Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four

Chapter Sixty~One

After dinner, the Covers all headed to the Study where they usually went. There, Mr. Ken wanted to talk with them about the events of Saturday night. He noticed how all four lads perked up after their short conversation that morning, so he figured that was what they needed to help them move on from their encounter with those four men who tried to take the twins and possibly more of them.

"Boys ... this morning, when you all came down from getting ready for school, you all looked so glum. But, I noticed that after you began to talk about Saturday night, you all sort of brightened up and were no longer in a dark mood. I thought that maybe we could all talk about it together tonight and get out all the things you thought of since then. That way, I thought you all can make some sense of that night. Will you do that with me?" finished up 'dad' Ken.

The boys looked back and forth to one another, but it was Kevin who spoke up first. "'Dad' ... I'm sure ... I'm very sure it was my real dad who told Julian to come and take us. I just know it. Once he came here that first time, I always figured he'd try something to get me and Kyle again. But, I had no idea he would get some of the other men we met with on Sundays to help him.

"Mr. Ken, guys, I'm sorry ... I'm so sorry that I brought this on all of you ... and your friends. I ... I hope you all will believe me that I had no idea, my dad, my real dad, and Julian ... would stoop so low as to try to kidnap us. But, I owe the biggest apology to my brother, Kyle. I didn't know what we were doing was so bad. It wasn't until I heard Robert ... it wasn't until we heard Robert tell us what his dad made him do that I ... that I began to realize that what I was doing was not right. I hope you all can forgive me, but most of all ... I hope ... I hope my twin can forgive me and give me another chance to be his brother, his twin, his friend." Then with that said, Kevin burst out crying.

Kyle jumped up and grabbed his twin. He hugged him tight and let his twin cry his heart out. 'Dad' Ken came over as well to help the two brothers, if need be. Robert and Charles just sat there not knowing what to say or do. They knew Kevin had nothing to do with the attempted kidnapping, so they didn't blame him. They figured he was taking the blame for bringing Julian there the first time and now for Julian and his friends coming and trying to kidnap them.

"Kev, I don't blame you for what our father did. I'll bet ... I'll bet he just used you to make money like Robert's dad did to him. We were only ten when he started to do those things with us in the shower and you told me you liked it and you liked that you did it with our dad. I wish I'd known what was going on back then, so I could have ... so maybe I could have stopped you," now cried Kyle, as he hugs his twin even harder.

'Dad' Ken grabbed both boys in a manly hug and upon feeling him take them into his arms, they both turned towards him and hugged onto him as they continued to cry. Robert and Charles got out of their seats and came over and hugged the twins from behind. The five Covers must have stayed that way for a good three minutes before the twins' tears began to slow down and they weren't outwardly crying anymore.

When Mr. Ken felt the twins were cried out, he motioned for Robert and Charles to go back to their seats and he pulled Kevin and Kyle away from him. The man looked into their eyes, smiled at them, and then pulled them to him in a warm fatherly hug. After he held the hug for four or five seconds, Mr. Ken then pushed the boys away and asked them if they were feeling better. Kyle nodded his head first and then Kevin mouthed a 'Thank you'. 'Dad' Ken then asked the boys to go back to their seats, but they both sat together as they usually did when there weren't enough seats.

When the twins were settled, Mr. Ken said, "Kevin, there is no way you could have known that your dad would have planned what Julian and his friends tried to do Saturday night."

"But you hired Mr. Gene and Mr. George to protect us, so ... so you must have known our dad would do something like this," countered Kevin.

"No, Kevin, I didn't. I used my gut feeling that told me if that man Julian tried to get you both twice before, he'd try again. The thing is ... I didn't know when. I just did what I thought was the best thing to do while you were out and away from The Cove. You heard Sheriff Barnes tell everyone that there was no way I could have fended off those four men if it only had been me with you Saturday night. So, I was lucky that I hired the security men to walk with you.

"We were also lucky that Detective Carrier ... that he was curious enough to call Lt. Matthias a second time and the Lieutenant was able to recognize the correlation on between Julian and Judge Terryman," further explained Mr. Ken.

"But what was that thing that ... coreelaytion you just mentioned?" directly asked Kevin.

It was then Robert spoke up. "Kevin, Kyle ... what 'dad' is saying is ... it that the two men, Julian and the judge, knew one another, somehow. But, I bet I know ... what the connection between them was."

Robert stopped right there and looked to his 'dad' and asked, "'Dad', should I ... should I tell them about me and ... you know who?"

'Dad' Ken thought about that for a few seconds, then he looked at Robert and said, "'Son', they will find out eventually. Maybe it is best they hear it from you. But ... it is your decision. You must decide what you think is best."

Robert nodded his head, then he looked at the twins and thought about what he was going to say.

"Kevin, Kyle ... what 'dad' means is ... is that I think I know why Julian and Judge Terryman know about one another. And the answer is ... ME!"

Hearing that Robert was the one who brought the two men together, made the twins look at one another. Kyle then turned to Robert and quickly asked him how he could be the thing that brought that man Julian and the judge together, especially if he never knew Julian.

"Kevin, Kyle, but mostly you Kevin ... the reason how I know I am the connection between Julian and the judge is ... is because ... because I think I know ... your dad."

Robert let that set in for a few seconds then he continued. "Kevin and Kyle ... when we went to the hospital that first time to visit your parents, and I got to meet your dad, it was like ... it was like I had already met him before. I told you that there were many men who took me places and when I met your dad and heard his voice something clicked inside of me.

"It was his voice. There was something familiar with it that made me ... it made me want to look for his picture when we went to your home that first time. I looked all over for a picture of your dad that I could use, so I could say, yes or no, that I had met your dad before. I didn't find a picture that I could use, but there is something that makes me feel he was one of the men who took me and did to me what your dad and his friends did to you, Kevin.

"If that is the case then your dad, and that man Julian, knows Judge Terryman as he WAS one of the men that I identified that took me and did what I told you about. That IS the connection that connects your dad, Julian, the judge and me together," offered Robert, as his explanation to Kyle's question.

Kevin sat there stunned. He didn't want to believe what he just heard from Robert, but he knew his 'brother' wouldn't lie to him. He remembered that the Sheriff said something yesterday about a judge who was no longer on the bench and now that Robert mentioned his name he figured that had to be the reason that Julian came after him and his brother. He also felt the man wouldn't have done that if it weren't for his dad.

"Robert ... I believe you. Yesterday, the sheriff said something about there used to be a judge that was on the bench, but was no longer there. You're the reason he isn't practicing anymore, aren't you? You recognized him ... and you said something to somebody and they arrested him, right?" spoke up Kevin.

Robert knew he needed to respond, so he said, "Kevin ... the judge ... somehow he learned I was living with Mr. Ken and he summoned me to his court. I went, with Mr. Bill and Mr. Stewart and 'dad' and when I got there, the judge wanted me to go with him to his private room. I told him I didn't want to be alone with him and I wouldn't go. It took Judge Adam, ahh, Judge Richards, to come in the courtroom and have Judge Terryman arrested."

"Kevin, Kyle, and you too Charles, this is the first time ... this is the first time I have ever spoken of what happened that day in Judge Terryman's courtroom. I think Eric knows because his mom was there that day, too. He sort of guessed what happened when he heard the judge was arrested and I wasn't in school that day. Kevin, there are going to be many things that are going to affect you, and your brother, especially if your dad is arrested for what happened to you and for what happened Saturday night."

"My mom and my dad ... they are in prison right now ... and that is another thing I don't talk to anyone about. I feel ashamed about that, but you want to know what hurts the most is ... is that they used me ... they used me to make ... money. Just as your dad used you, Kevin."

"I know it is going to be hard to accept, but I've been there and I lived through it. I know what you are going to feel and think, Kevin, and maybe you too, Kyle. ... But ... we are 'brothers' ... and we will help each other get through this," said Robert, with a few tears in his eyes.

Both Kevin and Kyle ran to Robert and hugged him for all their worth. The three 'brothers' hugged while Charles and Mr. Ken looked on.

When the three 'brothers' did separate, Mr. Ken spoke up and told the twins that their dad was indeed arrested Saturday night, but there was no word on whether their mom would be arrested, as well.

The conversation took a turn not intended by Mr. Ken when he called the boys into his Study. But, he felt that with all the information getting out, as it had, that it might be the best thing in the long run for the twins.

"Boys, I hadn't intended for our talk to go the way it did. But now that both Kevin and Robert have revealed things that we've never heard before, this might be good for the future. Kevin and Kyle, you know what Robert has gone through, so I am sure you can call on him now and ask him how you can best deal with what is going to happen to you in the future. Please understand that what he told you tonight is NOT to be discussed with anyone. That also goes for you, Charles."

"What happened to Robert ... happened almost three years ago, and you never heard about any of it before now. And, I want it to stay that way and that is what I also want to happen for you Kevin, and your twin brother. It will take some serious thinking before you talk and strong fortitude on your parts to keep this all hidden from all your friends. But keep in mind ... that if your 'brother' can do it ... I know you will be able to do it, too."

"Now ... is there anything else we NEED to talk about?" asked 'dad' Ken.

The boys looked back and forth to one another, and then they each said they didn't have anything to talk about. They did ask, though, if that maybe tomorrow, after dinner, they could talk about what happened Saturday night. Mr. Ken said it sounded good to him. He then asked the boys to go check their homework and maybe get to bed a little early, so they could get a good night's sleep.

As the boys were leaving, Mr. Ken asked Robert to hang back. Then, when the last Cover lad exited, 'dad' Ken asked Robert to close the door and to have a seat. Robert closed the Study door and then chose one of the soft leather chairs. 'Dad' Ken took the one right next to him.

"Robert ... there is something very important I want to talk to you about. That is why I asked you to hold back. What I am about to tell you, 'son', will require you to make a decision. You won't have to tell me your decision tonight, so you can take a few days to think it over before you tell me your answer," prompted 'dad' Ken.

"So, what is it 'dad'?" simply asked Robert.

"Robert ... remember when we were getting ready for Mildred's trail? Well, I talked to Bill before we went up to meet the twins' friend's parents that day and I asked him to do something very special for me. That was almost two months ago that I had him do that and ... well, I talked to him today," got out Mr. Ken before Robert got curious,

"'Dad', what did you have Mr. Bill do for you that I have to make a decision for?" asked Robert.

"'Son' ... I had Bill set the wheels in motion for ... so that I can ... well, I asked him to submit the paperwork, so that I could ... so I could adopt you," smiled 'dad' Ken.

Hearing that Mr. Ken wanted to adopt him startled Robert. But, then he let it sink in and when he realized it was something he had hoped for, he jumped into Mr. Ken's arms and said, "Yes! Yes, I want you to adopt me. Oh, 'dad', you'll really be my dad and I won't have to worry about ever leaving here. Thank you, thank you!" Robert then cried happy tears.

After Robert settled down, Mr. Ken told the teenager that he had Bill contact Judge Adam to set up a date. Mr. Ken told the lad that he hoped they could take care of the adoption ceremony on Friday afternoon, but that he probably wouldn't know anything until Wednesday at the earliest.

Robert asked Mr. Ken if he could tell his friends, but 'dad' Ken asked him to wait until they had a firm date before he told too many people. Robert then asked if he could call Eric and tell him. Mr. Ken smiled and told him to tell Eric not to tell anyone, and that Ms. Judy already knew.

Robert jumped out of his chair and hugged his 'dad' one more time. He then opened the Study door and ran up to his room so he could call Eric. Once in his room, Robert quickly pulled out his cell phone and pressed the speed dial number and a few seconds later Robert's Best Friend, Eric, answered his cell phone.

"Eric ... guess what?" excitedly said, Robert.

... ...

"No silly, I didn't get a stomachache from eating all my Trick-Or-Treat candy," laughed Robert. "Try again," continued the laughing Robert.

... ...

"Oh, OK, ok, I'll tell you. 'Dad' ... he told me tonight he ... well, he asked me if he could, you know ... if he could ... adopt me," excitedly announced Robert.

"'Dad', 'dad' wants to adopt you?" asked Charles, while standing in Robert's bedroom door threshold.

Hearing Charles ask that question surprised the teenager, and he turned to his 'brother' and yelled for Charles to get out and to close the door.

Robert then went back to talking to his Best Friend Eric, and the two talked about the pending adoption. Eric said he was happy for his Best Friend and asked when it was supposed to happen. Robert told him what his 'dad' had told him and then the teen remembered to tell Eric that he wasn't supposed to tell anyone until they got a date. Robert also told Eric that his mom already knew about the adoption. Eric thanked him for that information, so he wouldn't have to 'browbeat' his mom for the 411. The two teens laughed at that. The two talked for a few more minutes and then they hung up.

When Charles was unceremoniously sent out of Robert's bedroom, he headed down to talk to his 'dad'.

"'Dad'," called out Charles, as he walked into the Study.

"Yes, 'son' what is it?" smiled Mr. Ken.

"Did you just tell Robert ... that you're going to adopt him?" directly asked the pre-teen.

"Oh, now how did you hear about that, may I ask?" said Mr. Ken.

"Well, he was on his phone talking, I guess to Eric, and I heard him tell his Best Friend that you asked him if you could adopt him. Is it true 'dad'? Are you going to adopt Robert?" asked a very curious Charles.

"Come, let's sit over on those nice soft chairs," said Mr. Ken.

After they got comfortable, Mr. Ken said, "Charles ... Robert's been with me ever since the start of the New Year. Both of his parents, as you know, are in jail and they both signed release papers to allow him to be adopted. But you have to wait at least six months minimum before you can apply to do that. I started the paperwork back when the twins arrived and I just learned that everything is ready. Now, all we need is a date on the judge's calendar and it can happen."

"Charles ... this will be a very important time in Robert's life, now that his parents are no longer around for him. I also must ask you not to go around telling everyone until we get the date. We are hoping to get on Judge Richard's schedule for Friday afternoon," explained 'dad' Ken.

"Will we get to go? To the adoption, I mean," asked Charles.

"Yes, I wouldn't leave you guys out of something so very special for one of you," replied 'dad' Ken.

"'Dad' ... will ... will you ever ... adopt me?" asked Charles, with hope in his eyes.

"Charles ... we'll have to get your mom's signature on the release papers that can put you in the system to be adopted. Then, we have to file the papers and wait until everything is completed and approved by the State and CPS. If they sign off on everything, then I can adopt you. I hope you understand this isn't something that can happen overnight. But most importantly, Charles ... is that something ... that you would want it to happen?" finished Mr. Ken.

Charles smiled at the question, and then he jumped out of his chair and into Mr. Ken's and hugged him. "Yes, yes, oh yes, 'dad'. That would be the BESTEST thing that could ever happen to me after everything that I've gone through with my mom and Smokey and his friends. Do you think my mom will sign those papers?" asked a hopeful Charles.

"Are you going to adopt Charles?" asked a wide-eyed Kevin from the doorway, while Kyle stood right next to his twin.

"Boys, come in and have a seat," called out Mr. Ken.

"Kevin, Kyle ... as you both heard, Charles asked me if I could adopt him. All I was telling him was what it would take and the hurdles that we'd have to go through before that could ever happen," replied 'Dad Ken'.

"Why's everyone in here? I went looking for Charles and his door was open, and then I saw the twin's bedroom door was open, too, and none of them were in their rooms or the bathroom, so I came down here," said Robert.

"Robert, I guess you need to come in and take a seat, too," chuckled 'dad' Ken.

"Robert, it seems Charles overheard your conversation with Eric, so ... he came down here to ask me," offered Mr. Ken,

"Yes, I'm sorry 'dad'. I thought I had closed my door, but ... I guess I was so excited that I was in too much of a hurry to call Eric that I didn't' check it. I'm sorry 'dad'," said Robert.

"'Dad', why were you talking to Charles about adopting him?" asked Kyle.

"Boys, let me tell you the whole story. But, what I am going to tell you can NOT be told or talked to anyone other than us who are in this room. You all understand ME?" said a stern sounding Mr. Ken.

The boys all agreed to not say anything to anyone, so 'dad' Ken told them about the papers finally coming through so he could adopt Robert. He told them he hoped it would happen that coming Friday, but he had to wait until the judge put the ceremony on his schedule and he might not know until that Wednesday. That surprised the twins and then they got bright smiles on their faces after realizing that Robert could be staying there forever.

The twins got up and went over to Robert and congratulated him on his adoption. Robert thanked them. Charles also congratulated his teen 'brother'. Then the pre-teen told the teenager that when he heard he was going to be adopted he came down here to talk to 'dad' and ask if he could adopt him, as well. That revelation surprised Robert, but he told his pre-teen 'brother' he hoped their 'dad' could adopt him, too.

The Cover's talked about Robert's adoption and Charles' hoped-for adoption for another 30 minutes before 'dad' Ken sent them all up to bed. The boys continued to talk about Robert's adoption that coming Friday as they climbed the stairs. Then, before the twins closed their bedroom door, Robert reminded them not to tell anyone at school tomorrow.

After Robert closed his bedroom door, he made one more phone call. He called his older 'brother', Collin. He played twenty questions with him before he told the much older teenager that Mr. Ken was going to adopt him. Collin was extremely happy for his younger 'brother' and said he'd try to get to the ceremony, but he had classes, so he couldn't guarantee it. Robert told the college man he understood, but wanted him to know before it actually happened.

The four Cover lads all slept very well that night. It was Charles who had the best dream of them all. He dreamt he was adopted and became Robert's real brother.

The next morning when Mr. Ken got up, he put on his morning clothes of running shorts and t-shirt, retrieved his newspaper, poured his first cup of coffee and then sat down to read his paper. What he saw when he opened the newspaper caught him by surprise. There, below the fold on the front page, was an article that detailed ex-Commissioner Joseph Jouseff's fall from grace. The article went on to tell how the Texas Rangers did a thorough investigation of the ex-County Judge after he resigned from Commissioner's Court.

The piece went on to say it was learned that the ex-Judge, upon his departure, had possibly rigged the bidding process on the contracts he was assigned to monitor and that he used his influence to hire his brother-in-law for the security position at the new Lakeside Water Park.

The article said that the investigation found the man had somehow redirected monies from the contracts he was responsible for and it wound up in his bank account. The piece also said the ex-Judge was charged with fraud and money laundering. The judge was also charged with undue influence, official oppression as well as nepotism in the hiring of his brother-in-law.

Mr. Ken then thought back to when the man had told him he would oppose every project Mr. Ken came to Commissioner's Court with. The judge was pissed that it was revealed his brother-in-law wasn't hiring the full complement of security guards for the Lakeside Water Park and was possibly pocketing the money set aside for their hiring.

Mr. Ken knew that what the man did in the hiring of his relative would probably come back to haunt him and it just did. The owner of The Cove said to himself that he had no sympathy for the man and hoped he got what was coming to him.

It was then the boys came into the Kitchen Nook talking up a storm. That was a far cry from yesterday's gloom. The boys all said good morning to their 'dad' and then sat down to whatever Momma Maria had ready for them for breakfast. When the woman presented the boys with their breakfasts, she had a great big smile on her face and she glowed, knowing their story and that they trusted her enough to bring her into their confidence.

The weather had begun turning cooler, especially in the mornings. Mr. Ken made sure all the boys had a jacket, and that Kevin helped his brother get his on and carried the books he couldn't carry due to his broken arm. The day had started.

Mr. Chris came into the Kitchen Nook at about 8 AM that morning. He told his boss he was working on the fall contracts and needed his input to make sure he had everything the owner of The Cove wanted. Mr. Ken asked him to set them aside until he took his shower and got cleaned up. Mr. Chris said he had no problem with that and went and got his first cup of fresh coffee while he waited for his boss to get ready.

By 10 AM that Tuesday morning, Mr. Ken and Mr. Chris had worked out the final details on the fall contracts. It was while Mr. Chris was leaving the Study that The Cove's phone rang.

When Mr. Ken answered it, he found the caller was Detective Joel Carrier. The man asked him if he had some time to talk and being curious Mr. Ken said he could talk. Mr. Ken was glad he took the time to talk to Joel Carrier.

"Mr. Ken, one of the men, Stanley Vahnn, he turned on two of the three other men. Stanley told us that it was Julian Hankers and Jerome Bradshaw who coordinated with Parker Parchsons to carry out the kidnap scheme. Stanley said that Julian had intended to have lots of fun with the twins before he got rid of them. I took that as meaning the man, Julian, had intended to rape the twins and then kill them."

"Also, Mr. Ken, in searching the men's cell phone contact lists we came up with over thirty leads on other men who could possibly, and I stress possibly, be involved with those Sunday get-togethers with Parker, his son and the other unnamed boys. Mr. Thomas, I should have pictures of all of the men by Friday. I'd like to come over there and see if Kevin could identify any of the men that he would see on Sunday," asked Joel Carrier.

"Detective, we all have something already scheduled for Friday afternoon and it will probably carry through to the evening. Since it is something that is already scheduled, and will involve the twins, I would ask you, if you could, to stop by on Saturday instead," explained Ken Thomas.

It was then that Detective Carrie told Mr. Ken the worst part of what he found out.

"Mr. Thomas ... there is one more thing that I think you should also know. Well, maybe two more things. You see, Stanley told us ... it was Julian who decided they would take the four smaller lads because they didn't' know which ones were the twins, because they all had makeup on or were wearing masks," said Joel Carrier.

"And what was the other thing you said you learned?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Well, I told you Stanley told us they were supposed to take all the smaller lads, right? Ahh, they were also supposed to kidnap one other boy. His name was ... Robert." Joel Carrier heard a gasp, as he mentioned the teenager's name.

"Mr. Thomas, I heard you take a deep breath just then. Can ... can you tell me who this lad Robert ... is?" quickly asked Detective Carrier.

"Detective ... this lad Robert ... he's ... he's one of my ... he's one of my four foster boys," replied a still shocked Ken Thomas.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Thomas. This next thing then ... may be very hard for you to take, so ... I hope you can ... well, I hope you can accept this at face value. Remember, this is what Stanley Vahnn told us. ... Anyway, what Mr. Vahnn told us was that ... that it was Parker Parchsons ... that he also wanted to shut the teenager, Robert, up.

"Stanley told us that the men were supposed to try to capture him, too, because Parker knew the lad could identify him. He also told us that Julian couldn't wait to also get the lad to the house they had set aside for the twins. Then, Mr. Vahnn told us Julian was going to have some fun with him, too. ... Mr. Thomas ... Vahnn said that Julian had intended to, ahh ... to kill all the lads when he was done 'playing' with them.

That last part caught Mr. Ken completely off guard. He couldn't fathom that all three lads would have been killed. Now he was very happy he had hired Gene and George and that Matthias and Fischer were astute enough to recognize something could happen and then put a plan together in such a short time.

"Detective... where are the men now? I mean have they made bail yet? When will they be arraigned?" asked Ken Thomas.

"Their bond was set at five hundred thousand, each, Mr. Thomas," replied Joel Carrier. "Plus, the Bandera County DA has asked they all be transferred to us, so we can charge them with all the heinous crimes they committed in our area. The men are still in the Sheriff's jail, pending extradition. I suspect they'll be in jail for a very long time, Mr. Thomas."

"Thank you for calling Detective Carrier. I'm glad you have at least one man talking. I just hope they are all kept separated, so the other three men don't take it out on him and they can't rehearse some story they all would sing note-by-note," suggested Mr. Ken.

"That's beyond my pay grade Mr. Thomas. I do hope we can get the extradition hearing before the end of the week, so we can transfer the men to our jail for the weekend," explained Joel Carrier.

"Well, I'll let you go. Please let me know if we can be of any help. Oh, and remember Kevin will be busy all day Friday, so I would appreciate it if you can come by on Saturday. And, one last thing. Are you still investigating Vivian Parchsons? The twins are taking it hard that their dad wanted them kidnapped and they could use some good news for a change. That is IF you have any for them?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Mr. Thomas ... the jury is still out on her. We've found some ... well, I can't tell you about our ongoing investigations. I can tell you that their dad, Parker, is handcuffed to his bed and has a 24-hour guard on his room. As for the twin's mom, she knows her husband was arrested, but, as of now, she does not know about the attempted kidnapping. I would ask you to, ahhh, not go to visit her this weekend. I know that may not be easy to explain to the boys, but I don't want them to inadvertently mention anything about Saturday to her. At least not just yet," replied Detective Carrier.

"I think I can keep them busy enough, but they will eventually want to visit their mom. They know their dad was arrested, so I can tell them that he is handcuffed to his bed. They won't be happy they can't see their mom, but they'll get over it. Maybe by Saturday, things could change. The kids think there might be a school holiday coming up next Thursday, so maybe we can visit then? But that reminds me. I told them I'd check the school's calendar to make sure and I haven't. I've just been really busy with things as of late," Mr. Ken rambled on.

After Joel Carrier hung up, Mr. Ken called Judy Turner. He told her what he just learned, and she was shocked at hearing the three lads could have been first abused, then killed just because Parker Parchsons finally got caught. The two adults talked about that revelation and both agreed to never tell another soul what Joel Carrier just told Ken.

On another issue, Mr. Ken told Judy that he was considering taking the twins on their one month trip, even though they'd already been there two months, The two adults had a good laugh over that.. The owner of The Cove then admitted that it might be a bit difficult because Detective Carrier was coming by on Saturday to show Kevin some pictures of men who might be the ones he and his dad met on those special Sundays.

Mr. Ken also told Judy that the boys asked him to take them to his amusement parks over the Christmas Holidays. He told the Director of CPS that he was going to make the arrangements and he wanted her to go along. Mr. Ken told his friend that she needed a vacation and he wanted her to be with them.

Ken also told her that Wayne would be going along and would probably ride all the rides with the boys while they enjoyed the parks. He told her that Christmas was on a Friday that year and they would leave on Saturday and be back on Tuesday. Ken asked Judy to think about it and start planning.

Mr. Ken also told Judy that Chris had rented a 12 passenger van for him to use during the upcoming Thanksgiving week. He also told her he was looking to purchase one of those vans as he thought it would be a good fit for The Cove. Mr. Ken then told her that was how they were going down to Collin's. He told her they would leave Wednesday and return Saturday. Judy said she put both dates on her calendar and would let him know definitely about the amusement park trip by Thanksgiving.

Then, Judy Turner told her friend Ken that she had some news for him. The Director of CPS told the foster parent that the legislature had changed some of the travel rules for foster children and that it was effective the 1st day of October. She told him she never said anything to him because the twins had already been with the man for about a month and they were in school and it wouldn't apply to him.

Mr. Ken asked her what the change was that the Texas legislature made. Judy told him that there was no longer a time limit as to when the foster children traveled. Mr. Ken laughed hard at hearing that. Judy also told him that foster parent's now only need the approval of their caseworker and the judge. Judy suggested he get his paperwork in to take all four lads back east to visit his amusement parks. Judy advised Ken to get his Holiday vacation plans in for the boys either before Thanksgiving or right after, so Judge Richards has time to approve them.

Judy also recommended that if he was going to take the kids on a Disney cruise for Spring Break, he should get his other three foster sons' passports arranged. She also suggested that since the schools post their Spring Break schedule a year in advance, he should make his plans and then get his paperwork in, so the judge doesn't get overwhelmed the two weeks before.

Ken thanked Judy for that heads up, because he hadn't even thought about Spring Break, so now, he had to decide what he and his boys will do next spring, and where they would go.

The afternoon progressed so quickly that Mr. Ken didn't get to very many of the phone calls he had planned to make. He looked at the time and knew the lads would soon be there. He was also glad that Doctor Doug would be there that night to help the twins to deal with their Saturday night adventure. Mr. Ken also intended to talk to Robert that night, to try to resurrect their Tuesday Night Meetings.

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