Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 8 Class and Conversation

We loaded up and headed for our ranch. Then Dante told Daniel and Angel he was working on a surprise for them. But he was waiting on a phone call. And he had to talk to me too.
"Wait! Why can't you talk to Billy now?" Daniel asked him.
"Well then it wouldn't be a surprise," Dante told him. "Besides, he could say no. Then he winked at me.
"I saw that," Angel said from the back seat. "So he knows."
"Actually I don't," I told him. "But I could say yes or no."
"But maybe we could change your mind," Daniel said hopefully.
"Or at least try," Angel said seeing the look on my face.
I could tell Dante was regretting telling them anything. So l decided to keep them off balance.  To help him out.
"You might as well ask me," I told Dante. Daniel and Angel looked hopefully at Dante. 
"Okay. First of all this has been talked over with your parents," Dante told us. "Jean even called Angel's mom."
"Now my friend Paul and his boyfriend, Dr. Adam Patrick, are coming over to talk about safe sex, and hygiene with us."
"Then if Billy says it's okay you can go clothing optional. If Billy says yes."
"You mean naked?!" Daniel asked amazed. A smile on his face.
"He means naked!" Angel said leaning up to kiss Daniel on the cheek.
"But we have to be able to keep an eye on you," Dante told them.
Just then I got a call from Bob. He told me Angel's mom was more than okay with Dante's plan. Then he asked me for a favor.
"Daniel, Angel that call was to tell me everything is okay with your parents," I told them seeing the anticipation in their eyes.
"But I still have to agree to this," i added. Deflating their hopes a little. "So first, you have to agree to not tell Charlie about certain things."
"I understand," Daniel said with realization.
"We understand," Angel added nodding at Daniel. Who was looking over his shoulder.
We were all quiet for a few minuates. When we were almost home. Daniel broke the silence.
"Dante, Billy," Daniel said. I want to thank you for this. It's helped alot."
"Definitely," Angel said as well. "Thank you. For helping me and my love." You could tell that he cared deeply for Daniel.
"I'll agree with that," Andrew said. "You've given me a lot of food for thought."
Causing Jimmy's head to snap around. His eyes were large a saucers.
"What! Nothing from you?" Dante asked me.
"Well I was planning on showing you my thanks later," I said with a smile. "In private."
There was a chorus of  "Ooooow's" from everyone else.
"Okay guys!" Dante told them. "Okay Billy. I'll hold you to that."
But as we drove I to the yard. There was Paul and Adam waiting for us. We asked if they has been waiting long. They assured us that they had not.
Andrew and Jimmy asked if they could they could join in. Because they knew Dante and I were joining. Then after unloading. The class was started out on the patio.
The boys were embarrassed at first. But it was informative for us all. With all of us needing some tutoring. And as we asked questions they came around.
When they were finished we invited Paul and Adam to stay for supper. There was plenty of food left over. So supper was going to be light. But before we ate.
"Now you two can use the pool til we eat," I told Daniel and Angel. Pointing up the hill. "After we eat too."
"Now if you go in the pool. Trunks are optional," Dante told them.
"So go put your cloths in your room. Grab some towels and something to wear when we eat."
"Why?" Daniel asked a little confused.
"We don't eat while we are naked around here," Dante told them. I smiled remembering our first night.
After thinking about what Dante and I had been saying. They were gone in a flash. We chuckled at their enthusiasm. 
"Should we follow them?" Dante asked me. 
"No," I said. "Let's give them some privacy for a few minuates."
"What you're doing for two is something special," Adam said.
"Dante, Billy," Andrew said. Snuggling up to Jimmy. "We want to thank you for a wonderful day."
"Yeah," Jimmy said. "It has been a wonderful day and home coming." Then they kissed.
"Well it's been Dante all day," I told them. "Its been nothing but surprises. And I owe him something special."
Then I pulled Dante in close and kissed him. 
"I hope I always surprise  you," Dante told me then he kissed me. None of us noticed the boys come out of the house.
"Wow!" They said. Dante and I looked around. Fortunately Daniel and Angel were wearing towels.
"Don't get any ideas," Dante told them. 
"We were told kissing was okay,"  Daniel countered.
"True. Now what do you want to eat?" I asked changing the subject.
"Chicken," they both said. Then they both kissed.
"You guys can go ahead and get into the pool," Dante told them.
They smiled and looked at each other. Then they whipped off their towels. But they were wearing trunks. We all laughed except Dante. 
"Funny," Dante said as he started to laugh. "Now go."
"We decided to wear our trunks," Angel told us. "We are going to take our time. Like Dante suggested."
"Yeah, we don't want to take advantage of what you're doing for us," Daniel added.
"Okay," I said. "So pool or hot tub?" As they looked at each other.
But Dante decided for them. "Pool. Go."
"The pool is yours. Stay on this side," I told them. "And put your towels and trunks on the bench. It's yours till we eat."
Realizing everything I said. Daniel asked. "Are you sure?"
"Watch for snakes," I answered to his question. Then hooked a thumb.
They started to bolt up a stairs. When a bull snake slithered acrossed a step. Which managed to slow them down.
"This is nice what you're doing for these boys," Paul told us echoing Adam.
"Mrs. Driscoll bent my ear for an hour," Adam told us. "She was happy to see my hospital I.D."
"If you guys want to get in the hot tub," I told them. "I have some trunks in the house."
"We stopped and got ours," Adam replied.   
"Where can we change?" Paul asked. 
"Billy will you show them?" Dante asked. "I'll get the food started."
"Sure," I said. Then I lead them down to an empty bedroom. Followed by Andrew and Jimmy. They all four came out fifteen minutes later. I went back to help Dante cook.
"Dante do we need some more potatoes?" I asked him.
"Done," he answered and I smiled. I walk up and put my arms around him.
"If you want to get in..." I told Dante.
"No," he said giving me a kiss. "We're partners. And this partnership means we share."
Dante went in to get the rest of the food. We grilled corn and chicken. Fried potatoes and some summer squash. There was salad and toast on the grill.
"Dante these last ten days have been amazing," I told him. Then I kissed him. "And you are well worth it."
"No!" He corrected me. "We are well worth it."
"So well said," Jessie said coming around the corner with his boy friend Shaun. "He's a keeper."
"Thanks. I agree," I replied.
"We need another cook out," Dante told me suddenly. I was puzzled for a minuate.
"Well we need to introduce Jessie and Shaun, and Andrew  to everyone," Dante told me before I could ask why. I just smiled. He was right.
"Didn't we meet everyone?" Shaun asked us.
"Most everyone," I told him.
"Sounds good to me," Jessie said. "Better than my last outfit."
"Why?" I asked him. But Jessie didn't say. 
"Tell him Jessie," Shaun said sternly. 
"Or?" He asked Shaun.
"Sleep on the couch til you do!" Shaun told him. Obviously  very upset with him.
"Well maybe you're right," Jessie replied. "Dad told me I should talk to you Marshal... I mean Billy."
"Well you can tell me while we eat," I told him. "So sit down."
My phone started to ring. I saw it was George and quickly answered it. He and Sherry were at the university hospital. Sherry's water had broken and she was in labor.
He had called Bob and Jean. And Jean was on her way since Sherry's parents had to come across the country. I explained right after he hung up.
"Food's ready," Dante announced after I hung up. "We need to get Daniel and Angel."
"Jessie you tell me what's up in a minute," I said.             
"Yes sir."
"Well come on." I said to Dante. 
"Right behind you," Dante said putting the last of the food on the table.
We walked up with arms around each other. As we got close.  I called out almost to the top. But didn't get an answer the first time.
"Hey you two! Are you ready to eat? I asked. Causing them to scramble for their towels. They were quick to stand up.
"Don't worry about it," I said figuring it out. "We can deal with it later."
"Are you sure?" They asked sheepishly. 
"We don't know what you're talking about," Dante said. Let's go eat."
Dante looked over. Not having a good view before was a little odvious. Daniel and Angel noticed though.
"We're sorry," Daniel said dejected.
"We'll get ready to go," Angel said even more dejected than Daniel.
"Why?" I asked them. "You do not need to go."
"Besides Daniel. Your mom is off to be with Sherry McGuire at the hospital," Dante told them. "Sherry went into labor."
"Oh that means dad is cooking," Daniel said pretending to gag a little. Well maybe.
"But what about...?" Angel started to asked but couldn't finish.
"About what?" I asked. "Besides it can happen in your sleep."
They were happy on both counts. So they finished drying off and grabbed their cloths. Angel dropped his trunks by accident. As he bent over. Smack!
"Hey!" Angel yelped as he covered his cheeks.
"Now we're even," Dante told him. Causing Daniel and me to laugh. And giving Dante a big smile.
Supper was something we took our time with. Jessie told me about the things that happened at his last assignment.
And why Shaun was upset. I told him to write it up. I Would Handle It.
Then Daniel and Angel were full of questions of us all. And we all talked about how we met each other. They were particularly interested in Dante and Jimmy's stories.
So Paul and Adam decided to throw in some history. How it was in ancient Greece and Rome.  That it wasn't unusual for lovers to be one older and the other one younger.
"I think I'll keep my Daniel," Angel told us. Then kissed him on the cheek. "No offense Billy."
"None taken," I told him as we all laughed. Even Daniel laughed  and he kissed Angel fully on the lips."
You could see they were more relaxed about being boyfriends. I saw Dante nodding as he realized it as well.
After clearing off the dishes. Dante and I went in to put trunks on. It was our turn to get in the hot tub.
"Well guys the hot tub is open," I told everyone. "But not the pool."
Before I could say more. Daniel and Angel fell all over themselves trying to apologize. When I finally managed to stop them.
"As I was saying. The pool is off limits. It's after dark. Because I don't have no lights up there," I told everyone. "And the sun is setting."
"Oh!" The boys said.
"Daniel!" Angel said suddenly.  "Where is your St. Christopher medal I gave you."
Daniel clutched at his neck. But there was no necklace.
"I had it on in the pool," he said in a panic. He jumped out of the hot tub. Headed for the steps. But I grabbed him.
"I'll go," I told him. "There maybe snakes."
"I'll go with you," Jessie said pulling out a flashlight. And I grabbed one I put on the table.
So Jessie and I went up to the pool.  It didn't take long to find it. The St. Christopher was sitting on the bottom where they had been sitting.
"Here you go," Jessie said handing it to Daniel. Getting smiles from the boys.
"Thank you Jessie," Daniel said. As Angel took it  and put it back on his neck.
"I think the clasp is loose," Angel told him.
"Well keep it in a pocket tomorrow," I told him. "But I think you can wear it tonight." Seeing the look on his face.
Well Jessie, Shaun, Paul, and Adam had to leave. I reminded Jessie to write up his statement and about Thursday. 
Then the four of us started to get into the hot tub. When Angel, not paying attention, dropped his trunks.
"Angel!" Daniel said.
"You better get your trunks off for I'm pulling them off," Angel told Daniel as he stepped out of his trunks.
"Angel," I said getting his attention. He turned to see us all. Still in our trunks.
"Oh," he said causing some of us to laugh. "That was only earlier then?"
Dante and I both nodded yes. A little disappointed he pulled his trunks back on. So we all got into the hot tub.
But he relaxed.
"What?" Jimmy asked Angel. 
"But Daniel has such a cute caboose," Angel answered him. And causing Daniel to blush again.
"I can understand the sentiment," I said. Then I kissed Dante.
"I'm not the only one," Dante said kissing me back.
"I think I know one too," Andrew added kissing Jimmy on the cheek.
"Looks like we all have cute butts," Jimmy said. Daniel looked puzzled for a moment.
"Angel doesn't have a cute butt," Daniel said grinning real big suddenly. "He has an awsome butt."
Angel was frozen for a moment. Then he punched a laughing Daniel in the shoulder.
"Not funny," Angel said. Then he smiled and kissed Daniel on the lips.
"Oooooo!" We all choruses as my phone rang. I answered it.
It was Bob calling. It wasn't about Sherry's baby. He was asking for something Angel might not like.
"I'ld love for her to come," I replied. "I'll let them know to be ready."
"Bye," I said before hanging up.
"Why does my mother want to come out here?" Angel asked me guessing who we had been talking about.
Everyone was confused at first. Dante was the first to catch on.
"She wants to meet Dante, Daniel, and me," I told him. Both Angel and Daniel looked at each other in a bit of a panic.
"Hasn't your mother met Daniel yet?" Dante asked Angel. 
"Well only once," Daniel said. "We were ... studying for a test."
"I'm sure you were," Jimmy said with a smile. 
"But there you have it," Andrew told them. "She's just making sure her baby boy is in the right company."
"She's your mother and always will be," Jimmy added.
"It's nothing to worry about," Dante told  them. "My mom wanted to met Billy. Look how that turned out."
Then he kissed me on the cheek.  And I kissed him back. We watched the last colors change as day turned to night. Then the moon rose and cast a pale glow across the land. It was beautiful. Crickets chirped and coyotes howled into the night.
"Dante," Daniel said breaking the silence.
"Yes Daniel?" Dante asked him.
"When did you know you loved Billy?" He asked. We all looked at Dante. I'll admit I was curious to hear his answer.
"From the first time I met him," Dante told him rather matter of factually. And I was surprised.
"Really?" I asked it showing.
"Yes," Dante told me with that evil little grin of his I loved so much.
"But I knew it would be a long time before you came around," he told me.
"Well I'm glad I came around," I told him. Leaning over i kissed him again.
"So Billy," Angel said after a minuate. Causing me and Dante to raise our eyebrows.
"When was your first gay experience? And was it with Dante?" he asked me.
"The first time," I said rubbing my jaw. As I milked the anticipation. Then Dante punched my shoulder. "Hey!"
"Answer the question," Jimmy said.
"Okay. I was 14 and thus it wasn't Dante," I told them.
"I worked at a summer camp as a junior councillor with a boy named Johnny," I said.
"Tell us more?" Daniel asked.
"Yeah. Tell us more," Dante added snuggling closer.
"We ran a cabin for younger kids. I think 8 and 9 year olds," I told them. "We had a late day. And had to take some late showers."
"And?" Andrew asked as I paused again.
"Well we took late showers after that," I told them. "Which was a month."
"I'll need to know more," Dante said pausing. "Well later."
"So Dante. When was your first time?" Daniel asked. Angel was a taken a little by surprise by Daniel. 
"Wait a minuate!" I said stopping Dante from answering. "Shouldn't it be our turn?" 
"Yes! Me first," Dante said enthusically.
The looks on Daniel and Angel's faces. When they looked at each other. They obviously regretted what they had started. Especially after.
"When did you two take each other's virginity?" Dante asked before they could say a word. They turned red immediately. 
"What makes you think...." Angel started to ask.
"How'd you know?" Daniel asked totally surprised.
Dante just smiled at the affect of his question. Angel was whispering in Daniel's ear. The rest of us were laughing.
"Okay!" Daniel finally said. "We concede. We won't ask anymore questions."
"For now," Angel added with a wicked smirk on his face.
"That sounds fine," I said. 
"But you still owe us an answer," Dante told them. And they paled.
"We answered your questions," I added causing Daniel and Angel to huddle for a moment.
Angels eyes narrowed as he answered. "Fair enough." 
They told us about the tree house. When they had knocked their cloths out. What they had planned. And what they did before they were caught.
"Just please don't tell our parents?" Angel asked us.
"Don't tell them what," I said in answer.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Andrew said with a smile.
"Do you know anything Jimmy?" Dante asked getting in on it.
"About what?" Jimmy asked pretending to not know. "We've been talking about riding tomorrow. Right?"
"That being said," I said. "Let's call it an evening. Cause we are riding tomorrow."
"And Angel, let's not forget your mother coming out tomorrow," Dante reminded everyone.
"Yes sir," Angel said. But a look from Dante got the answer he wanted. "Sorry. I mean Dante."
As we got out. And Andrew, Jimmy, and Dante passed me.
I asked them to follow my lead. They agreed with raised eyebrows.
I lead the way in through the kitchen. And as we got to the laundry room, I stopped. I finished toweling off. Then I dropped my trunks
"Follow my lead inside," I whispered as they passed. They agreed without knowing what I had planned.
I led the way in and as we got to the laundry room I stopped. I finished towering off. Then I dropped my trunks and towel in the washer. 
Andrew, Jimmy, and Dante followed suit. Even Daniel and Angel quickly followed our lead. I grabbed a small bottle of baby oil I had placed there earlier. I turned to Daniel. 
"Daniel your dad asked me to give you this," I said getting a puzzled look. "For your dry skin."
"Dry skin?" He said puzzled at first.
"Oh yeah!" He said realizing what was up. " My dry skin. I forgot mine."
"Thank you Billy,c Daniel said. Then rising up on his toes he gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"I may need to use some as well," Angel told us. "For dry skin as well."
Then they trotted off and we heard their door close. Followed by a muffled cheer. We all laughed a little.
"You know you have to agree with Daniel," Dante told us. And we all turned to look.
"About what?" Jimmy asked him.
"Angel has an awesome butt," Dante answered.
"Dante!" Jimmy yelped in surprise.
Andrew and I just laughed at the two of them. But punched Dante's shoulders.
"Now the truth," Dante said. "Did Bob really give you that baby oil?"
"Actually," I told him. "No. But he asked me to give them some after talking to Paul and Adam."
"Now we'll see you two in the morning," i told  jimmy and Andrew. Then throwing Dante over my shoulder. "I need to ravage my fiance."
"Sounds like something we need to do," Jimmy said smiling at Andrew.
"Tomorrow then, " Dante and Andrew both said.
Our doors closed almost simultaneously. Then I set Dante down near the bed. And I kissed him. Then as he turned I smacked my hands together. Dante whirled quickly. Shielding his ads as he did.
"Next time that ass is mine," I told him with a smile.
"But my ass is always yours," Dante told me with a kiss.
"Yes it is," I said then we both laughed. As we fell onto the bed.