Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four

Chapter Sixty~Four

When the man entering the courtroom yelled that he objected to the ceremony, Judge Richards gaveled the courtroom to be silent. He then had the bailiffs bring the man, who just entered his court and yelled, to stand in front of him. As the man went forward, all the observer's took their seats. Dad and his new son took their seats at the table they were at before the man entered the court.

"What is the meaning of your yelling in my courtroom?" demanded Judge Richards.

"I object to this adoption, your honor," replied the man.

"State your name and affiliation to either the adoptee or the adopter," again demanded the judge.

As the man and judge went through a question and answer phase, Robert got his new dad's attention. "Dad, dad, that man ... I know who he is."

"Robert, is he one of the men who ...?" quickly asked dad Ken.

"No, dad, no ... he ... he's my uncle," revealed Robert.

"Your uncle?" repeated dad Ken. "What's his name?"

"Dad, that's Uncle Johnathan. He's my dad's younger brother," revealed Robert.

Mr. Ken called Bill Jackson over and told him what he just learned. Bill opened his briefcase and took some papers out and rose and walked over to the Judge Richards' bench.

"Mr. Harrison ... please tell me again WHY this adoption should be nullified. I just can't grasp your reasoning," said Judge Richards.

"Your Honor, if I may," said Bill Jackson.

"In a moment counselor, I want to hear this man's reasoning for interrupting my courtroom and a very private moment between a new dad and his son," responded back Judge Adam.

"Your Honor, my name, as I told you, is Johnathan Harrison. I am Bobby's uncle and I am here to take custody of my nephew. I just recently learned that the boy will ..." was saying Johnathan Harrison, when he was interrupted by a voice behind him.

"I am a teenager, now, Uncle Johnathan, and I go by Robert, now," called out Robert Thomas.

"Yes, yes, later, Robert, I am talking to the judge now," sarcastically said Johnathan Harrison over his shoulder, as he dismissed his nephew. "As I was saying, your Honor, I just recently learned ... that my brother's estate was being liquidated and the house being sold and everything would be given to this man who wants to adopt my nephew. It is obvious that this ... that this man only wants to adopt my nephew ... only for the substantial amount of money, he would gain from adopting Robert."

The courtrooms observers, upon hearing that Mr. Ken's only reason he wanted to adopt Robert was for his money, began laughing. The laughter was so loud that the judge had to gavel the court observers to be silent.

"Thank you, your Honor. This man ... he was there that day when my nephew found fifteen thousand dollars my brother had hidden in his house. This past weekend, your Honor, there was an Estate Sale at my brother's house. They had For Sale signs all over the property and the people running the Sale told me that the proceeds from their sale and the sale of the house would go to Mr. Ken Thomas. It was then, your Honor, I decided I would object to this man adopting my nephew," said Johnathan Harrison.

"Mr. Harrison ... how is it that you know Mr. Thomas was wanting to adopt your nephew, Robert? The decision to follow through with the adoption was only made earlier this week. So ... tell me now how you knew this adoption was going to happen today?" directly asked Judge Richards.

"Well, your Honor ... a few weeks back, someone came to me and talked to me. They asked me if I was interested in taking my nephew into my house and raising him. At the time your Honor, I didn't have a steady job, and I was only living in a one-bedroom apartment.

"I didn't think it would be right to bring the boy into something like that, so I declined. They asked me to sign some papers, and I agreed, and we went to a notary and I signed the papers in front of them. The notary put his seal on all the copies and the person took the original and left me a copy, your Honor," explained Johnathan Harrison.

"Mr. Jackson, I take it that these notarized papers were what you wanted to bring to my attention? Do you have anything to add to what Mr. Harrison just said?" asked the judge.

"Yes, your Honor, I was. I was going to show you the papers Mr. Harrison just mentioned. I wanted you to have them to use in your consideration in making your decision, this signed and notarized affidavit, by one Johnathan Harrison, states he had NO desire to participate in the caring for, or the upbringing of his nephew, Robert.

"Mr. Harrison also signed the same type of affidavit almost three years ago when the teenager was taken away from his parents. This current affidavit was signed by him only 45 days ago. I offer this as an exhibit for one Ken Thomas in defense of his adoption of his new son, Robert," said Bill Jackson, lawyer.

"Your Honor ... anyone can change his mind," squealed Uncle Johnathan.

"Now, Mr. Harrison ... I want you to tell this court what you intend to do with your nephew, Robert, if you were to gain custody of him today?" asked Judge Adam Richards.

"Your Honor, I decided that my nephew ... that he should have all that money from the sale of my brother's estate and house and not that man who wants to adopt him ONLY for his money. So, I decided I would take my nephew into my own home and raise him as his father would have wanted.

"Your Honor ... that house is For Sale for over three hundred and twenty thousand dollars and the real estate agent I talked with said the house would probably sell for much, much more as they underpriced it to get interest and the people into a bidding war. The agent told me they expect the house to sell for well over the three-fifty range.

"Your Honor, it was the real estate agent who told me that Mr. Thomas would be given ALL of the proceeds of both sales to use for his foster child, Robert. I think that it is unconscionable that the man be given all that money and my nephew will probably never see any part of it. That is why I oppose this adoption," explained Johnathan Harrison.

"I see, Mr. Harrison," said Judge Richards. "So, tell me, what do you do for a living Mr. Harrison?"

"Well, your Honor, I am between jobs, right now," revealed the uncle.

"Where are you now living?" then asked the judge.

"Your honor, I have a one-bedroom apartment ... but with the money from the sales of the estate and the house my nephew and I will be able to afford a larger apartment while I look for a better job," answered Uncle Johnathan.

"What is it that you ... do, Mr. Harrison? Please enlighten this court on how you intend to provide for your nephew, Robert, and keep him clothed and fed as you search for your better job?" asked Judge Richards, throwing the justification back at the man.

"Well, your Honor, I've driven 18-wheeler trucks, I've worked in both residential housing and highway construction. I also have experience as a warehouseman driving a forklift," revealed Johnathan Harrison.

"Tell this court, Mr. Harrison, what level of education you have and how much you earned the last time you filed a tax return," the judge wanted to know.

"Well, your honor, I only completed the first semester of college. I have spent some time in the army and as for my last tax year, I think I got all of my tax money back as a refund, your Honor. Also, your Honor, people can change their mind, can't they your Honor? I mean why should that man get all that money and me and my nephew get nothing?" replied Johnathan Harrison.

"Yes, Mr. Harrison people can change their minds ... but when you signed that affidavit you were declaring your position and seeing that is was only 45 days ago and not 2 and a half years ago, like when you signed your first affidavit, I'd have to say changing your mind so quickly afterwards makes this court suspicious as to YOUR motives, Mr. Harrison.

"But let me recap what you've told this court. You've told me that you have only one semester of College, you have worked at many different jobs, you live in a one-bedroom apartment and you currently have no job. Is that correct, Mr. Harrison? Have I missed anything?" asked Judge Richards.

"No your Honor, you haven't missed anything, but ... your Honor ... Bobby ... he is my nephew and he should be with family ... not with some stranger who ... who ONLY wants to adopt him for the money he would receive. Please your Honor ... appoint me as Bobby's guardian and ... and allow me to adopt him after a time as his parents will not be out of jail until he is well out of high school," countered Johnathan Harrison.

Hearing that Robert's parents were in jail and would be for quite some time shocked the assembled crowd in the court who were there to observe the teen's adoption ceremony. They had no idea they would be witnesses to some family infighting.

Robert sat in his seat with tears streaming down his face. He just knew that the judge would make him go live with his uncle and he would lose everything he has built up over the past ten months. Then, to hear his uncle continue to call him Bobby, after he told his uncle he went by Robert now, and had worked so hard to get everyone to call him Robert, he just knew he would lose his new identity.

But the thing that hurt Robert the most was when he heard his uncle tell everyone that his parents were in jail. Inside of him, the teenager found some new strength and resolve and so he stood up and yelled at his Uncle Johnathan, "Yes, uncle, tell them ... tell them all about me and why ... why I am in the foster care system. Tell them how you would have nothing to do with me two-and-a-half years ago when I needed MY family to take me in and take care of me like families are supposed to do.

"Tell them ... tell them how you can't keep a job and that it is YOU who wants me ... that it is YOU who wants me ONLY because of the MONEY I would receive after the sales of my mom and dad's estate and the sale of their, no, our home. Tell them how you ... how you and my other aunts and uncles abandoned me when I needed family at one of the most critical times in my life.

"Tell them ... tell them how you can't keep a job because you ... because you ARE A DRUNK! Tell them that you will drink up every last penny of MY money and then you'll abandon me, as you did almost three years ago. Go ahead and TELL THEM! Tell them! Tell them!" cried Robert, who grabbed for his new dad and hugged him and cried on his shoulder.

The courtroom was deathly quiet after hearing what Robert had just said about his uncle. They were already shocked when they heard the lad's parents were in jail, but after hearing what the lad knew about his uncle and what he felt the man would do with the boy's legacy, they were now outwardly yelling the man was a fraud and that he should go away.

Dad Ken tried to console his new son, and he hugged him close and tight. As the new family members stood there hugging one another, Robert's new dad whispered in his ear that all that his uncle had said didn't matter to him and that he knew his friends would not abandon him.

With everything that just happened, Judge Richards gaveled his courtroom to be quiet. It took the man to pound his gavel three times before he got the quiet in his court.

"Ok, everyone, thank you for quieting down. Today ... this was supposed to have been a happy occasion. We all came here with joy in our hearts and good wishes for a lad who found a man who wanted to be his dad. ... But instead, we have a family member who was intent on making this all about him and not what was good for his nephew.

"Mr. Harrison ... I think the testimony by your nephew, just now, says a lot more about his need to be adopted by Mr. Thomas, than does your argument that you are the best guardian for him. You have no means of support for yourself and you want to take care of your nephew. You haven't held a steady job for any length of time, and you live in a one bedroom apartment that is not even close to what a growing teenager needs.

"It is the opinion of this court ... that your objection to the adoption of your nephew, Robert ... to Mr. Ken Thomas is hereby ... denied. The adoption of Robert Arthur Harrison to Mr. Kenneth Richard Thomas as was announced earlier, stands. Robert will henceforth be known as Robert Arthur Harrison Thomas. This court is now adjourned!"

"Now, one last thing. You all heard Mr. Harrison's rant ... about Robert's parents. Yes, unfortunately, Robert's parents are both in prison. That is why he is in the foster care system. Both of Robert's parents signed away their parental rights, so their son could be eligible for adoption. That was the only thing, as parents, they could give their son after causing his life to tumble when none of their brothers or sisters wanted anything to do with their boy.

"Robert is still the same person he was at 2 PM as he is now at 3 PM. The only difference is ... he is now Robert Thomas, son of Mr. Ken Thomas. Let's all give them a round of applause and welcome them as a new family," finished Judge Adam Richards.

With that said, the court erupted in such loud applause that other bailiffs from around the courthouse came to Judge Richard's courtroom to find out what all the noise was about.

After the noise settled down, Mr. Ken announced he was serving light refreshments over at his Four Corners Restaurant and that everyone was invited to celebrate his adoption of Robert, as his son.

Robert's Adoption Party at Four Corners got into full swing and everyone who attended the adoption ceremony was there. Robert's classmates and friends were not only at the courthouse to watch him being adopted, but they were also there to congratulate him as becoming Robert Thomas. It seemed like everyone who was there came over to Robert and congratulated him on his new family.

Eric was Robert's first friend to come over to him and congratulate him on being adopted. Eric reminded him that he was adopted, too, and that was the best thing that ever happened to him after what his dad did to his mom. Robert knew exactly what Eric was saying as he told him all about it right after they became friends.

Brad, Trevor, Gordon, Chuck, Logan, Josh, and Cody also came over to tell him how happy they were for him. They all shook his hand and told him they'd talk to him tomorrow at The Cove so they could give the others some time to talk to him. Robert thanked his friends for coming and he agreed they could talk tomorrow.

"Robert, this has got to be one of the BEST days of your life," said Dan Fischer as he grabbed the lad and hugged him. "I want you to know ... you've added a presence to The Cove that went missing ever since Collin was sent away. I am glad now that you will be a permanent member there and part of Mr. Ken's new family. I've got to get back on patrol, but I wanted to come over and congratulate you and welcome you to The Cove."

The two hugged one more time and Mr. Dan headed back to work.

Judge Richards, along with his wife, Kathleen, then came over to Robert. Upon coming up to the teen, the judge apologized to him for letting his uncle say what he did to everyone in the court. Robert told the judge that now that the whole world knows, he didn't have to worry about that part of his life coming out when he least expected it. The teen said he was glad it came out, but not necessarily the way it was made known. The two shook hands and the judge and his wife congratulated the teen one more time and then they walked away.

Mr. Wayne saw the judge walk away, so he quickly filled in the void. "Now you are the true Big Brother at The Cove," chuckled Wayne. "I think this is the best thing for you and for your new dad. I didn't know about your parents. Mr. Ken told me he'd fill me in on all of you boys when I got my Foster Parent's license and I was working full time for him. I think it was a shame your uncle did that to you. I just hope the kids at school don't rag on you."

"Thank you for coming to celebrate my adoption, Mr. Wayne," replied Robert. "I figured my dad told you all about us kids once you decided to work for him. What you just told me tells me that my dad does keep things private, especially why we are in the system, and only those who need to know actually do know. Us kids, we all agreed that dad should tell Momma Maria and Mr. Chris. Of course, Ms. Judy knew and now you do. I think that is great that not many people have any idea why we are living with my dad. Gee, it sounds so good to say 'my dad'."

Mr. Wayne hugged Robert and congratulated him again and then walked away

Momma Maria and Mr. Chris came over next and congratulated him on his adoption. They both told him they were very happy for him and would see him back at The Cove. They told him they wouldn't take up too much of his time as there were so many other people who wanted to give him their congratulations. Momma hugged Robert and walked away. Mr. Chris shook his hand and patted him on his back, and then he too walked away.

And that was how the Celebration party went for Robert. Everyone who was there came over to him and told him how happy they were for him and his new dad. Many also told him it didn't matter to them what his parents had done because that was in his past and from now on he had a new future. Of course, Robert thanked them all for saying what they did and celebrating his adoption by his new dad. Robert smiled real big when he heard himself say 'My dad'.

It was when his dad, carrying a small wrapped box, came over to him that many people stopped talking and watched what was going to happen. Mr. Ken hugged his new son, and he then gave him the small present.

"Dad, what's this?" quickly asked the new son.

"Well, most people open a present to find out what the gift is." laughed the teen's new dad.

Robert quickly ripped the wrappings off the small gift and opened the box. When he finally got the box opened, he pulled out what was inside.

"Dad ... this is so awesome! I love it!" said Robert, who then hugged his dad.

People around the two Covers asked the teen to show them what his dad had just given him as an adoption gift. Robert then held up a very special key ring fob. The fob was a ring made of polished nickel almost 2 inches in diameter with a 3/8th-inch wide band that had the words Three Finger Cove etched on the face of it with a carved three-finger inner profile to represent the Three Finger Cove shoreline. It was definitely one of a kind. Attached to the fob was a two-inch long nickel link chain and split ring where the keys are kept.

All of Robert's friends wanted to see and hold the special adoption present. They all loved the key ring and what it represented. Then, they all wanted to know where his dad got it so they could ask Santa for one for Christmas.

Mr. Ken heard the boys talking, so he went over to them. The boys asked him where he'd gotten the key ring and all Mr. Ken could tell them was that Mr. Chris had picked it out for him. The boys started to look for the Estate Manager, but he'd already left for the day. Robert said he'd ask Mr. Chris on Monday and let them know.

As the party wound down, the twins came over to their 'brother' and hung out with him. Charles saw his three 'brothers' hanging out together, so he went over to them. They knew their 'dad' was busy with Mr. Ed, the operations manager of the Four Corner's diner and restaurant. They figured Mr. Ken was paying the bill, so they'd wait for him to go home.

The last of the guests began to leave, and they stopped by one last time to congratulate Robert. As Mr. Ken and Ed Henry talked, 'dad' Ken looked over and saw his four 'sons' looking bushed from all the talking and standing around. He figured he better take them home, so they could rest and relax before dinner. The owner of The Cove excused himself from his talk with his restaurant manager and collected his charges and they headed home.

The lads headed up to their bedrooms to change and start their homework before dinner. After a few minutes, Charles came knocking at Robert's bedroom door.

"Can I come in?" asked Charles.

After the pre-teen came into the Robert's bedroom, he sat down on the bed and looked to his 'brother' and asked, "Do you feel any different? You know ... now that you're 'dad's' real son."

Robert turned in his chair and looked at Charles. He thought about the question and after a few moments, he answered, "No, not really. I am still Robert and he is still the dad, but ... I feel relieved that I won't have to go anywhere else, ever, again. You know ... I won't ever be sent to another rotten foster home where the people could care less about you than the money they make off you."

"Can I ask why ... why you took 'dad's' last name for your own?" said Charles.

"Yeah, you can," laughed Robert. "Dad sort of told me Judge Adam would ask me that question and told me to think about it. Well, I thought about it. I decided ... that I didn't want people to ever ask me if it was my parents who did what happened to me. I figured if I took my dad's last name I could move away from that episode in my life. Well, at least, I hope I can."

"But you kept your last name as an additional middle name. How come?" asked Charles.

"Well ... I ... I figured I'd honor my mom by keeping that part of me. Even though she knew what my dad was doing, she did try to keep us together. I still love her for being, you know, my mom, but ... she ... ... ahh Charles," began a teary-eyed Robert. "It ... it still hurts that she didn't stop him and that put me into the foster care system where it never stopped until I came here," revealed Robert, who then began to cry hard.

Charles went to his 'brother' to try to console him. What the two older 'brothers' didn't know was that the twins and Chief were at the bedroom door listening in. They knew they should have told them they were there, but now that Robert was crying Kyle whispered to Chief to go get 'dad'.

Chief immediately went looking for Mr. Ken. She went directly to his Study where she found him.

"Woof, woof, woof," barked Chief, as she made the motions for her first master to follow her.

Mr. Ken caught the inference and got out from behind his desk and followed Chief up the stairs to Robert's room where the twins were looking in. The new dad went in and saw Robert was crying real hard and Charles was trying to calm him down.

When Robert heard the new footsteps come into his bedroom, he looked up and saw his dad. The teen quickly jumped out of his chair and leaped into his dad's arms.

"Dad, why does it still hurt so much?" cried Robert. "Why did my mom do this to meeee?"

Mr. Ken looked to Charles to see if he could tell him what happened and why Robert was crying. The pre-teen told him how he asked Robert if he felt any different now that he was adopted, and then why he kept his last name as a middle name. Charles told his 'dad' that Robert started to explain why he kept Harrison as a second middle name for his mom and then as Robert was telling him why the teen started crying.

'Dad' Ken asked the three lads to go back to doing their homework, and to close the door when they left. When the three Cover lads were gone, the new dad held his new son tight and told him that he was there for him and they'd work this out together. By then, Robert had stopped crying and was enjoying being held by his dad.

"Robert ... this continued reflection on what your mom did to you is not good for you, and I think you know it. You're still talking to Doctor Doug, so I would ask you to focus on this the next time you're there. In the meantime, well, I'd ask you to write down those things that upset you about your mom, so you won't forget to talk to Doctor Doug about them when you see him next. Can you do that for me and for you?" finished dad Ken.

Robert pulled back from their hug and told his dad that he'd do that. The teen explained that he now has a reason to help him move on and that he would work with Doctor Doug to finally put what his mom did behind him. Dad Ken hugged the lad some more and told him he only owed it to himself to get this behind him so he could start focusing on his future.

Dinner was lively that night. The discussion centered mainly on Robert's Uncle Johnathan. The twins wanted to really know what Robert's uncle would have done with all the money he would get from the sale of his home. Robert told them that what he said in court was what he figured his uncle would do with all that money. He told them his uncle would have gotten them a 2 bedroom apartment, but then he'd start drinking and maybe gambling and never get a job and before they knew it they would be broke and he'd be back in the foster care system.

Charles asked his 'dad' if he had any idea where Mr. Chris got the key chain. Then, Charles wondered, out loud, if he could ask Santa for one for Christmas. That got the twins' attention, and they wondered if they could ask for one, too. 'Dad' Ken told the boys he'd have to ask Mr. Chris where he got the key chain he gave his new son. He too liked the design, and he told his 'sons' he was going to ask Mr. Chris to get him one, as well. That made all the boys laugh.

"Robert," started Kyle, "I'm sorry for listening to what you and Charles were talking about after we got home. I guess we had the same questions Charles asked you which was why we came to your room. We saw the door was open and when he arrived Charles had asked what we wanted to know, so we listened."

"Yeah, Robert," took over Kevin, "We wanted to know how you felt now that you had a new home and a new dad. We didn't really know about your mom and how you looked at her and what she'd done to you. Well, we still don't fully understand it, but ... well, we talked with 'Dad Ken' about what we'd do if our mom gets arrested like our dad. We also talked about what he thought would happen to us. We also figured we could ask you two so when we get moved from here we'll understand what will happen. We both hope that will never happen."

"Boys ... if I have anything to say about it, you won't ever leave here," spoke up 'dad' Ken. "That is, until your mom is well enough that she can take care of you both, again. Please try to understand, that with your dad under arrest, your mom will have to find a way she could make money to continue to not only take care of you, but buy the food and clothes you need. But let's wait until we get close to that time which is late March or early April. Agreed?"

"Agreed!" both boys answered at the same time.

When the Covers had finished eating and Momma Maria had cleared the table, she brought out a cake. On the top spelled out in icing, she had written WELCOME MY SON, ROBERT. She placed the cake in front of the teenager and asked him to do the honors that night. The teen stood up and took the proffered cake knife from Momma Maria and cut the cake like he'd seen her do many times. He placed a generous piece of cake on a plate and then passed them out to his fellow Covers. He then cut one more piece and asked Momma Maria to join them.

"That was nice of you to invite Momma to have a piece of cake with us, son," said dad Ken.

"Thanks, dad, we've invited her to share with us before, but this time ... this time I felt she was more like one of us than the lady who cooks our meals. She does so much more for us and she is a Cover, too, isn't she, dad?" replied Robert.

"Yes, son, I guess you could say she is a Cover, too. She's been here a very long time and I don't know what I'd do without her," answered dad Ken.

"Who's a Cover?" asked Charles.

"Robert says that Momma Maria is a Cover and I agree," replied Mr. Ken.

"Yeah, yeah, I guess she is, 'dad'. She's been here from the beginning, hasn't she? You know what 'dad'? I bet Momma Maria would love to have one of those key chains like Robert's," said Charles.

"Boys. I have to talk to Mr. Chris about that key chain. You know, it could be a One-of-a-Kind. He got it for me in less than a day and it looks handmade. A lot of work went into that and with everyone wanting one it could be months before whoever made them has the time. Boys ... I heard some of your friends asking where they could get one. I want you all to tell them that it might be the ONLY one. OK, you all understand?" finished Mr. Ken.

Getting nods from all four lads, Mr. Ken then focused on Kyle.

"Kyle ... I made an appointment for you for Monday to have your arm looked at. We should have done that already, but it just never made it to the top of my priority list. It is there now and anyway, Doc Powers called me to remind me," laughed Mr. Ken. "Either I or Mr. Wayne will collect you from school at about 2 PM. Your appointment is for 3."

"Also, boys ... I am telling you this now so you can tell your friends tomorrow. Sunday ... that is going to be a Family Day for us. I intend to take you all out shopping for winter clothes. Again, we should have already done that. I just hope they have a good selection to choose from. So, any questions about Sunday?" asked 'dad' Ken.

"Geez, this feels like a Tuesday meeting," laughed Robert. "We're getting all the 411 now instead of waiting until Tuesday." The teen's three 'brothers' laughed at what he just said.

"Well, if I wait until Tuesday we will have already gone shopping and Kyle would have had his arm checked over, so there would be no need for the Tuesday meeting now would there?" teased Mr. Ken.

"'Dad', you're silly," called out Kyle.

"Thank you, Kyle. Now, boys, I want you all to try on clothes you haven't worn yet. Let's make sure they still fit and if they don't we can replace them come Sunday. I already know that Robert has grown and my bet is his long pants will be high waters now. They may even fit Charles," said Mr. Ken.

"Hey, why do I get hand-me-downs?" quickly asked Charles.

It was Robert who came back with, "Well, you're the one who's always wanting dad to save money. If the pants that no longer fit me, but they now fit you, dad can save on buying you new clothes." Robert then laughed, with a few chuckles heard coming from Mr. Ken.

Mr. Ken sent the four Cover lads up to their rooms to finish their homework and to try on the clothes they haven't worn much since school started. After the boys left the Study, Mr. Ken called Wayne to talk to him about taking Kyle to the doctors on Monday. The owner of The Cove also mentioned they were going shopping on Sunday, and wanted to know if he wanted to tag along.

The boys came down at about 8 PM and asked if their 'dad' would watch a movie with them. Mr. Ken figured they don't do enough together as a family, so he decided he would. The boys quickly went down to the Theater and picked a movie and set it up for when their 'dad' came into the room. They started off with Robert and Charles on either side of 'Dad' Ken, but eventually, they switched off and let twins take their turn laying with Mr. Ken.

Just before they all went to bed, Mr. Ken told the boys if they were all up by 9:30 he'd take them out to breakfast. Charles asked if they could go to some place other than Four Corners. Mr. Ken thought about that and then told them if they were all up and ready by 9:15 they'd go some place else. Charles said he'd set his alarm and make sure his 'brothers' were up and ready to go.

When Robert closed his bedroom door, he pulled out his cell phone and called his big 'brother' Collin and told him about his day and how his uncle tried to ruin it for him. Robert also confided in Collin that his dad wanted him to talk to Doctor Doug about how he felt that his mom was responsible for his situation.

Collin told him he needed to talk it all out with someone like Doc Doug who won't tell anyone about what he says. Collin told him the sooner he gets beyond what he feels about his mom the sooner he can feel good about himself. The two talked until it was almost midnight.

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