The Air Boy


by Zarek A Dragon

Gary Carter was a second lieutenant in the US Army serving two tours in Afghanistan.  His son Evan was so proud of his dad that he decided upon graduation from high school, he was going to enlist.  Gary offered to pull some strings and get Evan into officer candidate school, but Evan insisted that he wanted to do this on his own.  In fact, Evan joined the US Air Force, hoping that no one would recognize his last name as that of his dads.

Evan always had a fascination with helicopters, but to be a pilot, he would have needed to be an officer, so Evan chose the next best MS. He trained to be a flight mechanic.  Evan did his Basic Military Training, or BMT, at Lackland Air Force Base.  Now mind you, for being eighteen, Evan just barely passed the minimum height and weight.  Everyone laughed when he told them that he was going to be a flight mechanic.  One airman said, “Dude, a wrench weighs more than you.”  Evan didn’t let that bother him.  He knew what he wanted, and he was going after it.

It was four weeks into training and Evan was in the shower.  Another airman walked in and said, “I’m so horny, I may fuck your ass.”  Evan gulped.  This guy was twice the size of him and Evan had never experienced sex.  But Evan was surprised because he kind of wanted it, too.  “I see that you like the idea, you’re getting hard.  You let me do this and I won’t tell a soul that you’re gay, and I’ll be as gentle as I was with my girlfriend the first time we did it.”

“I… I… I don’t know,” Evan responded.

The airman moved behind Evan and started kissing his neck.  He whispered, “I know that you want this.”  He started fingering soap into Evan’s asshole.

Evan admitted, “That does feel good.”

Evan felt the airman’s cock at his ass.  “I’m not going to rape you but if you don’t tell me no, I’m pushing in.  It may hurt for a bit.”  The airman waited to give Evan a chance.

Evan was a little scared but also curious as to what it would be like.  He knew that he liked boys more than girls growing up but living in a small town where his father was a hero, he never explored his feelings.  He simply asked, “You promise to be gentle?”

“As I said,” the airman responded, and Evan felt him slowly pushing his cock into him.  Every so often, he would stop and inquire, “Are you OK?”

Evan was biting his lip and nodded his head.  He couldn’t believe when he felt the airman’s pubes hitting his ass.  The airman nibbled on Evans ears while he waited for the boy to get used to the intrusion.  He whispered, “You’re tighter than my girlfriend.  If you like this, I wouldn’t mind using you again.  No one has to know your secret.” After a few minutes, Evan felt the airman starting to pull out.  When the airman slammed back in, Evan jumped a little.

“I’m sorry, was that too hard?” the airman asked.

Evan shook his head, “No, but I didn’t know what to expect and you surprised me.”

The airman took things slow and gentle until Evan let him know that he was good to go faster.  It wasn’t long until the air pushed in as deep as he could, and Evan felt the cock pulsating in his ass.  The air whispered, “I really need that.  If you’re in here tomorrow at this time, I’d like to do it again, unless you want to try sucking.”

Evan smiled and said, “We’ll see, but can I ask you, how did you know I was gay?  I mean, did I say or do anything to indicate that I was?”

The airman smiled, “No, no, no, no, no, no, I had no clue that you were gay.  I just came in here to shower and I saw your dainty ass.  It made me think of my girlfriend and how long it’s been since I’ve had sex. And I figured that as small as you are, you wouldn’t punch me for asking to use you.”

Evan was surprised when the airman pressed their lips together and slipped his tongue into Evan’s mouth.  When they parted, the airman said, “You’ve been good about this, so I thought you deserved a kiss.”

Evan started getting dressed and as he walked out the door, he whispered, “I’ll be showering the same time tomorrow.”  The airman just winked.

For the remainder of his BMT, Evan made sure that he took a shower every night at the same time.  Much to Evan’s pleasure, the airman did as well.  Evan did experience giving the airman a blowjob on more than one occasion, but most nights, he let the airman fuck him.

The night before graduation and when they would be assigned separate duty stations, the airman whispered into Evan’s ear, “You’ve been a wonderful fuck, even better than my girlfriend.  I almost want to break up with her and date you.  When you find a boyfriend, make sure he deserves you and treats you right.”

Evan smiled, “I appreciate that, I will. And thank you for being gentle this whole time.”

“Thank you for letting me use you and being discrete,” the airman said.  That night was the last time Evan ever saw him.