Piano Forte

Chapter 39-The Young Master Musicians

Around eight-thirty the five members of the Master Musicians met in Austin and William’s room. Gary’s room was in the same suite as their room and Titus had slept with him. Ned had slept with John and arrived the same time as Gary and Titus.
“I assume we all had about the same kind of fun,” William said.
“ASSume is the right word for what Titus and me did,” Gary said. Titus nodded in agreement.
“It works for me, too,” Ned said.
“You really did it with John?” Austin asked.
“I did. The Canuck is a virtuoso horndog.”
“And what about you two?” Gary asked Austin and William.
“The word ASSume fits us, too,” Austin grinned.
“The word hungry fits me even better right now,” William said. “Let’s go eat.” Nobody argued and the five set out for the dining hall.
“Where is John?” Austin asked Ned.
“He’s got a workshop at nine, so he got up, showered first, and headed to breakfast,” Ned replied.
“You guys didn’t shower together?”
“I wanted to get some snooze time in.”
“Makes sense,” Austin nodded.
William grabbed a six-person table, and the three younger boys went through the buffet line. William left for the buffet line as soon as he saw Titus approaching.
After all the boys were situated, William said he wanted to propose something.
“Like a toast?” Titus asked.
“He’s already got his toast, complete with butter and jelly,” Austin pointed out.
William let the chatter slide off him. “It’s something I’ve been thinking of since we came up with the name Master Musicians,” he said.
“Do you think we should have a different name?” Gary asked.
“Just a little bit different.”
“What and why?”
“Let me ask you this: if you heard of a group called the Master Musicians, what would you see in your head?”
“I’d see us,” Ned replied.
“But if you didn’t see us, what would see?”
“A bunch of gray-haired dudes with beards. So what? We come first in my head.”
“But what if everybody else saw the image of what you just said?” William asked.
There was a moment of silence as the boys chewed on their breakfasts. “Oh, I think I get it,” Austin said. “You think we need to get gray wigs and fake beards, so we look like our name.”
“One of these days I’m going to put you over my knee and spank your bare butt.”
“I know Austin is being goofy, but I think I know what William      is thinking. We need to have our name show that we’re Master Musicians but that we’re also a bunch of young dudes,” Gary said.
“Which means we should be the Young Master Musicians,” Austin stated.
“Good job, love, you just made up for being a goofball,” William said. “That’s exactly what I was thinking of. I think we should call our group the Young Master Musicians.”
“I vote yes,” Austin called out.
“Me too,” Gary said.
Ned spoke up next. “Me three.”
“And me four, and with William that makes five and we are now the Young Master Musicians,” Titus concluded.
“Damn, you guys are easy to work with,” William grinned. “I love you all.”
“And we love you, William, especially me,” Austin said. “I think we now have a great name. Now all we need is to find a piece of chamber music for two pianos, violin, flute, and guitar.”
“Maybe Ned can write us something.”
“I’ve never written anything for more than two instruments.” Ned said. “I could talk to my composition teacher about what to do, but I’ve only got two more workshops left.”
The boys finished their breakfast with small talk then went back to their rooms to brush their teeth and headed to where they needed to be at ten o’clock.
Austin entered Practice Room 5 where Christian and Benny were warming up. Both were stripped down to t-shirts, boxers, and socks. “Didn’t you guys eat breakfast?” Austin asked.
“An early one, then we came here to see if any rooms were available and sure enough the one we reserved for ten was empty. We’re all ready for you to hang your sign so we can strip down naked and play some Mozart.”
After those preliminaries were taken care of, Christian and Benny waited patiently while Austin did his warmups on the piano. When he was ready, Christian got them started and the three got to work on the third movement of the Mozart K 502 Trio.
At ten to eleven, Christian announced that he thought they were ready. “Not bad for not having played it together for a few days,” he said. “Do you want to meet to play again tomorrow or shall we go with what we have?”
“You’re the boss,” Austin answered.
“Nobody’s the boss. We’re an ensemble and that makes us all equal.”
“My morning is full tomorrow, but I could do it in the afternoon.”
“I’m just the opposite,” Benny said.
“We could always do a really early rehearsal like we’ve done before,” Christian suggested.
“I don’t like that idea,” Austin said. “I play three times tomorrow and I want to be rested and ready.”
“Don’t you play two times today?” Benny asked.
“No, just once.”
“Still, that’s four times in all. How do you get to play that much? I mean I know you’re really good, but there is a limit of two in the semis and finals,” Christian said.
“The limit is two solos, and I only have one in the semis. I am playing with one ensemble, I have two duets, and I am the accompanist for one.”
“Wow, it must be nice to be popular,” Benny groused.
“Calm down, Benny,” Christian told him. “It helps even more to be a damned good pianist.”
“Good point,” Benny conceded.
“Then we go with what we have, which I think is also pretty damned good. Oh, and you were right about doing it naked, Austin. It was all about the music. Hell, none of us even got a boner, although if I keep sitting here with you two, who knows what’s going to happen.”
The boys dressed and headed for their next venue which for Austin was his Expanding your Horizons workshop where he figured he would set flute playing back a few centuries.
That ended up not being the case. Ned, who was a prodigy on the flute, helped Austin a great deal in their spare time. Austin played “Yesterday” by the Beatles with only three missed notes and while his rendition lacked the kind of flair he put into his piano playing, it was as good as anyone in the workshop had done on their new instrument. Ned had admittedly butchered his try at playing the cello a few days ago. He hugged Austin and asked him if he was ready to trade in his piano on his own flute.
“The piano is MY instrument,” Austin emphasized.
“Maybe, but the flute is easier to carry around,” Ned said.
“True, but I don’t have to worry about getting spit in my instrument.”
When the session ended, Austin left feeling good about what he had accomplished. Unlike William, however, he had no desire to take his secondary instrument any further.
Austin and Ned went to Practice Room 6 where they would practice their flute and piano works which they would be playing the next day. Austin hung his CAUTION: NUDIST AT WORK sign on the door and he and Ned proceeded to strip. Austin loved the little piece that Ned had composed. He considered the Canadian boy to be his equal in talent if for no other reason than he could compose and transcribe music.
He had no doubt that the boy he had taught to jerk off less than a month ago had surpassed him sexually. Austin smiled to himself as he looked at his naked friend who was close to matching Gary in the horn dog department. His sister Shannon’s efforts had no effect at all in keeping him away from learning about the world of sex from the then Master Quartet. She would be living with an entirely different little brother when they returned to Canada. Who knew what a little over a week in Seattle would do to his suddenly stimulated libido? Austin could hardly wait to find out.
After running through their two short pieces a few times, the boys felt confident that they would give a good performance in the next day’s recital. Their room reservation still had twenty minutes left, so two naked boys compared notes on their performance. Austin noted that Ned was playing with himself as they talked and that his uncut cock was starting to swell.
“Remember how we keep talking about doing something with Jordan in his booth?” Ned asked.
“Yep. Some of us should help him out before we go since watching us practice in our underwear and sometimes even naked probably makes him sex crazy,” Austin giggled.
“Well, some of us have done some stuff, but we should give him a good-bye present.”
“He’s going to be doing stuff at the festival. We’ll probably see him then.”
“I know, but it’s not the same. The festival is going to be all over the Seattle Center and the Convention Center so we might never see him. I think a good-bye present for him would be cool.”
“What do you have in mind?” Austin asked.
“Gary talked with Jordan this morning and he says that he’s got the media room blacked out for rehearsals after you get done with your gramps tomorrow. He needs to work on some end of camp things. His assistant, Lindy, will be helping him until lunch and will be back to help with the program.”
“Not much we can do if he’s busy for that hour.”
“He says he won’t be too busy for some fun with the four sexiest boys in camp. It won’t take him all afternoon to do what he needs to do since Lindy will have a lot of stuff organized already.”
“Did he really call us the four sexiest boys in camp?”
Ned nodded. “He groped my dick and my balls and said he hopes we can all come at two. I got hard so fast I thought I was gonna faint. But Canucks are tough, and I was okay.”
“Is the boner you have now gonna cause you faint?”
“Not if you help me with it.”
“Then sit next to me.”
Ned rose from his chair and sat next to Austin on the piano bench. Austin was hard now as well. He reached over and started masturbating Ned’s three-and-a-quarter inch boy tool. Ned moaned with pleasure and reached for Austin’s three-and-half inch hardon.
“Do you wanna suck me?” Ned panted.
“Yeah, I’d really like to suck you, but Mary Kwon has the room next, so let’s just get off and dressed before our time runs out.”
“Mary Kwon is really nice for a girl. She’s not stuck up or anything like most of them are.”
“Plus, she’s a really good pianist, maybe even better than me.” The opinion of the camp staff was that Mary was technically superior to Austin, but Austin had more flair and showmanship at the keyboard. Mary hit all of the right notes while Austin missed a note occasionally but conveyed more emotion in his playing than Mary did.
“I don’t know about that. I just know we gotta quit yapping and finish what we were doing,” Ned said.
But I will do this….” Austin drooled a big wad of spin on his hand and then wrapped it around Ned’s erection, lubing it some.
Ned grunted his approval and did the same to Austin. The two friends whacked each other’s hairless cocklets frantically and orgasmed within seconds of each other a couple of minutes later, Austin getting his clear spooge on his pubic region and on Ned’s hand while Ned had a dry cum.
Just as they got their breath back there was a knock on the door. “It’s me, Mary. Are you boys almost done?”
Both boys jumped up and grabbed their clothes off the room’s small table. “Almost,” Austin yelled out.
Mary heard the scrambling through the door. “Are you still naked like the sign says?”
“Um…we’re just getting dressed.”
“Can I please come in?”
“I won’t tell anybody I came in before you dressed. Please. I’ve never seen a boy naked.”
Austin looked at Ned who, like him, was still holding his underpants. “Why not?” Ned asked. “Camp’s almost over and who cares but the Young Masters and we’d be telling them anyway.”
“She’s really a nice girl and I trust her if you do,” Austin said. “Okay, you can come in but you won’t ever tell anybody at this camp.”
“I swear on the Bible.” Mary opened the door and gasped when she saw the two naked boys standing in the middle of the room, each holding a pair of underpants.
“Come in and close the door before somebody comes by and sees us.”
Doing what she was told, Mary stepped completely into the room and shut the door. She walked to the table and set her folder on top of the boys’ clothes, never taking her eyes off them.
“Do you like what you see?” Austin asked. Ned had been struck speechless at being seen naked by a girl. He was wishing he hadn’t been quite so eager to agree to her coming into the room.
“Like I said, I have never seen a boy naked before.” Mary sounded quite cool and collected for a thirteen-year-old girl looking at naked boys for the first time. “I’ve seen pictures and drawings. We learned all about the male sex organs in health class, but this is so different.” 
“And like I asked, do you like what you see?” Austin asked again. Despite having just had an orgasm, he could feel himself stirring; not because a girl was looking at him naked but more because a stranger was looking at him naked.
“I don’t know if I like it or dislike it, but I do find both of you interesting,” Mary said in her analytical way. “It is enlightening to see live what I’ve only seen a picture of. I like how your penises jiggle while you move. But it looks like Austin’s is starting to become what I believe is called an erection.”
For some reason, Mary’s clinical description made Austin get more excited than some girl going all gaga over seeing a boy’s penis. He stood straight and watched as his tool moved to an erect position without any mental or physical aid. Austin thought it was weird he was reacting the way he was, but he made no attempt to analyze it. Ned’s little penis remained soft.
“Why is it that your testicles are hanging down a little, but Ned’s are so tight to him that you almost can’t see them?”
“It’s because my genitals are more mature than Ned’s,” Austin replied. He showed Mary that he could use the proper terms just as well as she could.
“And why is it you have an erection, but he does not?”
“That’s just the way it happens sometimes.”
“And what kind of liquid do you have on your abdomen and above your penis?”
Austin looked down and saw he had never had a chance to wipe off his cum and for the first time he turned red with embarrassment. He could see that Ned, who was standing behind Mary, was doing his best not to laugh.
Ned then came to Austin’s rescue. “We have to get dressed, we’re meeting somebody for lunch and we’re already late.”
“May I watch you dress?” Mary asked.
“You might as well,” Ned said. “I mean you’ve seen us naked, so I don’t think it makes much difference.”
Mary sat on the piano bench as the boys quickly dressed. “See ya, Mary,” Austin said.
“Thank you for the chance to look,” Mary responded. “I hope you two do well together tonight.”
“It’s tomorrow night,” Ned said. Austin picked up his briefcase, Ned grabbed his flute case and they whizzed out the door. Austin made a quick stop to take down his sign and then they continued on.
Ned burst out laughing as he and Austin bounded down the stairs and raced to the parking lot. “I can’t believe you still had your cum on you,” he said gleefully.
“I never had a chance to wipe it off and when she knocked on the door I forgot I had it on me. Thanks for rescuing me.”
“Hey, it’s what Young Masters do for each other. We are a team after all.”
“That was totally crazy. She was talking about us like we were a couple of statues in a museum or something.”
“How come you got hard?”
“Hell if I know—because I’m in puberty I guess.”
They reached the parking lot where Gene, Ms Zimmer, Titus, Gary, and William were waiting for them. Gene looked at his watch. “Well, we did say ten after and it is ten after, so technically you two are not late.”
“Mary Kwon was after us and she had all kinds of weird questions,” Austin answered truthfully.
“I hope she came in AFTER you guys got dressed,” William said.
Austin shot him a glance that caused William to raise his eyebrows and smirk. “Or maybe not,” he murmured.
Austin, Gary, and Ned rode to Alfred’s in Gene’s car while William and Titus rode with Ms Zimmer. The three boys in Gene’s car sat together in the back seat as prescribed by law.
“Did she really see you naked?” Gary mouthed.
Ned and Austin both nodded.
“I can’t wait to hear about it,” Gary said a bit more vocally.
Gene had made lunch reservations and they were quickly seated as soon as they entered. The waiter came to take their drink orders and after bringing their drinks, took their lunch orders.
 Not surprisingly, the chat was mostly about music. After their lunches were served, the chatter died down some. But Gene did have a topic he wanted to discuss.
“I wanted to talk about the new name for the Master Quartet,” Gene told the boys. Even though Ms Zimmer knew what Gene was going to say, she listened intently.
“It became the Master Quartet Plus One, gramps,” William reminded him.
“Yeah, but it sure didn’t keep that name for long,” Ned said.
“No, it didn’t,” Gene said. “I believe I heard you say that it is now The Master Musicians. And that is what I wish to talk to you about.” All five boys wanted to shout out that the name had changed again, but the plan Austin and William had hatched was for them to sit and listen patiently.
“We’re interested in hearing what Gramps’ ideas are before we tell him what we did,” William had told them.
“I like the name you picked, but I believe that for a group of young boys it is a bit pretentious,” Gene went on. “You are all excellent musicians, but a bit young to be called THE Master Musicians. You may want to look into changing it.”
The boys sat in silence until, according to plan, Gary asked, “What if we don’t want to change it?”
“Then don’t change it. I am merely making what I hope is a strong suggestion that you will take the time to consider.”
“Well, it didn’t take us any time at all, right guys?”
“Right,” they all responded in near unison.
“Then I suppose we should probably move on.” Gene was obviously disappointed.
“May I interject?” Ms Zimmer asked.
William gave the signal that it was time to come out with the truth. Their goal was to give Gene a hard time as a payback for some of his teasing and not to get Ms Zimmer involved.
“Feel free,” Gene said.
“Just what is the current name of your quintet?”
For some reason four sets of eyes turned to Austin. The redhead blushed with embarrassment; he thought the group would look to William to answer. Instead, all of them, including William, were looking at him.
Austin took a deep breath and then said, “We are The Young Master Musicians.” He spoke with a confidence he didn’t feel.
“When did this change happen?” Gene asked in surprise.
“This morning.”
“But you just said…Oh, I get it. I believe I was getting my leg pulled by The Young Master Jokesters.”
The five boys broke out in gleeful laughter after having gotten a modicum of vengeance. 
“Did you know about this change?” Gene asked Ms Z.
“I did not, but I have worked with children of this age enough to recognize smirks of satisfaction when I see them.”
“What inspired you to make the change, Austin?”
“William. It was his idea, and the new name was his idea. All I did was agree and answer your question,” Austin replied.
“What inspired you then, William?”
“Like you said Gramps, our name was a bit pretentious. I thought being Master Musicians was a good idea but being young meant those musicians were us.”
“You are one bright grandson.”
“Why was our name a big deal to you?” Austin asked.
“Because I have an idea for the Festival. There are some openings in the schedule in some of the smaller rooms just begging for somebody to fill and why not put your group on for some of them. The Master Musicians would attract a crowd expecting older boys or even adults, but your name does as William says, it tells who you are. This will be a youth music festival after all.”
“There isn’t much the five of us can play together, though,” Gary said. “I bet there isn’t anything we can all play together.”
“True, but we can play some duets and trios and whatever. I mean we have performed together in smaller groups,” Austin pointed out.
“And Ned is talented at composing and transcribing. I bet with some help he can come up with a grand finale all five of us can play together,” William said.
“But I’ve never done anything for more than two instruments at a time,” Ned protested.
“This is a good time to start then,” Gary told him.
“I don’t see why not, but I’ll need some help.”
“I’m willing to help,” Gene told them.
“As am I,” Ms Z said. “And Mr. D and I have a friend who is a composer who would love to become active in the Festival and this just might be his chance.”
Titus then spoke up for the first time. “What if we find a sixth person?”
“No biggie,” William said. “Nothing in our name says how many of us are in the group. And Ned can always write a transcription of his music for six instruments. With our help of course,” he grinned.
“But won’t we have to schedule what we’re playing way in advance?” Austin asked.
“Nope. The schedule itself as to which group is playing where is put together in advance, of course,” Gene said. “But the program for each performance is printed the night before to allow for the kind of flexibility something like the Festival requires.
“Did you boys have somebody in mind?”
“No. We just thought that it would be nice having an even number in our group,” Gary answered.
And I bet I can guess that the reason has nothing to do with music, Gene thought. “Well, good luck in finding somebody,” is what he said. “Any particular instrument?”
“All we want is a boy who fits in with us,” Austin answered.
“A boy, not a girl?” Ms Zimmer asked.
“Being a boy is a good start to fitting in with us,” Gary replied.
“Whatever suits your needs,” Gene said understanding that a girl would not fit into their nonmusical activities.
After finishing lunch along with a dessert, the group returned to the Bainbridge Academy’s campus. It was almost one-twenty when they pulled into the parking lot. Gene had the Media Room reserved until three, which would give Austin and Gary about forty-five minutes each to work with Gene.
“Remember the Young Masters meeting after you’re done with Gramps,” Austin reminded Gary. Gary said he would be in their agreed to location and Austin followed Gene to the Media Room.
“What do the Young Master Musicians have on the agenda for this meeting,” Gene asked Austin as he closed the door to the hall.
“We just want to discuss our plans for the last couple of days of camp, things we might want to do during the festival since we’re all going to be there and whatever else we can think of.”
“May I have five or ten minutes of your time to talk about the Young Master Musicians’ recital schedule and remind you all to decide what you are going to want to perform and when.”
“That’s going to take longer than ten minutes,” Austin said.
“All I plan on doing is to get your brains to start thinking about the topic. I’d like to have a meeting Saturday morning to go into more detail.”
Saturday was the last full day of camp. All the workshops would be finished by Friday afternoon and the only item on the schedule was choosing the best of camp from the eight finalists that would be playing the Saturday afternoon recital.
“We all have room cleanup and everything to do,” Austin reminded his Gramps.
“The finals should run from one to around three. My meeting won’t take more than forty-five minutes. I think if you get inspired, you boys can get your rooms clean and your bags packed in the five or so hours you have to do it. What you don’t finish, like stripping your beds can be done Sunday morning.”
“Yeah, you’re right. It just feels like a lot to do in the time we have so I guess it makes me nervous.”
“You’ll do fine. Now, let’s get to the Mozart Concerto 13.”
Austin was an amazing sight reader with a more amazing memory. He had done a run-through of the first movement of the concerto on William’s electric piano. He even found himself air playing his imaginary keyboard while riding back to school from lunch. The big thing Austin wanted to know was how he was going to work the orchestra part into his practicing.
“Well, before you do anything else sight read the orchestration and see how your solo keyboarding melds with it. Knowing you, once you’ve studied what the orchestra plays, when you practice the piano role, you will have the orchestra performing in your head as you play.”
“What if William learns the basic themes on his guitar and plays along with me? William wants to visit me in Bellingham for a couple of days between the end of camp and the beginning of the Festival and he was thinking that was something we can do together.”
“If William thinks he can do it, then by all means take advantage of it,” Gene said. He had no doubt William was capable of converting the themes to his guitar. The question in his mind was would William have the time to create something useful for the two of them.
Austin stripped down to his briefs, socks, and shoes, did a quick warmup, and set to work playing the first movement piano part. He was playing it on an acoustic piano for the first time and it was a big grand piano at that.
Jordan sat in his booth monitoring an audio recording of Austin’s practicing. He thought about what Ned had told him that morning—that the group once known as the Master Quartet and now called the Young Master Musicians wanted to meet with him sometime between three and four.
Jordan told him he would wait for them until four o’clock and then he’d head for the auditorium to begin the setup for the night’s recitals. He remembered that at the beginning of camp he did the work under the supervision and tutelage of Mr. Andrew Kaminski, the regular media room technician. Andrew had worked with Jordan during the school year and knew what he was capable of. His training at the start of camp was to ensure he could handle being in charge of the camp’s media needs. By the second week in camp, he was convinced that Jordan was as good or better than he was and left him in charge, checking on him twice before leaving on a long trip during the third week of camp.
Jordan looked out at the redheaded twelve-year-old dressed only in a pair of green briefs with dark blue trim and hoped that the boys wanted to do something sexual with him. He was eager to find out if that was what the meeting was going to be about.
Gary entered the practice room just as Austin and Gene finished. He stripped down to his boxers, t-shirt, and socks while waiting for Gene to give Austin some final thoughts. He thought the air conditioning had the room a bit too cool to take off his t-shirt, plus he felt a little uncomfortable being close to naked while working with Gene. He wasn’t worried about Gene doing anything, it was just that being nearly undressed while working with an adult, especially an icon like Eugene Delacroix, just didn’t feel right. He knew that Jordan was in the sound room and was probably perving on him. That didn’t bother him because tomorrow the Young Masters would be perving on him.
Gene worked with Gary on some advanced techniques that Gary had yet to master, mostly because he had never been properly taught them. While Gary knew he could never be as good as Austin, he also knew that he could be a much better pianist than what he was, and that Gene was doing a great job of teaching him new things.
When Gene finished with Gary, Gary dressed, and he and Gene found the other four members of the Young Master Musicians seated in the front row of the auditorium. Gene went quickly through what he wanted the boys to think about for their meeting Saturday morning. After dealing with the expected moans and groans, Gene and the boys settled on a 10:30 meeting time in one of the main office conference rooms.
After Gene answered everyone’s questions regarding their assignment, he left the boys to hold their own meeting. They were excited about the Young Master Musicians becoming a performing group at the Festival even if it was unlikely they would be performing as a single ensemble. Ned told his friends not to give up because this was his chance to go from playing around with composing to composing something special and important.
“I just wish I had more time,” he said.
“Why don’t you see if you can come back down to Seattle a lot earlier so you can spend time working with the friend of Ms Z and Grandpa Gene,” William suggested.
“My parents would freak. Not only that, my sister would super freak.”
“Let Gramps deal with your parents. And as for you sister, fuck her.”
“I know my brother has,” Gary giggled.
“Are we all in with messing with Jordan at two tomorrow?” Austin asked.
“If he agrees to do it,” Titus reminded them.
“Why wouldn’t he?” Gary asked. “He said he was closing the media room for the afternoon and he needs to get some attention after going crazy watching some of us stripping down to practice.”
“All he’s been able to do is jerk off in his sound room. If we do this he’ll be able to live in his fantasy,” Austin told them.
“You guys have fun,” William said. “I have another commitment at that time, plus I’ve done my thing with him and Austin knows. And in case you’re wondering, if I could do something one on one with him, I would.”
“Maybe you can at the Festival,” Austin said.
“I’ve thought about that. I’m going to see what can be arranged. I just wish you guys could record whatever you do for posterity, but that would create a major scandal for the school. After all, it would be just a wee bit illegal.”
“No matter, I think we’ll have fun,” Ned said.
“And we better go see him and see if he wants to do it and more important, if he can do it,” Austin said.
The four younger boys headed for the Media Room and William headed for Practice Room 4 to work on his Schubert Impromptu. The boys passed the Media Room and stopped at the door to the sound room. Gary rapped on the door which was quickly opened by Jordan. The teen grinned when he saw who was knocking.
“I wondered who was knocking on that door and turns out being the four sexiest boys at the Bainbridge Music Camp. Come on in, guys.” He stepped aside and the four Young Masters paraded in. “What brings you to my kingdom?”
“We have a big-time question to ask you,” Gary answered.
“Oh? Well, it’s good that your question is a big-time one because that’s the only kind I answer. And just what is this big-time question?” Jordan hoped it had to do with sex and he wasn’t disappointed.
“Well, since you’re closing the media room tomorrow afternoon and working here in the sound room by yourself, we thought we would like to reward you for being so cool and doing lots of extra work for us during camp,” Austin said.
“Does this reward have anything to do with sex?” the seventeen-year-old media tech asked.
“Well, we think we give pretty good blow jobs and you deserve the best,” Gary replied.
“I love you guys,” Jordan grinned. He’d had a crush on Austin, Gary, and Ned since he had first seen them. He hadn’t seen enough of Titus to have similar feelings, but now that he was getting a good look at the eleven-year-old he thought Titus fit into the sexy group of boys perfectly. “How does two sound tomorrow?”
The four boys looked at each other and nodded. “It sounds perfect,” Austin told him.
“Great. I will be ready for you. And by ready, I mean I am not going to jerk off today or tomorrow and when you show up, I will be starkers.”
“We’re cool with you being naked as long as we can join you as soon as we come into the room,” Gary said.
While Gary was making his statement, Ned opened his shorts and pulled them and his briefs down past his knees, displaying his hairless three-and-a-quarter inches of boyhood. “And this a sample of what you’ll see if you let us strip tomorrow,” he said. He shook his hips so his little hardon would wiggle back and forth.
“I’m sold,” Jordan grinned. “Strip away. But for now you will need to pull up those pants since Alejandro and Mary Kwon should be here any minute so I can do a video of their last rehearsal for his “Trumpeter’s Lullaby”.
Ned quickly did as told. “We’ll see you tomorrow,” Austin called out as they started out of the room.
“I’ll be seeing you guys tonight at the program,” Jordan reminded them. After the boys left the room, Jordan sat at his console wondering what he could do to keep himself from spontaneously erupting.
The Thursday performers were all semi-finalists. There were eight performances, three of them involving members of the Young Master Musicians. The staff and audience members would vote for four winners to move on to the finals. 
Austin could tell the competition would be tough when Alejandro played Leroy Anderson’s “Trumpeter’s Lullaby” with Mary Kwon accompanying him on the piano. They had been good the first time and had stepped up their playing to awesome in the semis, leading to enthusiastic applause.
William played his Schubert Impromptu flawlessly and, as in his first playing, he displayed a beautiful touch and the piano literally sang.
Ned and Gary played the impromptu version of Ned’s transcription of “The Entertainer” for flute and piano that had wowed the audience on Tuesday. While it wasn’t note for note the same, the overall effect of their playing showed the same enthusiasm and teamwork. When they finished, the audience showed the same loud appreciation as they had on Tuesday. The audience was larger than the regular recitals as many parents had come to Bainbridge Island for the semifinals. A number of local residents were in the audience as well.
The next Young Master performance was William and Austin playing Boccherini’s “Fandango”. The audience roared as soon as they came on stage. A girl’s voice shouting “I love you, Austin!” could be heard through the noise. Austin was certain it was the same voice he had heard on Tuesday. He knew there was no way he could ever figure out who it was. He decided he needed to have a friend in the audience to play spy for him when he played tomorrow.
Austin shook his head to get his concentration back. He then adjusted the bench, moved it in a bit, and nodded to William that he was ready to play. This time they weren’t quite as sharp or lively as the first time. Austin and William could feel it. They also knew they were damned good, just not quite up to where they thought they should be. The audience loved them. As they stood and cheered, Austin scanned the audience in case the mystery girl yelled his name out again. She did and while Austin could narrow down the part of the auditorium the words came from, there were a lot of girls sitting together there.
All the soloists and ensembles followed the no encore rule even as the audience cheered for encores. The semifinalists all hoped they would get the opportunity on Saturday. The impatient campers paced in the waiting area backstage as the votes were quickly tallied.
“I can’t believe we weren’t as good as we were on Tuesday,” William grumbled.
“We were still super good,” Austin reminded him.
“But everybody was super good tonight. I think we’re good enough to almost win automatically but we weren’t tonight.”
Austin walked up to William and looked up at his face. He reached around and held his boyfriend tightly against him. “We were more than good enough tonight,” he told William calmly. “That’s how good you and I are—even if we weren’t as good as Tuesday, I know we were still good enough to go to the finals on Saturday.”
Dr. Boardman and Ms Zimmer came back to the waiting room. “Let’s go onto the backstage. Mr. Sherman is ready to announce the four finalists,” Ms Zimmer said.
Mr. Sherman quieted the audience and then went through the kind of speech a good Camp Director was supposed to make in this situation, and he was a good Camp Director.
“Remember, everyone who played tonight is a winner and should be applauded for their amazing talent and efforts.” The audience dutifully applauded. He finished with the requisite line of praise that was appreciated by everyone. “And that goes for every camper here who performed on that stage during our nightly recitals. You are all winners and helped make this an incredibly productive and fun camp. So, how about applauding yourselves and your fellow campers.
“And now for our four finalists, who are being announced in no particular order. For their rendition of Leroy Anderson’s ‘Trumpeter’s Lullaby’ Alejandro Lopez and his accompanist Mary Kwon will be playing on Saturday afternoon.” The announcement was followed by loud applause.
“Next is William Delacroix who played Schubert’s Impromptu number two.”
Austin gave William a quick hug along with a quick kiss on his left cheek. He didn’t care who saw him kiss his boyfriend, but he did try to make it look as innocent as he could. “Way to go, Billy,” Austin said over the applause and cheers from the audience.
“You are so doomed,” William grinned. As good as he was, William had never placed in the finals in his previous camps. Feeling very emotional, William was afraid he might start tearing up. But Austin succeeded in putting a smile on his face when he whispered the nickname he hated from everyone except his boyfriend.
When the audience calmed down, Mr. Shepherd went on. “Next we have William again, only this time playing the guitar along with Austin Richards on the piano for the lively rendition of Luigi Boccherini’s ‘Fandango’.” The announcement was met with the loudest applause yet, along with whistling and cheering and the mystery voice calling out, “I love you Austin.”
“And finally, Gary Wright and Ned Walsh for playing Ned’s original transcription of Scott Joplin’s ‘The Entertainer.’ More applause along with Gary and Ned receiving hugs from Austin and William. Four of the five members of The Young Master Musicians had advanced to the finals. The only one who hadn’t was Titus, who would be playing in Friday’s semi-finals. The camp staff was not surprised by the dominance of the Young Masters and in particular Austin and William. The group was made up of a quintet of some of the most talented and hard-working musicians in the camp.
The finalists, as well as the four others who would not be continuing, stepped down into the seating area of the auditorium and were met with parents and friends for congratulations and consolations. Ned’s parents had driven down from Vancouver BC and sought him out as soon as they saw him step down from the stage. He received big hugs from both. His sister Shannon, who had not qualified for the semis, did little to hide her disdain for her little brother, even though deep down she felt a sense of family pride for his accomplishment.
William received congratulations from his father, mother, and grandfather. “It’s about time this place realized how good you are,” David Delacroix said as he gave his son a hug.
“All I did was listen to somebody special who told me I could be better than what I thought was my best.”
“In other words, what you thought was your best wasn’t actually your best,” William’s mother said.
“That’s what Aussie told me,” William responded. He looked directly at Austin when he uttered his new nickname for his boyfriend. Austin stuck out his tongue but also flashed a smile.
“You sounded good enough to me all these years.” Not wanting the issue to be his son’s inadequacies, William’s father stuck to his position of blaming others for his son’s failures at the camp, which, not surprisingly, was the position William had been taking as well.
“Does anybody know who that girl is who’s been shouting out my name during the applause?” Austin asked.
“Nope, except that she’s been sitting with the same group of girls the last two nights,” Gene answered. “I’ll keep close watch on them tomorrow. Not that I can blame her for falling for my best student.”
Josh Fielding, Austin’s long-time piano teacher, was the next to congratulate his pupil. Austin’s mother and brother would be coming down from Bellingham for the next day’s semifinals, Saturday’s finals, and to take Austin home on Sunday.
“I can’t help but be impressed with how coming to camp has changed you,” Josh told Austin after giving him a hardy handshake.
“What do you mean?” Austin asked.
“What I mean is you’ve shucked your shyness and play with confidence and a stage presence you never showed before. You’ve always been an amazing pianist for your age, but now you have become a performer as well, which brings your playing to an entirely different level.”
“I second that,” Gene said. “Austin, you don’t just sit at the piano and play all of the proper notes, which by itself made you a much better pianist than what one would expect of a twelve-year-old, you now project your enchanting personality from the stage to the audience.”
Austin blushed with embarrassment, then felt a sudden surge of warmth as William placed his arm around his shoulder. “Austin has made me better by showing me how it’s done,” William smiled.
A girl came up to Austin with a big smile on her face. Two other girls were following her. Austin recognized the girl as Natasha Havel, a twelve-year-old oboe player. He knew one of the other girls was Jill Swayze, also an oboist, and Marci Grant a decent pianist, but not up to the caliber of Austin, Gary, or Mary Kwon.
“Oh, Austin, I think you are soooooo fine,” Natasha gushed. Austin knew right then that Natasha was the mystery girl. “Don’t I always say that?” she asked her friends.
“Always,” Jill agreed.
“Do you hear me calling out your name?” Natasha asked.
“Always,” Austin replied, causing William to suppress a giggle. The only things he knew about Natasha was she had lost her cherry in camp to Titus’s roommate, Carlos. He thought she was cute, at least for a girl, but didn’t think of her as being sexy.
“I hope you win on Friday,” she said. “I love how you play.” She pointed to her two friends. “We all love how you play.” Jill and Marci both giggled and the three girls walked away.
Gary had heard the entire exchange while standing with Ned and Titus in the next row up. “Boy does she have the hots for you,” he said. “I wonder if Carlos knows, not that it matters. Titus says Carlos has fucked his second girl of the camp a couple of days ago.”
Austin was about to comment when Mary Kwon walked up. “You were so outstanding tonight,” she told Austin.
“You and Alejandro did pretty well, too,” Austin responded.
“He did all of the real work—I just accompanied him,” Mary said modestly.
“Accompaniment isn’t easy, and you were really good.”
“I hope to be better tomorrow.” Mary would be playing Mendelssohn’s Opus 62, No. 6, one of his “Songs Without Words.” “I wanted to ask you if I could borrow your door sign for my eleven o’clock time in Practice Room 12.
Austin gave Ned a quick glance. Ned smirked and shrugged his shoulders. “Sure. Ned and I will be in Room 8 at nine so you can come by at the end of the hour to get it,” Austin told her.
“Thank you. You were outstanding tonight.” Mary turned and walked away without waiting for a response.
“Wow, you are really Mr. Popular,” William told Austin. “You have groupies screaming out your name…”
“Only one of them screams out my name,” Austin pointed out.
“…and the most proper girl in the entire camp tries to find ways to see you naked.”
“She wants to see Ned naked.”
“It must be the red hair that sends them into ecstasy. I know it sends me.”
“Are you even listening to me?”
“I am, but you can’t deny the truth.”
“What are you going to do tonight?” Gary asked William.
“I guess I’ll find out at snack time when I see John,” William replied.
“Why don’t you join us for our big night. I mean now that we’re The Young Master Musicians and you’re one of them you should be part of our big night. According to your grandpa we will have some recitals together so we might as well have, you know, fun together.” Just before Gary was ready to say “sex” he saw Gene, David, and Dr. Boardman standing close enough to overhear what he was saying.
“Yeah, sure, fun. Let’s talk about it while we eat our snacks.”
“Then let’s go eat.”
Austin and Gary were walking together from the school to the dining hall. “I think William is too hung up on age,” Gary told Austin. “Just because he’s a couple of years older doesn’t mean he can’t have fun with us. He is a part of our group after all.”
“He’s not hung up on the age difference between him and me,” Austin pointed out.
“That’s because you two guys are boyfriends and love each other.”
“Is that what they mean by love conquers all?”
Ned and Titus led the group of four up the stairs to the dining hall. William had gone out ahead of them even before the four had left the school building. 
Upstairs in the dining hall, William was sitting with John. Both had already grabbed some cookies and milk. “You can go mess around with your group if you want,” John said.
“I kinda promised I’d sleep with you tonight,” William reminded him.
“I might need to help somebody out tonight.”
John pointed to Steve Wright, who was Gary’s fourteen-year-old brother, who was approaching the table carrying a slice of carrot cake. “Hey guys, what’s happening?” Steve asked as he sat at the table.
“Snacks,” John replied. “How did your problem work out?” 
“She said no way. And here I’ve been saving it for her and now I’m totally horny.”
“What’s all this about?” William asked.
“I thought Shannon was going to sleep with me tonight and I’d get a couple more fucks in. But now she’s got a conscience and says she can’t be in a boy’s bed when her parents are in town.”
“How are they ever going to find out?” John asked.
“Don’t ask me. She’s probably afraid Ned will rat her out or something.”
“So then, what do you guys think of this idea? Steve is horny, William is horny, I am horny. Like, I think we’re all totally horny just like you said. So, why doesn’t Steve sleep with me in my room and William can have fun with the orgy Austin and his friends are going to have.”
“Does that orgy include my little brother?” Steve asked.
“Yep. Why, do you want to join them?”
“Fuck no, because first I’ve never had sex with my brother and second, I want to fuck somebody really bad. And it’s not going to be my brother and his friends, and it’s not going to be Shannon, so I guess it’s going to be fucking my hand.”
“How about fucking me?” John asked.
“You’re a boy.”
“So, it’s just a one night stand. And if you like it, you can try it on your brother after you guys get home from camp.”
“What’s William going to do?”
“He can have fun with his Young Master Musicians group, right William?”
“I think I can handle that. I know they want me to join them. And speaking of the little brats, look who just walked in.”
“Okay, I’ll try fucking you to see if it’s as good as you gay guys say. But you don’t get to fuck me and no kissing.”
“But we can mess around with each other, right? You know, do some rubbing and petting and stuff like that.”
Austin and Gary walked up to the table. “Hey, bro, where’s your girlfriend?” Gary asked Steve.
“She dumped me for the night,” Steve replied.
“Whoa, wait until Ned hears that,” Austin said.
“What are you going to do with your horny self?” Gary asked.
“What makes you think I’m horny?”
“Just because I’m younger than you doesn’t make me stupid, you know.”
“I’m going to break up this little bout of brotherly love and say that Steve is sleeping with me tonight,” John said. “Now, how about you guys join Ned and Titus and snack away.”
“You’re sleeping with a guy?” Gary asked incredulously.
“What’s William going to do?” Austin asked.
“It never hurt two horny guys to give each other a hand job, now go!” John ordered.
“And I am going to join you guys,” William told Austin. He rose from the table, taking his cookies and milk with him.
The Young Master Musicians were soon sitting at their own table, snacking away as John had ordered. When William learned that the rest of the Young Masters were drinking chocolate milk, he went to the drink dispenser and refilled his glass with chocolate milk. “Are you just joining us for snacks or are you going to join us for everything?” Ned asked William after he rejoined the table.

“I’m doing what you guys wanted, and I guess when I really think about it, what I wanted, and that’s join you guys.”
Austin gave William a quick kiss on the lips. “I knew you really wanted to be with us,” he grinned. “Let’s make tonight the official start of The Young Master Musicians. And when we’re all together at the festival we’ll always have tonight to remind us what an awesome group were are.”
“That sounds good to me,” William said. Gary, Ned, and Titus were all in agreement as well. The boys finished their cookies and chocolate milk and headed for Gary’s room.
“We have two beds and a floor for us to mess around,” Gary pointed out.
“Four beds, since we can use Austin and William’s room, too,” Ned said.
“Let’s try to do everything in one room,” Austin said.
“We could start by getting our clothes off, which I’m going to do in my room,” William told them. “Then I don’t have to worry about my clothes.”
“Same goes for me,” Austin said, and he followed his boyfriend out the door. When Austin and William came back, they were naked as were the three boys who stayed. All five boys were sporting throbbing erections.
“Does anybody have a ruler?” William asked.
“I have a tape measure, but it’s in my room,” Ned said. “I know, I know, what do I need a tape measure for. My mom thought it would come in handy.”
“Put your undies on and go get it,” Gary told him. “We’re all going to measure our cocks, right?”
“You figured it out.” William grinned.
“You want me to go out there in just my underpants?” Ned asked.
“Unless you’d rather do it naked,” Gary told him.
“Well, hell, why not?” Ned pulled his keycard out of his pocket and walked out the door naked.
“The little fucker actually did it,” William laughed. “I hope he’s taking the stairs and not the elevator or somebody could be in for a big surprise.”
When Ned entered his room, Steve and John were just starting to undress. “Holy crap, it’s a naked flutist,” John said. “Damn, you’re getting pretty bold at the end of camp, roomie.”
Ned found his tape measure in the second drawer of his dresser and took it out. “We’re going to measure,” he said. “And as long as I don’t get seen, who cares what I’m wearing.” He grabbed his little boner.  “Oh, and speaking of flutes, I just know this one is going to get played more than once tonight.”
“Nice boner,” Steve said. “Is that what my brother’s looks like?”
“Pretty much except he’s cut.”
“Yeah, there is that. Well, you guys have fun.” Steve and John were now naked and were sporting erections of their own, both of them a bit over four inches.”
Ned left the room saying, “You guys have fun because I know I will.”
“I wonder what it would be like watching him fuck his sister,” Steve told John.
“Damn you have a dirty mind.” John giggled. “You two should have had a three-way with Shannon to find out.”
“That makes your mind dirtier than mine.”
“I guess that means it’s time for you to find out how dirty minded gay guys do it.”
“I thought I was going to do it to you,” Steve said.
“That’s what I said,” John smirked.
Austin let Ned into Gary’s room after hearing his knock. “I see you found it,” Austin said.
“I didn’t have to do much finding since I knew where it was.”
“Did anybody see you naked?” Gary asked.
“Just Steve and John and they were naked by the time I left.”
“Let’s measure,” William said. “I nominate Titus to be the official measurer.” Nobody objected, so Ned handed the tape to Titus.
“This means I get to touch everybody,” Titus grinned.
“You can touch me first,” Gary said.
Titus sat on Gary’s bed and pulled the end of the tape out of the receptacle. He measured Gary’s erection, making sure to get a good feel. “Three and a quarter,” he announced.
“It’s my tape, so I’m next,” Ned said.
He stood in front of Titus and let Titus pull back his foreskin to expose his glans and then measured. “Three and one eighth.”
William rose from the spare bed where he was lolling lazily on his back gently stroking himself. His cock was leaking precum. He smeared his cock on Titus’s face and then stood still to be measured. “Four and three quarters with hair and sticky,” came the announcement.
Titus finished with Austin. “Three and a half with a little hair growing,” was Titus’s declaration.
“A hair?” Austin gasped. “Where?”
Titus pulled on a thin little wisp that was half an inch long if that. “It’s not red, though, just kind of a light color like what’s on William’s legs,” Titus informed them.
“Hey, it’s a start,” Austin said proudly.
“I’ll measure Titus,” Ned volunteered. He and Titus switched places and Ned measured his friend. “Two and three quarters.” He looked up at his friend and said, “And the sexiest two-and-three-quarter inches in the whole camp.”
“Now what happens?” Gary asked. “I’m ready for something.”
“Well, I want to try something,” Ned said. He had everyone’s attention as he sat next to William on the spare bed. “Can I sit on you?” he asked the older boy.
“Do you mean, like on my chest, or on my dick?” William asked.
“Your dick. John said it can be fun to sit on somebody’s dick and ride it.”
“Why not? And if you don’t like it, you can just get off of me.” While William knew the Young Masters were very sexual, he couldn’t help but be surprised at their brazen sexual behavior. He knew what Austin liked to do, of course, he had seen or heard about what the other three boys did, but watching eleven-year-old Ned maneuvering himself so he could sit on William’s cock was something he needed to adjust to. When Ned arrived at camp, he still hadn’t enjoyed his first orgasm and now the boy was going to ride his cock.
Ned was about to slide his ass down William’s teen cock when a moment of clarity hit William. “Hey, Ned, before you go any further, it might help if you lubed my cock and your bung hole.”
“Oh, yeah,” Ned said. “I just started doing this butt fucking stuff and I forgot all about it.”
Austin grabbed the lube they had set out on the empty desk, dipped his hand into the jar, and spread it over William’s leaking erection. Next, he fingered Ned’s ass to slicken it and then backed away, admiring his work. “You guys can go for it now,” Austin told them.
Ned started the process over again. His ass hole hovered over William’s cock and he sat lower until it entered him. He kept lowering himself, stopping to fight off any discomfort, until he had the entire length of the erection inside of him. “Now what?” Ned asked.
“Now it’s ride ‘em cowboy,” William told him as he reveled the tightness and warmth of the tween’s tight ass surrounding his erection.
As Ned did as he was instructed, Austin was kneeling before Titus and Gary who were deep kissing each other. Austin traded sucking their boners with jerking off the boner he wasn’t sucking.
Gary was the first of the five to cum, shooting squirts of clear cum into Austin’s mouth. “I want you to fuck me, Austin,” Gary moaned as soon as he pulled out of Austin’s mouth. Austin grunted and went back to Titus. From his vantage point, Austin could see Ned riding William’s cock. It was all such a turn-on that Austin shook from a spontaneous orgasm, shooting three drops of watery cum onto the rug.
William caught everyone’s attention when he moaned a long, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhit,” and filled Ned’s ass with his teen spunk. William told Ned to rise off him so he could remove his cock from Ned.
“Fuck me, Austin,” Gary repeated. “I’ll suck Titus while you do it.”
Gary climbed onto his bed and got on his hands and knees. Titus stood at the end of the bed and watched Gary wrap his lips around his small boner while Austin lubed up Gary’s ass and slid his cock into it.
Austin quickly got into a rhythm as he plowed Gary’s tween butt. Gary now had Titus’s cock in his mouth and Austin’s cock in his ass. Ned walked up behind Titus, his cock slick with lube, and asked him if he could stick his cock in his ass.  Titus, whose inhibitions were now gone in a flood of pubescent hormones, grunted his assent.
William sat up on his bed and watched as the original Master Quartet performed an impromptu work together. Gary on the bed with Austin dog fucking him. Titus standing at the end of the bed as Gary sucked his cock while Ned fucked his ass. William couldn’t believe how all this had him hard just minutes after he had cum in Ned’s hot rear.
Titus was the first to orgasm, his cock spasming as he came dry in Gary’s mouth. His orgasm squeezed Ned’s cock. Ned had been close to the edge when he entered Titus’s rear and the squeezing of his best friend’s ass was all it took to send him into a dry cum of his own. Austin then squirted into Gary’s ass with his second orgasm of the night.
Having Titus pull out of his mouth and Austin pull out of his ass left Gary with an empty feeling. He saw William jerking off on the other bed. He rose from his, walked over to the teen and sat next to him. He told William to stop what he was doing and then placed William’s cock into his mouth. William suggested they move into position for a sixty-nine, which is what they did. Ned, Titus, and Austin looked on as the two sucked each other until Gary, and then a few seconds later, William had their second orgasms of the night.
Outside of the room’s door, the proctor, who had heard noises from the room, shot his teen cum on the door with some final drips on the floor, put away his cock, and zipped up. He thought about wiping his emission off the door but turned and walked away instead. Let the little pervs figure out what was on the door by themselves, he thought. He stopped and looked back, wishing he could have seen what had transpired in the room.
“Wowsers, that was amazing,” Gary gushed. “Was that what you call an orgy?”
“That not only was what you call an orgy,” William replied, “I think you could say that WAS an orgy.”
“The Young Master Musicians played together for the first time,” Austin grinned. “I thought we were going to just jerk off together and go to bed. I never thought this would happen.”
“Well, it did,” William said. “It looks like Ned, the rookie, got us started and once the hormones kicked in there was no stopping us.”
“Did I do something wrong?” Ned asked.
Gary gave him a big hug. “You didn’t do anything wrong,” he told his friend. “What you did was fucking right.”
“No pun intended, I’m sure,” William said.
Gary paused and then had his “aha” moment. “Well, it wasn’t intended, but it was a pretty good one.”
“Okay, who’s sleeping with who?” Austin asked.
After a round of chatter it was decided that Gary and Austin would sleep in Gary’s bed, Ned and Titus would sleep in the empty bed, and William would sleep in his own bed. “I’ll be sleeping with my Aussie tomorrow night and the rest of you won’t be together again for a couple of weeks or so and might not be able to sleep as a group when we’re all in Seattle for the Festival. So, do it tonight. I think we’re all pretty tired. I know I am. I bet all that’s going to happen once we piss and brush is we get into bed and sleep.”
“That’s really nice of you to do, William,” Gary said.
“Now you know why I love my Billy,” Austin grinned.
William did fall asleep right away as did Ned and Titus. They wrapped their arms around each other as soon as they got under the covers, reveling in the warmth of each other’s smooth young bodies.
Gary and Austin still had some leftover hormones in their systems and went from cuddling to French kissing, to holding each other tightly, to dry humping each other to their third orgasms of the night. Austin’s was dry, but Gary still had a little shoot out. After cumming the two friends fell instantly to sleep.
The Young Master Musicians bonded in many ways that night. They realized that they were truly sexual creatures when they were together. The artificial barriers that had been holding them back had come down. And they understood that the music they played together went far beyond what they did on their musical instruments.
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