Three Finger Cove: Matthew ~ Book Five

Chapter Sixty~Five

Mr. Ken was up by 8:15 that Saturday morning. He got up, used his en suite, got dressed and went out for his morning newspaper. His coffee was waiting for him when he entered the Kitchen Nook. All he had to do was get a clean coffee cup, fill it and then sit down to read the paper.

Buddy Holly High School WINS

First Holiday Deco Competition

That was the headline on the left side of the top of the front page. It caught Mr. Ken's eye, and because he was the sponsor of the competition he wanted to read how the newspaper covered it.


In the first-ever Holiday Decoration competition sponsored by Three Finger Cove's owner Mr. Ken Thomas, Buddy Holly High School won over two other local high schools, Alvin York, which came in second, and Pleasant Hill, which was 3rd.

It was Mr. Thomas' desire to highlight the vocational training curriculums at the schools that he contacted them almost a month into the school year to see if they were interested in some competition with the other local high schools.

It was said that Mr. Thomas paid for all of the necessary items, up to $1000.00 that the vocational students would need to build their first year's project, a Toy Soldier. The high school students took to the competition with an intensity not seen before according to their teachers and advisors.

Even though they didn't have a tremendous amount of time to build their projects, their teamwork and internal drive to do their best showed up in their final products.

The announcement ceremony was held at Three Finger Cove and the winner was announced halfway through The Cove's fourth annual New Year's Eve Party.

What made this ceremony even more interesting was the fact that all three teams with their teachers and dates were invited to attend their own New Year's Eve Party also held at Three Finger Cove.

The students reported their New Year's Eve Party was held out in Mr. Thomas' four-car garage that was fully decorated for their special party and they had a live band, as well. They said they had the same buffet foods the main partygoers had, but they only had access to cold sodas, iced tea and lemonade to drink.

The biggest surprise for the high school partygoers was that the Texas Lt Governor was there to present them their trophies and certificates. That in itself was a dream come true for many of the students who never had the opportunity to meet someone so high in the Texas government.

It was then Mr. Thomas announced that besides a winner's trophy, there would be a Traveling Trophy that the winning school would keep until the announcement of next year's winner.

Mr. Thomas asked everyone who attended his two Christmas parties, one for his neighbors and the second for the movers and shakers of the community, and the guests who attended his New Year's Eve parties, to vote for the Toy Soldier design they thought was the best.

And, with a twist to the voting, even all the members from the three teams were asked to vote, as well. Wow, what a way to help your team win.

After the ceremony was concluded, the Lt. Governor took to the microphone and touted what Ken Thomas has done for the community ever since he arrived more than four years ago.

The Lt. Governor reminded the party-goers how their host used his own money to build the Lakeside Water Park and the Lake Water Safety and Rescue Team Headquarters and paid for the infrastructure that allowed the Four Corners area to be built up.

On top of those, the Lt. Governor told how Ken Thomas was currently building a hotel and office building out at the lake that would undoubtedly bring jobs and future development out there.

The last item the party guests were told about was the 800-unit apartment complex Mr. Thomas would start building right in two phases after the start of the New Year. The Lt. Governor told the guests that more than one-fourth of the apartments would be devoted to senior living and have their own separate entrance.

The crowd loudly applauded Mr. Thomas for his devotion to helping the community grow and making it a much better place to live and raise their children.

And as the students walked back to their own New Year's Eve Party it was said that Mr. Thomas intended to have a new competition next year and would announce the project at the start of the school year. The students at Buddy Holly High School said that next year's vocational students would have to work hard to keep the Traveling Trophy in their school.

Mr. Ken was pleased with the article. He felt the reporter did a great job for not being at the party. It was while the owner of The Cove was reading the article that Mr. Wayne came into the Kitchen Nook and got his first cup of coffee.

"Good morning, Mr. Ken," said Mr. Wayne, as he sat down across from his employer.

"Good morning, Wayne," replied Mr. Ken. "I just finished reading the article that describes the Toy Soldier competition and announcements ceremony. They did a good job for not being invited. Of course, any one of the dates could have been a plant by the newspaper," laughed Mr. Ken. "At least nothing embarrassing happened last night that would have taken away from those students' hard work."

"Mr. Ken, are you planning on taking the boys out for breakfast?" asked a freshly showered and dressed Mr. Wayne.

"What time is it?" quickly asked Mr. Ken.

"It's almost 9:30. If you hurry, I bet you could be showered and dressed within fifteen minutes," announced Mr. Wayne.

Ken Thomas jumped out of his chair and ran to his bedroom and en suite to see if he could get ready in fifteen minutes. As the owner was trying to get ready to take the kids out to breakfast, the boys were heading down the stairs.

"Where's 'dad'?" asked Matthew.

"He's getting ready to take you boys out to breakfast. Keep in mind if you go out you only have two hours before your friends arrive. So, you don't want to take a lot of time eating and talking," suggested the Estate Master.

While they waited for their 'dad', Robert picked up the newspaper and saw the article about the Holiday decoration competition. He decided to read it aloud, so his 'brothers' could hear what it said.

Just as Robert finished reading the article, their 'dad' came rushing into the Kitchen Nook with his hair still wet. The boys laughed at him because his hair was not only wet, it wasn't combed. When they told him and asked if he was starting a new hair fashion, he said he'd comb it in the van while Mr. Wayne drove.

They drove to IHOP and found it was already crowded. They were told it could be 30 to 40 minutes before they had a large enough table for a group that size. Charles asked if they had two tables open that they could break into two groups. They were seated right away.

Mr. Ken took the three youngest while Mr. Wayne took the two oldest. They weren't close to one another, so they couldn't talk about the Swim Party with one another. They did talk about the previous day, but only with the people at their table.

The Covers had a good breakfast and were satisfied and full as they left the restaurant. They did talk some about the previous day's Swim Party as they drove home. The boys asked when their 'dad' was going to pass out the new coins. They asked if in the beginning or at the end of the day.

Mr. Ken told them he'd probably do it while they were eating the leftovers. It was then he remembered he had invited the high school students, those who worked for him over the past two weekends, to stop by The Cove that afternoon to eat and receive their pay envelopes.

"Boys ... I just remembered, I asked the high school students who helped serve to stop by to help eat the leftovers and get their pay. So, there'll have to be a change of plans. Let's do it after you swim, instead," advised 'dad' Ken.

The boys said they understood. Kyle then asked if he could show their friends his 'crash & burn' video that they saw last night. Mr. Ken said he could, but had to figure out where to do it. He told them he didn't have a big enough TV screen that all the boys could watch at the same time. Kyle said he understood; that he just hoped he could show them how stupid he was back then.

The boys' friends began arriving as they usually did around twelve noon. The boys talked about the Swim Party and how much fun it was when their dads joined them in the pool. Some boys said their dads told them they loved having some fun time with them and it was great they had such awesome friends.

The boys started skating and what they all said was they couldn't wait until the new Cove Skate Park would be built. Some walked over to the area where the park would be installed. They took out their cell phone, looked at the picture and tried to envision where each element went. Unfortunately, they didn't know which way it would be pointing, so they could only imagine it.

The high school students, who worked for Mr. Ken at his three Holiday parties, came to The Cove that afternoon to be paid, and to enjoy some of the leftovers from last night's New Year's Eve Party. The boys had never taken a good look at the ramps, so they went to look them over.

The boys asked them if they wanted to try them. Russell and Jordan were always working as lifeguards, so they never got the chance to do that. They took them up on the invitation. Russell was very good on the ramps. Jordan wasn't as good, but was much better than many of the boys there.

Matthew told them their 'dad' was building them a skate park and pointed over to the top of the property. Robert used his cell phone to show the older teens a picture of it. The high school students were very impressed and asked if they would be allowed to use it when it was built.

Robert told them it wouldn't be finished until after school was out and, even then, everyone who wants to use it will have to have their parents sign a waiver. The high school students asked if he was kidding. Matthew quickly spoke up and said they were told yesterday after their 'dad' told their friends' parents during the Swim Party the same thing. Matthew added that it had something to do with insurance.

Mr. Ken came out to the ramps wanting to ask his 'boys' if they saw any of the high school students. He didn't have to ask, as there they were talking to the boys and girls.

"I wondered where you all were," said Mr. Ken. "None of you came to the Foyer Door, so I thought I may have told you the wrong day to come over to be paid. I'm relieved I haven't gotten Alzheimer's yet," laughed Mr. Ken.

We've heated up the leftovers and since you're all here why don't you all come inside and grab a plate and help us eat up of all of the leftovers. My caterer left everything, so there is a lot to eat. Unfortunately, there aren't enough seats for 50 people, but the boys are used to sitting on the floor. Aren't you boys?" laughed Mr. Ken.

The whole group walked into the house. Mr. Wayne had everything warmed and out on the serving counter. Mr. Ken let the high school students go through the line first. He figured once they ate they would be ready to go home. Well, all but Russell and Jordan.

After the boys went through the line they sat on the floor or took whatever seats in the Nook or Dining Room that were open. They all talked about the New Year's Eve Party, but the high school students were the most vocal as they talked about the Lt. Governor showing up and handing out the awards and trophies.

The high school students said they thought what happened that night only occurred in the movies and here they were a part of something they never ever considered would happen in their lives. Mr. Ken told them that every year he's invited the top officials of Texas Government including the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General and others to his Holiday Parties

Mr. Ken told them he was as totally surprised as they were when the Lt. Governor decided to attend without a courtesy call. He told them at his first Holiday Party, the Governor showed up. That put the high school students in an 'Oh, wow' moment. They had to ask Mr. Ken to tell him all about that Party.

That telling took longer than he wanted. And not only were the high school boys and girls interested in what happened, but the Cover boys' friends were also interested in hearing that story as well. Then, Eric spoke up and said he was at that Party. So, they asked him what he saw that night. That added another 30 minutes to the telling with the questions the students and friends asked.

The high school students thanked Mr. Ken for their pay envelopes. He explained to them that they might find their pay envelopes could very well be different, if they decide to compare them. The man explained that some of their friends did extraordinary jobs, like being under the hot and humid platform passing up presents to Santa.

The man added that some also worked extra hours like lifeguarding his 'sons' over the weekends, and that one of them took care of his beach and marina. They knew whom he was referring to and understood what he was saying,

Mr. Ken thanked them again for their hard work and told them he hoped they would be available to work again next Christmas or maybe if he has any special parties during the year. He then told Russell and Jordan to get to the pool to make sure the kids don't kill one another. The students had a good laugh over that.

When the high school students left that afternoon, they had a much better perspective of whom Mr. Thomas was. They heard what the Lt. Governor said about all the things Mr. Thomas was involved in around their community. Now, after hearing about that first Christmas Party, where the Governor attended, they knew he was someone the community should look to admire. They also realized that he obviously had the ear of many high-ranking political figures, and people should at least listen to what he had to say.

Russell and Jordan waited for the boys to show up and jump into the pool and use up all their pent-up energy. The boys didn't start swimming until later in the day than they usually did. Mr. Ken knew that, but he didn't want to cancel it just because he had two items he wanted to give the boys. He just sat back and waited until the time was right. When it was 4:30, Mr. Ken went to Robert and told him they needed to get out and why. He asked his son to tell them to hurry it up, too.

It was close to 4:45 when all the boys were all dried and dressed. Mr. Wayne had them gather in the Great Room while Mr. Ken went to get the two things he wanted to pass out to them.

"Boys, I had intended to do this earlier, but the storytelling with the high school students went longer than I intended. Thank you, Eric," laughed the man. The boys joined in.

"OK, I have two things I want to talk to you about. First ... I have a belated Christmas present for all of you. Including my four foster sons. Mr. Wayne is passing them out right now and I want you all to wait until everyone has one. Then, on the count of three you can tear into the gift," explained Mr. Ken.

When the owner of The Cove and gift giver saw everyone had a gift he told the group, Mr. Ken said loudly, "Three'!" The 40 boys tore into the small gift and before long there was shredded paper all over the Great Room. Mr. Ken realized he misspoke, but it was too late.

"Hey ... it's a Three Finger Cove keychain just like Robert's," yelled David, Charles' friend.

The rest of the boys had gotten into their gift by then, and they too saw it was the sought after Three Finger Cove keychain.

"I knew so many of you liked the one I got Robert as his adoption gift that I decided that you all would get one, as well. I hope you will use it wisely and take care of it. They are specific to The Cove and cannot be gotten anywhere else other than through me. Please don't lose it," advised Mr. Ken. "You may want to go to that place in The Mall that engraves and get your name put on it."

"Now ... I would ask you to put them away, because I have one more thing I want to talk to you about that is very important. I talked to all of your parents yesterday, at the Swim Party, and they all agreed to what I am about to tell you.

"Mr. Wayne is about to pass out a coin. Most of you will recognize it when you see it. Please don't do anything with it until I explain the coin to you," counseled Mr. Ken.

When all of the boys had their coin, Mr. Ken got their attention.

"OK, I see everyone has a coin. It looks like a commemorative coin that you could have won at a county fair, or bought it, or even had it given to you. In this case, the coin was given to you.

"Boys ... these coins are ... security devices. Matthew and Kyle have already activated theirs and so we know they do work. What type of security device are these, you may ask? These coins can be used to summon the police and they can only be used once.

"Let me explain. Matthew ... he was visiting his doctor. His mom followed him there and accosted him and wanted him to go with her. He was afraid she would take him to those men who were arrested trying to rob that armored truck. His mom knew them and they were afraid he'd overheard they were talking about trying to rob that armored truck.

"You all know about Matthew's dreams and it was those dreams that helped the Sheriff's deputies to thwart those men as they tried to rob that armored truck at gunpoint. Getting back to the coin. When Matthew's mom was holding him he was scared, so he squeezed the coin.

"Is that what we have to do? Squeeze it?" asked Noah.

"Boys, do NOT and I stress NOT, squeeze your coin. Let me explain further. When Matthew squeezed his coin it activated chemicals inside the metal. That started a chemical reaction that caused a battery to be created that in turn made the coin send a signal to a satellite.

"The people at the electronics plant I own, where these are made, received the signal and they in turn, contacted me and together we pinpointed where Matthew was. The Sheriff's deputies were dispatched and they arrested his mom.

"Now, as for Kyle. He too was at his doctor's appointment when he asked to go to the restroom. When he was in there longer than Mr. Wayne felt he should be, he went in looking for him. A man stopped Kyle inside the restroom and when Mr. Wayne went to get Kyle away from the man he was assaulted. It was then that Kyle activated his coin and Sheriff's deputies were dispatched.

"Why am I giving them to you? It is because you aren't here at The Cove 24/7/365 and there could be a time that you are accosted at The Mall, along the sidewalk coming home from school or anywhere else. Look what happened to Robert and Logan at the water park. If they had their coins then it wouldn't have taken me so long to find them.

"Boys ... I am providing them to you ... so you have a method to call for help if you or someone you're with needs help. These are NOT play toys. Do you understand? It is important that you do NOT tell anyone else what the coins can do. At school, I am sure you will show the keychain and the coin to your other friends. All you need to tell them is that I gave them to you as a Christmas gift, which is the truth.

"Now ... as how to activate them. All you need to do is squeeze the front and back together for a few seconds. The longer the better to ensure the chemicals are mixed and the battery comes to life. The coin will get quite warm, so just take your fingers and thumb off it. The coin will send a signal to the satellite and the authorities will be notified.

"Now ... what are the chances you'll ever need to use it? Nil and none," said Mr. Ken.

"Yea, but Matthew and Kyle used theirs. Why won't we need to use ours?" asked David. "If we had them that night those men tried to kidnap us, it would have come in handy."

"Yes, David, that is true. And that was a reason why I pressed for these to be developed sooner than later. I ask you to take them everywhere you go. But please don't play with them or hold them. Just leave them alone and when you are ever in a dangerous situation you will have something to use to summon the authorities," finished Mr. Ken.

"Yea, but we have our cell phones. So, why would we need a coin that can only be used once?" asked Nicholas

"Well, what if you were kidnapped and they took your cell phone away from you? It is hoped they won't take the coin. And if they do, you ask them to let you keep it as it is something your mom or dad gave you. The idea is that once you have it you squeeze it and someone will come for you," answered Mr. Ken.

"Geez, this took longer than I had intended. Boys, once again, do NOT squeeze the coin until you have to. And hopefully, you never will. Again, if anyone asks please don't tell them what the coin is for. Just tell them it was a gift, which is not lying. And, if you have any questions ask Robert or Charles or Eric, even.

"Now, before you leave, I need to know which registration number you have on your coin. Mr. Wayne will help me, and so will Robert. I already have your parents signed permission, so just let us see the serial number and you can go home.

"And, remember ... tomorrow is a 'family' day for us. The boys will see you all in school on Monday. I hope you will enjoy your belated Christmas gifts. I'm sorry for keeping you for so long boys," finished Mr. Ken.

The Cover boys walked their friends up to the Main Gate. They talked about the Christmas gifts and Matthew's friends were thoroughly shocked they were included. They'd only known Matthew for six or seven weeks and here they were being treated as if they'd known him for as long as the other boys knew their Cover friends. Max was the most surprised of anyone.

Noah and Greg met their parents at the gate and they showed them the Three Finger Cove keychain. The parents knew about the coin, but they were just as surprised as their son was when they saw the unique keychain that was based on the one Mr. Thomas had given his son as his adoption gift.

Once all the Cover's friends were gone, Mr. Ken asked the boys what they wanted to do for dinner. Robert said he was tired of brisket and wanted something different. Charles asked them if they could go to the pizza place that had all the games in the back. Matthew asked what that was all about. After hearing what offered, it didn't take long for Matthew to remember that he'd already gone there with his 'brothers'.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the boys began to hurry inside, but Robert told them to wait for their 'dad' and Mr. Wayne. The teen remembered from back when they did that to Mr. Wayne when his dad was away and he didn't want his 'brothers' to repeat that bad scene.

Mr. Wayne knew immediately to get out his credit card when the seven Covers entered the pizza establishment. Mr. Wayne looked at the pricing board and told the cashier there were three adults and four kids. He then handed the credit card to the cashier and signed the bill for only $34.83. He thought that was a total bargain for the seven of them. He knew if they'd gone anywhere else, even over to Four Corners, the bill would easily have been four if not five times that, not counting the tip.

The boys got a plate, filled it with pizza and then found a table big enough for the seven of them. They went to get their drink of choice and a fork and napkins. When they returned the boys dug right in even though their 'dad' and their Estate Master were still getting their food.

"Thank you for waiting for us," casually said 'dad' Ken.

"If we'd waited our food would be cold, 'dad', so we dug right in," replied Matthew.

"Well, I guess when you only get pizza and not a nice salad or cup of soup and maybe even a baked potato your food could get cold faster than ours. But, boys, they do have two different macaroni noodles and sauces as well as mac and cheese," suggested 'dad' Ken.

"Yea, but Momma gives us those enough times. But, we don't get pizza often enough to get our fix," replied Charles, with a smile.

The boys went back to the pizza bar a couple of more times and each time they went they didn't overfill their plates. They knew they could eat as much as they wanted, but they also knew they shouldn't make a pig of themselves. Matthew did try the noodles and sauces and said they were edible, but they were nothing like what Mamma Maria fixed for them.

When the boys were finished eating, Robert asked his dad for some money, so they could each get a game card. Dad Ken told his son he didn't have $70.00 in cash on him, so he asked the teen to talk to the cashier if they had game cards Mr. Wayne could purchase with his credit card. Robert and Matthew quickly left the table.

Mr. Wayne used his credit card to buy seven game cards. He figured he and Mr. Ken should have some fun as well. Robert and Charles took the three younger boys to the game room and reviewed with them how to use the cards in the machines and to make sure they got their tickets afterwards.

Dad Ken and Mr. Wayne headed back to the game room as soon as they finished what was on their plates. When they entered the game area the boys were all playing one of the over forty different games. When Matthew saw 'dad' Ken, he wanted to challenge him at the shooting range.

There were four rifles at the laser shooting range so Matthew, 'dad' Ken and Mr. Wayne all inserted their game cards into the pay slot and when they were ready they picked up their rifle and began shooting at the targets. They each had ten shots and when they hit a small red and while bull's eye the character moved crazily. After all ten shots were taken Mr. Wayne had won to Matthew's chagrin. Matthew made sure to take the winning coupons for all three of them.

Matthew wanted to ride the air bumper cars. He talked the two men into doing that with him. While they were in line, Kyle spotted them and he ran over to get in line with them. The air bumper cars ride only had eight vehicles and they were rarely all ever used. When it was their turn, the four Covers each got into a bumper car and when the operator turned on the air pump the four went after one another.

The other Covers saw their 'brothers', 'dad' Ken and Mr. Wayne on the ride, so they went over to watch. What they saw that was funny was that every time Matthew was hit by either of the two adults, he would go skidding across the floor. But that didn't deter him. He'd recover and go after the adults with a vengeance.

Kyle didn't fare any better than Matthew did. He'd also be bumped back, but he and his 'brother' were having fun and the smiles on their faces told the whole story. When it was over, Matthew hugged both men and thanked them for doing that with him. The lad was all smiles.

The other boys challenged the adults to other games. Then when their game cards were spent, they talked Mr. Wayne into buying them another one. Mr. Ken raised his eyebrows at the purchase. All Mr. Wayne said to his boss was that he was told to make sure the boys were treated well, but he was not to spoil them. Mr. Ken just swallowed hard and watched his 'boys' having fun.

They stopped at their favorite ice cream store on the way home. The boys told their 'dad' that all that game playing burned off all of those pizza calories, so they had room for an ice cream sundae or banana split. Before they left, Matthew was selected as the sacrificial lamb to get Chief her cup of ice cream.

When the Covers returned home, Matthew ran into the house and said, "Chief ... come and get it!" He said that to make it look like the resident pet wasn't waiting for them as they came into the house.

Chief was already there, but she heard her 'boy' say something as if she wasn't waiting for them. She knew right away he was trying to tease the rest of the Covers, so she ran away and came back to the Kitchen Nook barking up a storm.

It was when the Covers came into the Nook and heard Chief barking and coming to a paw sliding stop they were surprised she wasn't already waiting for them. Chief then gave Matthew a few of her special kisses and the boy put her ice cream cup on the floor for her to enjoy.

After Chief was finished eating her cold treat, Matthew went over to her and gave her some behind the ear scratches and whispered in her ear, "Thank you." Chief gave the boy a few more kisses.

The Covers met in the Study. They talked about their day, but the boys wanted to talk about the keychains. They thanked their 'dad' again for their special gift. Matthew was looking over his when he asked his 'dad' if he would ever have a key to put on it. That stopped everyone from talking.

"What would you need a key for Matthew?" asked 'dad' Ken.

"Well ... what good is a keychain ... if you don't have a key to put on it," reasoned Matthew.

"Hmmmm, you make a good argument, their 'son'. But ... when have you ever needed a key?" asked the owner of The Cove.

"I haven't, but why get me a keychain then?" directly asked the young Cover.

"Well, I wanted all of your friends to have one, because I knew from when they saw Robert's they all wished they had one. So, I decided that if I got one for their friends why wouldn't I get one for my sons', too?

"As for a key, right now ... I think only Robert has a key to the house. I gave him one after he first began living here because Ms. Johnston was always complaining about him using the Foyer Door. I wanted Robert to know he was a part of The Cove and he could use that door.

"Charles ... did I ever give you a key?" asked 'dad' Ken.

"No 'dad', I don't have a key," replied the pre-teen.

"I know Mr. Dan has one," spoke up Kyle. "He uses it when he comes over unannounced," added a smiling Kyle. "And, I bet Momma Maria has one and maybe Mr. Chris, and Ms. Judy?

"Boys ... I don't see a need that you have a key to the house, just yet. There is always someone here and when you go out, either Mr. Wayne or I would be with you. But, I promise you ... that if it ever comes a time when you are home alone after school I will give you one. So ... will that be OK with you?" asked 'dad' Ken.

"I'd still like a key for my chain," spoke Matthew, to no one in particular.

All the boys laughed at their 'brother' because he was, at least, persistent.

"Boys ... tomorrow is the last day of your Holiday vacation. And ... I want it to be one that we all do something together as the 'family' we have formed. I know you would have enjoyed your friends coming over, but we don't do enough together. I am hoping we can go out to breakfast, drive the Go-Karts, play some miniature golf, watch a movie together, or maybe swim some.

"I want you all to try and sleep in. I know that if it was Monday you guys would sleep until ten with no problem," laughed 'dad' Ken.

"What say we are all downstairs and cleaned up and ready to go out by ten. Then, we'll head out for breakfast. I want to go to the Four Corners Diner because we've only been over there once in the past three or four weeks. I need to show my face.

"Then, we can go to the Go-Kart track and drive the karts. I am going to make it so we get a longer than normal race in. I know the operator and I'm going to use my influence on him. The track may be closed until we're finished," laughed 'dad' Ken some more.

After that, we can play some miniature golf and then come home and watch a movie together and then swim or vice versa," finished 'dad' Ken.

"'Dad', could we maybe watch the movie as a Dive-in Movie?" asked Matthew. I think it would be fun to do that with just the seven of us. We can use the floats and do two things at once," suggested the youngest Cover.

"Yea, dad that sounds cool. It would be fun if we did that," added Robert.

Dad Ken agreed to think about doing the Dive-In movie. He told them he'd make the decision after they come back from driving the go-karts and playing miniature golf. The boys all smiled at the prospect of the Dive-in Movie.

It was getting late, so 'dad' Ken sent the boys up to their rooms to relax some before getting under the covers. He told them he and Mr. Wayne would be up shortly.

Chief slept in Matthew's room that night, and the whole house was pin-drop quiet the entire night.

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