Three Finger Cove: Robert ~ Book Two

Chapter Forty-Seven


The new day dawned and the boys took care of their morning ritual of deflating their manhood's and getting their showers. Breakfast was good as always and they both gave Maria a hug as they left to go to school. Mary noticed they did that and Maria blushed a bit but also gave a Big Smile as she was happy the boys enjoyed her cooking.

Later that morning, the contract cleaning crew came to the house. Seeing a new lady there they figured they had a new House Keeper so they made it appear they were working hard but in reality they just did the superficial stuff. Mary was watching them and the Crew Supervisor saw she was carefully inspecting their work.

After some time, Mrs. Taylor asked that a particular area be redone, as it still looked dirty. Then, she identified the floors weren't being cleaned according to the contract. She was being a pain for the supervisor as he was paid by how much money he made for the company, not how much he cleaned.

Later, noticing her working in the Study he asked her if he could point a few things out to her and she followed him out to the Foyer. He really didn't want to talk to her in that room as he suspected Mr. Thomas had it bugged. So, going to the entrance area, he explained that when Mrs. Johnson was the House Keeper she would sometimes look the other way and as he said that he slipped Mary a twenty-dollar bill. She looked at it and showed surprise, but the man took it as she wanted more and he gave her another twenty dollars and told her not to expect that much every time.

Mary asked him to explain how Mildred worked out the payments and how he was able to make the house look clean without doing everything in the contract. He explained she over paid him for extra services but actually there were none. He just did what he was supposed to but claimed it was 'extra' work that could be asked for in the contract.

The contractor also exposed that was how Mrs. Johnson was able to afford the new car and clothes she now had. He told her he would make the same arrangements with her and all she needed to do was overlook some stuff and they'd do about 75% of what was called for each time they came, meaning that all the stuff eventually got done anyways.

Mary thanked him for the two twenty dollar bills and held them up high as if she was seeing that they were real when in reality she was holding them up for the camera to catch the serial numbers as evidence. She had been careful to never put the money into her pocket but kept them in sight of the camera at all times.

The cleaning crew left after about 4 hours work but should have been there a total of six hours. Mary took the money and placed it in an envelope and wrote on the outside the date and time and signed the seal part of the back. She hoped Mr. Thomas could use the video and money as evidence against Mildred.

Maria had watched the cleaners and Mary and thanked her for trying to get them to clean better. She knew that unless a 'strong' Household Manager came to the home nothing would ever change. She hoped that Mary would eventually fill that role and Mr. Ken would get his monies worth after all.

Over at the school, Robert wanted so badly to tell his friends what he had found out but knew if he did he would probably make his 'dad' very mad. Well, not mad, he thought, and not disappointed but very 'pissed off' because the reason they are called 'secrets' is that only a few people are supposed to know. The guys could tell he was having another one of those days and tried to find out what he and Ryan got into last night but basically got shrugged off.

Eric even tried to wild his way into his Best Friends confidence but was told it wasn't anything other than how kewl it was to have an older brother. He also told Eric about their mornings and Eric went and told the others about the morning boners and how big Ryan was. That satisfied them all and put Robert more at ease.

When Ryan arrived home after school he saw a large truck leaving The Cove and figured the Easter stuff had arrived. He went to the garage and opened the empty car stall and saw Robert was already home and looking at all the boxes.

"Whatcha doing there, Tiger?" asked Ryan

"I'm just checking out all these boxes. Are they all filled with Easter Roll Prizes?" Robert wanted to know.

"Actually, only about a third have – well, maybe a bit more – only contain the prizes Bro gives out after the Easter Egg Roll. The rest contain the plastic Easter Eggs that my friends and I have to place the 'prize winner' coupons into. Not every Easter egg will get a coupon but the ones that do will correspond to one of the prizes in the other boxes. It might sound a bit complicated but once you see how it is done you'll see how easy it can be," Ryan explained to his 'lil bro'.

"If it is that easy, then why do you think my 'dad' won't let me and my friends do this?" honestly asked the twelve year old.

"What I just told you is the easy part. The difficult part comes in having to place all the Easter eggs out into the huge field behind the garage area and along the area along the front fence. The one in front is for the real small kids. Then, on the Easter Egg Roll Day you have to gather up all the kids and place them into an age group. Then you watch the kids scramble for the Easter Eggs.

"When all the eggs have been collected, the kids get to open them to see if they won a prize. That's where additional hard work comes in. We have to verify the coupon and retrieve the prize and give it to the kid. Robert … this is an all-day project that will take us from about 8 AM until 5 PM," indicated Ryan as he tried to fully describe the process to Robert.

"Do you know when you'll do the inventory and begin assembling the coupons into the winning Easter eggs?" Robert wanted to know.

"Now that I know they are here, I'll make a few calls tonight and get everyone's schedule. I'd like to begin tomorrow after school, but the Sophomore Class and Junior Class Officers may not be available at such short notice, although I did talk to them earlier this week about this Project. I do want it all completed by Saturday night. Easter is the following weekend, if you didn't realize it," summarized Ryan.

The two 'brothers' went into the house and changed clothes and then visited Momma Maria for their after school snack. They each gave Maria a hug before they went to do their homework. After dinner they went back to checking out the 'secrets' of The Cove.

That evening, the boys got on the computer and Ryan showed Robert more pictures of the house being built. There were almost 120,000 pictures and over 500 videos to look at and that amazed Robert that one person could take that many. Ryan explained he had the digital camera and he could easily take 200 pictures, or more, every day he went there and that is what he did.

(For you skeptics: 200 pictures a day X 30 days in a month X 20 months to build = 120000.)

Ryan told how he went to the construction site every day and shot different angles and once the interiors were going up, he took photos of the joists and framing and anything else he thought looked important. The construction boss also got to know Ryan and he showed him how to read the blueprints and the work schedule so he would know what areas to focus his photo shoot on.

There were picture folders for plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling and, of course, the 'secret' areas. There were even pictures showing how the wiring for the cameras were run and how the emergency generator was hooked up to the main electric panel. Ryan didn't seem to miss a thing.

Then noticing the time, Ryan told the lad he needed to make those phone calls but would be back to show the preteen more. Ryan kept to his word and forty-five minutes later the teenager pointed out some videos he took and so they watched few of the videos.

One video showed the contractor using pre-formed concrete walls for the basement and which the remaining walls and beams rested on. Another one showed them setting the steel girders and beams that framed up the Great Room and held up the first and second floors, outlined the Pool, and established the Master Suite area. They used what was left of the evening looking at the 'secret' Folders. They were so interested in all the pictures and videos they didn't even get their after dinner snack, that night, before they decided to get to bed.

Once in bed, Robert was lying awake when he asked Ryan if he could ask him a personal question. Ryan really enjoyed having a 'Little Brother' and always wanted to make him happy so he agreed to the questions.

"Ryan, does … you know … does playing with your … ah, dick get any better as you get older?" whispered Robert.

"Dang there Little Bro you sure know how to ask them, don't ya?" teased Ryan.

"That's what 'dad' said one day to me, too. He said I don't beat around the bushes or something like that," responded Robert.

"I'd say you don't. Well, let me see if I can answer that for you. Since you're asking, I take it you are doing a lot of that now aren't you?" whimsically asked the older teen.

"Yea, didn't you when you were my age? Geez … it gets hard all the time it seems and, especially at school, walking down the halls. How did you handle it? How did you take care of it?" seriously asked the pre-teen.

"Buddy, how many times a day are you … you know … jacking your meat?" straight out asked Ryan.

"Phew, I guess 4 or 5 times if I can but … well, since you've been here I only did it twice a day," the embarrassed youngster got out.

"You mean I upset your schedule?" Ryan replied and laughed along saying it.

"Didn't you do it that much when you were my age?" shot back Robert.

"Yeah, come to think of it, I guess I did. When I didn't get to do it I was miserable and I did seem to get boners a lot at school if I didn't get 4 or 5 jack-offs a day. Now, I don't do it all that much but to answer the question I know you are wanting to ask, Yes, I still JO every day and sometimes twice. I haven't the past two days though!" revealed the teen.

"But … does it feel any better? Or, does the feeling get worse or maybe stay the same?" Robert wanted to know.

"Hey Bro … I know you've been sizing me up every morning and I don't mind. I like having you as my 'Little Bro'. If I had one I'd want him to be like you, to be my friend and someone I could talk to about stuff, like now. When I beat off the sensations are the same. It takes a bit longer now to get the same results I did when I was 12 or 13.

"Back then the nerve endings are so new then they react very fast at that age. Now, when I play with my dick, I take more time to fantasize about what I want to be doing at that time. Sometimes, I'll take up to 30 minutes of playing before I speed it up to make me cum or shoot. You know shoot my stuff, shoot my cream, my sperm."

"Are you hard now like I am?" simply asked the twelve year old.

"Yes, 'lil bro', I am very hard and I need to take care of this thing before I go to bed. What about you?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, I do, too. … Ah … can I watch you?" hesitantly asked Robert.

Ryan had to think about that last question for a few moments. He knew Mr. Ken didn't like people over two years older or younger than the other participant to get involved with sex. Ryan figured he was like four years older but he could hear the pleading in Robert's voice.

"Little Bro, has Mr. Ken talked to you any about sex? You know something about the age difference between the two people? I don't want to get into trouble because, well, you know, I am much older than you and I am supposed to be the responsible person here, even if you want me to!" explained Ryan.

"Ryan … yes, I know that. But, well, I just want to watch! I'm not going to do it for you. I'm just curious that's all. I see how big yours gets when it is hard and I … I just wanted to see how much you shot. … Can I? Please?" begged Ryan's 'lil bro'.

"I'll probably get on Big Bro's shit list for doing this, but Ok! Get on over here and bring the tissue box," conceded the older teenager.

It didn't take Robert but four seconds to get to Ryan's bed and that's because he had to stop for the box of tissues. Ryan took off his briefs and so did Robert. Ryan showed how he held his member while he stroked it and his Little Bro matched his style. They talked about their sex experiences and Ryan was surprised Robert knew so much. Little did he know why Robert was now a foster kid!

They used their sexual fantasies to further their climax along and before long Robert got his wish and saw that Ryan shot his load a bit further than he did at times. Ryan produced a lot of sperm and it puddled on his chest and in his belly button.

Robert then went into overload, sped up his stokes and shot his thin juice fast and far almost up to his chin. Ryan was very impressed and told him so. They cleaned themselves up and before Robert went back to his bed he gave Ryan a Big Hug and thanked him for letting him watch. Within five minutes both were sound asleep.

The next morning the boys laughed at one another when they woke. It was the unsaid knowledge of what they shared the night before and no conversation was needed. They got ready for school and went down for one of Maria's wonderful breakfasts. As Mary joined them Robert asked her if he could have his friends over Friday night and also let them spend the night.

Mary didn't see any reason the youngster couldn't have his buddies over so a plan was made. The typical banter was heard at the table until it was time for the kids to get off to school. Both boys stopped and each gave Momma Maria a big hug for her great food and off they went.

Things were beginning to get into a normal routine and the day flew by for all residents of Three Finger Cove. Later that evening Mr. Ken called to talk to Mary who informed him of the situation with the cleaning supervisor and Mildred. He asked her to write down what transpired and call his lawyer about it. Then he talked to his son for about 45 minutes.

Robert had tons of questions for his 'dad' concerning the 'secret' areas and he told him how cool it was to have an 'older brother' and he was very happy he chose the Taylor's to stay there with him. Ken agreed to talk to the boy more after he came home and they ended their call with "I Love You" to one another.

Before dinner that Thursday, Ryan told his mom and Robert that some of the gang was coming over after dinner to begin working on the Easter Egg Roll boxes. He said they'd probably do the inventory and create the coupons that night and either work Friday and Saturday to finish the project or all day Saturday depending on people's schedules.

Robert was ecstatic by Ryan's revelation since he'd have five of his best friends over Friday night into Saturday and that way they could watch and possibly help. Even Ryan liked that idea as that could mean they'd get done sooner.

Immediately after school on Friday the high school seniors Ryan, Derrick, Damon, Daniel, Conner, Teddy, Abby, Christy, Ellen, Megan, Tabatha and Jenny all descended on The Cove to begin work on the Easter Egg Roll boxes. Robert and Eric went out to the garage to watch and as Brad, Gordon, Chuck and Trevor arrived they too went not only to watch but to help out. None of the Sophomore Class and Junior Class Officers decided to stop by that night but all promised to be there bright and early Saturday to help out.

The volunteers worked for two and-a-half hours and got the inventory done. Then, while two seniors worked on creating the coupons to place inside the eggs, the rest began sorting the different sized eggs.

"Ryan, why are there two different sizes of Easter eggs?" asked Chuck.

"You've never been to the Easter Egg Roll have you?" inquired Ryan, in order to gauge his response.

"No … I've been to it, but I only ever saw the larger of the two eggs. So, why are there two then?" continued Chuck.

"OK, the short answer is … they are for two different groups," answered Ryan.

"I don't remember two different groups," came back Chuck.

"Yeah, I've been there, too," began Brad, "and I've only ever seen the large eggs."

Daniel took the lead then and answered, "Well, while you older kids were gathered together along the upper stone wall, we'd take the much younger kids, you know, the two, three and four year olds and bring them to the front side of The Cove. Their Easter Egg Roll happened out in the grass areas between the driveway and the front stone wall. You also saw we separated the five and six year olds from the older kids so they'd have a 'fighting' chance at some eggs and possibly a prize."

As Danny finished his explanation, Ryan came into the garage with rolls of quarters, dimes and nickels. Then before anyone could ask the questions, the older teen told the newbies that the coins are placed inside the little kids eggs so they at least find a prize. He further explained they would also put the coins in many of, but not all, of the larger eggs for the bigger kids to find, too.

"Yeah, hey, that's right," piped up Gordon. "I remember getting a few coins in the plastic eggs when I opened them. That was kind of neat!"

For the remaining time, the older teens worked on sorting the prizes by size while the preteens helped Ryan and Daniel open the plastic eggs and place one coin in each. It was tedious but rewarding work for the twelve-year-olds and they were happy to be helping.

Friday night was a busy night. Maria made a huge dinner since there were going to be eight people there. She was grateful that all of the teen volunteers weren't staying. Robert's friends all brought their sleeping bags and positioned them in the Theater where they would watch movies all night. They also brought their swimsuits for a planned midnight, and hopefully skinny dip, swim. Ryan had made plans to go out for the evening and his buds showed up just in time for desert.

Of course, Maria had lots as she figured, with all of Robert's friends spending the night, she'd need to have lots of snacks, for later, as kids that age, she knew, were always hungry. Maria was in her element that night. She loved cooking and the more the merrier, she thought, but mostly loved seeing the house being used as a home and right then with the boys having so many friends over and all the hustle and bustle gave the home a 'lived in' feel.

It was about 8 o'clock when Ryan and his pals said their 'so longs' to Mrs. Taylor and Maria. On the way out, Ryan gave the cook a hug and thanked her for the great desert and saw that all his buddies stopped and did the same. Maria was beaming from all the attention she received that night and the recent week.

Robert and crew went to the Theater and got their first of four movies started. They all grabbed for the soft futon sofas and initially there was no rhyme or reason for the pairings even though there were signs of them having a certain friend they preferred. Mary checked on them once, to the dismay of Robert, and she got the message she was not really needed or wanted.

Mary knew from Ryan's sleepovers she wouldn't be accepted but because she was responsible she wanted to check on the boys. The cold reception was all she needed and got the message and went off to the Study to work on her many projects.

A little later, Robert went looking for Mrs. Taylor and sort of apologized for his actions. He told her how it was with Mr. Ken, when his friends were over, and he was surprised she came all the way down there. The two talked about perceptions and responsibilities and trust and expectations and when they were through they had a much better understanding of each other.

In the end, they felt they would be better friends in the future and not have any, or at least as many, problems as they sort of did that night. Before he left, Robert went over to Miss Mary and gave her a Big Hug. He apologized again, but also thanked her for being there that week. He told her how much he appreciated that and how much he enjoyed both her and Ryan spending time with him.

Leaving the Study, Robert met up with Eric who asked if they could go swimming. Robert was eager as his buds to go swimming, but then he remembered what he and Miss Mary had just talked about – trust and expectations. He went back into the Study to see if she would have any problems with him and the gang going swimming so late. She thanked him for asking and said she was okay with that. He smiled at her and thanked her and took off to get the others.

The guys quickly got into their swimsuits and dove into the warm water. Mr. Ken kept the pool water temperature at about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. When he had the house built he also had geothermal heat piping installed over a portion of the estate to take advantage of the stored heat energy in the ground. He was sure glad he did as the heating costs for the pool would otherwise have been enormous.

Tonight, there were six lads and they paired off as Robert and Eric; Brad and Gordon; and Chuck and Trevor. They played Horse with the poolside basketball goal to see who would be last standing. After that, they played some Marko Polo and then on to Dick Tag, of course. They were having a good time and then Ryan and his buds came in to swim, as well.

The older lads didn't have swimsuits but Robert showed them where 'dad' kept the spares. They said they didn't need them and they stripped right there on the side of the pool and all dove in. The younger lads all got an eye full of 17 and 18 year old sexual equipment and were amazed at how much dick hair they all had. Robert had already seen Ryan's every morning that week so, for him, seeing the other three teenager's schlongs was a sight to see for sure.

Getting to be past midnight, Mary decided to go to the pool to let the boys know she was going to bed and to be careful. She didn't know Ryan and his pals had come home and also went swimming. When she opened the door to the pool area, she sure got an eye full. There they were, the four older teenager's bare assed naked running about and diving into the water and getting out and diving some more as they were playing tag of some sort.

Ryan finally noticed his mom standing there with her mouth wide open and quickly yelled to his friends "Mom's here, get in the water!" Lucky for Robert, and his gang, they all had kept their suits on.

Embarrassed, Ryan went over to his mom holding his hands in front of his equipment. The others could see there was an animated conversation going on but couldn't make out what was being said. Then, they saw Ryan laugh and drop his hands and hug his mom.

Mary slapped his butt as he turned to go back to the group. Mary left the pool laughing to herself and vowed to never go there again without being able to give a warning to the boys no matter what the age.

All the boys went to Ryan to find out how pissed she was. He told them she was laughing that she caught the older guys naked, including her son who she hadn't seen naked since she caught him playing with himself back when he was 13. They all laughed and Robert remembered what Ryan told him the other night and he laughed a bit harder. He told him she would have thought the younger boys would have done that, NOT the older boys.

"She wasn't pissed," he told them. "Just surprised and glad she didn't have a heart attack from seeing such good looking young men all nude. He added she wouldn't come back, ever, until Mr. Ken put in some sort of signaling device to let the kids know an adult was coming to the pool." Hearing that, all six twelve year olds got out of their suits as fast as they could. The excitement was over and the ten lads began some of the games all over.

It was almost 2 AM when the ten lads left the pool area all showered but extremely tired. The six younger boys all went to the Theater while the four older teens went to Ryan's and Robert's bedroom to sleep.

In the theater, the lads got their sleeping bags ready for bed. Without saying a thing they all stripped down to their briefs and looking around at each other, smiled, and then took those off too. The 'couples' zipped their bags together making one big 'bed' and then climbed in. Soon, light giggles could be heard throughout the darkened room lit by only one small night light.

Right away, Robert and Eric began kissing and fondling each other's hardening dicks. Brad and Gordon went straight for their prizes and began stroking quickly. Chuck and Trevor began with a kiss and then another and then they moved so one lay on top of the other. They began moving back and forth while kissing and the bottom lads grabbing the top one to pull them together harder.

The three couples were all in their own world, as they made sure their partner was being satisfied. Before long the cries of complete satisfaction were heard. First, it was Brad and Gordon since they went right for the gusto. Then came Trevor and Chuck who both came at the same time rubbing their slick bodies against each other. Lastly, Eric and Robert came the strongest which was seen by the others as they had unzipped the bags and were naked on top. The four friends lightly clapped at them and everyone had a good laugh. Before long all six friends were sound asleep.

The four teens upstairs went right to bed without much more than getting down to their shorts and pairing off into both beds. The beds were doubles which didn't give the larger boys much room to get very comfortable. Even so, they were so tired from the drinking they did before coming to the house then adding the swimming that they all fell directly asleep.

Morning came late to both groups. The lads in the Theater all woke up with their dicks as hard as nails. Robert and Eric didn't care as the others all saw their boners before so they both got up and put on their briefs and went to the hall half-bath. The other four were still deciding who would go next when the first two came back.

Laughing at the four, Robert and Eric said for them all to get up and not to be embarrassed. They explained they were all good friends and good friends don't laugh and don't tell! So, the four all got up, dicks standing almost straight up and they picked up their briefs and walked to the hall bath like that.

Upstairs, the four teens woke up hugging each other and of course their own dicks were as hard as the boys downstairs were. They all laughed as they got up to go pee. They had been friends since grade school and had slept at each other's homes, more times than they could count, and naturally they had seen each other's boners lots and lots of times.

The four shared the urinals and went back to get dressed to go downstairs to see what, or if, there was breakfast. In the Theater, those boys also got dressed and straightened up the room before heading to the Breakfast Nook to see what was for breakfast.

Both groups got to the Kitchen at the same time and both groups grappled for the seats when Maria came in with her big wooden spoon and hit the older teens about their hands. She told them she hadn't expected them to stay over and thus there wasn't any food for them.

Momma Maria made them sit on the stools over at the serving counter and told them they'll get to eat after she fed the young men. Mary saw the encounter and laughed but wholeheartedly agreed with Momma Maria and told her son to next time plan ahead. Momma Maria had the older lad's food out in about fifteen minutes after Robert's crew were served and everyone had their fill.

Getting up from the table, Robert and Eric went over to Momma Maria and both gave her a big hug for waiting for them to wake up and making such a great breakfast. The others saw what they did so they too hugged Momma. Even the older dudes did that too, knowing making friends with the cook never hurt anyone.

Mr. Thomas arrived home later that afternoon to the overwhelming hugs of his 'son'. Robert, when spotting his 'dad', ran to him and jumped up into his arms and 'dad' Ken had to catch the youngster. The two just stayed that way for a few moments enjoying the feeling of closeness and safety that had been building between them for months now.

Once inside, Ken met Mary and she explained more about the encounter with the supervisor. Ken immediately went to the computer and called up the Foyer camera and copied the footage onto a DVD. They talked about the previous week's happenings and she told him about catching the naked boys swimming. They had a good laugh over that and Ken promised some sort of buzzer or bell to announce a visitor.

Mary and her son thanked Mr. Thomas for the use of his home for the week and Ryan told the man anytime he needed a Big Brother for his 'son' he was ready, explaining how much fun it was to bunk with Robert and show him around. Robert's friends also left early figuring Robert and Ken needed time together after seeing how Robert reacted to his dad's return.

'Dad' unpacked while Robert sat in his room talking about all the things he did with Ryan. He thanked his dad again for asking them to stay and that he was ready for them anytime. Of course, Robert asked more questions about the secret Folders and access panels and rooms and Collin and that was too much for his dad to answer right then, but he promised come Tuesday night he would answer them all.

Right then all Mr. Ken wanted to do was relax and unwind as he pulled his 'son' into a big hug and told him how much he had missed him all week. The two then just fell onto the bed and fell asleep together for a short nap. That was the first time Robert had ever slept in that room; let alone in bed with his new 'dad'.

Early evening found the two waking up with 'son' being held by 'dad'. The two woke at basically the same time and shared another hug as they got up to take care of a pressing bladder. Luckily, neither had a flagpole waving a 'tent'. They decided to go out for dinner and they found themselves at the Four Corner's Restaurant for their regular meal of a Bacon Cheeseburger, drink of choice, and a mix. This time there were no problems in getting their favorite table.

Mr. Ken had taken Robert to the racecar track, on several occasions, so they walked over there after they finished eating. The evening was quite cool so there was no line when they got there. Mr. Thomas talked to the supervisor and then he and Robert both got into the gas powered race cars and off they went racing each other around the track as fast as they could.

They must have been out there for half an hour, or more, when their cars began to sputter indicating they were running out of gas so they pulled into the starter area and shut the motors off. They were like two kids when they got off talking how fast they were going and how they kept passing one another. They had a blast that evening and to end it they went to DQ for an ice cream sundae to celebrate 'dad' Ken's return and their happiness.

Monday and Tuesday found Mr. Thomas in heated phone calls between himself, the factory manager, and his lawyers. The union had rejected the contract they worked on all last week and pressed for more money etc., etc., etc. Ken Thomas had gotten fed up with the union's demands, without regards to their dismal production record, and refused to further renegotiate the contract. He told them he would put the factory up for sale and hung up, he was so angry with the union bosses for leading their members down a primrose path.


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