Mayfield Magic

Chapter 33-Home Turf

Greetings readers, and welcome back. The Goats are home from their California adventure and are a very tired team. But are they too tired to have a little bit of fun hitting the sack and falling asleep?
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The quiet of the Goats’ bus was broken about the time the bus reached Centralia. It was then that Mason freed Nolan and Aiden from their vow of silence when he told them it was okay to tell the team about his trip back to East Harbor.
Mason was the first to say anything when he told Gordy, who was sitting next to him, what he was going to do and why he was going to do it.
The news broke Gordy out of his quiet introspection. “Mason, that totally rocks!” Gordy said with uncharacteristic enthusiasm.
“What rocks?” Trent, who was sitting behind them, asked.
“Can I tell him?” Gordy asked.
“You can tell anybody you want,” Mason replied. “I didn’t say anything earlier because I didn’t want to be in the center of attention the whole trip home.” What Mason didn’t say was that he hoped he would be in the center during the forty-minute trip from Centralia to Mayfield. He wasn’t disappointed. The chatter on the bus for the next twenty minutes was all about Mason going to East Harbor to record an album. Even Max showed interest. As the bus entered Mayfield, the topic changed to being home. 
<Aiden and Nolan>
Paul Moyer was one of the parents waiting at the middle school for the Yard Goats to arrive. He was driving the Millers’ minivan. Larry had given him a key to the garage so he could use the vehicle with the most capacity between the two households. Paul had walked the short distance to the Miller house, picked up the Honda Pilot, and arrived at the school ten minutes before the team bus. He got a big kick out of Trent and Scott kissing the ground and of the twins’ chanting when they got off the bus; it brought back his memories of the most amazing four days of baseball he could remember watching.
It didn’t take long to unload the bus of boys and baggage. The Honda was soon filled with two young adolescent boys and three adult men along with their luggage. It only took a few minutes for them to drive to the Miller house. With the help of Nolan and Aiden, Phil, and Larry unloaded their baggage. They all noted that Aiden had more bags than Larry and Phil together, which Nolan was quick to comment on.
Aiden had a small suitcase, a backpack, and a sports equipment bag, while Larry and Phil each had only a single suitcase. The one thing he wasn’t able to take with him was his baseball bat. That was packed in one of the team’s bat bags and shipped to Mayfield via UPS. He would receive it when it arrived in Mayfield in a couple of days. Nolan’s bat was in the same shipment. Larry and Paul paid for the shipping.
Aiden and Nolan exchanged a long goodnight kiss as their dads busied themselves carrying the baggage into the house. Their hands roamed to their crotches - they rubbed each other’s hard cocks to put an exclamation mark on their kiss.
“I love you so much, Aiden,” Nolan said. “Going to that tournament was a zillion times more fun because we went together.”
“I love you, too, Nolan. I wish we could have done more together in bed.”
“Hey, we did plenty on the field and that’s what we went down there for. We’ll have privacy on our train trip and then we can make that train rock.”
Nolan gently ran his hands through Aiden’s blond hair and kissed him again. “I saw two or three dudes other than Calvin at the BaseBrawl with long blond hair,” he whispered. “Calvin was the sexiest looking one of the bunch.”
“No matter how long their hair, blonds rule,” Aiden responded. “I just don’t want to keep up long hair. Brushing it and combing it is enough for me.”
“I love you however you wear your hair.”
Aiden felt Nolan’s uncut six and a quarter incher stiffen as he continued to massage him. “Are you getting bigger down here?” he murmured. “Seems like I’m feeling way more.”
“I don’t know,” Nolan whispered hoarsely. “Whatever it is, I know it feels way good inside you.”
Aiden felt Nolan’s body tremble and he knew what had happened.
“Holy fuck, dude, I just shot,” Nolan gasped quietly.
“Yeah. Just like you will on the train,” Aiden whispered.
“Time to break it up, boys,” Larry said. “We need to get Paul and Nolan home before Vivian falls asleep waiting for them.”
Nolan and Aiden ended their kiss and their gropes. They hopped into the van and held hands during the brief trip to Nolan’s house. Vivian Moyer, wearing a nightgown and robe, charged out of the house as soon as Larry turned into the driveway. Nolan bounced out of the van and gave his mother a big hug. Vivian wasn’t surprised by how much she missed Nolan, but Nolan was surprised by how much he missed his mother. He wondered if maybe he missed her because he spent a week sleeping in the same bed as Aiden, who didn’t have a mother to miss. He also found himself wondering if his mom had detected the scent of cum on him. He figured if so, it was too late now.
Nolan waved to Aiden as Larry pulled out of the driveway. The two lovers had taken care of their goodnight kisses and gropes. Neither Aiden nor Nolan jerked off that night. The late hour, coupled with exhaustion from the busy day they’d spent, had them falling asleep as soon as they got under their covers and set their heads down on their pillow.
Cal’s parents and his twin sister, Carla, were all at the school. When Cal stepped off the bus, Carla yelled out, “That’s Calvin. He’s my brother, the star pitcher and the star trumpet player! You Go Calvin!”
He received big hugs from his mother and father along with some motherly tears on his t-shirt.  His sister gave him a big hug with a quick kiss and an even quicker clandestine feel of his hard tween cock through his shorts. “I saw you play the trumpet in that concert. I can’t wait to see more of you,” she told him. She didn’t have to tell Cal what she couldn’t wait for because she knew that he knew.
“I’m tired, so we’ll do it tomorrow. I promise,” was all he said in return. Carla was disappointed in his response, but she understood.  At least he hadn’t totally refused her advance. But she wasn’t ready to raise the white flag either. After they got into the car and headed for home, she followed up on her feel at the bus bay by rubbing her hand up and down the front of his shorts, figuring it was dark enough in the back seat that their parents wouldn’t know what she was doing to her twin brother. Cal’s four-inch tween cock was instantly steel hard.
Calvin looked at her and grinned. “I guess you really missed me big time,” he said.
“She most certainly did.” Their mother, Laura Loggins, surprised the twins with their comment. They both prayed she couldn’t see them as well as she could apparently hear them. Carla slowly moved her hand down Cal’s hip and set it next to him on the seat happy that their mother hadn’t looked back.
Cal’s parents praised him for his championship and for being chosen to play his trumpet with the band in the pre-tournament concert. His mother asked him about his day and he gave them a brief rundown on what his time at LEGOLAND had been like. “I’ll answer everything you got to ask at breakfast tomorrow,” Cal said. “Right now, I’m really tired.” When they finished the over half-hour drive to Clark Pass the time was just past eleven-thirty. Cal was surprised but happy that his cock had gone soft rather quickly. He attributed it to his being dead tired.
After arriving at the Loggins’ house, Carla and Calvin unloaded Cal’s baggage and carried it to his room. “Just set it anywhere. I’ll unpack in the morning. I’m serious about not fooling around tonight, but I’ll be happy if we did one of our Loggins Special good-night kisses after we say good night to the rents.” The twins went down to the living room, said good night while tolerating the kisses on the foreheads, and went back up the stairs to their bedrooms.
The Loggins Special was a kiss with lots of tongue with each of them stripped at least to the waist. Cal and Carla went into Cal’s room where Cal took off his championship t-shirt and Clara removed her t-shirt and bra. Her breasts were just starting to form and were two little bumps. Their kiss was wet with their tongues moving from mouth to mouth. It lasted a little over two minutes when Cal broke it off.
“Are you sure you don’t want to play tonight?” Carla asked. It was all she could do not to reach for Cal’s crotch.
“Positive. I mean the fact that my boner disappeared in an instant after you quit feeling it up says it all. And even that hot kiss got it only got partway up. Mom and dad said they were both taking the day off tomorrow, but tomorrow night we’ll only need one bed. Now, let’s each cop a quick feel and head to bed.”
“I really, really, do want to sleep with you though.”
“Carla, please don’t make this hard.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Good night, dear sweet trumpet playing twin brother.”
“Good night, dear sweet understanding twin sister.”
Both were in their own beds and quickly fell asleep. Calvin fell asleep thinking of how incredibly awesome the news about Mason was.
Mason and his mother said nothing to each other on the short drive to their house. Both knew there was a lot to be said, but it could wait until they got home.
“Mom, can it wait until tomorrow, I’m really sleepy,” Mason said after they got his luggage into the house.
“Well, since I have tomorrow off, I can let it wait. There’s a lot we have to do tomorrow, and you’ll start hearing about it at breakfast, so be ready for a busy day,” Madeline Johnson said.
“Okay mom,” Mason said resignedly. He wanted to know it all NOW. But he could see his mother was as tired as he was, so he let it go.
“I do want to ask you one question, though. And I want a totally honest answer,” Madeline said.
“You’ll get one, I promise.”
“Are you sure you really want to go back to California tomorrow to do the recording? I’m asking because lots of people are putting a lot of work into this right now to get you down there and I don’t want it all to be for nothing.”
Mason didn’t hesitate. Aiden had pointed him in the right direction, and he was determined to keep going in that direction. “Yes, I’m totally, totally, totally sure,” he said with emphasis.
“I thought so, but I had to be sure you were sure.”
“I’m so sure I want to go that I told the Goats what I was going to be doing.”
“You did what? You told your teammates?”
“That’s what I said.” Mason was trying hard not to let his mother rattle him. He was getting better at that, just like she was getting better at not ragging on him for every little thing.
“What did your teammates have to say?”
“They thought the whole thing was epic.” Madeline kissed her son on the forehead and headed for her room.
Mason went into his room, undressed, and took care of washing his face and brushing his teeth. He then crawled into his bed, too tired to even think about jerking off let alone do it. His cock was soft, and his thoughts went to tomorrow’s events and his trip back to East Harbor. Before he could give it much thought he fell asleep.
<Lenny and Lance>
Lenny and Lance rode home with their mother. They were surprised that Brenda the Brat, their eleven-year-old sister, wasn’t in the car ready to give them a hard time.
“Where’s the Brat?” Lance asked.
“How many times do I have to tell you boys to not call her that?” Leslie Hazen asked.
“We said we’d quit calling her the Brat when she quit being a brat,” Lenny answered.
“Heaven help me,” Leslie muttered. “Well, to answer your question, BRENDA is home in her bed. She was too sleepy to wait up for you.”
“No worries. We wouldn’t wait up for her if it was the other way around.”
When they got home, the boys headed straight to their bedroom. It turned out their mother was wrong; Brenda was sound asleep in Lenny’s bed.
“Figures she went to work being a brat before we even got home,” Lance said.
“Do we wake her up or just get in your bed together?” Lenny asked.
“Since she doesn’t belong here, I vote we wake her up.”
“Good night, boys. I’m heading for bed,” Leslie called to them from the hall.
Since the twins wanted to take care of their brat problem without their mother getting involved, they went out into the hall before she came to their room. “Good night, mom,” the twins said in unison. They each gave her a hug.
“And thanks for being at the tournament and helping out,” Lenny said. He and Lance planned to find out who paid for her trip but would wait for a better time to start probing.
They returned to their room, looked at each other, and nodded. Lenny walked over to his bed and removed the covers. He wasn’t at all surprised to see that their sister was naked—she was into nudity as much as he and Lance were, maybe even more so.
Lenny shook Brenda awake. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up.
“What are you doing in my bed?” Lenny asked.
“Well, I was sleeping there until you woke me up,” she answered saucily.
“You’ve got your own bed. You might as well go to your room and use it.”
“But I don’t get to see things like what Lance is doing if I go there.”
Lenny could hear what Lance was doing behind him and turned to see how far he’d gone. What he saw was his “little” twin brother stripped down to his red briefs and green socks. He was sporting an obvious hard-on.
“What if me and Lance promise to show you everything after mom goes to work tomorrow if you leave our room now,” Lenny said.
“I want to see Emmett tomorrow. He always shows me everything.”
Lance pulled off his briefs and pranced around his sister, his tween erection pointing up proudly. “Are you happy now?” he asked.
“I wanna see Lenny, too.”
Lenny was not about to give his sister her way, especially after Lance’s surprise striptease. “I’ll show you tomorrow. Lance gave you something to think about. We’ll give you something to think about in the morning and get you all horny for Emmett in the afternoon.”
Brenda gave it some thought and then decided she wanted to go back to sleep more than see her brothers naked. “Okay, but you better do it.” She gave Lenny’s cock a quick jerk and then left the room.
“Damn, she makes me mad,” Lenny said. “Mom is so wrong thinking we shouldn’t call her Brenda the Brat.” He glared at his twin and said, “And what the fuck were you thinking taking your underpants off for her?”
“She’s gone, isn’t she?” Lance grinned.
“Yeah, okay. Now, how about sleeping with me so I can cuddle with you and we can work together to get the smell of the Brat out of my bed.” Lenny stripped naked and showed off his semi.
The boys quickly took care of their bedtime business and snuggled into Lenny’s bed. Even with their erections, they were so tired they sank into each other’s smooth, warm bodies and fell right to sleep.
<Good Night Goats>
Bedtime for the rest of the Goats was rather uneventful. One Goat did have to deal with a sibling issue while another Goat who wanted to deal with a more positive sibling issue ended up not having the opportunity.
Riley’s issue was somewhat in between. His father picked him up at the middle school. Riley’s mother stayed home with five-year-old Liam, who was so excited that his big brother the baseball star was coming home that he couldn’t settle down to sleep until a quarter to ten. He wanted to be in the baseball bed when his big brother came home. Their mother Glenda agreed to let Liam sleep in Riley’s bed if he promised to stay there and go to sleep.
Liam happily slid under the Major League sheets while dropping his head on one of the pillows covered by the Major League pillowcases while wearing his Seattle Mariner pajamas. She hoped Riley would agree with her solution.
Glenda was not surprised when Riley readily agreed. She knew he let Liam sleep with him on occasion. Riley loved his little brother who was easy to share his bed with. Once Liam fell asleep the explosion of a truckload of dynamite probably wouldn’t wake him. Riley changed to his own Mariner pajamas and climbed into bed. He snuggled with his cuddly little brother and was soon as sound asleep as little Liam. Riley knew the big uproar would happen if Liam woke up first (which was usually the case) and discovered big brother in bed with him. He would then kiss and lick his big brother and beg to be tickled. As much as Riley wanted to sleep in on those mornings, he enjoyed making his little brother happy more than sleeping in.
After the requisite hugs and kisses from his mother, Grant said he was going to bed. He hugged both of his parents good night and dropped into bed. He read and answered a text from Alex and then fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
Miles was the Goat who had to deal with a sibling issue. After saying good night to his parents, Miles went to his bedroom and stripped down to his usual sleeping attire, a pair of red and blue polka dotted sleeping shorts. After taking care of his before bed business he went under his covers. He was about to turn off his nightstand light when his sixteen-year-old brother John stumbled into the room. He was wearing nothing and sported a six-inch erection. Miles could tell he was stoned.
“What the fuck do you want, John? I’m fucking tired and want to be left alone.”
“Yeah, yeah, fucking whatever,” John slurred. “How ‘bout taking a few hits with me and letting me fuck you. I been waiting to fuck you all week.”
“How about getting your ass out of my room so I can get to sleep. We can deal with this tomorrow.”
“Fuck tomorrow I wanna fuck you now.”
“Dad’s been so waiting to catch you wasted. How about I go get him so we can make him happy.”
“Fuck it. You know a good thing when you got it I mean you done know I mean don’t know. Shit, don’t know what I fucking mean but I get ur ass tomorrow little bro.” John turned and took a few steps out of the room, then stopped and turned around. “I don’t know fuck and you don’t fuck like a good little bro so fuck us both and we got fucking asses to fuck,” he giggled.  He turned back around giggling, “Fuck…fuck..fuck…fuck…,”as he stumbled out of the room. Miles turned off his light and stared up at the dark ceiling, wishing he was back in California playing baseball, and not caring how badly he played.
Mac and Trent were both in their own homes and in their own beds. They each thought of jerking off first but were dead tired and fell asleep at almost the same time before they could follow through.
Max got a ride home with Mac. He wasn’t surprised neither of his parents had come to the school to pick him up. His dad was probably passed out drunk and his mother had probably fallen asleep trying fruitlessly to take care of him. After getting home, Max saw that his father was out cold on the couch. The floor was littered with beer bottles. His mother was asleep in her bed. He noted a glass on her nightstand. He picked it up and took a whiff. Definitely whiskey. The cheap shit.
Max went down to the basement and pulled three bottles of beer out of the cooler. He stripped naked, sat on his bed, and guzzled down the first bottle. He knew he was violating the No Matter What contract, but he didn’t give a shit. The BaseBrawl tournament was the farthest thing from his mind. All he wanted was to make his brain numb so he could stand being home. The other two bottles went down almost as fast. After a loud belch, he thought about getting totally wasted, but the beer he’d consumed had given him a good buzz. That, along with his fatigue, found him falling asleep on top of his covers.
Emmett was struck by conflicting emotions when his mother told him that his younger sister, Wendy, was asleep. He was worried she might be awake when he got home and would try to find a way to sneak into his room once their parents went to bed. He felt relieved because he was way too tired to play around with her. He also felt disappointed because he felt she should have at least stayed awake long enough to welcome him home. The thought that went through his head as he snuggled up under his covers was that maybe Brenda would come over tomorrow and she and Wendy could give him double the fun.
After the welcome home hugs and kisses, Gordy’s mother Flo went over the plans for his Saturday birthday party at the Bear Pizza parlor. “You planned it with Riley’s mom, right?” Gordy asked with concern.
“Gordy, you and I discussed it on the phone. I hope by this point in your life you know that your mother follows through on a promise whenever possible, which is pretty much all the time.”       
“I know, mom, but I had to make sure. That tournament made Riley an even bigger part of the team and a bigger friend to everybody. Plus, what if this was one of those times when following through on the promise wasn’t possible?”
“Gordon Lansing, sometimes you worry much too much for a twelve-year-old boy.”
“Thirteen, mom. Remember that today is my birthday? I think that makes me thirteen.”
“To me you won’t be thirteen until you blow out the thirteen candles on your birthday cake and wolf down an endless number of pizza slices at your party on Saturday. And to answer your question, Riley’s mother is all in. She still can’t believe how Riley has been accepted by all of you boys as a genuine friend and important member of the group. She thinks this has already been his best birthday ever and that it will only get better at the party. Now, all that said, the two of you need to give us your guest lists tomorrow so the invitations can be sent out.”
“We’ve already talked about it. You’ll get it by noon,” Gordy told her.
“That depends whether or not one or both of you sleeps in until the crack of noon.”
“Mom…” Flo gave her son a big hug, a kiss on the forehead, and bid him good night.
Gordy found his dad in the den. “Good night, dad.”
“Good night, son,” Aaron Lansing grinned. “Did you and your mother get everything figured out?”
“Yep, thanks to my expert help.”
Aaron grinned and rose from his recliner. He gave his son a loving dad hug. “You and your team did a great job in the tournament.”
“I didn’t hit for hoopty-doop.”
“While you fielded like a pro at two different positions and contributed in countless ways to a championship you will never forget.” Gordy nodded and stifled a yawn. “Now get your ass to bed and be ready for a plain old regular day tomorrow.”
“Not quite. Kalie and her mom invited me to a birthday lunch. Don’t worry, she says there will be no cake; cake is for Saturday. But there will be cookies. Okay, now I can say good night, Dad.”
The last thought in Gordy’s head before falling sleep was having lunch in Kalie’s backyard with both of them stripped down to their underwear.
Muddy enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate prepared by his mother before dropping off to a satisfactory sleep. Scott went straight to bed when he got home, wishing he was sharing it with his cousin Ronnie. Ronnie fell asleep wishing he lived in Mayfield, or even in East Harbor, where everybody had fun being totally sexy. It was certainly more exciting than lame old Tacoma where the best he could do was an occasional jerk off session with his friend Ward.
Skip was still walking on air when he got home. His time as a Goat was without a doubt a highlight of his young life. His mind was full of thoughts of the naked boys at the championship party. He wished he could have done more with them; he didn’t have that many chances to be part of a party made up of naked boys. The good news was, Aiden would be having one in a month. The best thing about Aiden’s party would be that everyone there would be a friend or teammate of his. He couldn’t wait for it to happen.
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