Mayfield Titans

Chapter 8-Aiden and Gordy



As soon as Aiden arrived home from school, he stripped naked and then sat down at his desk to complete his homework. He considered the fact that he had homework in Science, English, and Math just two days into the school year to be inherently unfair.  He knew if he complained to his dads one or both would say, “Is that all you have? Damn you kids have it easy. Back when we were in middle school we had blah, blah, blah hours of homework and double that on weekends.” He could fill in the blahs with any number from eight to twelve and be close, although he suspected it was really that many minutes, not hours.
Let’s see now, Aiden thought to himself, the first thing pop is going to say when he gets home is “How was school?” I need to dream up a smart-ass answer to that question.
But then he stopped to think and realized that he could never outdo his pop when it came to a war of smart-ass remarks and he would end up feeling shot down. Feeling shot down was not something a cool “almost thirteen” boy ever wanted to have happen so he gave up on that idea.
He was just finishing his Math, which he had saved for last, when his pop came home.  Aiden ran downstairs and gave him a hug. He never ceased to be amazed how natural it felt hugging his dads when he was naked. It wasn’t that long ago that naked hugs were taboo and he at least needed to don his underpants first. 
“How was school?” Larry asked his son, pleased that Aiden wasn’t so far into puberty he no longer wanted to give him and Phil hugs. Aiden was scheduled to have soccer practice after school, but it had been cancelled. He’d texted that to Larry so his pop wouldn’t be surprised to find him home.
“I survived.” Aiden mentally congratulated himself for guessing his pop’s first words correctly.
“I guess that beats the alternative.” Aiden let out a derisive snort. “How’s your homework coming?”
“I have three more math problems and I’m done.”
“Damn. If you can finish your homework before dinner, they must be getting pretty soft at that school.”
“Pop, don’t even go there.” 
“I’ll try to be good. I can’t guarantee your dad’s behavior though.”
“Dinner is leftover casserole, right?”
Larry nodded. Phil often made two to three days’ worth of casseroles or stews when he cooked up a dinner during the school year.
“Well, it’s a good casserole. Since dad doesn’t make any other kind, I really don’t have to say that. Anyway, I’m going upstairs to finish my math before dad gets home.”
Aiden sat back at his desk, worked the last three problems, and set his math aside. He would have his pop check it after dinner. Why have a pop who is a math teacher if you don’t use him to check your math homework? was Aiden’s motto.
He flopped on his bed and lay on his back, playing with his cock as he thought about what Kalie told him on the way home. “Gordy promised to go all the way with me if I get you off on the bus this fall.” Well, it’s not like she didn’t do it a couple of times the year before, but this was different. He couldn’t believe Gordy would say something like that—it sounded so not like Gordy. He told Kalie that getting him off wasn’t going to happen, to which her reply was, “We’ll see.”
Well, if I’m going to get myself off on my bed right now, I want to think of someone other than Kalie, Aiden thought. Like Gordy. Or Nolan. Or Logan. Or Grant. Or even Eddie. Eddie? Whoa, where did that come from? he wondered. That would be kinda hot though. He finally thought he’d wait until after dinner, because then he would be calling Nolan (unless Nolan called him first). And sometimes when he and Nolan talked with each other on the phone things got a little sexy, or even a lot sexy.
When Aiden heard Phil come home, he put on a pair of Mariner lounge pants and a Mariner t-shirt. He wanted to be dressed for dinner this time. He considered dinner to be the formal meal of the day, the one where he and his dads ate as a family whenever they could, and he often thought it would be nice to be dressed for dinner. He went downstairs and saw Phil heading for the master bedroom and followed him. He caught up to him in the bedroom and gave him a hug.
“Hey, thanks for the hug, son. Always appreciated.” Since Larry had just told him that Aiden was in a nudist mood, he was surprised to see that his son was dressed. Phil didn’t ask him why. He and Larry had both noted that Aiden’s mood swings had increased since he started puberty. They decided to accept it as a part of his being a pubescent boy and elected not to worry about it unless it led to some kind of undesirable behavior.
“I thought you had soccer practice after school today,” Phil said as he stripped off his work shirt.
“We did, but Coach Fred had to change it to tomorrow. It got announced at the end of the day. It’ll be weird to have practice on a Friday, but we have a game on Saturday, so we have to get a practice in.”
“You’re a busy boy.”
“Pop stuck the dinner in the oven. I would have done it, but the day got out of synch when practice was cancelled. Anyway, my homework’s done early and now I’m hungry.”
Phil couldn’t help smiling to himself as he admired the beauty of his son’s chatter. He wouldn’t have traded it for the world.
After dinner, Aiden helped clear the table and clean the kitchen. He then tossed his pants and shirts onto the floor in the reading room and sat in his recliner and read until it was time for the Mariner game to start. Phil shook his head when he saw that Aiden was now naked. The one thing my son seems to be consistent about is his inconsistency.
But if Phil had asked, he would have learned that Aiden was very consistent in his actions—formal mealtime was over which, in Aiden’s personal code, meant nudity was okay. One of the strengths of Larry and Phil was their communication skills. Because Aiden’s dress code appeared to be random, they simply accepted it. Instead of asking Aiden what he was thinking, they saw Aiden as being as unsure about the rules of the dress code as they were.
“Do you mind if I sit in YOUR recliner with you?” Phil teased.
“I guess I’ll let you, since my being naked doesn’t freak you out anymore,” Aiden responded.
“Oh, it does, but I do like sitting in YOUR recliner with my son, even when he isn’t dressed.”
“You can sit here naked, too, you know.”
“I know. And you know my reply to that is that it won’t happen.”
“Yeah, but I can still try,” Aiden smirked.
The Mariners were playing the White Sox at home. The White Sox had a 2-0 lead when Marty came to bat for the first time in the bottom of the second with one out and a man on first. He struck out swinging and when the next batter popped up to end the inning, Aiden said he was going upstairs to call Nolan.
“You’re making Nolan more important than Marty and the Mariners?” Larry asked. Larry had entered the room at the start of the inning and was sitting on the loveseat. “This is a big game, you know.” The Mariners were a game behind the Athletics in the American League West and two games ahead in the Wild Card race.
“I know. But I want to talk to Nolan and let dad have MY recliner to himself for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll have my TV on upstairs.” Aiden picked his clothes up off the floor and took off to his bedroom.
“The odds say Aiden will have a sticky substance on his abdomen before the phone call is over,” Phil chuckled.
“You have such a dirty mind, hon. The boy is only twelve,” Larry said.
“Hey, he’s almost thirteen as he loves to tell us, and the reason I have such a dirty mind is that I was twelve once, too.”
“I see your point.”
Nolan was ready for Aiden’s call. They had arranged that Aiden would call sometime around eight and Nolan was literally staring at his phone when it rang with his boyfriend’s call.
“Hey, sweetie,” Nolan greeted him cloyingly.
“I’ll sweetie you, big boy,” Aiden giggled.
“With what, the stuff you shoot out of your pretty little dick? Wow, that’s as sweet as it gets.”
“And watch out whose dick you call little. It fits nicely in your mouth.”
“And in my ass. Fuck, I’m so horny I can’t stand it and your talk makes me even more horny.”
“Well, before we talk more about ass fucking, we need to talk about Tuesday night and Wednesday.”
Wednesday happened to be Fair Day, not only for the Mayfield School District, but also for the Meadow Park District. Each school district in the county had a Fair Day during the week for the Lewis County Fair, which was a school holiday. The students, faculty, and staff got free tickets good for that day.
Aiden and Nolan had already manipulated their parents into allowing Nolan to spend Tuesday night at Aiden’s house. Phil would pick Nolan up after he got off work and bring him to Aiden’s soccer game at the Mayfield sports complex. They planned to have a sexy night in Aiden’s bedroom after the game. The boys would then go with Larry and Phil to the Fair the next morning.
“Is everything set?” Nolan asked.
“Then I guess we’re done talking about it. When’s the last time you got off?”
“Last night, humping Horace on my bed,” Aiden responded.
“Did you cum on him?”
“Never. That’s what my belly is for,” Aiden giggled. “How about you?”
“Yesterday. Me and Carter had afternoon soccer practice after school and then I went to Carter’s house—he lives right by the field. Anyway, we got out of our practice stuff and did our homework and then jerked off on his bed. We didn’t have much homework, so we had plenty of time before his mom called us to dinner. Then she took me home.”
“Did you jerk each other off?” Aiden was rock hard and was busily working on his boy nail.
“Not this time. We just needed to get off before we ate. Carter still doesn’t have any hair, but he’s starting to squirt a little.”
“I haven’t done anything with anybody since the weekend. Kalie worked my dick on the bus coming home after school today, but it doesn’t take that long to get to my house.” Aiden went on to tell Nolan what Kalie had told him—that if he let her get him off on the bus, Gordy promised he would fuck her.
“Are you gonna do it?” Nolan asked.
“I’d either have to ride the bus to her stop or be extra-super horny to have enough time to get off.”
“I thought you were a stud and could get off in an instant if you had to.”
“Didn’t you just call me sweetie and tell me what a nice little dick I had?”
“I did, but you’re a studly sweetie with a little dick,” Nolan giggled.
“I think I’m going to invite Gordy to spend a night this weekend. We need to talk about what Kalie told me.”
“I’ll say you do. I always thought Kalie kind of had her shit together for a girl, but now I’m beginning to wonder.”
“Miles says it’s girlie hormones that’s making the girls so weird,” Aiden giggled.
“I’m so hard I can’t stand it. You better give Gordy a good BJ if he sleeps over with you.”
“It will be better than the one you gave Carter, that’s for sure.”
“I’m on my back whacking my dick hard…can you hear me doing it? I got lotion on my dick so you should be able to hear my hand going.”
“I hear it and I’m getting close. All this sex talk is ready to set me off.”
“So, then, let’s shut up and finish,” Nolan commanded.
“Want me to send you a picture of my dick when I get off?” Aiden asked.
“No, no, don’t do that! I don’t want pictures of my boyfriend’s dick on my phone. I could get in deep shit if the ‘rents happened to see it.”
“Ok - I guess you’re right.”
“Besides, I don’t need a picture - I know what my boyfriend’s dick looks like,” Nolan giggled
“I’m gonna cum!” Aiden bellowed a few seconds later.
“I wish it was in my mouth,” Nolan managed to gasp as Aiden shot his light cum on his chest and belly. Nolan followed right after, shooting his whiter and more mature boy seed on himself.
“That was good,” Aiden said as he regained his breath.
“Yeah, but not as good as it would be if we were together.”
“We’ll be together Tuesday night and I can’t wait.”
“Neither can I, sweeeeetie, neither can I.”
“I love you Nolan. Sleep good.”
“I love you. You sleep good too.”
Aiden giggled at how Nolan dragged out the word sweetie as he disconnected the call.
Aiden went into his bathroom to pee and wash the cum off himself. He headed downstairs to see how the Mariners were doing. He never got around to turning on his television. When he saw the score, he was glad he hadn’t. The Sox led 8-1 in the top of the sixth. Marty had struck out his second time up and was oh-for-two with two strikeouts.
It was time for Aiden to head for bed. He hugged his dads goodnight and asked Larry to tuck him in and to read to him for a bit. He learned in the morning that the White Sox won 11-2 and Marty ended up getting the hat trick (striking out three times in a game) as he went oh-for-three. Marty was one for his last sixteen and was suffering his first slump as a big leaguer.


Kalie didn’t bring up the subject of Gordy on the bus ride to school, for which Aiden was grateful. The only thing remotely sexual that came up was when Kalie asked Aiden when he was going to sleep over at her house.
“Never, unless it’s a group thing like you’ve had before. No way will I do it with just you and me.”
“What about you, me, and Gordy?”
“Nope. That could be worse than just you and me.”
“Don’t be such a chicken. You’re almost as bad as Gordy. You know my parents will let you stay which means they trust us to do the right thing.”
Aiden was certain that doing the right thing was way different for Kalie than it was for him. Since she was on the pill, it had nothing to do with getting pregnant, so he was confused about what the right thing was.
“Well, my dads would never let me stay anyway,” Aiden said as the bus pulled into the school driveway.
“Don’t be so sure. You’ve been overnight at my house before.”
“That was different,” Aiden said lamely as he gathered his stuff and headed to the front of the bus.
When he saw Gordy in the seventh-grade hall, he asked him if he thought he could spend the night on Saturday. Gordy grinned and said he would text his mom to find out. Aiden had received his dads’ okay before going to bed the night before.
“Is anybody else coming?” Gordy asked at lunch.
“Nope, just you and me this time,” Aiden told him.
“Sounds good to me.”
“You guys better not go all the way without the rest of us,” Mason said.
“You need to get your brain out of the gutter, Mason,” Miles laughed.
“Mason’s brain wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t in a gutter,” Aiden said.
“No worries, we are not going all the way. And that is one hundred percent for sure guaranteed,” Gordy assured his friends at the table.
“You don’t need to convince us,” Miles said. “We all know what you’re like.”
“And just what am I like?”
“You’re like somebody who’ll enjoy a good sixty-nine,” Mason told him, which had everybody at the table laughing.


Aiden’s soccer game was at eleven in Monte, which was about an hour and a half from Mayfield. Aiden left his house with his dads a little after eight in the Odyssey. They had two stops to pick up three of Aiden’s Cobra teammates: Mason and the twins. Mason’s mom had to work and the twins’ mom was going to Becky’s soccer game which was at ten at Mayfield’s East Lake field.
They arrived at the Monte Middle School field at quarter to ten. Two teams were on the practice field warming up for the ten o’clock game. Aiden and his Cobra teammates congregated at the east side of the parking lot with Coach Bill waiting for the field to clear. Coach Bill had set ten o’clock as the meeting time, but everybody arrived earlier.
The game ended up being an exciting one. Monte led 1-0 at the half. The Cobras scored at the 37-minute mark to tie the score and again at the 44-minute mark to take a 2-1 lead. Gordy scored the first goal and Aiden the second on an assist from Lance. Lenny was the keeper and made two great saves. But, the Monte eleven tied the score at the 51-minute mark. The Cobras answered at the 57-minute mark when Gordy buried a penalty kick. The Cobras hung on to win 3-2.
The team stopped for lunch at a hamburger restaurant in Elma where Coach Bill had reserved a room. After lunch, Gordy rode back in the Odyssey along with Mason, the twins, and, of course, Aiden. As far as soccer went, the day had been a big success.
Aiden and Gordy enjoyed a fun afternoon together. It was the first time in a while that they had spent time with just each other and they made the most of it, playing in the games room, skinny dipping in the pool, sitting in the hot tub and talking about subjects ranging from sports to sex.
Sex was the topic as the two naked boys sat in the hot tub together, specifically, Kalie. Aiden wanted to get all the details regarding Gordy’s deal with Kalie.
“You really said you’d go all the way with her if she got me off on the bus?” Aiden asked. While he trusted Kalie, the deal seemed a bit farfetched to him.
Gordy nodded. “I screwed up,” he confessed sadly. “I never thought she’d really try to do it.”
“Gordy, she did get me off on the bus once. Didn’t you remember me telling you that?”
“Yeah, but she said it was an accident and you weren’t happy about it.”
“Well, I wasn’t happy,” Aiden admitted. “I had cummy undies all morning until they dried. I told her I don’t mind us playing around, but not to get me off.”
“But you liked it in way too, right?”
Aiden blushed. “Well, getting off does feel good any time. Still, while a few gropes are okay on the bus, that just isn’t the right place to shoot your load.”
“I’m sorry, Aiden. I didn’t mean to make you mad at me.”
“I’m not mad. I just think I should be asked about stuff like this if I’m in somebody’s plans. You know that nobody in our group ever has to do anything having to do with sex that they don’t want to do.”
Aiden could see that his friend was battling tears and put his arms around him. “Hey, Gordy, I’m not mad at you. You’re my best friend in the world except for my boyfriend. You’ve never done anything to make me mad since we first met. I think what we have is what my pop calls a failure to communicate.”
“How about you, me, and Kalie get together as soon as we can and straighten things out. I mean, this whole thing scared me to death, Aiden. I was afraid she would get you off on the bus and then I’d have to do it to her. I said I would do it if she got you off when I was really horny and didn’t stop to think.”
“Well, you know what I’ve been taught by about half the world by now?”
“Yep.” Gordy held up his hands and curled them. “Paws first, even when your little head takes over your big head.”
“I love you, Gordy. You’re a super great friend.”
Gordy hugged his best friend, their bare chests pushing against each other. “I love you, too, Aiden”
Aiden pointed down to his almost four-inch spike. “I think my little head is talking really loud. I want to suck you.”
“Sixty-nine it is.”
While Gordy would accept blow jobs from his friends, it was with the understanding that the only boys he would suck were Aiden and Miles. Everyone respected Gordy’s position thanks to the group’s sexual mores. Gordy was more than willing to jerk someone off in return or even let them dry hump him (when his mood was right), which satisfied everyone in the group.
So, sixty-nine it was. Gordy had the first orgasm and Aiden followed close after him. The two friends grinned at each other, got up from Aiden’s bed to take care of pre-bed toilet needs, and slept naked and wrapped around each other.
Larry and Phil sometimes wondered if Gordy and Aiden might have become boyfriends if Gordy were gay. They also understood that such speculation was futile. What they did know was that the two boys had a beautiful friendship that would probably last them for life.



After Aiden and Gordy showered together, they dressed in t-shirts and underpants and went downstairs for breakfast. Aiden knew that Gordy was not comfortable being naked in front of Larry and Phil but was okay with being dressed in just underwear. Aiden respected Gordy’s position, even if he found it inconsistent since his friend had no problem being naked in the pool area the day before. But, as he was learning from his Fourth Dimension meetings, it was not up to him to pass judgement.
Aiden stripped naked in the kitchen, donned his blue apron and white chef’s hat, and cooked up a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. He assured Gordy he would put his underwear back on when they sat down to eat but insisted that, “the Naked Chef has to be naked to be awesome in the kitchen.” Gordy didn’t object, knowing that Aiden had to be Aiden in the same way Aiden knew that Gordy had to be Gordy.
The boys sat in the sports watching room after breakfast, watching whatever NFL game was on television. The Seahawks were playing the Monday night game that week, so it was potluck for football watching. The game they found was the Las Vegas Raiders at the Minnesota Vikings. The boys didn’t care much about who won this game but watched because it was football. Gordy was now fully dressed because his parents would be picking him up for church in an hour. Aiden was wearing sweatpants to make himself presentable in case they came into the house.
“We need to call Kalie,” Gordy said. “I want to get this whole sex thing taken care of.”
“Sounds like a plan to me,” Aiden responded.
“Why did I have to make this so complicated?”
“Hey, it wasn’t you. Kalie kind of pushed you into agreeing.”
“Yeah, but I didn’t have to listen to her.”
“Remember what you said last night about little head and big head. When I do stuff like this, my dads always say, ‘Learn from it, son.’”.
“I thought you didn’t do dumb things.”
“I don’t, but my dads think I do,” Aiden chuckled.
“Sometimes you can be as wacked as Mason.”
“Or even wackier. Anyway, let’s call her.” Aiden and Gordy discussed quickly want they wanted to tell her and hoped she would be willing to listen.
“You know how great Kalie is,” Gordy said. “But I think she behaved as dumb as me this time. I mean girls get horny, too, even if they don’t have little heads like we do, right?”
“You have more experience with girls than I do,” Aiden told him.
Gordy had his phone with him, so he called Kalie. He told her that he and Aiden wanted to talk to her about something in person. Gordy and Aiden agreed not to tell her exactly what it was about over the phone, to just tell her it was something personal between the three of them. They finally settled on meeting at Kalie’s house after lunch. Gordy and Aiden would ride their bikes over to the farm.
“I just hope those rain showers don’t come when we’re riding over there,” Gordy said.
“That’s what raingear is for,” Aiden responded. “I did get some new gear for my birthday and it would be nice to get a chance to use it.” He read the expression on Gordy’s face. “But, not today,” he grinned.
Gordy showed up at Aiden’s house at one-thirty. Since Gordy had called when he left his house, Aiden was waiting for him outside of the garage. The boys walked their bikes across the street to the bike and walking trail, mounted them and rode to Kalie’s farmhouse.
Kalie met them at the door, giving Aiden a kiss on his left cheek and Gordy a longer kiss on his lips. Aiden could see Gordy’s face light up when Kalie kissed him and wondered if his face did the same thing when Nolan kissed him. He was certain that it did.
Kalie’s mother greeted the boys and asked if they wanted a snack. “I just happen to have baked Gordy’s favorite cookie yesterday,” she said.
“That would be chocolate chip,” Gordy grinned.
“Hey, that’s my favorite too,” Aiden stated.
“And mine,” Kalie added.
“Looks like I made a good cookie decision then,” Kalie’s mom smiled.
“Oatmeal raisin would have worked too,” Aiden said.
“I will remember that next time.”
“We’re going to meet in the backhouse,” Kalie announced. “Can we take the cookies and some chocolate milk with us?”
“Be my guest. And promise to be good back there.”
All three uttered a promise and went out the back door of the main house. After entering the back house, they set their snacks and drinks on the coffee table and sat on the couch, with Kalie in the middle.
The three children munched on their cookies and drank their chocolate milk, talking about the upcoming Fair Day. Once they finished snacking, Kalie decided to get their chat on topic. She had no doubt what the boys wanted to talk about and had wanted to leave it up to them to introduce the topic. She could see that being boys, they needed a little nudge. She and her friends agreed that for whatever reason, boys had difficulty broaching difficult subjects. She got off the couch and sat on the easy chair across from it so she could look at both boys.
“So, what did you boys want to talk about?” she asked, even though she knew. She was not about to do all their work for them.
“We want to talk about the deal you and I made about Aiden and the bus,” Gordy stated nervously, hoping that what he said made sense and that Kalie would take it from there.
“You mean that if I get Aiden off on the bus then you have to fuck me? That deal?” Kalie asked as if it was nothing special.
“Yeah, that deal.”
“I didn’t like not being told about what was going on or not even being asked if I even wanted to do it. And, well, I don’t want to be part of it,” Aiden interjected. He could see that Gordy wasn’t ready to come right out and say it.
Since Kalie was certain what the discussion topic was going to be, she had already made up her mind how she would respond to their request. She would make what she was sure was the right decision. She looked at her two friends on the couch, one of them her boyfriend, and apologized with quiet sincerity. “I guess none of us was thinking too straight,” she concluded.
“Not that Aiden ever gets things straight,” Gordy snickered, “but, yeah, I know what you mean. Apology accepted.”
“When did you become goofy?” Aiden asked Gordy.
“It comes from hanging around with you and all our buddies. You gotta be goofy to survive.”
Aiden looked over at Kalie, who was already looking directly at him. “Kalie, I accept your apology, too. You’re a good friend and I’m glad we got everything figured out.”
“I already apologized to Aiden,” Gordy told Kalie, “but I’ll apologize again in front of you.” He scooted closer to Aiden and draped his arm around his friend’s shoulder. “I’m sorry I made the deal and sorry that I didn’t tell you about it right after it happened.”
Aiden stunned Gordy and Kalie by giving Gordy a long kiss on the lips, a kiss that Gordy didn’t resist. Aiden wanted to French kiss Gordy, but his big head said no, and he listened, breaking off the kiss.
“Whoa,” Gordy rasped as he fought to regain his breath. “That was a surprise.”
“I liked watching it,” Kalie grinned. “I think Aiden has to make up for kissing my boyfriend by kissing me.”
“It must get pretty hot when the two of you kiss each other,” Aiden told her.
“Yes, it does,” Kalie said. “Gordy’s become a real good kisser.”
Kalie started to unzip Gordy’s pants. That action was all it took to cause Gordy to cream his boxers. “Whoa, that was embarrassing,” Gordy croaked.  
“Well, I guess that will never happen on a bus,” Aiden giggled. “I mean we were just talking about doing things the right way and ending the deal between you and Gordy and you get Gordy off.”
“Well, I knew I couldn’t get you off,” Kalie said.
“I know you can, you did it once. I just don’t want you getting me off,” Aiden told her.
“Well, like you said, it won’t happen on a bus,” Kalie explained. “And next time the three of us get together back here, we have to think about getting naked and totally messing around.”
“I’ll leave that up to you and Gordy,” Aiden told them. “I’ll get naked, but no messing around. I mean we know Kalie wants to skinny dip in my pool with us, and you can’t skinny dip if you don’t get naked.”
“You got to quit being so gay and loosen up,” Gordy told his friend.
“But Gordy, I AM gay. I got nothing against doing it with a girl, I just don’t want to.” Marty waited until high school to do it, Aiden thought, and look where he is. But then, I’m not Marty. “Why don’t we not worry about it, and just remember that the deal between you and Kalie is finished. After that, what happens, happens.”
They all agreed to drop the subject. Gordy and Aiden put their jackets on and went to the main house with Kalie to say goodbye to her mom and ride their bikes home.
Aiden thought it had been a fun day but was happy things didn’t go farther than they had.
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