Voyagers Book III

Duty Roster ~ Earth

Duty Roster

(And those on Non-Space Fleet Ships )


This is a list of the characters mentioned in Voyagers Book II who were left on Earth. You may print this list, so you can reference it when trying to figure out who is who. As the authors, we may feel a need to look at this list so we can remember who belongs where, and we know some readers will be wanting a list as well. Again, you are welcome to print this for your own personal use.

The names below are listed as they were introduced into the story. They are broken down by the chapters in which they were first mentioned. Upon launch, many of these characters will not be mentioned again, but some may. For characters who were mentioned in Voyagers, please go to Voyagers: Duty Roster ~ Earth or Voyagers Book ][, please go to Voyagers Book II: Duty Roster Earth.


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Introduced in Chapter One





End Notes:

This is currently incomplete and as new characters are mentioned, they will be added.

This work is a collaboration of 2 authors, in memory of TrueFan, the founder of the Voyagers Universe. We will be posting chapters of this story as we are able. When commenting, please cc both authors, or click this link... Authors of Voyagers.