Mayfield Titans

Chapter 57-Contrasts

<Justin and Aiden>
Aiden sat in his viewing chair about ten minutes before the ETA the Donkey had texted after leaving Centralia. He looked out the window, eager to see his little bro arrive.
“Aiden hasn’t sat at the window waiting on a visitor in a long time,” Larry said to Phil. Phil had left work after lunch to be home for the arrival.
“I was wondering if he might have outgrown that ritual, but it appears he was waiting for the right person to watch for,” Phil grinned.
“The bond between Aiden and Justin has been a remarkable one. Aiden has really taken to the big brother role and Justin is just eating it all up.”
“Here they come!” Aiden called out. “Ryan must have pushed the speed limit on Highway 12 a wee bit.”
“Either that or the ETA was wrong,” Larry pointed out.
“I hope that was it. Highway 12 is diligently patrolled,” Phil said.
Aiden was out the door and down the steps to the driveway when Ryan stopped the car in the driveway’s parking spot. Aiden saw the back door open and Justin leap out of the car carrying Donkey, his stuffed donkey. The nine-year-old ran in Aiden’s direction screaming out, “Aiden! Aiden! We’re here!” Justin crashed into his big brother hard enough to knock him back a step and then gave Aiden a tight hug.
“Whoa, take it easy there, bro, or you’re going to knock this old man on his ass,” Aiden grunted.
“You aren’t old because you don’t shave yet,” Justin responded.
Larry and Phil traded hugs with Ryan and Mike as Aiden and Justin continued their long, heartfelt hug.
“Guess when baseball starts for me,” Justin challenged Aiden when they entered the house. They walked to the dining room table where Phil had laid out a snack of milk and banana bread.
“It starts Monday,” Aiden said.
“How did you know?”
“You asked me to guess and I just happened to guess it right.”
“I can’t wait for Monday and I brought my glove so you and me, I mean you and I, can play catch if you want to play.”
“I’d love to play bro. Let me take my last bite of bread and last swallow of milk and I’ll run upstairs and grab my glove.”
“Don’t forget we need a baseball too,” Justin reminded Aiden just in case the “old man” couldn’t figure it out.
“There’s baseballs in the basement,” Aiden yelled back as he dashed up the stairs.
“That was good banana bread, Uncle Phil. It was almost as good as my Papa Dawg’s bread.”
“Why thank you, Justin. With a compliment like that I may even cook enough dinner so you can eat, too,” Phil grinned.
Justin gave Phil a look that said, “What the fuck are you talking about?” as Ryan and Mike burst out into laughter.
“Come on, big bro, let’s go play catch,” Justin demanded.
“Sounds like a plan, little bro,” Aiden said. The boys grabbed their gloves and headed for the basement stairs.
The boys played catch on the expanse of lawn between the house and Mayfield Lake. Justin wanted to throw his hardest to start. Aiden reminded him of the importance of warming up properly. Once the boys were loose, Justin started to let go on some throws. Aiden was impressed with Justin’s throwing form and the extra zip he was able to get on the ball. (Damn, the kid just turned nine and throws harder than a couple of the sixth graders on the Titan JV, Aiden thought.)
The dads surreptitiously watched from the picture windows in the son-watching room.
“Justin has nice form,” Larry commented, echoing what Aiden had been thinking. “It looks like you guys have been working with him.”
“That and the coaches he had in coach pitch last year had half a clue,” Ryan said.
“Also, as much as Justin can bounce off the walls at times, he is capable of focusing on the things he needs to focus on. School work is one and baseball is another. He absolutely loves baseball and having heroes like Aiden and Marty doesn’t hurt him. The kid doesn’t love schoolwork, of course, but he understands its importance and pays attention in school and when doing schoolwork at home. He’s been a great baseball student when he and I have worked together in the back yard.”
“I’ll play catch and hit grounders and the like with Justin, but I let the Donkey do the work on fundamentals. He is a professional coach after all,” Ryan said.
“Is that a pitcher’s mound over there?” Justin pointed to a clear area directly behind the house.
“Yep. It’s where I practice pitching,” Aiden replied.
“Who do you throw to?”
“One of my dads, or maybe a friend, or to the pitching target my dad made for me. In fact, a few of my teammates were here a few days ago using it with me.”
“Can I throw to you?”
“Sure. Let me get my catcher’s mask so I can squat.”
“Why do you need a mask when you squat?”
“To keep my nose looking pretty. I’ll be right back.”
When Aiden returned, he asked Justin if he knew what his pitching distance was. Justin shook his head and said he didn’t.
“It’s probably 42 feet, but I’ll check with that big group of dads up there to be sure,” Aiden said. While the backyard setup had one mound, it had the standard pitching distances for various levels of baseball marked off along with a portable home plate that could be set on the ground on any one of the markers.
Aiden set the plate at 42 feet and then took the stairs from the patio to the deck two at a time. Larry saw him coming and unlocked the patio door.
“It looks like you guys are having fun,” Mike grinned.
“We are. Justin wants to pitch, and I wanted to know how far his pitching distance is. I guessed 42 feet.”
“Good job, Aiden. Forty-two feet it is.” Aiden waved and bounded back down the stairs.
“Let’s go down and take a look,” Ryan suggested.
“Give them a couple of minutes to get going,” Larry said. “I think Aiden is having a blast being Justin’s mentor and big brother.”
The dads chatted for a few minutes and then went down to the practice area. “We need something like this, Dawg,” Mike said.
“It would tear up part of the back lawn,” Ryan objected.
“Having kids throwing, playing tag, wrestling, kicking soccer balls, and just being there isn’t exactly keeping the yard up to yard-of-the-year standards.”
“Good point. I never realized how hard kids can be on the property.”
“Amen to that,” Larry grinned.
As they watched Justin pitch to Aiden, Larry and Phil were pleased that Aiden had been responsible enough to wear a catcher’s mask as he squatted down. They also noted that Justin had the same easy throwing motion and was consistently throwing strikes. They also knew it was common for young pitchers to throw strikes until a batter stepped up to the plate at which time home plate seemed to move around quite a bit.
Justin said he wanted to see his big bro pitch. Larry donned the catcher’s mask and caught Aiden at the 54-foot mark. While Aiden was able to consistently throw strikes with all his pitches, it was obvious it would take more physical growth by Aiden before the snap on his fastball would come around. It did have some movement to it, however, keeping it from being an easy to hit straight on pitch.
When Aiden finished, he put away the mask, his catcher’s mitt, and the portable plate. Now it was time to start thinking dinner. Chili and hot dogs were the entrée with Caesar salad. Phil had already gone back upstairs to check on his chili. Dessert would be peach cobbler.
After enjoying the evening talking, playing games, and watching the Mariners on TV with their dads, Aiden and Justin headed upstairs for bed.
“I’m guessing that Justin is not sleeping in the guest room,” Mike grinned.
“There is no doubt that you are right about that,” Phil chuckled. “And they’ll be sleeping naked.”
“What do you think they’re going to do?”
“Hug. Snuggle. I know they’ve kissed, and they might do it again. Maybe mutual masturbation, but I doubt there will be anything beyond that.”
“Mike, the boy is only nine,” Ryan protested.
“You and I were nine once, as I keep reminding you,” Mike said.
“Yeah, but we were trying to keep our parents from knowing we liked playing with each other. Our son is almost blatant about it. Remember, Aiden is twelve and much more experienced.”
“I can assure you of this much. I know that Aiden would never ask Justin to do something he doesn’t want to do,” Larry said. “In fact, I’ll take this a step further—Aiden isn’t going to ask Justin to do anything. So far Justin appears to have been the aggressive one of the two. Aiden takes his big brother role seriously up to a point, but that won’t stop him from doing what Phil thought they would do—it’s like masturbation isn’t sex.”
“I want to say something to Justin before they get into bed. Let’s go tuck the boys in,” Ryan said.
Mike looked at Larry and Phil and shrugged. The four men headed upstairs; Larry was in the lead and warned the boys they had visitors. Aiden came out of the bathroom wearing only a pair of dark blue briefs with white trim. He had a noticeable bulge in the front. Justin followed him out a few seconds later wearing red socks and a pair of red briefs. Justin had wanted to get naked right away, but Aiden was certain the dads would be coming upstairs and told Justin he needed to keep his briefs on until they got under the covers.
“We’re going to tuck you guys in, but Justin’s Donkey and Dawg dads want to talk to him first,” Larry said.
“I have a Daddy Donkey and a PAPA Dawg,” Justin informed him.
“Then go with your Daddy and Papa for a few minutes.”
Justin followed his dads into the guest room. “What was that about?” Aiden asked in a concerned voice.
“They just want to make sure you don’t corrupt their young son,” Larry replied.
“Then you should be concerned that their young son doesn’t corrupt ME. Dad, I’m trying to be a good big brother but he’s like a wild boy. I told him that I’ll kiss him and we can jerk off but after that, no is no. Which is what he needs to learn—ask once and after that, no is no.”
Larry ruffled Aiden’s hair. “You’re doing a good job, son. It’s obvious that Justin worships you. Mike and Ryan understand that, too. I think they want their son to know that they’re available to talk to. I know how they feel. You were his age not long ago and your dad and I were so afraid you were going to be pushed into things you didn’t really want to do.”
“I know, you told me that enough times. I guess what’s happening is that Justin’s dads are telling him the kinds of things you told me. And when I think about it, I was glad you talked to me about it because I liked that you were always going to be there for me. Even like you are now even though I’m…um…you know, twelve and a little…um…”
“More experienced?” Phil grinned.
“Yeah that,” Aiden blushed.
Before more could be said, Justin and his dads came out of the guest room. Aiden was pleased that nobody, especially Justin, looked upset.
Larry looked at Ryan, who nodded and pointed to Aiden’s bedroom. “Okay guys, we’ll give you your hugs and then you get your rear ends into bed,” Larry said.
Aiden received a tight hug from Mike and a warm hug and a kiss on his forehead from Ryan. He hugged both his dads and led Justin into his bedroom. Justin closed the door and immediately yanked off his underpants. “Uncle Larry didn’t say so, but I know he meant for us to get our naked rear ends into bed,” Justin giggled.
“I agree,” Aiden said. He pulled his briefs off and tossed them on top of Justin’s. Justin gave Donkey and Horace each a kiss and dropped on the bed; Aiden followed his lead, giving Justin a kiss on his right cheek before dropping on the bed next to his little bro.
“You can kiss me on my lips, you know,” Justin told Aiden.
Aiden pulled the covers over both of them and said, “I know.”
“How come you haven’t asked me what my dads told me?”
“I figured if you wanted me to know you would tell me.”
“All they told me was that they were cool if we slept in the same bed naked and they knew you kissed me and maybe did something else—master something—but I should not do anything I didn’t feel totally like doing. And they said if I got any bad feelings about being in bed with you, I should tell you to stop what you’re doing and leave your bed. You know what I told them?”
“No, I don’t, so tell me.”
“I said that you have to tell me no sometimes and if I said no and you did it anyway, I would kick you in the nuts.”
Aiden laughed, remembering how that was his guiding rule back when he lived in foster care if somebody tried to do something with his cock, like that asshole, Parker.
“What’s so funny?” Justin asked.
“That’s what I used to say when I was nine. And I did it, too.”
“Good because I know the guy you did it to deserved it. Now I want you to give me a real kiss and then show me your spermies.”
“I think that’s doable.” Aiden rolled on his left side and placed his lips on Justin’s. Justin returned the pressure and surprised Aiden by pushing his tongue against his big bro’s lips. Aiden waged a quick battle with the younger boy’s tongue before pulling away. “Are you horny or something?” Aiden asked.
“I like kissing and I’m sleepy, so I did it fast. I can’t wait until Marco and Joey get to be really good kissers. They like to kiss though, but they aren’t as good as my big bro, plus when we kiss, I get to learn how to kiss better by kissing you. Now I want to see you make your spermies come out before I fall asleep.”
Aiden hadn’t turned off the light and the boys’ young bodies almost glowed. Aiden started masturbating his four-inch pride and joy. Justin did the same with his hard two-and-a-half inch cocklet.  Justin shifted his position so he could get a better view of what Aiden was doing. He rested his head on Aiden’s smooth chest. Aiden’s cock was now pointing straight at his face.
Seeing Justin looking up at him masturbating turned Aiden on even more and his fist started picking up the pace of its masturbation rhythm. Justin scooted down a couple of inches so that his mouth was almost touching Aiden’s glans.
“Can I finish your jerking off?” Justin asked, the tone of his voice more one of innocence that lust.
“Yeah,” Aiden whispered, even though he knew he should have said no. If Justin had asked to suck him, Aiden had no doubt what his answer would have been to that.
Justin replaced his big bro’s hand and continued the masturbation process. Aiden wrapped his hand around Justin’s little cock and gave it quick little strokes.
Aiden could feel Justin’s breath on his cock as he approached orgasm.
“Can I suck it?” Justin asked.
“No and move your head out of the way.”
Justin did as asked without breaking stride. His eyes lit up when he heard his bro grunt and moan. He felt him raise his hips and then watched him emit four blasts of watery tween cum.
“I did it,” Justin grinned with pride. “I made it happen.” Aiden had stopped masturbating his little bro during his orgasm. As good as that had felt, Justin had done what he wanted which was to make Aiden shoot his spermies.
“Good job, Justin,” Aiden said as he recovered.
“I wanted to put it in my mouth, but you said no and I know the rule. No is no. But why did you make me move my head away?”
“So you wouldn’t get my cum on your face.” Aiden remembered what had happened when he was nine and Sammy had shot cum on his face. Even though the circumstances were different because Justin would know what was happening, Aiden didn’t want him receiving a surprise that might end up spoiling what they had done. As it was, Justin seemed perfectly happy and as a result Aiden suffered minimal guilt feelings.
“You never got your tingles, did you?” Aiden asked as he wiped his cum off his belly with a tissue he’d taken from his nightstand.
“No. I will get them tomorrow with Skip,” Justin answered confidently.
Aiden turned off the light and rolled on his side. Justin snuggled with his big bro and they each quickly fell into a blissful sleep.
<Grant and Lance>
Ever since Jaden had left for home, Grant had been feeling increasingly depressed. His cousin’s absence was part of his problem, but he could always cheer himself up a little remembering that he would be seeing him in July, providing he made the roster of the Yard Goats. What was eating him up, although he had been reluctant to admit it at first, was the way he treated Alex on the day his friend had moved.  Even through the abuse he had taken from Alex the last few months, Grant continued to think of Alex as his friend.
Every time Grant replayed the last time he saw Alex, he thought of all the things he could have done to show Alex he was his friend right down to the last time they would see each other. He should have stayed and listened to Alex’s abuse instead of turning and walking away. He knew he had said all the right things, but what he didn’t do was walk up to Alex and tell him he would always be his friend and ask for a good-bye hug. Even if Alex had said no, which is probably what would have happened, Grant felt he would have done everything he could have done.
He had hoped he would be spending the night with Lance, but he was out of town with his family and they wouldn’t be back until late. He knew that Aiden had special company that night, so he couldn’t spend the night at his house. The only other person his mother said he could sleepover with was Gordy, and he was doing something with Miles, Brittany, and Kalie.
Grant wasn’t in the mood for television, video games, reading, talking, or anything except lying in bed sulking. He thought about the times he and Alex got wasted even though they were only in fifth grade. He thought about how good drinking the alcohol had felt until he ended up drinking too much.
All he had to do was just drink enough to feel a buzz and no more. He knew that everybody in the meetings said that wasn’t possible if you were an alcoholic—if you started drinking you just wanted to drink more. But what if I’m not an alcoholic? he thought. Taylor thinks I am, but what if he is wrong? Besides, if I do it once and don’t get drunk, what difference does it make?
He knew where he could go to get booze. Duncan and Vance, the two high school kids who lived up the street had been supplying Alex. Grant figured that if he gave them enough money, they would be willing to help him out, too. He intended to see them as soon as he could in the morning.
Grant’s mother checked on him a couple of times, asking him if he felt okay. Grant assured her that he did. He told her that he hadn’t slept great the night before and was tired. He suspected she didn’t believe him and was relieved that she didn’t challenge him.
The next morning, Grant didn’t have much of an appetite, but he ate all his eggs and toast to keep his mother from hovering over him asking him if he felt okay. After he helped clear the table, he told his parents he was going out for a bike ride. He went to his room and took forty dollars from the box in his closet where he hid the cash left over from what he received for his allowance and doing extra chores. He got his bicycle out of the garage and headed in the opposite direction from where Duncan and Vance lived. He rode around the block and stopped short of his street. He dismounted and walked his bike to the house of the teens.
Vance, who was sixteen, answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. Duncan, his fourteen-year-old brother, came up to the door wearing a tight pair of bikini briefs.
“Hey little dude, what are you doing awake before noon?” Vance asked.
“My mom doesn’t let me sleep in very late,” Grant explained.
“Good enough reason, I guess. Since our ‘rents work most Saturdays me and Dunc sleep in as late as can, and since we’re usually hung over it’s good that we can.”
“I thought your mom or dad was gonna answer the door and I was going see if they could tell you that I needed to talk to you.”
“Is it about our old friend Alex?”
Grant peeked around Vance and saw that Duncan now had a hardon. The head of his cock was poking out of the waistband, which didn’t seem to bother Duncan.
“Not really, I just wanted to know if you could…um…”
“Hey, come in little dude before old Mrs. Rice gets a glimpse of Dunc’s awesome cock and faints.”
“I bet Grant is ready to faint, too,” Duncan said as he pulled off the briefs. Grant felt his own cock starting to grow.
“What I want is to buy some alcohol and I brought money to do it.”
“We don’t sell booze to little kids anymore,” Vance said.
“Oh. I thought you sold it to Alex.”
“We did, but not for money. We had a deal going. If he let me or Dunc fuck his ass we’d give him booze. If we did it back-to-back then we’d give him weed or whatever he needed to get totally wasted. We should have laid off the coke, though, that shit was hard on his ass.”
“I don’t want to do that. All I want is enough to get a little buzz and help me feel good. Please, just this once.”
Vance looked at his brother who was slowly stroking his leaking teen cock. “What do you think bro, make a one-time exception and sell him some Mad Dog?”
“Do we still have some?” Duncan asked.
“We do unless you drank it all down last night,” Vance replied.
“I don’t remember drinking it.”
“I’ll go take a look.” Vance left for their bedroom.
“How about you give us twenty bucks and at least give me a blow job,” Duncan suggested. He held his throbbing boner out in front of him. “I bet you’d love sucking my big cock and maybe next time taking it up your ass.”
Vance returned from the bedroom carrying a bottle of Mad Dog that was sticking out of a small plastic bag. “Jeez, Dunc, put that thing away. If the little dude wanted to see a big cock, he’d’ve asked to see mine.”
“I’m naked. I can’t put it away,” Duncan said. “And you sure don’t mind taking my cock up your ass.” He turned to Grant. “And your buddy Alex didn’t mind it either.”
“Yeah, because it was so small.” Vance yanked down his boxer briefs showing off his six-and-a-half-inch teen rod. “Look at the little dude drool,” he sneered. “Okay, here’s the deal. It’s good for your first-time purchase only. You can have the bottle, which is still sealed by the way, for ten bucks if you yank down your pants and show us your cock and ass, or for five bucks if one of us can fuck you first. Everything after today is free but you take us both up the ass before you get it.”
Feeling totally humiliated, Grant unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. What had started out as a bad idea was looking even worse, but he knew he wanted to get that good buzz. And since he wouldn’t have to drink very much to get that buzz there would be plenty more buzzes left in that bottle. He pulled down his jeans and white briefs, revealing his flaccid pubescent cock which was resting on his smooth, tight balls.
“Nice, but we need to get you boned up,” Vance said. “How can you see our awesome cocks and not be hard? Now, turn around and show us your pretty little ass and bend over when you do.”
Grant did as requested, bending over and showing his pink pucker.
“Shit, bro, that ass looks totally fuckable to me,” Duncan smirked.
Grant pulled up his pants and zipped and buttoned. He pulled a twenty-dollar bill out of his left pocket and handed it to Vance, whose big cock was now dripping precum. Vance handed him the bottle. “Don’t drink it all at once, dude, or you’ll be joining your buddy in rehab.”
“I’m just going to take a few sips,” Grant said as he headed for the door.
“Yeah, right, that’s why you wanted that bottle so bad—for a few sips. You don’t believe that any more than we do.” He looked at Duncan and said, “Come on bro, I need to fuck your ass BAD.”
Grant left the house fighting off tears of humiliation. He thought about what Vance had just said. If he just wanted some sips, then why did he pull down his pants and show off his ass? He got on his bike with the goal of riding to the East Lake park and sneaking a couple of sips in the woods. Instead, he found himself riding to Lance’s house.
Grant parked his bike in the backyard of the duplex as he usually did. He rapped on the back door and was pleased when Lance opened the door. Lance was wearing a white Mustang t-shirt and a pair of blue sweats with a white stripe down each leg. “Hey, Grant, this is a great surprise,” Lance grinned as he ushered his best friend into the kitchen. “What have you got in the bag?” Lance asked.
“Nothin,” Grant replied. He had debated bringing the bag into the house or leaving it outside with his bike. Since Lance wasn’t a pushy person, Grant figured he wasn’t going to have to show Lance what he was carrying. Even if Lance found out, he probably wouldn’t raise a fuss about it. Deep down, Grant was hoping someone would stop him.
“Whatever. I’m the only one home so we can strip down if you want,” Lance said.
“Where is everybody?”
“Lenny is at Riley’s house trying to convince Riley’s mom that he isn’t like the kids in Riley’s old school and was not being an asswaffle—only I’m sure he isn’t using the word asswaffle.”
“You and Lenny are the best friends anybody can have.”
“I sure would like to know what happened at Riley’s old school. The Brat and my mom are at one of her friend’s house. It’s her eleventh birthday today and her friend has more room for all her friends to come.  Only a couple of boys will be there, and Emmet will be one of them. He says the only reason he’s going is for the cake and ice cream. The Brat bragged this morning that she was going to get Emmet to French her. Lenny told her it would only happen in her dreams. Let’s go up to my bedroom and get undressed.”
“Sure, why not?” Grant said unenthusiastically.
Both boys sat on Lance’s bed which, unlike Lenny’s, was made. Lance knew what Grant was thinking. “Me and Lenny slept together last night and then we slept in some. He forgot to make his bed before leaving for Riley’s house. Oh, and it was his bed, so he was the top.”
Lance was naked, except for his socks, by the time he finished talking. Grant hadn’t budged.
“Aren’t you gonna get undressed?” Lance asked.
“I dunno. Maybe,” Grant muttered.
“Dude, are you okay? You’re acting like something is really bugging you.”
“Yeah, I’m fine but can I ask you something?” Lance nodded. “Do you think I’m a good friend?”
“I think you’re a great friend. You’re my best friend. And I like the days when we think we’re boyfriends best.” Neither Lance nor Grant could always agree on their boyfriend status. It was like they were boyfriends when they were in bed together or doing things with their best friends but held the status of best friends in school and during baseball games and practices.
“Then how come we’re not boyfriends every day? And how come Alex ended up hating me and I didn’t try to hug him goodbye and tell him he was my friend?”
“Grant, you’re one of the nicest guys in the seventh grade. I’m so happy you’re my best friend or my boyfriend or both. I saw what you did when we visited Alex at the hospital and how he treated you. None of that is your fault.”
“Then why does it happen?”
“Dude, take your clothes off and cuddle up with me and we’ll kiss and make out until you’re ready to fuck me. You’ll feel a lot better when we do that.”
“I wanna get drunk!” Grant cried.
The silence in the bedroom was uncomfortable for both boys but neither one wanted to be the person to break it. Lance finally reacted to the tears flowing down Grant’s cheeks. “Tell me you weren’t serious about that.”
“I’m serious. Look and see what’s in my bag.”
Lance opened the bag and saw the bottle of cheap wine. He lifted the bag and its contents from the bed and held it. “You weren’t going to drink that here were you?”
“I was going to drink a sip but now I just want to drink it all and forget about how bad I treated Alex when he moved.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I never hugged him and told him I was sorry for bugging him all the time and that I was his friend. He called me names and I walked away. Can I have my bag please. I promise I’ll leave and take it with me.”
“Do you really want to drink this?”
Lance’s question was followed by another long silence.
“No,” Grant whispered. He placed his head down on Lance’s pillow and commenced sobbing.
Lance wanted to lie next Grant and cuddle him, but he knew Lance needed help from somebody who knew more about drinking alcohol than he did, and he needed that help right away. Lance took his phone out of his pants pocket and called Aiden.
<Aiden, Nolan, and Justin>
Justin enjoyed being Aiden’s assistant naked chef again. He used the skills Aiden and his Papa Dawg had taught him to grill French toast as Aiden fried up eggs and bacon. All four fathers enjoyed eyeing the youthful rear ends poking through the back of the boys’ aprons as well as marveling at how smoothly the two “bros” worked together.
“What do you think our sons did last night other than sleep in each other’s arms?” Phil asked the other three fathers in general.
“I think they may have kissed and felt each other up,” Mike answered. “Justin might have watched Aiden masturbate in order to observe the emission of young boy cum. I doubt they touched each other beyond some youthful groping.”
“I tend to agree except I think it’s very possible that Justin may have masturbated Aiden,” Larry chimed in.
“Perhaps we should ask them when we all sit down for breakfast.”
“Go right ahead,” Ryan said. “Then the four of us can watch two boys die of terminal embarrassment.”
“I will say this much—whatever they did together, it doesn’t appear to be bothering either boy.” Mike responded. “They’re working in that kitchen like a well-oiled machine. That wouldn’t happen if one boy was upset with the other.”
No embarrassing questions were asked as everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast. The fact that the boys enjoyed eating naked answered most of the fathers’ questions. The discussion around the table covered school starting on Monday, Justin’s baseball turnouts starting on Monday, and the good start to the season by Marty and the by the Mariners. They also talked about the Mayfield High School Mustangs going against the undefeated Meadow Park Coyotes on Wednesday.
“And Nolan will be spending the night with you? As in sleeping in the same bed with you?” Mike chuckled.
“That’s right,” Aiden grinned. “And if I happen to break all the fingers in his right hand overnight, hey, I was sound asleep and couldn’t help it. Right, Justin?”
“Absolutely right,” Justin nodded. “Go Mustangs!” He and Aiden traded high fives and went back to filling their tummies.
“I hope I make the baseball team,” Justin suddenly said between bites.
Aiden patted his little bro on the head. “Dude, the only way you wouldn’t make that team is if your coach flunked coaching school.”
“And I know for a fact that he did not flunk coaching school,” Ryan said. “I’ve done my research and Coach Wood is a highly regarded youth baseball coach.”
“Yep, the Dawg speaks the truth,” Mike said. “He not only will make the team, but he will learn a boatload of baseball.”
“How can you have a boatload of baseball?” Justin asked.
“Easy, just open up the hold of a big cargo ship and start dropping bucketloads of baseballs in it.”
“That sounds dumb, Daddy.”
“You won’t think so when you’re on the ship and can’t get to sleep because of all the baseballs rolling around in the hold.”
Justin looked at his Donkey Daddy and then said, ”Are we going to throw ONE baseball around again today, bro?”
“I think that sounds like a great idea. And we’re lucking out because it’s supposed to start raining tonight. I think it should miss us.”
After breakfast and breakfast cleanup, the boys brushed their teeth. Justin combed his hair, but Aiden let his floppy mess stay as it was. It’s just going to get messed up again soon anyway, he thought, so why bother combing it? Aiden and Justin had enjoyed a chaste shower together before going downstairs to fix breakfast.
Since they weren’t going to go outside to throw until Nolan and Skip arrived, the boys elected to stay naked. They went to the basement and played ping pong against each other, threw darts, played foosball, and happily showed Mike and Ryan who ruled in ping pong.
“You guys really need a pool table,” Mike said. “You certainly have room for one down here.”
“Are you a good pool player?” Aiden asked.
“No, I totally suck at it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a pool table. Bad Donkey pool players have nothing to do with houses lacking pool players, although some people may think there are no pool tables because the owners are afraid of watching donkeys tear apart the felt on the table with their pool cues.”
“Right,” Aiden agreed, although he was still trying to figure out what Mike had just said.

Paul Moyer dropped Nolan off a half hour before lunch was scheduled and Mrs. Emerson showed up ten minutes later with her grandson, Skip. Both boys showed up with their gloves as requested.
Phil had put together some of his great sandwiches along with potato chips for lunch. Of course, the food was accompanied by his famous freshly squeezed lemonade.
<Aiden and Grant>
After lunch they settled their tummies by watching the Dodgers and Rockies on television. The Mariners had a night game scheduled. They were about to head outside when Aiden’s phone sounded the twins’ ring tone. Aiden thought about letting the call ring through and calling back later, but he decided a thirty-second phone call never hurt anyone.
What he heard from Lance told him that this was not going to be a thirty-second venture. Someone was in serious trouble regarding alcohol. As he had learned in his Fourth Dimension meetings, a person should not turn down a service request, especially one involving the twelfth step, which was helping a fellow alcoholic in need. “I’ll be there as quick as I can,” Aiden told Lance.
“What’s up?” Nolan asked.
“Follow me,” Aiden told Nolan in a tone of voice that said something serious was up. Aiden signaled Phil, who had been watching the game with the boys, to follow him out of the room.
“That phone call sounded pretty serious,” Phil said as they went into the living room.
“Where’s Pop?” Aiden asked.
“He’s upstairs in his office. Believe it or not school is back in session the day after tomorrow. I’ll call him down.” Phil walked over to the room’s intercom, buzzed Larry, and asked him to come down as soon as his husband answered.
After Larry arrived, Aiden told his dads and Nolan the gist of Lance’s phone call. “Lance was crying and is really afraid Grant is going to do something stupid. I hate to leave Justin, but I really have to go.”
“I agree,” Larry said. “Phil and I will take care of backyard baseball, but first I’ll drive you to wherever Grant is.”
“He’s at the twins’ house.”
“Before we go, I suggest you call up Sammy. He’s your sponsor and has a bit more experience to fall back on. I’ll be happy to help, too.”
“Lance was really rambling on, but it sounded like he said Grant doesn’t want to talk to any adults.”
“I understand. Go ahead and start it up like that, but if you feel like you and Sammy are in over your heads, give me or your dad a call and one of us will be there.”
“What about Sammy’s dad?” Aiden asked.
“Even better, since he’s not in a potential position of authority over Grant,” Phil said.
“I’m sorry Sugar Bear, but I have to do this,” Aiden told Nolan.
“Totally understood,” Nolan said.
Aiden quickly apologized to Justin and Skip, saying he would explain why he was leaving after he returned. As he and Larry headed downstairs to the garage, Aiden called Sammy, who was home. Sammy told Aiden he would ride his bike to the twins’ house and meet him there. He lived less than a five-minute ride from the twins.
When Larry dropped Aiden off, they saw Sammy’s bike but not Sammy. “He must be in the house,” Aiden speculated.
Lance answered the door and told Aiden that Sammy was upstairs with Grant. When he entered Lance’s room, Aiden saw Sammy sitting on Lance’s bed hugging Grant and stroking his back. Grant was no longer sobbing but was obviously fighting to maintain control.
“Aiden I’m sorry I messed up your day,” Grant hiccupped. “And I’ve ruined Lance’s day and Sammy’s day, and I’m so sorry.”
Aiden sat on the bed so that Grant was between him and Sammy. “Grant, helping a good friend will never ruin my day.”
“But I want to drink what’s in that bottle.”
“Well, in that case I can’t help you.”
Sammy looked over at Aiden and gave him thumbs up with his free hand. He knew exactly where Aiden was going.
“I thought that you were going to tell me not to drink the booze in there. Sammy said he couldn’t help me either, but he helped me by hugging me.”
“Nope. If you want to drink, you don’t need my help or Sammy’s help,” Aiden said, quoting a line he had heard not long ago.
Grant’s third long moment of silence was broken only by his labored breathing. He finally broke the silence grasping at his last straw. “What I meant to say is I don’t want to drink what’s in the bottle.”
“We can help you with that,” Aiden assured Grant.
From that point Aiden and Sammy spent almost twenty minutes discussing the tools Grant needed to use then and the tools he could have used earlier and should use if the same problem came up again.
“Are you responsible for changing Alex’s actions?” Aiden asked him.
“No, only my own.”
“And you and I spent time in school trying to be his friend. He didn’t want it then.”
“Or want it when we went to the hospital,” Lance chimed in.
“Or any other time. So, what makes you think you were responsible on the day he moved?” Sammy asked.
After a  pause, Grant said, “I wasn’t then, and I never have been, and I wasn’t thinking and I was being stupid.” He pointed to the bottle that was now on Lance and Lenny’s desk. “I don’t want that anymore. You can go ahead and pour it out.”
Neither Aiden nor Sammy moved so Lance stood up and reached for the bottle. Sammy shook his head and held out an arm to stop him.
“Why not?” Lance asked.
Grant looked to Aiden and Sammy and knew the answer. “Because I gotta pour it out myself and pour it right into the toilet.” Grant rose from the bed, picked up the bottle, headed into the hall, and then into the bathroom. Aiden and Sammy followed him and watched as he unscrewed the bottle cap and sent the cheap wine glugging into the toilet.
“Right where it belongs and I’m the one who had to put it there, right?” Grant said. Aiden gave Grant a long hug and told him he did exactly the right thing.
“I should have called you, or Sammy, or even Taylor, or somebody before I even went to see Vance and Duncan. That was a stupid place for me to go—those guys are whack.”
“That was one of the tools we discussed. Using the phone. Still, you ended up going to see Lance instead of riding to the park and that was smart.”
“I was mad at Lance for calling you, then I realized he did the right thing. I just needed to not move until you got here, but Sammy surprised us and showed up first.”
“You need to talk to an adult,” Sammy said.
“I could call Taylor, my alcohol counselor, but not now. I don’t know who to talk to now. Maybe Aiden’s dads?”
“Or maybe my dad,” Sammy offered. “My dad has helped kids with alcohol problems, including me even though I hated him for it back then. He’s been sober for a long time and will listen to you and help you more than Aiden and me.”
“You helped a lot. How do I go see him?”
“I rode my bike here and we can just walk back to my house.”
“My bike is in the backyard. Let’s ride together,” Grant said.
Grant and Sammy got ready to leave, with Grant giving Aiden and Lance both hugs and thanking them and saying he’s grateful he never touched what was in the bottle. “Like you guys keep saying, it wouldn’t have been just a few sips.”
Sammy texted his dad to let him know he and Grant were on their way. After that Aiden called his Pop to pick him up. He gave Lance a hug and a kiss and thanked him for helping his best friend.
“He’s my boyfriend,” Lance said firmly. “We gotta quit going back and forth from being best friends sometimes and boyfriends sometimes and become boyfriends all the time.”
“I guess that’s something for you guys to work on.”
“Yep, and thanks big time for coming. I know you had company and, well, I always thought you were an awesome friend, but what I saw today was, wow, you didn’t even blink and you were just here.”
“What happened here is between just us, okay?” Aiden said. “Well, between us and Lenny and Nolan. I know you and Lenny don’t have secrets between you, and Nolan and I don’t either.”
They walked downstairs just as Larry pulled up in front of the house. Lance and Aiden exchanged another hug and Aiden went out the door to meet his Pop. He felt really good and really confused at the same time. He knew he had a lot he needed to share with his dads and with Marty, and probably with Sammy’s father. He was shown a basic truth he often forgot—that sometimes you just had to turn to trusted adults for help.
<Justin and Skip>
At first, Justin felt hurt that Aiden had to leave him to see one of his friends. But when his Uncle Phil explained that Aiden’s friend needed help with a serious problem and trusted Aiden to assist him, Justin felt better. And when Larry returned after dropping off Aiden and told him the same things, Justin started feeling proud that his big brother was somebody who had friends who trusted him when they were in trouble.
It didn’t take long for Justin’s mind to focus on playing catch with Nolan, Skip, and his Donkey Dad. Ryan, Larry and Phil were sitting on the patio watching the boys and discussing whatever it was adults discussed. Justin already knew he liked Nolan a lot and hoped that when he grew up to be like Aiden, he would have a real boyfriend like Nolan. He thought it would probably be Marco or Joey and was thinking it would probably be Marco since Joey liked talking about girls too much.
The other plus for Justin was that he and Skip bonded instantly. The two preteens discovered they liked each other a lot. Like Justin, Skip was an athletic boy who was a skillful baseball player. Skip was also an open, friendly boy. He had no problem trading high and low fives, quick hugs, and pats on the back. Justin hoped that Skip was really going to show him all about blow jobs. Looking at Skip’s bright smile and handsome visage, he tried to imagine him with somebody’s dick in his mouth. He couldn’t conjure up the image, so he let it go and enjoyed Skip’s company.
When Aiden returned, Justin and Skip ran up to Aiden and gave him simultaneous hugs. It was then that Justin noted that Skip was almost as tall as Aiden.
“Did you help your friend?” Justin asked.
“I hope so. I think he’s better now,” Aiden replied.
“He’s lucky to have my big bro be his friend, because he got the best friend he could have.”
“Thank you for saying that Justin. Now, how about I get my catcher’s mask and mitt and you and Skip can throw some pitches.”
“Skip never told me he was a pitcher.”
“Well, he is, and he’s a pretty good one.”
The young boys took turns throwing ten pitches apiece. Justin threw to Aiden and Skip threw to Nolan. Justin could see the difference a year’s experience made when he watched Skip throw. He vowed that he was going to be as good as Skip really soon and then work to be as good as Aiden and Nolan. He still couldn’t get over the fact that Nolan might be pitching against Aiden’s team on Wednesday. He hoped that Nolan pitched good and that Aiden’s team would still beat him.
The adults went indoors about a half-hour before the boys decided to end their baseball session and play games in the basement. Justin and Aiden challenged Nolan and Skip to a ping pong match.
“Naked ping pong?” Skip asked. Aiden and Nolan thought it sounded great. Justin’s feelings became apparent when he became the first of the four boys to shed all his clothes except socks with Skip close behind him. Justin and Skip spent a few seconds admiring each other’s naked bodies before taking their places at the ping pong table. Aiden and Nolan saw the two eyeing each other and gave a thumbs up. The boys ended up splitting four games when the call to help set the table for dinner came from above.
Dinner wear for the boys was birthday suits. The four dads admired the youthful beauty, ranging from Nolan and the thick pubic hair at the base of his swinging cock, to Justin and his immature cocklet, which wasn’t long enough to move let alone swing, and his tight little boy testicles. Aiden and Skip were somewhere in between; Aiden’s groin area was ready to burst into puberty while Skip’s was showing his entry into tweenhood.
The boys crowded on the couch in the Mariner baseball room. Aiden and Nolan held hands, their bodies often touching. Skip and Justin kept their bodies touching at the hips, their legs, and/or their torso, in varying degrees. They skipped the hand holding, however. Both boys felt that it was proper for boyfriends, but not for new friends like they were.
During the sixth inning, Skip and Justin had to decide between watching the game or admiring Nolan’s five plus inch erection.
“How come Nolan has a boner?” Justin asked.
“Because he’s holding hands with his boyfriend,” Skip replied, happy to display his expertise.
Nolan went to the kitchen and grabbed a dish towel to drape over his unwanted erection. His problem wasn’t being hard in front of Aiden, the two younger boys, or even Aiden’s dads. The problem was Mike and Ryan, whom Nolan didn’t know well enough to feel comfortable sporting wood. Phil went to the kitchen and made popcorn, figuring that Nolan would lose his hardon when he had food to concentrate on. His plan worked to perfection.
The Mariners defeated the Astros 7-5 at home. Marty had a single in four at bats and scored a run. With the game over, the boys announced they were going to get ready for bed. They each hugged all four dads and then made their way upstairs.
It was now the boys’ turn to hug each other before they retired to their bedrooms. “I liked your boner, Nolan,” Justin said as he and Aiden’s boyfriend traded a hug. “It was gigantic.”
“Thanks, Justin. It looks like it’s coming back.”
“Cool, that means Aiden can suck it for you.”
“You sure are a horny little dude.”
“That’s because I like being a horny little dude,” Justin giggled.
When Aiden and Skip broke their hug, both had erections. Skip gave Aiden a long kiss. Justin did the same when his turn to hug his big bro came, and they also traded a little bit of tongue.
Aiden and Nolan went into Aiden’s bedroom while Justin and Skip went into the guest room. Justin and Skip grabbed their toothbrushes, went back into the hall, and then into the bathroom to brush their teeth and empty their bladders.
After returning to the guest room they crawled into the big king bed. “Do you want to kiss me?” Skip asked Justin.
“I like kissing,” Justin responded, which answered the question. The nine- and ten-year olds were already experienced kissers so they didn’t need to figure out what to do—they just did it.
“Aiden said you wanted to learn about blow jobs,” Skip said when they finally came up for air.
“Yeah. I want to show my friends Marco and Joey how to do it because it’s supposed to feel really good. It looks like it’s easy, you just stick somebody’s dickie in your mouth and suck on it, right?”
“How come you didn’t have Aiden show you?”
“He said he’s too old to show me.”
“That sounds totally weird,” Skip said. “Aiden usually does anything with me and I’m just a year older than you. But then, I want him to fuck me and he said he won’t do it until I’m eleven. So, I guess it’s just plain weird instead of totally weird.”
“Fucking you means doing it up your butt, right?”
“Right. And I want Aiden to be my first. But he says not until I’m eleven.”
“When’s your birthday?”
“May fifth, so it’s pretty soon.”
Justin was getting impatient. The idea of somebody having sex with their butt didn’t interest him. In his mind it was totally stupid. His curiosity was oral, not anal. And even the oral part made him wonder. His biggest question was why somebody would want to put a penis in his mouth and suck on it when he could just stick his thumb in his mouth and suck on that. He decided that doing it with another person was the big attraction, like helping Aiden shoot his spermies or French kissing him. That was why he wanted to learn about blow jobs so he could have one more way to touch his best friend.
“Show me what to do,” Justin implored.
“Sorry, Justin. I was thinking of how to teach doing it. I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean not exactly. When I showed my best friend Gage, we just kinda did it and figured stuff out. But, here’s how I do it, and Aiden says I do it good and he’s an expert.”
Skip scooted down and took hold of Justin’s hard cocklet. “I like to lick it first, kinda like an ice cream cone.” He demonstrated by licking Justin’s glans and then down to his hairless pubis and back up. “Then I put it in my mouth, making sure my teeth are covered so it feels all nice and warm and soft.” Once again, he demonstrated what he meant. Justin moaned as he experienced some otherworldly sensations. No wonder guys like this, he thought. Skip then sucked on Justin’s glans and the younger boy’s body shook.
He pulled away and instructed Justin to give it a try. Justin followed Skip’s lead. Right away he could tell this was different than sucking his thumb. The sensation was different, but the taste was close to the same. He had been afraid to ask what a penis tasted like in case somebody said it tasted yucky. He wanted to find out for himself. It definitely didn’t taste like what he imagined piss to taste like.
Now was the big moment, however. Justin covered his teeth like Skip had shown him and took in his new friend’s glans. Then he edged his lips down Skip’s penis until his nose touched Skip’s hairless pubis and then sucked up. He had no doubt that this was sex.
“You’re doing that really good,” Skip moaned. “Keep going up and down like you just did.” Justin did as Skip asked and within a couple of minutes Skip shook with a surprise orgasm. Usually, it took him longer to cum, but the onset of puberty was starting to change things for the soon to be eleven-year-old.
“Whoa, that rocked,” Skip grinned.
“You mean I did good?”
“You did awesomely good. Now, let me do you.”
“Really? You want to do me? Aiden didn’t do me last night because we were both so tired and I thought…”
“Yes, I’ll do you.” Skip had already learned that the best way to stop Justin from rambling was to talk over him.
As Skip took Justin into his mouth, Justin thought about what he had just learned—sucking on a dick was way different than just sucking on a thumb by yourself because it made your friend feel good. And then he learned how a good friend could make him feel by sucking on his dick. It didn’t take him long to enjoy his first orgasm inside a friend’s mouth.
Justin told Skip he was an awesome teacher, and Skip told Justin he learned fast. The boys got out of bed, went into the bathroom, and peed standing side by side at the toilet. On the way back to the guest room the young boys heard voices coming from Aiden’s room. They stopped outside the room and listen to Aiden’s voice saying, “Yeah, fuck me harder cuz I’m ready to blow.”
The two preteens looked at each other and broke out into giggles. They went back into the guest room and snuggled on the big bed. Skip fell to sleep right away, but Justin did some thinking first.
One thing Justin realized was that he liked being stroked and touched and kissed better than sucking. That was what his friends Marco and Joey did and what he did to them. He liked Skip a lot and hoped he would see Skip again on his next visit to Mayfield. If he did see Skip, Justin wanted them to mess around together the way he did it with his friends at home. As for doing it with Aiden, Justin didn’t see any reason to. For sure he didn’t want Aiden’s spermies shooting in his mouth. To Justin being stroked, petted, and kissed by Aiden was more important than sex stuff like sucking or what Aiden was doing with Nolan.
What interested Justin the most was having somebody’s naked body cuddling his naked body. That felt much better than having somebody’s penis in his mouth, which just felt like something in his mouth. He was certain that he was not going to show Marco or Joey what Skip taught him. He was going to do what he had been doing—making his best friends feel good at the same time they made him feel good.
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