Boise ID Book 1: New Life

Chapter 7: Silent Night


A quick recap!

Mike had come out to his friends, but it didn't turn out the way he wanted it to go. He left one friend behind after getting beat up. His friends Leo and Jay took him away to heal up before coming out to his mother. Mike's mother wasn't too happy about the news of her son and reacted in the worst way possible. He has been removed from the family. Mike and Shared an intimate moment where they shared their first kiss and kicked off their relationship. Mike is now a part of the Medina family with a few ground rules, and Leo comes out to the family, leaving the boys very happy and having the support they need.


It was about six o'clock when Mike woke up. Though he was a bit perplexed as to when it was or where he was, as he sits up, he realizes that he is in a hospital bed and has no memory of how he got there or even why. As he surveys the room, he sees all the different medical tools such as the heart rate monitor and a tray with some medication on it as well. He looks around behind him by turning his body but finds that it gives him excruciating pain in his chest, so he grabs the nurse button and calls for one to come in.

Not a minute later, a nurse comes in holding a white clipboard under his arm wearing a nurse's scrubs with some anime symbols scattered across it. He has a smile across his face when he sees Mike. "Hey kid, looks like your up. How are you feeling?" He asks this as he moves to the EKG and notes what the monitor is showing to him. After jotting the information into his papers, he looks to mike fixing his sheets.

"What happened to me? Why am I here and why does it feel like a train hit me in the chest?" Mike begins to ask these questions as the monitor showing his heart rate begins to rise, and the machine begins to beep, alerting a high heart rate. "Mike you need to slow down." Mike starts to relax a bit, looking out the window seeing the sun start peeking through the night clouds. The nurse looked back at the monitor seeing that his heart rate had slowed down, and went back to a regular rate for his age. "Good, now im going to answer a few of your questions. You had a fracture rib from something and last night you fell off your bed and it broke it, it was a clean break so you got lucky… but the bad part is that it slightly punctured your lung, you to very lucky that your dad found you when he did and got you here as fast as he did, we were able to reset the rib and fix your lung draining it of some blood that got into it. You will be in some intense pain for several weeks."

Mike looks back at him as the nurse talks to him about what happened and how he got to the hospital. "How long will I be in the hospital?" Mike asks, gripping the blanket that is laid over his legs.

"You will be here for about a week so we can monitor your lungs and make sure you don't contract an infection where the bone broke though the lung."

"Okay, who has visited me besides my mom and dad?"

"A young man named Leo I think. He wouldn't leave your side all night after you got out of the ER. To be candor with you I think you and him make a cute couple."

"Thanks… your one of the first ones to say that to us other then our families."

"Who cares what they think, don't let it bother you too much." The Nurses pager begins to go off, and he looks down at his pager and turns off the noise. "I have to go but I will call your parents and let them know that you are awake and ready to be seen."

"Thank you." Mike says, laying back down carefully, feeling some severe pain as he moves.

The nurse runs off with Mike watching him through the window, looking out to the hallway falling asleep slowly from the pain killers from his IV drip.

About an hour later, Mike wakes up to the sound of some people talking, one is from someone he doesn't recognize, and the other is from his mother. He keeps still as to not let them know that he is awake so he can listen in on their conversation.

"Well I'm sorry Ms. Dublin but there really isn't anything we can do when it comes to you having visitation while he is admitted here, his guardians let us know of the situation and we can't risk him getting too worked up seeing you." The Doctor says to her calmly as to hopefully keep her calm as well.

"I understand… But did the information I gave you help with the bill?"

"Yes, thank you for that. I know that the Medina's will be happy to hear this."

"Good, im just trying to do the least for them after the mistake I made."

"Well I think over time things will work out for everyone in the best way. Now I think his family is on their way here so I suggest you leave before they get here." He leads her out of the room into the hallway, where they keep walking away.

Mike sits up as far as he can as he does when he's upset a bit or angry but finds it very hard to do so from the pain he gets from his right side. He looks around the room again, now looking for his phone, finding it plugged in, lying in his bed next to his hand. He grabs it, looking at it, seeing that it's a picture of Leo that he probably took while he was here last night. He goes back to looking through his phone but finds just a few cute texts from Leo, and that's just about it, so he sets it back down and looks out the window again, seeing people driving either to work or dropping their kids off at school.

He is interrupted by the sound of some heels on the floor walking up to his room and his new mom Stephanie walking in holding a tote bag that looks like it has some clothes in it. "Hey Mike, I'm surprised that you are awake right now. Do you need anything kiddo?" She asks, moving closer to him and grabbing his hand.

"I think im good right now just some pain in my side but besides that im fine, thanks mom." He says, giving her a slight smile.

"So I just got done talking to the doctor and he said that you are going to be here for a few more days so they can keep an eye on your lungs and keep you on an IV drip till they see you no longer need it."

"Yea, the nurse this morning told me I will be here for a little bit. Im okay with it but I'm not sure about not going to school, I kinda miss it and I feel like im missing so much right now."

"You will be back in school in no time Mike, you just need to rest and get better before you do anything. For now all you need to do is get better. Okay?"

"Okay mom." Mike says, looking down at his lap. "Will Leo come later?"

"Not sure… Of course he will." She says with a grin on her face. "We had to drag him away from your bed last night so he can go home and get some sleep before he had to get up for school." She states as she sits down at a chair next to his bed.

"That sounds like him. What about Jay?"

"He's going to stay home, he needs to do his school work to stay on track so we don't have a repeat of last year."

"Don't worry I will help him again this year. Though Im gonna need him to help me as well so I don't fall behind with all this."

"Im sure he will help you get caught up in class. But until then just focus on getting better and resting." She says, holding Mike's hand tight.

Mike looks out the window looking a little upset. "She was here… My mother. The doctors called her to get some information about me. They don't know that I know she was here but I was slightly awake when she was talking to the Doctor. To be honest I never thought I would see her again after what happened last time."

"I don't blame you but as a mother myself I think she will always try to do whats right for you no matter what happened in the past."

"If she wanted to do the right thing she would have never kicked me out of the house!" He says this with anger in his voice; his heart monitor begins beating, indicating that it's going above the regular rate it's supposed to be at.

"Mike you need to relax, I know your mad at her but now is not a good time to be getting mad or angry with her. Do you understand me?"

Mike nods and tries to take a deep breath but finds it hard to breathe deeply due to what happened, making him wince and wine in pain for several seconds.

"You okay, do you need me to get you the nurse?"

He nods in pain, holding his side where they made the incision taking some very labored breaths. Not even a minute later, the Doctor came in with the nurse from earlier, rushing over to Mike, sitting him up carefully, holding a stethoscope to his back to check for anything out of the ordinary to make sure he didn't undo the recent surgery. "Mike are you feeling okay? Do you feel very short of breath?" Mike shakes his head, saying no as well, so the doctors relax a bit.

"Im going to have you under a closer watch for the rest of the day to make sure nothing happened to you." The Doctor says, looking at his nurse. "Im going to have the nurse be your primary nurse for the remainder of your time here during the night and mornings. Do you understand Mike?"

Mike looks back at the nurse and sees it's the one from when he woke up. "Yes sir. I understand."

"Good, now Ma'am if you will come with me we can talk about a few things." The Doctor and Stephanie exit the room with Stephanie holding her purse close taking deep breaths.

The nurse helps Mike lay back down on the bed and starts another little pain killer to help him out in his current status. "You will be okay Mike, It will take some time to adjust to your condition but this is only temporary just as everything in this world is." The nurse says, now sitting next to Mike.

"Well since your going to be my primary nurse this week I should ask you what your name is."

"My name is Josh, its nice to meet you Mike," He says with a smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you as well Josh… Can I ask you something?" Mike asks, sounding a bit softer with his tone.

"Sure buddy, whats up?"

"Are you umm… Gay?…"

"Yes and no. Im Bisexual, Its where I like both boys and girls. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I was in your shoes at one point and I can probably think of whats going through your mind at times and how your feeling as well." Josh says, leaning back a bit in his chair.

Mike looks around the room a bit and looks straight onto the wall in front of him. "When did you know you were ga- I mean Bi?"

Josh thinks for a second and begins to answer the question. "I would say about your age maybe older. So I would say about 13 or 14 years old."

"Okay… Was it hard for you to come out to your parents?" Mike realizes what he just asked. "Im so sorry thats very private and I shouldn't have asked that."

"Your fine Mike. Umm… They weren't really open to the idea of me dating both guys and girls but over time they both came to me at different times and expressed their feelings but now they are both very supportive."

"I wish my mom was supportive about this…." Mike says, now looking down and a bit sad.

"The Doctor kinda gave me the low down of what happened and I feel bad for what happened to you and I hope things work out for you in the end. What about your dad?" He asks, kinda hopeful for Mike

"He's not really in my life anymore and his new wife isn't what you call welcoming to me. So hes out of the question."

"That sucks… I don't really know what to say besides im sorry to hear that and that I will pray for you." He says to Mike with a smile on his face.

"You believe in god? I thought the bible says to hate gays?" Mike asks, looking at him with a curious look on his face.

"Well kinda… That was a miss translated scripture, I don't really remember what the original scripture says but I know it doesn't say to hate homosexuals, but I still believe in god because I think personally what the bible says in whole about loving thy neighbor and helping others is true and I follow those every day and thats a little bit of the reason why I became a nurse."

Mike looks back to the wall facing his bed and thinks for a second about what he just heard. "That is interesting but to me I still don't believe in the bible and what god says, I just think we should help and look out for one another."

"Thats a good thing to follow." Josh sits up in his chair and smiles. "Im going to be candor with you once again Mike, I have to say you are pretty mature for your age and thats going to help you out in the long run in life." He says with a slight grin on his face.

"Thanks I guess." Mike says, yawning, looking a little tired.

"Oh I guess the pain killers are really starting to kick in. Im gonna let you rest a bit. If you ever need anything all you have to do is press the button." He lets Mike know, standing up turning off the light as Mike rests against the bed, falling asleep.

Mike wakes up in his bed back home, not at his new home but at his old house back when he was 10 before his dad left them. He gets out of bed confused, going over to his mirror, finding he's the same age he was when he fell asleep now very confused but hears his name being called from the living room. So instinctively, he walks that way and finds his mother and father sitting on the sofa with Leo watching TV together. Now Mike is seriously confused about what's going on but has a feeling in his heart that everything is okay and that he's safe, so he joins them on the sofa sitting close to Leo, resting his head on Leos's shoulder and Leo resting his head on Mikes.

"So are you two ready for school?" Margret asks them.

"I think so but I'm kinda nervous to be honest."

"Well you are very smart and kind so I think everything will work out for the two of you," Mike's father says before taking a sip from his tumbler that has a brown liquid in it with a few cubes of ice.
In Mike's head, he's trying to figure out what's going on but can't seem to pinpoint what's going on exactly, but instead of just questioning it, he just accepts it for what it is and enjoys every second of it.

"Mike, are you ready?" His father asks him, sounding stern.

"Yes sir, I believe I will get on the swim team this year as well." Mike says quickly to not upset his father with a delayed response knowing his father didn't like that when he was a kid.

"Good, and if you don't thats okay there is always the clubs and next year." His father says after taking a sip of his drink which is now a bottle of beer.

Mike looks to his mother, who is now looking very angry and upset. "Well if you don't make it just know your gonna have to find a new after school activity because I wont have a son of mine just go through school without anything to show for it. Understand," Margret states firmly

"Yes Ma'am… I understand." Mike says, now feeling small emotionally and physically.

"Leo leave this house now!" His father yells at Leo, swinging around a bottle of liquor using his other hand to point at the door as it suddenly turns open, and Leo flies through it so fast Mike wasn't able to register it.

Mike is now as small as what seems to be a toddler compared to his parents feeling scared and alone.

"Mike, why can't you do anything right! God your so helpless! We cant hold your hand forever! When are you going to grow up and stop acting like a kid! We wish you were NEVER BORN!" Both his parents say in unison, the words bellowing through the room, shaking the ground and shrinking Mike even more to the size of an ant. Suddenly, they both become one person, a very dark figure lifting up their foot slowly and then quickly stomping on Mike, causing him to wake up.

Suddenly Mike wakes up from his nap drenched in a cold sweat, his breathing very labored and shallow from his bad dream, no, his nightmare. With his EKG beeping loudly, his nurse comes in almost at a sprint.

"Mike are you okay? What happened?" Josh begins to look him over carefully to see if his stitched snapped or he has an infection.

"Im… Okay… Just a bad dream." He says, catching his breath and having some problems, the nurse gives him an oxygen mask to help him get some air.

Josh sits back down at the chair he was at earlier and waits for Mike to catch his breath so they can talk a bit.

After several seconds Mike was able to catch his breath and relax a little. "If you want me to talk about it with you im not really in the mood to be honest with you." Mike says, looking in the opposite direction to Josh.

"Thats okay Mike, just know I will be here for you if you or when you do want to talk about it." Mike just stays looking at the way in kind of a shock from his dream, really too upset to move at the moment.

"I think its best I leave you alone for a moment. If you need me just hit the button." Josh says, walking out of the room with Mike's mom walking in.

"You feeling okay Mike? You look like you saw a ghost." She says, sitting in front of him, so they are face to face.

He nods, not really wanting to talk right to anyone right now. Seeing this, she nods with him and goes over to the chair facing away from him and sits there pulling out a book and begins to read it in silence, letting Mike have his moment. After a few moments, Mike fell back to sleep this time. He had no dreams, so he was relieved.

Several hours go by of Josh, His mom, and a few doctors coming in and out of his room checking on him. When Mike finally awoke, he woke up to the sun just beginning to set, so the room was filled with a sunset orange light coming from the open window. Mike then looked to the window and found Leo sitting at the window, looking down at his school book, working and concentrating very hard on his school work. Mike begins to think to himself, 'There he goes trying his best to stay ahead in class.'

"How long you been here?" Mike asks Leo to get his attention.

"A few hours." Leo responds with not realizing that Mike is awake now. "Mike! Your awake! Do you want me to get your nurse or the Doctor?"

"Im okay babe, I just want some time with you really." Mike says, reaching his hand out to Leo, wanting to hold hands right now.

Leo pulls the chair over to the bed and holds onto Mikes's hand firmly as if he never wants to let go.

"How was school? Did I miss anything exciting? What about class, am I really behind right now?"

"Nothing really has gone on at school, and your not that far behind, we are just going over what we will go over in the classes and student introductions. So far its been really easy and clam. So you really have nothing to worry about with school."

"If you say so babe, What about Kyle? Has he tried anything with you and Jay?" Mike asks, sounding a bit worried.

"Nothing yet, but I think its because you are not there and because Jay beat him up that day after what he did to you."

"That would keep him away for sure. But if he tries anything let me know please. I don't want to see you get hurt by him or anyone." Mike says to Leo, looking him in the eye and holding his hand firmly.

"Are you okay babe, you are never like this. Did something happen today?"

"I had a bad dream… I don't really want to talk about it to be honest, It really messed me up for a minuet but its nothing to really dwell over. And my mother was here to give the Doctor some info about me or something like that. I was really surprised to see her here, she didn't know I was awake when she got here and I would rather keep it that way to be honest."

As Mike is talking, Leo is just holding Mike's hand, rubbing it softly with his thumb.

"Are you okay babe? That was a lot at once, do you want to talk about it?"

"Im okay… I just want to sit here with you at my side." Mike says with a smile on his face. The boys sit there looking at each other, not saying a word, just enjoying each other's company with no care in the world, just the two of them at that moment. The boys both begin to cry, not tears of sadness or pain but happiness and love for one another. Leo carefully climes into the bed to lay with Mike, if only for a little bit.

After severy minutes of the boys having a moment together, the Doctor came in with Mike's nurse to check on Mike. "Umm… Boys, I get that you are really close but there are things that are not really allowed at this moment. Im sorry but we cant risk Mike getting hurt more then what he already is." The Doctor says to the boys as Leo carefully climes out of bed and goes back to sitting at the chair by the bed.

"So Mike, how are you feeling right now?" The Doctor asks, moving over to Mike to check his pulse and his surgical opening and to change the bandage.

"Im doing better, but sometimes its hard to breath, besides that im okay." Mike answers him, allowing him to check him over.

"Thats good to hear, we are gonna still keep an eye on you just to be sure about some stuff. I understand this is a lot for you but its all for your health Mike." The Doctor says to him after changing his bandages. "We are going wait for your mom to get here till we go over a few things for when we send you home in a few days."

"Thats fine I guess. So is it okay if I get up and move around?"

"As your doctor I dont think I can advise that just yet due to your stitches still being a bit fresh."

"Yes sir, I understand." Mike sounds a bit disappointed.

"I understand that you want to move around but we cant really risk you moving around a lot. Im sorry son. Now if you would excuse me I have a meeting to get to." The Doctor leaves in a hurry showing he may be almost running late, leaving the nurse behind.

"Its time for me to clean you up Mike." He says in a severe tone. Mike's face grows red like a rose seeming very embarrassed.

"Im only kidding, the Doctor just changed your dressing so it wouldn't make since to do it right now. Just know that tomorrow we will have to give you a bath. So be prepared for that." Josh says as he takes note of Mike's vital signs that are coming from the EKG.

Leo's phone goes off with his text tone. "Ugg thats my dad, hes here to pick me up. I wish I could stay but I made a deal with my parents to see you. I have to have my homework done while I am here with you." Leo tells Mike as he picks up his things and shoves them in his bag.

"Its all right babe, I understand. Tell your family I say hi and give sammy a kiss on the forehead for me." Mike says with a smile on his face looking over to Leo.

"Will do babe. Have to go, dads about to honk the horn." Leo moves over to Mike and kisses him on the cheek before leaving the room heading to the elevator.

"I can see why you like him kid. Hes really cute." The nurse says, fixing Mike's sheats. "You want something to eat?"

Mike nods, now really starting to feel hungry. So Josh leaves the room, and several moments later, he comes back with a tray covered. "For you master Mike I have a steak and lobster dish served with a very well paired wine hand selected by the top chefs of the kitchen!" He sets the tray down on Mike's eating tray after pulling it out for him.

Mike uses the controller on the side of the bed to help him sit up to eat. "Thank you Alfred that will be all. Now go clean the bat-cave!" Mike begins to lightly chuckle a little that is the first time in a few days. Josh removes the cover showing that Mike's dinner is a hearty soup made of asparagus with a side of rice, yogurt, and apple juice, and water to drink.

"This looks really good, thank you Josh." Mike says as he begins to dig into his dinner.

"Any time Mike, im going to leave you alone for a moment while you eat, press the button if you need me." Josh says as he ruffles Mike's very unkempt hair before leaving the room.

Mike keeps eating in silence, enjoying his meal alone for once. He grabs his phone for the first time since this morning; he puts on a song just so he's not eating in silence, besides the sound of his EKG and the people outside. He puts on the song 'Dust bowl dance' by Mumford and Sons to vibe to while he eats.

He begins to look back at all the good things that have happened the past week and a half and smiles, thinking about how he has the best family he could hope for, the best boyfriend, and that he can now be free to be who he wants. He looks around the room and sees his notebook, so he grabs it and begins to write in it after finishing his meal. For once, Mike is relaxed and happy in this current moment.


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