Dante, My Inferno

Chapter Four ~ Meeting at the Duck Pond

The next morning Dante woke me with kisses, then he sat back. So I rose up on my elbows, smiling back at Dante.

"Good morning," he said giving me another kiss.

"Well good morning," I said returning his kiss.

"I suppose I can expect this every morning from now on?" I asked running the back of my fingers across his cheek.

"Well, I expect most every morning," Dante said with a moan as my fingers passed over his cheek again.

"Besides. I don't want to wear you out, old man," Dante said. I grabbed him and rolled over on top of him.

"Old Man!" I sneered when I kissed his neck. We rolled onto our sides. Kissing and making love.

We had settled down to kissing when I notice the time. I sighed heavily.

"What?" Dante asked realizing the difference in my sighs.

"Come on," I said. "We need to get a shower and some breakfast."


"We're supposed to be at the duck pond at noon," I told him getting up. Dante groaned.

"We could say we got busy," Dante offered trying to pull me back into bed.

"Sorry," I told him bending over. Then kissing his nose. "We said WE would be there."

"Besides WE need to talk to Paul and his boyfriend about some things."

"Adam is his name. Or Dr. Patrick," Dante told me rather cheekily.

We both climbed into the shower. Where we took a long time soaping each other up. And rinsing each other off. Then we dried the other off. A few times till our stomachs growled.

I looked at the time again as I put my watch on. So I told Dante about the place I eat at usually when I'm short on time. So I offered to buy breakfast. And we were off to my mom and pop diner.

We talked as we drove. I wanted to know more about the officer from yesterday. Dante tells me that they've had problems with him before. Sebastian, Dante's karate instructor, is the one who has had the most trouble. Confidentially he thinks they're related.

Then he gives me the rough who-is-with-who and he tells me about Tommy, his team roping partner. They had done well in amateur rodeo as team ropers.

"Just So you know," Dante said finally. "Tommy has a crush on me. So he may be a little chilly."

"Oh! How long has this gone on?" I asked acting a little jealous.

"He told me last year just before Christmas," Dante told me acting a little pleased. "I'll say I kind of know how he feels though."

"After he told me how he felt," Dante said blushing. “He asked me for a kiss."

"A little jealous?" Dante asked. A cousin of that evil grin on his face.

"Let us say… curious," I told him with a smile. "Besides you obviously said no to that."

Dante lost his smile for a moment. Then brightened back up.

"Well, I was waiting for you," Dante said. "And it was well worth the wait."

"Thank you," I replied as we waited for the check.

"Guillermo! How was everything?" asked Mama Fernandez bringing me the check.

"Excellent as always," I told her with a big smile. She kissed my cheek as always.

"You look happy like long ago," she said looking from me to Dante.

"Well Mama this is Dante Green and the reason," I told her. I look at the check and set down a twenty.

"Dante is it?" She asked Dante. 

"Si Senora," Dante answered.

"If you hurt him...," she warned.

"It's not going to happen, Senora," Dante assured her. "I would never do that."

Mama looked sternly at Dante for a minute. Then she smiled and kissed his cheek.

"I like him," she told me. Then she kissed me on the cheek again.

"Well it's time for us to go, Mama," I told her. "Mama, he can eat on my dime anytime, Okay?"

"Oh! It is that serious," Mama said. "Dante we need a picture for you to be able to do this."

"Si Senora," Dante said and followed her to the register.

Then we headed for the university duck pond, parking as close as we could. Being the last day for exams ending the semester, it was fairly easy to find a decent spot. Walking over we noticed a lot of people heading for the pond.

I saw Officer Grossman and Sebastian. And there was a crowd around them. The crowd was rather subdued, listening.

"Daryle just stop it!" Sebastian told him with an angry tone."You're my half-brother. Not my father!"

"Listen, you little faggot!" Grossman barked stepping forward. "I'm going to make a man out of you. One way or another."

Then he lunged and grabbed Sebastian. But before I could react the younger man broke his hold. Then he hit Grossman in the solar plexus. And ended it with a round house kick.

"What's happening here?" the Chief demanded as he and several officers came running up.

I explained quickly about what I'd seen. The Chief swore, taking Grossman' s gun and badge.

"Take him over to the hospital and get him checked out," the Chief told an officer. "When they clear him. Bring him to the station, so I can fire him!"

I shook the Chief's hand and he thanked me. Then the Chief headed out.

As I turned. Dante and Sebastian were walking toward me.

"Billy this is my friend Sebastian," Dante said as they walked up.

"Half brother huh?" I asked him as we shook hands.

"Daryle's been like that since I came out to our mom," Sebastian told me. "I was 12. Before you ask."

"And will I see you in the dojo on Monday?" he asked Dante and I smiled.

"Sebastian I can't," Dante told him. I don't have a ride right now."

"Dante you're ready for second-degree," Sebastian said. "But you need to practice and prepare."

I grabbed Dante around the waist.

"Say the word and you're there," I told Dante. He looked me in the eye and I nodded. But Dante needed to think for a minute.

"Come on Dante," Sebastian pleaded. "You can be done before next semester."

"Are you sure?" Dante asked me.

"Positive," I said. Then I kissed him. Which caused just about everyone to hoot and holler. I did a fancy bow and Dante followed suit.

"Ham," Dante whispered to me.

"Better than cheesy," I replied causing Dante to laugh.

"What time should I have him there?" I asked Sebastian.

"Say 10:30 or 11 am," Sebastian told me.

We settled on 11 am. I pointed out that we needed to take care of the livestock. The horses especially needed some tender loving care.

Then Dante's team roping partner Tommy walked up. Sebastian gave him a careful look and a silly smile.

"Billy, this is Tommy, my team roping partner," Dante said introducing him. "Tommy, this is Billy, the one I've told you about."

"Sir," Tommy said putting out his hand, showing his disapproval in the tone of his voice.

"You can call me Billy," I told him. "Now, do I call you Tommy or Tom?"

"It's Tom," he replied. "Only Dante and my mom call me Tommy."

"Fair enough," I said. "I'll remember that."

Tom seemed to relax a little. And I didn't need to say what he needed to remember.

Then Dante introduced me around. Brady and some of the football players came to talk to Tim. Brady told us that Grossman had fired them up.

Then I had a great idea. I suggested everyone come over to our place for a cookout. We all talked and next Wednesday was agreed upon.

Most everyone was ready to come. Some were going home for the summer or to visit. But Tom wasn't up for it.

"Well you all have a good time," Tom said getting up.

"Why aren't you coming, Tommy?" Dante asked him.

"I don't want to come alone," Tom told him.

"Then come with me," Sebastian said with a smile. "I'm coming alone unless..."

Well?" I asked.

"Come on Tommy," Dante said encouraging him. "Take the next step."

Tom looked at me. I smiled at him with a nodded.

"Okay," Tom said. "I'll come with you."

Then Tom and Sebastian started talking. I heard Tom laugh about twenty minutes later. When Dante heard he smiled and kissed my cheek. Tom gave me a thumbs up.

Dante and I spent another two hours there. Guys came and went from exams. I got to know Dante's friends. The word went out about the cookout. People stopped by to ask if they could come.

[To Be Continued]