over the rough spots,” Susan replied.
“But there is one thing you need to know first,” Troy said as the make or break moment of the plan arrived. “Your foster family is an African-American family.”
The following silence was a long one. Chase knew the issue was going to come up, but he thought it wouldn’t be until Darnell and his dad showed up Sunday afternoon.
Curt and Eddie both belted out their answers at the same time. “Who cares?” “No Way.”
“What do you mean no way?” Curt was stunned by his friend’s attitude.
“My dad says they aren’t as good as us and who needs them? I mean do you want to live with some janitor at the school?”
“Since when did you become so big-headed? Yesterday we were living in a tent that was there because a black dude was looking out for our stuff—a dude I thought you liked.”
Eddie was still getting used Curt’s assertiveness. Just a few days ago Curt was crying all over him and now he was calling him on his shit.
A strained silence settled over the dining room, which was finally broken by Chase. “I just wanna say that Darnell is my friend and is a totally cool person and that his dad isn’t any janitor—he happens to be a biology professor with a PhD.”
Eddie looked up at the ceiling where he wouldn’t have to deal with looking at anyone in the eye. He thought of his dad’s railing against minorities, especially blacks. Then he realized that this was the same dad who beat him up and put him in the hospital and later was the reason he was out on the streets being a fucking whore. The dude is a biology professor, Eddie thought, while I’m a total loser of a person.
Then he thought of Gil sharing food with him and Blue, sharing his bottle of booze with him, punching a street person who tried to molest him, giving him shit for using drugs, finding clothes for him from who knows where. Gil, who hugged him close more than once when he came back from servicing a trick, telling him that things will get better if he let them—that he was better than being a boy who rented services on the street. Gil, who gave so much and asked nothing in return. He didn’t even know Gil’s last name.
“If my dad was like Gil, I wouldn’t even be here,” Eddie whispered aloud. “Gil’s as good as any professor and he fucking liked me just because I was me and…I…he…I….and…” Eddie placed his head on the table between his arms and cried. “…I loved him,” Eddie sobbed, his voice barely audible.
Curt put his arm around his friend. “I’m sorry I got mad at you.”
“I deserved it, I fucking deserved it. Gil was better to me than my dad ever thought of being, even if he did let me get drunk but I never thought that was anything bad—he was trying to help me.”
Silence again enveloped the room. Troy and Susan were proud of how their sons were holding up in the emotion filled environment. Troy was the one who ended the stillness.
“What are you thinking you want to do?” he asked the boys.
“I had two black friends and spent some nights with them and it was like they were just my friends and not my black friends,” Curt said. “I guess my only thing is I’ll miss having a mom which is why I like it here.” He looked over at Susan, who gave him a gentle, motherly smile.
Eddie sat up and wiped away the last of his tears. He thought it was weird that it was him and not Curt who was doing the crying. “I’ll go where Curt goes and do my best.”
“There’s another thing I need to tell you,” Troy said. “Apparently you said some not nice things to Darnell after a baseball game in Mayfield. He was there visiting Aiden. But he wants to try making you a part of his family even after the things you said to him.”
Once again, Curt gave Eddie a surprised look. “I know, dude, I’ll have to tell him I’m sorry,” Eddie said quickly.
Eddie looked over at Troy. “I guess it was Aiden who told you about me and that Darnell kid. I don’t remember doing it, but I guess I must have. I was an asshole most of the time anyway.” This time Eddie was the surprised one since he wasn’t one to confess to being wrong at all, let alone being an asshole.
“Aiden didn’t tell dad,” Chase said. “He told me, and I told dad.”
“Right now, I don’t care who Aiden told anything to. I just want to go with Curt and try the best I can. I’m not gonna miss having a mom around like Curt will, cuz I never had one around much of my life anyway.”
By then it was getting close to time for dinner to be prepared. Troy could tell Susan was in no mood to cook and received no argument from her or the four boys when he suggested ordering out for pizza.
“Are we gonna eat at the table, or can we just eat around the house?” Chase asked.
“Around the house is fine,” Troy answered as soon as he read Susan’s nod. They both knew what was coming next.
“Is it okay if we strip to t-shirt and undies? I think Eddie and Curt are gonna look sharp in their new undies just like they did in their other new clothes, so they should have a chance to show them off.” Chase’s parents had read their older son perfectly.
Eddie and Curt zipped up stairs and each changed from their hand-me-down briefs to a new pair of underpants. Eddie put on a pair of black boxer briefs and kept his new shirt on. Curt donned a pair of bright white briefs.
“You gotta be the first person ever to get a boner because he put new underpants on,” Curt giggled.
“You would too if you wore sexy undies like these are,” Eddie said. He groped himself and gave his friend a sensual grin.  
As a result, when the pizza arrived the party was like Chase had with his regular friends—loose and friendly. Chase was wearing gray boxer briefs, while Logan had red briefs with gray trim.
After dinner the boys played games in the basement rec room, watched the Mariners on TV, chatted aimlessly, and developed a fondness for one another. Each boy had a moment or two or more when they wanted to see what was hidden underneath someone’s underpants, but they didn’t yet know each other well enough to ask.
Chase suggested that on their last night they trade bedmates. They agreed that was a great idea. Eddie ended up in bed with Chase and Logan was with Curt.
Before switching bedrooms, the boys cleaned up in their own bathrooms. Eddie and Curt took care of business at the same time, giving Curt a chance to have a private chat with his friend.
“I’m glad you said what you said about Gil,” he said. “I was afraid you were going to be all prejudiced and that was going to make me mad.”
“Gil was really good to me. He talked to me a couple of times about how color don’t make no difference. He said we were all people under our skins. Like I said he was more my dad than my dad was, just like Blue was like my big brother.”
“What am I like?” Curt asked shyly.
“You’re like my best friend ever.”
Curt grinned with pleasure. “Gil gave me something for you when I had that talk with him. I hid it in my backpack.”
“A bottle.”
“And I bet I know what’s in it. But I can’t drink it here. Let’s save it for when we really need it.”
“Can’t hurt you to find out what it’s like.”
“Yeah, I guess not,” Curt said without conviction.
“I wish we could stay here. I like it here.”
“Me, too. I like it here a lot.”
<Eddie and Chase>
When Eddie went into Chase’s bedroom, he noticed he was dressed the same as the teen; wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. That made him feel very grown up.
“Aren’t your parents gonna say anything about us sleeping together?” Eddie asked Chase as they sat next to each other on the bed.
“Nah, as long as Logan and me don’t go making some big deal out of it or force somebody to sleep with us my dad will be cool about it. And when my dad is cool, my mom is cool even when she isn’t.”
“Logan really makes big deals out of things?”
“I guess that means me more than Logan. Logan doesn’t make big deals out of anything, but me, I am the big deal person,” Chase chuckled.
“Are we sleeping naked?”
“It’s your call.”
“My call is I don’t want to tonight. I just want to be with somebody who will hug me.”
“I’m gay all the way, just so you know for sure. But I won’t try to mess around with you. You just have to know if I hold you I’m gonna probably bone up and I might even jerk off after you fall asleep, but I promise I won’t mess with you.” That wasn’t an easy promise for Chase to make since he thought Eddie was very sexy for his age.
Chase always slept naked and pulled his boxer briefs down to his knees before he realized what he was doing. He pulled them back up, but not before Eddie saw Chase’s semi-hard teen cock. The sight almost made him change his mind.
“Sorry,” Chase apologized sincerely. “That was habit.”
After Chase pulled the covers over them, Eddie snuggled up to him. In just one day, Eddie had started seeing Chase as a big brother. From helping him choose his new clothes, to teaching him the routines of the family, to treating him like he was a friend or even part of the family by getting the okay to be just half-dressed around the house, and now being willing to sleep with him and hug him, Chase had become special to Eddie.
And now, when Chase placed his arm around Eddie’s bare shoulder and let Eddie snuggle up to his all-but naked body, he felt that Chase liked him just because he was Eddie and not because he wanted sex from him. The warmth of the smooth, athletic body of the fourteen-year-old quickly lulled Eddie to sleep.
<Curt and Logan>
Across the hall, things unfolded differently between Logan and Curt. “Are we sleeping naked?” Curt asked.
“I don’t know, what do you think?” Logan replied. He wasn’t sure what Curt wanted to do, so instead of saying the wrong thing he decided to be noncommittal. After all, Curt was not only a guest he was also twleve years old. But in two days, I’ll be eleven, Logan thought, so that shouldn’t make a big difference.
“I like being naked,” Curt said. That hadn’t always been true, but since living with Blue and Eddie he had become quite fond of nudity.
“Me too,” Logan said seriously.
“Then let’s take our underpants off.” It took the two preteens mere seconds to yank their briefs off and display their hairless equipment to each other.
“Do you ever jerk off?” Curt asked.
“Yeah. I used to do it a little bit, but now I do it more. I do stuff with my friend Royce and with Chase and Dillon, too. Dillon is Chase’s boyfriend.”
“Whoa, your brother has a boyfriend?”
“Yeah, he’s gay, but my mom and dad know and they’re okay with it.”
“Is Royce your boyfriend?”
“No, he’s my best friend. I don’t have a boyfriend. I just like messing around with Royce and he likes messing around with me. I’ve messed around with my cousin Aiden and some of his friends, too.”
“What do you do when you mess around?”
Logan debated on what to tell Curt. He decided that since he probably would never see Curt again after the next day, he might as well tell him everything. For some reason, the thought of not seeing Curt again sent a wave of sadness through him. “Jerk off and jerk off each other. We like rubbing our dicks on each other and giving each other blow jobs.”
“How old are you?”
“I’ll be eleven on Monday,” Logan replied proudly.
“Whoa. I’ll say Happy Birthday now since I’ll be gone then. How come you’re not having a party or anything?”
“It works better for me to have one next weekend. And since you’re twelve, I’ll let you know that my cousin Aiden will be twelve on the first. He’s the best cousin in the world.” Curt decided not to mention that Eddie didn’t like Aiden.
“Have you ever done any butt stuff?”
Logan nodded. “Just with fingers, though. And I’ve put some things a little way up my butt. Chase said he’d do my butt when I turned eleven, so I’m not gonna be a virgin real soon. You?”
“Just had Eddie and Blue feel my hole and stick a finger in, but that’s all. Have you ever kissed a boy?”
“Lots of times. Have you?”
Curt’s answer was revealed by his question. “Want to kiss now?”
The boys scooted closer together, their little hairless cocks quickly coming to attention. They put their lips together and kissed, wondering who was going to be the first to use his tongue. The answer was Curt, who pushed his tongue out against Logan’s lips. Logan was happy he wasn’t first, but since Curt made the move he wasn’t going to hold back. He opened his mouth and accepted the invader.
Once again things happened fast. The boys dropped down on the bed and faced each other. Their tongues battled, slipping in and out of each other’s mouths as they exchanged wet sloppy kisses. The kisses opened a door to more. This time Logan took the lead as he fondled Curt’s hard three-inch cocklet. Curt returned the favor and fondled Logan’s tight, hairless balls and then moved his fingers along Logan’s just under three-inch tool.
Even though Curt was the bigger boy, Logan started rolling him onto his back. Curt had no problem cooperating and when Logan lay on top of him, he knew he’d made the right decision. The tweens kept kissing as Logan started dry humping his new friend. The young boys kissed, and humped, and rolled on their sides, and switched who was top. They were in perpetual motion until Curt squeaked that he was cumming and pushed his cock hard against Logan’s and let go a few squirts of clear boy juice. Curt’s orgasm was all Logan needed to send him into paroxysms of pleasure with a violent dry orgasm.
The two boys hugged each other, breathing hard as they felt their bodies calm down. “That was my best ever,” Curt said.
“For real?” Logan asked.
“Totally for real. Eddie makes me feel good, and so did some of my friends, but that was the best ever.”
“I didn’t know you could make cum. I was surprised when I felt you shoot on me.” Logan wiped up what little was left with his index finger and licked it.
Curt flashed a wide grin when he saw what Logan was doing. “I’ve been shooting for like three months or so.”
“I hope I do it soon.”
The boys’ faces were inches apart. Curt thought Logan was beautiful. “I like you a lot, Logan.”
Logan gave Curt a light kiss on his sweet lips. “I like you a lot, too. I wish you could stay and be my friend.”
“Me too.” Logan could feel Curt’s body sag. “I miss my mom and dad. This is the best place I’ve been since they died. I don’t want to leave.”
“Darnell is really cool,” Logan said. “You’ll like it with him.”
“He could be the coolest guy in the world, but you’d still be cooler. I’m tired of everybody telling me where I need to be when all I want is to stay here.”
Logan didn’t know what to say in reply. But he did know enough to hold Curt against him as Curt poured tears over his chest. Logan liked feeling Curt’s cum better, but he knew that Curt was hurting and let his new friend cry on him.
After Curt pulled himself back together, the two of them went to the bathroom and peed, standing next to each other at the toilet. Curt washed his face, Logan washed off his chest and belly. The boys finished up by brushing and flossing. Through it all, they said nothing.
After getting under the covers, Curt apologized for being a pussy. “All I seem to do is cry on people,” he lamented.
“You can cry on me anytime you want,” Logan whispered. “I’m your friend.”
“I want to cum on you anytime I want, too,” Curt giggled.
Logan was pleased that Curt had come out of his funk. They wrapped their bodies together, kissed for a couple of minutes, and fell asleep, clutching each other like they were long-time best friends and lovers.
<Troy and Susan>
“Our boys were really good with your surprise guests,” Susan said as she lay next to her husband in bed.”
“Our surprise guests,” Troy corrected.
“You’re right. Our guests. They and our boys really seem to like each other.”
“A momentary infatuation with what is new. After tomorrow they will quickly forget one another.”
Susan gave her husband a peck on his cheek. “I don’t know, honey.” She told him. “I can’t help but feel that when we let Eddie and Curt go we will be making a big mistake.”
“What are you saying?”
“What I’m saying is, I think those two boys are right where they belong.”
Troy looked at Susan like she had sprouted a third eye. Did his wife really say that? “You have certainly been full of surprises the last few days.”
“I’m just saying we need to do what is right.”
“When you put it that way, then there is nothing surprising at all. In the big picture, you’ve always been about what is right.”
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