May The 4th Be With you

May the 4th Be with you

This is my first time writing a story since college, this is just a fun little piece I wrote for Star Wars Day, May 4th. I hope you all enjoy and May the 4th be with you. All the characters from the Star Wars UE are used under the Fair Use Act

It’s been five year since the Second Death Start has been blown up, a rebel alliance battle force composed of three RC_90 corvettes, three MC40A light cruiser’s, three Nebulon-B escort Frigates, and 3 MC-30 Frigates, and one  MC80 Liberty class star Cruiser were heading to the area known as the Maw. The corvettes where the Victory, Freedom, and Hoth. Fidelity, Courage, and Hope were the three MC40a light cruiser, the Fidelity carried Green Squadron which was under the command of Pash Cracken and flew the RZ-1 A-wing, the Courage carried yellow  squadron and flew  Y-Wings, which was also under the command of Pash Cracken, and the hope carried a purple  squadron and flew  x-wing also under the command of Pash.  The Three Nebulon-B escort frigates were named Another Chance, Yavin, and Hoth. The three MC 30 were called the Mon Cal, Tatooine, and  Hope,  The Valiant was a MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser, which carried 3 squadrons of X-Wings and 2 Squadrons of B-Wings as well an additional squadron of a-wings and y-wings. The X-Wing squadrons where Rogue, Wraith, and Victory squadron. Rogue Squadron was under the command of Captain Tycho Celchu, Wraith Squadron was under the command of Lt. Commander Garik Loran while Victory Squadron was under the command of Yub Numb. The B-wing squadrons where red and blue and under the command of Commander Wes Janson.  The whole battle forces was under the command of General Wedge Antilles. In the Briefing room of the Valiant

Wedge, “To days mission is to deploy close to the maw cluster”

Tycho, “What’s there besides black hole?”

Kanson, “I agree with Tycho”

Wedge, “It seems like several imperial star destroyers where reported over in that area and high command wants to know what’s going on.

Wes, “So they want to send us?”

Wedge, “Yep, when we get their Rogues will deploy in escort formation with Wraith and Victory on standby. Pash you and your three squadrons will be held in reserve.”

Pash, Understood.

Four hours later as soon as the rebel force comes out of Hyper Space the Rogues deploy

Tycho “This is Rogue Leader to rogue’s how we looking?”

Kanson “Rogue two good to go”

Gavin “Rogue three ready to party”

Derek “Rogue four good to go”

Rogues five to 12 all good to go.

Tycho, “Sithspawn what is that!”

Suddenly without warning five imperial star destroyers come out of hyperspace an in between those five destroyers are one Super star Destroyer all six disgorging their tie fighters, tie interceptors, and tie bombers

Wedge, “Tycho get back on board now! helm plot us a course out of here we are no match for those six ships.”

Tycho, “Copy Wedge, Rogue’s return to the ship”

As soon as The Rogue return to the ship the whole force launches into hyperspace.

Wedge. “Prepare to exit hyperspace”

As the ships exit hyperspace, they come across a battle between two weird ships

One ship looked like a Hapan Battle Dragon with outboard engines while the other one looked like Nova-class battle cruiser.

Wedge, “Um, targeting what’s the date show

Targeting “It says Stardate 340202”

Wedge, “Sithspawn looks like we got transported to a different universe”

On board the captured Klingon bird of prey

Romulan, “Federation reinforcements?”

Data, “Sir, the ship configuration are not in any database ours, Vulcan, or Federation.”

Romulan, “shit break off attack we will deal with the boxer and her captain later.”

On Board the USS Boxer,

Captain Juan, “What the hell those ships?”

Data, “Sir, there configuration is not in any database also it seems like them showing up is making the bird of prey leave the area.”

Juan, “Let’s try and make contact with them.”

On board the Valiant

Coms, “General we are receiving a transmission from the ship that looks like a battle dragon.”

Wedge, “On screen”

As the screen comes on online

Juan, “This is Captain Juan Rayes of the Federation starship USS Boxer, who am I addressing?”

Wedge, “This is General Wedge Antilles of the New Republic.”

Juan, “The New Republic are you a new group of planets just coming into the space age?”

Wedge, “Coming to the space age, the New Republic has been around for years after freeing the world of the evil Galactic Empire.”

Juan, “I see well thank you for the assist.”

Wedge, “end transmission.”

Wedge, “All squadron leaders to briefing room one on the double.”

In the briefing room

Wedge, “I think when we enter hyperspace, we must have not set the right coordinates and it threw us into a complete different world.”

On board the USS Boxer,

Juan, “Captains log stardate 340202, after being attacked by a Klingon Bird of Prey thirteen mysterious ships show up out of nowhere, our data banks had no classification of them, to me they looked like something strange.”

Back in the briefing room,

Tycho, “I think so too I say we make the best of this world, try to established contact with someone, we know humans live in this world.”

Pash, “You know what I think we should try to jump back into hyperspace and see if we cannot reverse what happened”

Corrin, “I think that may work, but I would suggest when we do it, we have all pilots in their fighters, cause if this works and we renter our space there could be that star destroyer force waiting for us.”
Wedge, “Good thinking Corrin. Ok Everyone return to your squadrons and get into your fighters. Helm, set in coordinates for the Hoth System.”

Helm, “Copy.”

On board the Boxer as Juan is looking at the thirteen ships, they suddenly what looks like gone to wrap.”

Juan, “Anyone get a reading on where they went to?”

Tracking, “No sir.”

Juan, “Starfleet command may think I am crazy.”

2 hours later on board the Valiant,

Helm, “General, we will be exiting hyperspace soon.”

Wedge, “All pilots to your craft and may the force be with us. All commanders report in.”

Tycho, “Rogue Squadron ready to go.”

Wes, “Red and Blue ready to party.”

Garik, “Wraith ready to go.”

Numb, “Victory ready to go.”

Pash, “Green, Yellow and Purple sitting and waiting.”
Helm, “General we will be exiting hyperspace in one minute.”

Wedge, “Very good.”

As soon as the thirteen ship force exits hyperspace they come face to face with 6 imperial class mark 2-star destroyers, 4 victory class star destroyers, and 8 Lancer-class frigates

Wedge, “looks like we are back in our own realm. All fighters deploy.”

As soon as the command is given all ten squadrons launch.

Gavin, “Tycho, watch out you got five ties on your six.”
Tycho, “Shit you right I cannot shack them can I get some help?” Tycho can hear the laser shots bounce off his shields.

Kanson, “Tycho turn to point oh five I got them.”
Tycho, “Copy Kanson.”

As Tycho and the other X-Wings are dealing with the ties Pash Cracken and his a-wings are shielding the Y-wings which are making an attack run on the imperial mark II. While the other squadron of a-wings are shielding the b-wing making the attack on the other imperial mark II. Suddenly out of nowhere four more MC80 come out of hyperspace being flanked ten MC40, and ten RC90 as soon as the new forces enter more x-wings, a-wings, b-wings, and y-wings joined the battle. Seeing how they were now outnumbered the Imperial force retreats after retrieving their ties.

Luke, “Am I late to the party Wedge?”

Wedge, “Luke what are you doing here?”

Luke, “Been following that Imperial force for a month, it been on a rampage.”

Wedge, “Glad you could drop in and help”

Luke, “Yep looks like we can combine and go hunt more Imperials.”
Wedge, “Sounds like a plan.”
In the end this rebel fleet manage to track down and take out a lot of Imperial forces, which finally led to the capture of Coruscant, and Mon Mothma, a key leader in the Rebel Alliance was elected as President. Also, after the fall of Coruscant, Luke Skywalker restarted the Jedi Order on the planet Yavin IV, home of the first major defeat of the Empire.


Well this was my first story. Even though it was short let me know what you think. I am working on another story with multiple chapters. Also Happy Star Wars Day.