Voyagers Book II


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The Sooloo had spent nearly four months in space before returning to Earth. During their time in space, they have encountered their first alien, a Sinocardian named Zorn, and visited a few planets; Kepler 186f (aka New Earth), Draconia (aka Darastix) and a rogue star. They were also instrumental in the creation of Megrez' first planet, or child (Kairu). As they begin the next phase of their adventure, take a moment to remember where they have been and what they have seen.

Kepler 186f aka New Earth

Kepler 186fAfter leaving Earth, the SS Sooloo began its trip to Kepler 186f, a planet known as "New Earth." En route, it was noticed that the ship wasn't where it was expected to be. They were not off course, but instead, they were much further than they expected to be.

Kyle Robinson, with the help of others on the Sooloo crew determined that there was an imbalance in the ship's engines causing their velocity to far exceed what had been theoretically assumed. Through testing, they were able to establish a workable plan for making sure they knew where they would be en route.

Some thefts had occurred throughout the ship. Some feelings had been hurt as accusations were made, then when Jace entered quarters being repaired, the real culprits were found. Twin boys, eight years of age, had stowed away on the ship. They were using airducts as a means of entry and taking things they needed, or thought they need. Jace and Jordan took them in and filed for adoption. There was one thing the boys stole, actually several of this one thing, that could not be returned… the hearts of all those on the ship.

When they arrived at New Earth, they were surprised by the appearance of another Explorer ship, the SS Endurance. Their Chief Astrogator, Devin French, made an error in the computation of his course.

This offered an opportunity for the two crews to have a few joint operations, however, the Commander of the Endurance's away team objected to Jordan Rivers being in overall command and went 'off book.'

In addition, now-deceased crewman, Richard Head had sent a programmed message that would be sent if the Sooloo came in contact with the other Explorer fleet ship. This message was encrypted and after Jace, Brad, and Zorn worked on decrypting it, the message was found to be a plot to kill Kyle Robinson. The crew was able to circumvent this plan. It seems Devin French, the Astrogator from the SS Endurance needed to enter a code to activate this plan. After being rescued from this rogue commander, the crews of the SS Sooloo and SS Endurance found that there were other humans on New Earth. These were descendants of people taken from Norway on Earth and placed on this planet. They made the northern continent of the planet their home.

During his time on New Earth with Kyle, Devin and Kyle developed a friendship, or at least an understanding and level of respect for one another. Just as he was explaining about the message, the rogue commander, who had escaped custody attempted to activate the code to set Crewman Head's plan into motion. This plan failed and he was taken back into custody.

Dave, Hal, and Jordan met with the leader of the indigenous people of the planet and came to an agreement. Lars, the grandson of the Chief of the settlement was orphaned several years earlier and it was agreed that he would go with Dave and Hal as their son.

During an exploration of the southern continent, there was another group of settlers found. It seems that those on the northern continent had chosen to stop using technology and live a more harmonious life with their new planet home. The group on the southern continent continued using technology. The two groups almost never had contact with one another.

The SS Endurance, after receiving some help from the SS Sooloo, overcame some severe crew discipline problems. Some of the crew of the Sooloo transferred to the Endurance and others transferred to the Sooloo.

Rogue Star

AzazelThe Sooloo was forced through a rift into a stasis field by the Rogue Star, Azazel and became trapped in orbit. The Star Council had created the stasis field around the Azazel because of the star’s evil and destructive nature. Almost all the crew of the Sooloo came under the malevolent mental control of Azazel.

By chance, Kyle discovered that clothing and jewelry worn by members of the crew served as a focal lens for Azazel’s mental control and their behavior became insanely malicious. Kyle, Brad, Danny, and Steve, who were all naked, realized that they were the last hope to save the Sooloo. With the aid of the Star Council, which worked through Jason, Jonas, Lars, and Kyle, the boys commandeered the shuttle Raphael and left the Sooloo. Dave threatened to arrest the boys for mutiny and treason. The boys discovered a rift in the stasis field and were able to leave the field for open space.

Thanks to a note left behind by Lars, Dave removed his clothes in his ready room and was able to learn what was really happening. Engineering figured out a way to leave orbit and the naked bridge crew was able to maneuver the Sooloo to the rift. With the aid of the stars, who worked through the boys on the Raphael, the Sooloo was able to fly through the rift to freedom.

Dave dropped all charges against Kyle, Brad, Danny, and Steve and called them heroes.  Dave, Hal, Jace, and Jordan were relieved to have their sons back and ecstatic to learn the boys had also been heroes.

Draconia aka Darastix

DraconiaDraconia, or in their native tongue Darastix, is a  blue planet orbiting a blue star. Kyle thought this was odd since all the star charts show that Draconis Alpha should be white. As the Sooloo approached the planet orbiting the star, they were attacked by a race known as the Lizons.

The Lizons had been enemies with the Draconians for centuries. During the Draco-Lizon war of Earth's twentieth century, the Lizons were thought to have vanished. But a prophecy foretold of their rising and attacking again.

Thankfully, the Draconians came to the aid of the Sooloo, and were gracious hosts. They helped rebuild the Sooloo, even upgrading her systems.

Several crew members were married and adopted Draconian children. And the cooking staff learned many different Draconian recipes.


Kairu formingThe Sooloo discovered a derelict spaceship near the star Megrez. The derelict was a Draconian ship that was around 2000 years old. Hal led a boarding party consisting of him, Enzan Kage, Brad, Connor, and Kyle. They discover an artifact which was brought back to the Sooloo.

What they discover is that the artifact was a gift from Draconia to Megrez to give the star its first planetary system as thanks for the help the star had given them through the centuries.

The artifact contained a message from King Kairu, an ancient Draconian king and instructions to leave the artifact in one of the interstellar clouds in the near vicinity of Megrez. Once the artifact was in the cloud, they needed to arm it and get as far away as possible in the next ten hours.

While the Sooloo was fleeing, the artifact imploded, first sending out a shock wave which disabled the Sooloo's engines, then pulling back everything, including the Sooloo to form a planet from the dust and debris in the vicinity. When it looked as if the Sooloo would careen into the new planet, Kyle performs a maneuver using just the thrusters to put the ship into a roll and away from the planet and avoid disaster.

Once the planet was created, it was named Kairu in honor of the king who wished to give this gift to Megrez.

The Return Home

Earth on Main ScreenUpon returning to Darastix with the artifact, King Zedrick offered to give the RDS Kaisokusen to Earth as part of a good will gesture. Prince Zifaa was going aboard the SS Sooloo to be the envoy.

While en route to Earth, the Sooloo received a distress signal. Rescuing Commander Frank David, they discovered that the SS Stephen William Hawking was heading toward Earth. It took little effort to disable the Hawking and take her and her crew to Earth.


SS Sooloo flying

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