Mayfield Titans

Chapter 47-Play Ball

<Aiden and Gordy>
“Are you nervous?” Aiden asked Larry as they ate their breakfasts.
“I’ve always been extra nervous for the first game of the season,” Larry responded. “As much as you think you’re prepared, either as a coach or a player, the beginning of the season always seems to have way more questions than answers.”
“And on top of everything else, you’ve got your first game on Friday the thirteenth.”
“That’s not much of an issue since it happens to be Friday the thirteenth in Olympia as well.”
The Mustangs would be playing their opener that afternoon at home. It was a non-league game against the St. Michaels’ Falcons from Olympia. St. Mike’s was a Class B team taking on the Class A Mustangs. Their head coach, Frank Baskin, liked to play higher competition in his non-league games, a strategy that seemed to pay off; the Falcons had been to the State B tournament three times in the past five years, winning the State Championship two years before. Even though the Falcons were in a lower classification, Larry knew they would give his Mustangs some tough competition.
Like Coach Baskin, Larry liked to play a couple of games against higher classifications and would be playing two games against AA schools, both on the road.
“Yeah, I guess I never thought about that,” Aiden said. “But still, it’s nice to have an excuse for any bad luck happening.”
“Ron and Luke should have the equipment set out by the time you and Gordy get to the field. Remember that Coach White will be picking you up in the faculty parking lot.” Since the middle school season started with a team meeting on Monday, this would be the only game where Aiden and Gordy would be able to help. As a result, Larry assigned his freshman coach to pick them up so they could be at the field well before the game was scheduled to start. They also would no longer be able to help at practices, but that had only been a stopgap for them until their own baseball started.
Larry stood up to put his dishes away so he could head off to school.
“Good luck, Pop. Gordy and I will be your batboys for the game, so you’ll be seeing a lot of us.”
“I couldn’t ask for a better pair of boys to handle the job,” Larry grinned. “I’ll see you this afternoon.”
Aiden was wearing his Mayfield Mustang baseball hat when he boarded the bus. He walked up to Kalie’s row and pointed to the window seat where she was sitting, his grin telling her he was up to something. She moved over a seat and he sidled in front of her to take the window seat.
“Why do you want the window seat?” Kalie asked. “It’s not like you’ve got a Mariner hat on.”
“No way I could wear anything but a Mustang hat on opening day,” Aiden told her. “But since I can’t wear a Mariner cap today, it’s time to end the hat game and you have a green light between here and the school to do what you want.”
“Like, really?”
“Exactly like really.”
“You must be horny,” she observed as the bus pulled away from the stop.
“Nope. Well, not a lot. I decided to do what you want this time. It’s not like it’s something we haven’t done before, and since I saw that there’s nobody in the seat across the aisle, I figured this was a good day for me to be nice.”
Kalie dropped her hand on Aiden’s jeans covered crotch and fondled his soft cock. She was surprised it was flaccid, but as she pressed and squeezed it, she could feel it getting hard. “Do you want to get off?” she asked.
“Not really. I don’t want to have a mess in my undies at the start of school.”
Kalie started to pull down Aiden’s zipper. “I could always get it out so you could shoot your mess on the floor.”
“Not enough time,” Aiden objected. “Just keep doing what you’re doing until we turn into the busway.”
“Gordy came so close to doing me on my birthday, but then you knew that. Before we fell asleep, he was like, ‘I’ll do you before we start eighth grade.’ Do you think he will? I mean, you’re like his best friend.”
“If Gordy says he’s going to do something, he’ll do it. He’s been practicing to do it, so I bet you won’t be a virgin when you start eighth grade.”
“How do you know I’m a virgin now?” Kalie asked with a grin.
“Come on, Kalie - get serious. As soon as you aren’t, the whole world will know about it.”
“You know you can be my first if you want.”
“This big-time gay boy doesn’t want, but thanks.”
Kalie gave Aiden’s now hard cock a squeeze. “And the big-time gay boy just let a girl give him a boner.”
“You’ve got magic fingers. They feel just like a boy’s.”
Kalie continued to massage Aiden’s cock. “I think this thing’s getting bigger,” she whispered.
“Could be. Boys do grow up, you know.”
“Gordy says he’s spending the night with you tonight.”
“Yeah, along with Miles and Mason,” Aiden responded.
“Sounds like fun. And it sure looks like Miles isn’t really gay the way he and Brittany have been going at it.” The bus turned into the busway and Kalie let go of Aiden’s junk as requested.
“Miles likes sex with whoever he can have it,” Aiden said as he adjusted himself. “See you at lunch.”
Miles, Gordy, and Mason were in Aiden’s home room and the four chatted about the afternoon’s baseball game and the evening’s overnight until Miss Truefan suggested they get to their desks BEFORE the bell rang for once. Being the good kids they were, they quickly followed her suggestion.
After home room, Aiden went to first period where he saw Grant, who asked to speak to him at lunch. “I’ll make sure you get a seat next to me,” Aiden told him. Aiden thought Grant looked a little upset. “If I’m not there yet, go sit at the little corner table. Nobody ever sits there and we can talk without being bothered.”
When lunch came around, Grant told Aiden that his neighbor, Duncan, had reminded him that Tuesday had been Alex’s birthday. “I can’t believe I forgot,” Grant uttered sadly.
“You two haven’t been around each other that much,” Aiden reminded him.
“Yeah, but we, like, celebrated his birthday together a couple of times.”
“How? By getting high?”
Grant blushed a deep red and nodded. “I just wish I could have been a better friend and remembered so I could have wished him a happy birthday.”
“I thought he was in rehab now and couldn’t talk to anybody.”
“Oh, yeah. So, I guess it didn’t matter that I forgot.”
“Maybe you can mail him a card, or something,” Aiden suggested.
“I don’t know the address. His mom won’t talk to me, and I know she won’t talk to Duncan or Vance, so how would I do it?”
“I guess it would be hard. But you could remember what we talk about in the Fourth Dimension and say a prayer for him and wish him happy birthday in it, so you feel good about it. After that, you’ve done all you can do.”
“I could talk to Mr. Graham, my drug counselor, too. Maybe he knows how I can contact him.”
“It can’t hurt. But whatever happens, remember you didn’t do anything wrong and don’t go blaming yourself for forgetting.”
“You sound just like Mr. Graham,” Grant giggled. He took his glasses off and wiped them with a handkerchief he had pulled out of his pocket. Aiden had learned that when Grant wiped his glasses, it didn’t always mean they were dirty—it often meant he was taking some time to think.  He stuffed the handkerchief back into his pocket and replaced his glasses. “I guess what I really want is for Alex to figure things out, but when we saw him, he didn’t even want to be friends with anybody. At least when I went to rehab and started with Taylor, I mean Mr. Graham, I wanted to get better and to get my friends back. And I was still in elementary school.”
Well, you’ve done a great job and are a good friend,” Aiden told Grant. He turned when Mason sat to the other side of him. “Hey, Mason.”
“Hey yourself. You guys looked really serious over here, so we all decided to leave you alone. Everybody thought that your sitting somewhere else was weird. But when I saw Grant laugh, I figured it was okay to come over.”
“You done good,” Aiden laughed, using a term his Dad was fond of.
“What are you doing tonight?” Mason asked Grant.
“I’m spending the night with Lance and Lenny. I think Lenny really wanted you to spend the night with him,” Grant answered.
“We made our group of four a couple of days ago. But if it’s okay with Aiden, maybe Lenny can join us, and you and Lance can be alone.”
“I gotta check with one of my dads, but I know it’ll be cool,” Aiden said. “Then Lenny’s gotta clear it with his mom. But let’s get to work on it.”
“I’d ask to stay with you, too, but if me and Lance can get some alone time, that would be awesome.”
“Well, no matter who stays with who, let’s all show up at the high school at eleven to hit in the indoor cages.”
“I thought we couldn’t practice with the coaches until the first regular practice,” Mason said.
“We can’t. But Coach Hallion and Coach Scott aren’t school coaches, so I guess it’s okay. Pop is allowed to be there because a teacher has to supervise the gym and he can say stuff, but he can’t do anything like pitch and stuff. At least that’s what I was told.”
“Whatever, I’m sure they know what they’re doing.”
The bell ringing to end lunch also ended the conversation as the boys headed to their fifth period class.
Coach White was waiting for Gordy and Aiden at the agreed meeting spot after school and they arrived at the high school in plenty of time to help get bats and balls and whatever else was needed. They also helped with pregame warmups, making sure everybody had balls whenever they needed them. Between the two boys and Ron and Luke, the two high school managers, everything operated with high efficiency.
Gordy and Aiden were excited to be the bat and ball boys for the game. Other than a possible night game, or the spring break Nooner game, this would be their only chance to help at a high school game.
The Mustangs played well for an opening game on a cold day. Jackson Hallion was the starting pitcher and shut out the visiting St. Michael’s Falcons on two hits over four innings. He left with a 4-0 lead. Larry had Mark Elder come in to start the fifth. He gave up a run in the fifth on a walk and a double and the Mustangs won their opening game 5-1. Both Larry and the Mustangs could tell, though, that the Falcons were a tough, scrappy young team and were probably very competitive in their own class.
After the game, Miles and Mason helped Aiden and Gordy, and helped Ron and Luke put away the equipment. With the six of them working together the work was done quickly. The four middle school friends went into the locker room, ostensibly to find Larry, but in reality they were hoping to find a player in just his underwear or jock strap or, better yet, naked in the shower. They had no such luck and they were soon riding with Larry to the Bear to pick up pizza.
Trent was there with his brother, Jackson, and their parents. Their father, James, was able to make the last two innings and was disappointed he had been too late to watch Jackson pitch. After exchanging pleasantries about the game, Larry took his charges home with their pizza; the Hallions were eating in.
Just as Larry turned off the engine of the Odyssey, Aiden’s phone rang. He wasn’t surprised to see that it was Lance and Lenny’s number with Lenny the caller.
“I’m coming over, if it’s okay,” Lenny told Aiden.
“Cool, we have plenty of pizza,” Aiden responded. “How are you getting here?”
“Mom’s driving me. Now that I know it’s okay to come, we’re leaving.”
Aiden announced that Lenny was coming, which surprised no one. They lugged the pizza and soda into the house. Larry and Phil rarely allowed soda in the house, but pizza parties were one of the exceptions. Pizza seemed to demand carbonated drinks.
The five boys were soon gathering around the pizza and drinks that had been laid out on the dining room table. Phil, who had left work in time to see the last three innings of the baseball game, shook his head as five fully clothed boys ran upstairs to Aiden’s room and returned in what seemed like seconds wearing nothing but t-shirts, underpants, and socks.
Phil stood away from the table with Larry. “That group almost seems overdressed,” he mused.
“Give them time,” Larry grinned. “I think the tween horniness factor is going to attack them once they’ve stuffed their gullets.”
After eating, everyone watched the end of the Sonics game and then decided to head to the games room. Miles told Larry and Phil that he and Aiden could kick their rear ends in ping pong and the challenge was on. Miles and Aiden removed their t-shirts, but the socks and underpants stayed on.
While Larry and Phil beat the challengers 9-6, 9-11, 12-10, Gordy, Mason, and Lenny enjoyed shooting at the far dart board. The way the room was set up, the dart board that was close to the door couldn’t be used when the ping pong table was in use.  Phil and Larry had thought about moving the ping pong table to the main basement room but decided to stick with the current setup. Aiden had been told that if he wanted to wheel the table into the main basement during a party or big overnight, he was free to do so.
Larry and Phil then had to take on a challenge from Lenny, Mason, and Gordy. The three boys rotated whenever the serve changed to give all three a chance to play. This game only lasted two games with the boys winning 9-7 and 13-11. The wins allowed the boys to strut their stuff, reminding Larry and Phil who was better, and making sure Aiden and Miles understood that the better players had prevailed.
Of course, the boys’ teams had to play each other to make sure that whoever had the last word had truly earned that last word. Lenny, Mason, and Gordy beat Aiden and Miles 9-5, 8-10, and 10-8. Phil and Larry stuck around to watch the games and left as soon as the winner was crowned.
“Hot tub!” Mason shouted as the dads went up the stairs. Larry flashed Phil a knowing look; the clothes were finally going to come off.
“I’ll get the jets started,” Aiden said as he walked outside to the tub. By the time Aiden returned, he was the only boy wearing clothes. That status didn’t last long.
No one was surprised to see Mason sporting an erection. Nor was anyone surprised when the five of them settled into the spa and Mason asked, “Okay, who’s first?”
“First for what?” Lenny asked as if he didn’t know.
“First BJ, what do you think?”
“Well, I guess you must be asking me.”
Mason grinned, positioned himself between Lenny’s spread legs, ducked his face into the warm water, and started sucking on Lenny’s flaccid cock. The four-incher responded in a hurry, but Mason had to come up for air. “Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea,” Mason said after catching his breath.
“If I sit up on the lounger thingy, I think my cock will be up in the air,” Lenny observed. The underwater seat extension Lenny was referring to was where Aiden was stretched out. Aiden smirked, and moved to a small seat to his right and Lenny lay back on the lounge seat, his glans poking out of the water. Mason went back to work with his experienced mouth and was quickly rewarded with a couple of squirts of clear, sweet, tween cum.
“Next!” Mason called out. His next one was Miles with equally quick results. “I guess that leaves Gordy and Aiden, best friends but not boyfriends.”
“Speaking of boyfriends, are you and Lenny boyfriends yet?” Aiden asked.
Mason looked directly at Lenny. “I don’t know. Are we?”
“I guess we’re what everybody calls bed buddies,” Lenny answered.
Aiden could see that Mason was disappointed by the answer. But he also knew why Lenny answered the way he did, and it had to do with Mason being promiscuous, a word he knew well thanks to his dads. If Mason had asked Lenny if he was okay with Mason sucking more dicks in the hot tub, Lenny might have answered differently. Of course, he also might have given the same answer.
The whole relationship thing was too complicated for Aiden to sort out. It was something he and Nolan kept talking about. They each had no problem with the other being sexually active if they were open and talked to each other. Fucking was not quite as loose as other sexual acts, but they could still do it with somebody else. He knew that was promiscuous behavior, at least as far as his dads and Marty were concerned.
Do I get jealous of Nolan sometimes? Aiden thought. I guess I do. His New Year’s Eve with Greg made me jealous when he told me about it. And I know he gets jealous of me. But that’s when we talk about it so we won’t stay upset. I guess that’s something Mason and Lenny are gonna have to learn if they’re going to be boyfriends.
“Yoo hoo, Earth calling Aiden,” came Gordy’s voice.
“Oh, sorry, I guess I was tripping out,” Aiden responded sheepishly.
“No duh.”
“The hot water is getting to me. I’m gonna be in prune mode pretty soon, so I’m getting out and getting me something cold to drink.” Usually everyone brought a bottle of water to the hot tub if they were going to stay in it for a while, but they all went from undressing to soaking so fast all five of them forgot to get a bottle.
“Are you coming back in?” Lenny asked.
“No. I’ve had enough for tonight.”
“But Mason didn’t get you yet.” 
“He’ll have plenty of chances,” Aiden giggled as he climbed out of the tub.
“I’m gonna join you. I’m done, too.”
“Hey, Gordy, are you in the mood for a BJ?” Mason asked.
“Maybe later, but not here. I’m done too. The hot water is making me feel kind of, like, goofy.”
“And that’s something new?” Miles asked.
“I’m goofy enough to spank you for that.”
“Coming from you, that’s beyond goofy.”
By then all five boys had climbed out of the hot tub and Aiden closed it down. That part of the evening was over. They each pulled a bottle of cold water out of the basement refrigerator and climbed the stairs to see what Larry and Phil were doing. Gordy and Lenny pulled on their underpants, but Mason, Miles, and Aiden stayed naked. Lenny wanted to stay naked, but he didn’t want Gordy to be the only boy who wasn’t naked, so he slipped on his briefs just before going upstairs.
They found Larry and Phil watching the third period of the Kraken game against the St. Louis Blues. Mason and Lenny sat cross-legged on the floor to watch, while the other three took open seating spaces. Aiden thought about squeezing in next to his dad but decided that was a private thing between them.
The time until the game ended was spent watching the hockey and chatting about naked hot tubbing, the afternoon’s baseball game, and the upcoming first practice for the Titans. After the game ended, the five tired boys said their good nights and went upstairs for bed. Gordy was going to sleep with Aiden, while Mason, Lenny, and Miles planned on sharing the king bed in the guest room.
“When did Lenny become shy?” Larry asked Phil after the boys left. “He and Lance are usually pretty open about their bodies.”
“I have a theory,” Phil replied. “I think he didn’t want Gordy to be the only boy not naked, which seems like the opposite of most thinking in most locations.”
“Doesn’t Aiden usually take that role?”
“I have no clue how the dynamics worked out tonight. I do think they did more than just soak in the hot tub though,” Phil smirked.
“I’ll tell you, as those boys move into puberty you almost need a script of some sort to follow who does what with whom and who will go naked today, but not tomorrow.”
“When you get the script written, print me a copy,” Phil said. “Gordy is the hardest one to figure out. Some days the clothes come off and most days they don’t. Speaking of clothes off, Miles has really been hit hard by puberty, I see.”
“He does have quite a bush growing down there,” Larry noted.   
Upstairs, there was sex between Aiden and Gordy as Aiden fucked Gordy hard, wondering what Gordy’s excuse for wanting to do anal would be this time. He elected not to ask and to just enjoy the surprise adventure.
In the guest room, Lenny, who was now naked again, went sixty-nine with Mason, and Miles jerked off to an orgasm as he watched his two friends go at it. All five boys were sound asleep soon after their cums.
Almost all the boys who planned on turning out for the Titan baseball team showed up at the high school gym for hitting practice. Even though the hitting practice would have been in the indoor cage no matter what the weather was like, the rainy morning also reminded everyone why the high school had the equipment needed for indoor practices. A rainy practice day at the middle school usually consisted of having short practices indoors with tennis balls and whiffle balls.
The high school had a net batting cage with a pitching machine under the east bleachers. Tennis balls and whiffle balls were used for fielding and throwing drills. The Titan players didn’t run any drills, however, since this practice was strictly to get some hitting in, but they did get some throwing and fielding fundamental instruction while they waited for their turn to hit.
Coach Hallion and Coach Scott kept the ten boys who came out busy. After everyone had his turn to hit, Coach Hallion wished the boys well when practice started Monday.
“Monday is just a meeting, coach,” Grant said.
“Does it count as a practice?” Coach Hallion asked.
“Yes, it does,” Aiden answered emphatically. Since his father was the high school coach, Aiden knew the answer.
“Then treat it as a practice and give it everything you have. Paying attention and concentrating in meetings helps instill the mental discipline you need for games.”
Coach Hallion dismissed the boys and Aiden headed for the locker room to find his father. Larry was in the school only because a faculty member had to be present when the gym was open, but he stayed in the coaches’ office because he was not allowed to coach what was ostensibly the middle school team in an unofficial practice.
Aiden found his pop in the office talking to Scott. “I’m gonna miss coaching, especially these kids,” he overheard Scott say. “Connor feels the same way.”
“At least you can both still help James part time,” Larry said. “And I have a feeling that as your families get older and your job situation gets more stable, you’ll be back coaching full time.”
“I sure hope so. And maybe next year I’ll be able to make your Thanksgiving Feast. I had a good day with my mom and dad, but I missed seeing my old friends.”
“If we have another one, bring your mom, dad, girlfriend, wife, kids, whatever you have in your life at the time. Your invitation is always open.”
“Thanks coach, you’re the best.” Scott turned to Aiden. “You better appreciate this guy every day. You’re the luckiest kid in town to have him and Coach Phil as your dads.”
“I try and yeah, they are pretty awesome,” Aiden grinned. “But they still make me mad at times.”
“That’s their job as your dads. Just remember, it’s not your job to make them mad.”
“I seem to recall you making a few coaches, teachers, and parents upset at times,” Larry said.
“Well, back when I was his age, I was certain that making them all mad was my role in life until they said otherwise. I’m just putting YMA, here, ahead of the game.”
“YMA?” James Hallion, who had just stepped into the office with his son Trent, asked.
“Young Master Aiden,” Larry said. “And don’t ask me where that came from because I have no clue.”
“It comes from him being the Master of the Keltician Universe,” Trent said, referring to the latest video game rage.
“No, I had that nickname long before then. I don’t remember where it came from either,” Aiden said.
“How about I close up the gym and we all go home,” Larry said.
“Sounds like a plan,” Trent said. “Mom should have lunch ready, right dad?”
“If you insist,” James chuckled. He turned to Larry. “Bottomless pit. What else can I say?”
By noon, the rain had stopped, which made Aiden happy. He still had a photography assignment to complete. The assignment—he had to take pictures of a person doing something in one of the three town parks and bring his five best. The person had to agree to have his or her picture taken for the assignment and could not be a member of the photography class. Because of baseball he had no time to do the assignment after school and he was going to Miles’ birthday party Sunday afternoon.
Rain or no rain, this afternoon was picture taking time. He wished Mr. Seaver had waited until Spring to make the assignment. The forecast was for a week of gray, damp days. After some lessons on taking interesting pictures on gray, gloomy days, it became apparent that there was a method to the teacher’s madness—he wanted the class to be able to take pictures on days that weren’t perfect for photography.
As Aiden boarded the school bus Tuesday morning an idea struck him and he acted on it immediately. “What’s Skip doing Saturday afternoon?” he asked Mrs. Emerson.
“As far as I know, nothing. Why?” the driver replied.
“I need to take pictures of somebody doing something in one of the parks, and taking shots of Skip on the playground equipment might be fun to do.”
“I’ll check with him and his parents and text you when I find out.”
That was how Aiden arranged for Skip to meet him at the playground of the downtown park. Since it wasn’t raining, he asked Phil if he could ride his bike to the park to take pictures for a photography assignment. “Be my guest but remember that while the bike path drains really well, some of the streets in town might be a bit sloppy if a drain is clogged.”
“And if the rain comes back, feel free to call for a ride home.”
“I’ve got my rain gear, so I’ll be good,” Aiden said brashly.
When Aiden reached the town park at the appointed time, he found Skip as well as Gage on the playground equipment. Right away he saw a venue full of great shots.
He had set the boys up on the swings, slides, the monkey bars, and had gotten a shot of Skip leaping over a mudpuddle. Just as Skip hit the ground, Aiden was startled by a voice behind him.
“Good thing he didn’t come down in the water. Walking home in wet socks and shoes would not have been fun.” He knew it was Skip’s grandmother, Mrs. Emerson, and turned and smiled. The cocker spaniel barked twice when Aiden turned.
Mrs. Emerson gave the dog’s leash a gentle tug. “Atlas, hush. That’s Aiden and he’s one of the good guys.” Aiden held out his hand for the dog and Atlas gave it a quick sniff. Aiden knew that Atlas was named for one of the offspring of the original Titans in Greek mythology.
“Are you getting some good pictures?”
“Yes, he is, because me and Gage are in them,” Skip responded.
“I swear, that grandson of mine turned ten and his head size doubled,” Skip’s grandmother mused. “And it’s Gage and I are in them,” she reminded Skip. She waited and watched while Aiden got some more pictures of the boys on the monkey bars and then said, “I’m going to take Atlas for one more quick lap of the park and you two can talk about whatever it is boys talk about, or take more pictures, or whatever. Then we’ll walk back to my house where I can feed some stomachs while I try to shrink the size of one big head.” She waved, turned, and headed out of the play area with Atlas.
“Do you need more pictures?” Skip asked.
“Nope, I think I’ve got all I need,” Aiden answered.
“Good, because I want to ask you something.”
“Ask away.”
“When can I spend the night with you again?”
“Good question. Let’s get to work and see what we can figure out.” Aiden was pleased that Skip was eager to come to his house again. The two-year age difference didn’t seem to affect the younger boy. Aiden knew that he wasn’t bothered by it.
“Will you fuck me if I come?”
“Wow, you come right to the point, don’t you?”
“Yep,” Skip grinned.
“Me and Skip have tried it, but we couldn’t make it work,” Gage said, “but I like sucking better.”
“Then that’s what you guys should do if it’s what you like.”
“But you and all your friends fuck, and I want to be like, a big kid, when I go to middle school. So, will you show me if I stay the night?”
Aiden thought of his cousins Chase and Logan. Chase told Logan everything he could, but he also told his little brother he wouldn’t fuck him until his eleventh birthday.
“Okay, I’ll tell you everything you want to know, but I won’t DO it with you until you’re eleven.”
“Because I said so.” Aiden knew as soon as he said it that he sounded just like his dads. He could see that Skip was disappointed. Gage didn’t seem to care one way or the other.
“Do you promise to do it on my birthday?”
Remembering how sexy Skip’s tenth birthday was, Aiden gave that some thought before making a decision. “No, let’s just let your birthday be your birthday and see what happens. But I promise to do it before you start sixth grade.” Since Skip’s birthday was in May, he figured that gave him a lot of time to do it if that was what Skip still wanted. And now I am sounding like Gordy promising to take Kalie’s cherry before the next school year started. Damn, when am I going to start sounding like myself? he thought.
“Pinky promise?”
Aiden offered his pinky and he and Skip shook pinkies. He knew that the sacred promise had committed him to taking Skip’s cherry—unless somebody beat him to it. Skip’s wide grin told Aiden his younger friend was satisfied.
“Do you want to get one more picture?” Skip asked. He unzipped his jeans and pulled down the front of his briefs, revealing his little erection. “You can get one of me going down the slide with my boner sticking out.”
Aiden turned to see where Mrs. Emerson was and not only saw her and Atlas turning onto the path to the playfield, but he saw the sun was trying to break out and there were streaks of light coming through the branches.
“Here comes your grandma, so maybe some other time,” Aiden said quickly. “I see the picture I want.” His camera was hanging around his neck. He took it in his hands, moved about ten feet to his right, and set himself for some pictures as she and Atlas entered the lighted area. He was able to zoom perfectly to where Mrs. Emerson was walking and ran off a half-dozen shots, confident at least one was going to be a kick ass picture.
“See you guys later,” Aiden said to Skip and Gage. “Thanks for helping me with my picture taking.”
“I want to see the best, even if you didn’t get a picture of this.” Skip wiggled his erection before stuffing it back into his pants.
When Aiden got home, the first thing he did was check out his pictures on his computer. He ended up being right about getting a kick ass picture. One of them had Mrs. Emerson in a pool of light that emphasized her and Atlas over the leafless trees and the gray covering most of the sky. As soon as he saw it enlarged on his monitor, he knew it was one of his best shots ever and all but ensured him an A. He planned on getting it printed and framed as a gift for Mrs. Emerson who was as good as a grandma to him.
Aiden thought the second-best picture was the one of Skip leaping over the puddle. Even in the mediocre light he had been able to get a sharp image, which he knew was luck. But luck or not, he’d take it. After picking out what he thought were his five best pictures, he downloaded them into his tablet and went downstairs to show his dads. Needless to say, his dads were impressed, especially with what he told them were his best two. They concurred. He went back to his room wishing he had taken that last picture of Skip coming down the slide with his erection displayed.
After dinner Aiden watched the last of the Kraken game with his dads. He sat naked on the recliner squeezed in next to his dad, happy he wasn’t boning up because then he would have to leave. That was his rule, not his dads. After the Krakens lost 4-2 to the Boston Bruins, Aiden went upstairs to chat online with Marty.
Marty had gone one for two in the Mariners 6-3 loss to the Giants in their spring training game.
“How’s your gay teammate coming along?” Aiden asked after they finished talking about the game.
“He’s a bit nervous about the whole gay thing—always asking me for advice. He isn’t ready to come out, but he and Griffin are talking about living together when the team gets to Seattle and he’s worried about what people would think.”
“I know exactly what you told him,” Aiden giggled.
“Do tell.”
“What other people think of you is none of your goddamn business.”
“I taught you well little bro. And remember to take it to heart.”
“Have you and Rich had your four-way with them yet?” Aiden asked.
“Not yet. Griffin’s only been able to fly down for a couple of weekends and those two want all their time to themselves. Let me tell you this—I think Wade got himself a great boyfriend and I hope it works. He’s just as hot live as he was in the picture. Plus, Wade has a younger brother I didn’t know about. His name is Tim, he’s thirteen and, wow, he’s somebody you could fall for, sport.”
“Then we’re going to have to have a six-way I guess,” Aiden laughed. “Send me a pic of him if you can.”
“You are incorrigible, little bro. I’ll do my best, and I’ll see you again, soon.”
When Aiden called Nolan, he told him about his conversation with Marty. Nolan was the only person he had told about Wade Whalen coming out to Marty. “Marty says Tim is HOT!”
“Do you have a pic of him?” Nolan asked as he felt himself begin to stiffen.
“Nope, but Marty says he will send me one as soon as he can.”
“I can’t wait to see, because if anybody knows who we think is hot, it would be Marty. Maybe we can meet Tim sometime.”
“As soon as we get a pic of him, we’ll need to do a Skype and make him our jerk off fantasy.” He then told Nolan about his photo session with Skip.
“Dude, you couldn’t even get a pic of him with his dick poking out? You are Mr. Good Guy staying out of trouble, though. Still, think about him coming down the slide with no pants on him at all, and then him on his knees hanging over a swing and you and me fucking him.” And so, Skip became their fantasy boy for that evening’s jerkoff session.
Aiden slept in until almost ten, then climbed out of bed to pee. As he stood over the toilet releasing his stream, he realized he was very hungry. Aiden rarely slept in this late and his body was demanding breakfast. He was going to shower but changed his mind and went downstairs.
Larry was in the newsroom reading the Sunday paper. Because the Centralia paper no longer published on Saturday, he was checking on the Friday high school baseball scores. He heard Aiden coming down the stairs and entering the room. He grinned as the naked tween walked up to his chair asking what was for breakfast.
“Well, since you elected to sleep in, you slept right through eggs, bacon, and toast,” Larry told him.
“I just kept sleeping; I couldn’t help it. Are you going to cook anything up for me?”
“Aren’t we demanding this morning. Your dad and I waited until nine and then I started cooking since, believe it or not, we get hungry, too. I thought maybe the smell of bacon would waft into your room and wake you up.”
“You could have woken me up at nine and told me it was time for breakfast.”
“You’re right, I could have,” Larry nodded. “But sometimes a growing boy needs a little extra sleep and we decided to let you have some.”
“So, because I’m a growing boy I have to eat a bowl of cold cereal on a Sunday morning?”
“Is the Naked Chef retired and collecting his pension or something?” Larry asked coolly.
Aiden stared at his pop. “I guess it’s cold cereal,” he groused and then he stomped out of the room.
Larry shook his head. Aiden was not a good morning person, and when he was in a cranky morning mood he didn’t hold back. Oh well, a bowl of Wheat Chex with raspberries never hurt anyone, he thought. Then he heard the clatter of pans and laughed out loud. The little imp had apparently talked himself into cooking his breakfast.
Phil entered the room and pointed toward the kitchen. “Looks like I lost that bet.”
“Yep, son number one is cooking his own breakfast,” Larry said.
“Son number one? What the hell, are you pregnant or something?”
“No, I’m not ‘pregnant or something’,” Larry replied, imitating Phil in a sing-song voice.
“How did you talk him into it?”
“I didn’t. He was way too cranky for that. I just suggested that the Naked Chef seemed to be collecting his pension and he stomped out. He apparently talked himself into coming out of retirement,” Larry chuckled.
Outside of commenting on how good the bacon smelled, Larry and Phil elected to say nothing about Aiden’s sudden change of mind. They had learned that there were times for some friendly teasing and times to not push him, and this was one of the latter times.
After Aiden ate and cleaned up his mess, he came back to the TV room where an NCAA Tournament game was being played. “I couldn’t find the cereal,” he said with a sly grin, “so I had to cook breakfast.”
“Life can be difficult,” Phil said as he elected to play the straight man.
“And I’m sorry I was grouchy, but you forgot dealing with puberty rule number seven.”
“Which is?”
“Never mess with a growing boy who slept in and wakes up extra hungry. Now I gotta take a shower and call Eddie.”
“Why not the other way around?” Larry asked.
“Because I feel better after I’ve had my morning shower,” Aiden informed his pop. He left the room and headed up the stairs.
“If what he gave us was dealing with puberty rule number seven, I wonder what the first six are about?” Phil asked rhetorically.
“I’m sure we’ve dealt with those first six whether we know it or not,” Larry chuckled. “I had to chuckle about him feeling better with a morning shower. Let’s see what he has to say about a morning shave in a couple of years.”
“Don’t remind me. I don’t want our boy growing up that fast.”
After Aiden showered, he called Eddie to wish him a happy birthday. The day was Eddie’s thirteenth birthday.
“Hey, cuz thanks for calling,” Eddie responded. “I wish you could be here for my party. It would have been a great time for you to ride the train here.”
“Me too” Aiden said a touch of insincerity.  Aiden wasn’t disappointed about not being there. He didn’t feel close to his new cousin—he still had too many memories of Eddie being an asswaffle. He sometimes had the feeling he was just a hair away from going back to being one. “But my friend Miles is having his birthday party today and then there’s school tomorrow.”
“Yeah, there’s a lot going on, but I’m glad you called,” Eddie said sincerely. The fact that Aiden took the time to wish him happy birthday meant a lot to Eddie who understood why Aiden couldn’t be there, even though he wished differently.
“Are you having a big party?”
“Not really. My three bros, Dillon, Drake, my friends Ross, Grayson, and Allan from school, Pierce my old buddy from the streets, and, get this, Darnell will be here. And so will Maria,” he added after saying Darnell’s name, hoping Aiden would miss it.
“That sounds big to me. And Darnell is going to be there? How’s he getting there?”
“Well, you know that his dad and my dad are buddies from when they were kids and his dad finds any reason he can to come down to visit. I guess my birthday was a good excuse to come down, which is cool because Darnell is a good friend and we hardly get to see each other.”
“Who’s Maria?” Aiden asked.
“She’s one of my best friends,” Eddie answered evasively.
“As in best friend who’s a girl friend?”
“Not quite, but we do make out sometimes. But mostly she helps me with my math.”
“And not your biology?”
“Damn, cuz, you’ve always had a dirty mind. Not biology. Okay, once, we’ve been naked together.”
Eddie didn’t give any thought to the fact that he would have two Black boys, a Hispanic girl, a gay ex-prostitute, and the gay boyfriend of his oldest brother at his party. To him, they, along with his gay brothers, were just people he liked and loved.
Aiden and Eddie chatted for a few minutes about their upcoming baseball practices before Aiden broke the connection. It was time for him to get ready to go to Miles’ thirteenth birthday party, which was being held at the Bear. Miles’ actual birthday was the next day, but Sunday was party day.
After Aiden broke the connection, Eddie sat and stared out of his bedroom window. He was naked and knew he had to get dressed soon so he could go downstairs and help with the party. But for the moment he thought about his chat with Aiden. It wasn’t that long ago that Aiden wouldn’t have said good morning to him at school and now he called him on his thirteenth birthday. Yeah, it would have been great if Aiden could have come to the party today, but he understood why it couldn’t happen. But Aiden called, and the phone call was special.
He wondered why he told Aiden that he and Maria had gotten naked once and wondered why Aiden hadn’t asked him more questions about it. Probably because he’s gay, Eddie thought. The only person in the family he told about getting naked with Maria was Logan. He told him about it two weeks ago, the day after he and Maria got naked in her bedroom after school.  And boy was he full of questions.
“Did you kiss naked? Did you suck her boobs?  Did you eat her out? Did you finger fuck her? Did she suck your dick? Did you cum?” He wondered where gay boy Logan’s questions came from, but he answered all of them. “Yes, yes, no, no, no, yes.”
“You must have jerked off then,” Logan said.
“No, not quite. You see, I…um…well…”
“You had a no touch,” Logan grinned. “That’s cool—I’ve had a couple of those.”
“But you didn’t shoot cum on the belly of a girl when you were sucking one of her boobs. It was embarrassing.”
“What did she think?”
“She thought it was cool. She knew what it was from sex ed and never saw it before.”
Maybe the best part of that talk with Logan was when Logan said, “Well, since you didn’t eat out her pussy, maybe you could eat out my ass.”
Eddie had already been hard, and Logan’s proposal made his cock twitch. Not only did he rim Logan, he ended up fucking him. Damn, if rimming and fucking Logan is my reward for being naked with a girl, he thought, I gotta do it more often.
Eddie’s thoughts came back to Earth. He was still naked and he still hadn’t gone downstairs to help. Birthday or no birthday, he figured he’d better get dressed and help before he got yelled at.
John Gomez gently shook his brother’s bare shoulders. “Good morning, bro, and happy birthday.”
Miles mumbled and groaned and finally turned so he was facing his older brother. “My birthday’s not until tomorrow, but thanks anyway.”
“You didn’t mind me giving you an early birthday present last night,” John chuckled. “You were one hot fuck. I’ll tell you that.”
“You weren’t bad yourself for a straight brother.”
“Hey, who are you calling straight? You’ve fucked more girls than I have.”
“Yeah, I’ve done two and you’ve done one,” Miles smirked.
“No, I’ve done two. I thought you did three. Okay, I guess we’re even, but there’s still something you’ve got on me—I’m a sophomore and you’re only in seventh grade.”
“Well, Gretchen was a one-time thing since she lives in Oregon. The one I want now is Christy who tells everybody she’s a lesbo.”
“Just like you used to tell everybody you were queer. And look at you, you took my cock up your ass not once, but twice in a week.” John had also fucked Miles Thursday night on the living room couch when their parents went out for drinks with friends.
“Including me, how many boys have you done butt sex with?” John asked.
“Five, unless you count rimming, then it would be six.”
“I count it. I mean why not? It’s sex and it involves an ass. For me it’s been three, including you. The boy I want is Mason, who’s supposed to be a hot fuck now.”
Miles nodded. “He IS a hot fuck. The dude I want is Aiden. You’d think I could get one of my best friends to do it with me.”
“Tell him you want him to fuck you for your thirteenth birthday, the sooner the better.”
“Bro, while Aiden fucking me would be nice, I want to fuck HIM.”
“Too bad we’re not having your party here at home. You know there’d be some stuff going on in our bedrooms.”
“Dad says we don’t have enough room for a bunch of twelve and thirteen-year-olds,” Miles reminded his brother. “If it was summer, we could have an outdoor barbeque and an indoor sex party. It would be just as good as an Aiden party, only with girls there, too.”
“Whatever.” John gave his brother a quick kiss in the lips. “Here’s hoping you get to fuck Aiden and one more girl before the end of school.”
“How about Aiden, one of the twins, and two more girls?”
“Damn, bro, you don’t want much, do you? How about another round to tide you over for the day?”
“Only if I get to fuck you this time,” Miles smirked.
“You’re on, dude.” John pulled back the bed covers revealing his naked fifteen-year-old body and his six-inch erection. He rubbed his cock lightly. “You might have more pubic hair than I do, but I’ve got the bigger cock by two inches. And I’m getting close to you in the hair department.”
“Shut up and show me your ass. I want it.”
The brothers finished their third round of sex in three days just as their mother called them to breakfast.
Miles’ thirteenth birthday party went well. He was happy Nolan was able to make it to the party with Aiden, thanks to Aiden’s dads supplying the transportation. He thought about what he had told John earlier and put Nolan on his list for having anal sex with. In Nolan’s case, Miles wanted to be the bottom for the big stud athlete.
He had invited Christy to the party and was worried she wasn’t going to come, but she showed up with Kalie and obviously had a good time. Miles noticed Kalie and Christy holding hands a couple of times and wondered if the two of them were bed buddies, if girls even called them bed buddies. Maybe they’re bed girlfriends, he thought.
Brittany showed up with Heather and sixth grader Michelle Keller just after Kalie and Christy arrived. Miles knew that Aiden didn’t like Heather, but he didn’t care since this was his party and not Aiden’s. Those five girls were the only ones he had invited.
The baseball players hoped that the seventy percent chance of rain forecast for Tuesday meant all the rain would come in the morning, or better yet on Monday. “All we have tomorrow is a meeting, so all the rain can come tomorrow,” Miles said. “The Titans should not have to have any indoor practices.”
“You said it good,” Muddy said, one of the few times he talked during the party, but everyone knew that Muddy wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Mason joked that Muddy didn’t say much because he always had his mouth full of pizza. Everyone agreed that Muddy could pack away the food.
The only orgasm of the party was the one Lenny had when Mason sucked him off in the men’s room stall. “Fuck, Mason, I never thought I’d be sitting on a men’s room toilet getting my dick sucked,” Lenny said as he tucked his cock and balls into his underpants, “but you somehow talked me into it. It was almost as good as dancing with you.”
“Well, that wasn’t so good. Next time, I’ll have to make my blow job even better.”
“I was joking, dude. But it was a once in a lifetime thing unless we’re doing it in my bathroom.”
“And you can sit on your toilet hoping your sister catches us doing it.”
“If she caught us, she’d want to take over.”
Mason shook his head. “And she’s only ten?”
“You were sucking cock when you were ten, and so was I.”
“Yeah, but we’re boys. That’s different.”
“Whatever you say, Mason. Let’s go back, it’s gotta be getting close to cake time.
Two other boys were engaged in a little looky loo with a smidge of fondling in the men’s room, when Nolan asked Miles if he wanted to do a little dick and hair comparison. They received two smirks when Mason and Lenny came out of the bathroom. Nolan and Miles smirked right back and quickly locked themselves in. While Nolan had the bigger patch of hair, he was impressed with what Miles had.
“Just think, I won’t be thirteen until tomorrow,” Miles chuckled, “so who knows how much I’ll grow. But you got some hair on your balls and I don’t, and I see a little fuzz going up to your belly button.” The two fondled each other quickly to move their semis to full hardons. Nolan’s was obviously bigger by more than an inch.
“I guess I have some catching up to do,” Miles said, “but I think I’m doing okay for a new teenager.”
“I think you’re doing great,” Nolan said. “But cake is supposed to be ready soon, and the birthday boy shouldn’t miss out on his own cake cutting.”
After the party, everyone told Miles it was a good one, although Brittany thought he spent too much time with the boys and not enough time with the girls. “I talked to you for a while and you spent a lot of time with the girls,” Miles retorted. “And Michelle seems to like you a lot. I saw where you put your hand during dessert.”
Brittany blushed, but said nothing. She had placed her hand on Michelle’s crotch for only a few seconds and had been certain nobody had seen her. She wasn’t too concerned since Miles and Nolan had disappeared into the men’s room and even though they weren’t in there long, she was sure they did the nasty things boys always seemed to like to do together. The way she saw it, when she made out with girls it was because they were friends and liked each other a lot, not because they wanted to get nasty.
Later that evening, Aiden and Nolan found it ironic that they did nothing sexual while they were together but jerked off together online after they got home. Both got off on talking about the birthday boy and how sexy he was becoming.
“Baseball starts tomorrow,” Aiden said as if Nolan didn’t know.
“I know. I can’t wait.” Baseball was the favorite sport for both boys, and they were more than ready to play ball.
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Note: Following a lot of serious thinking and talking with my editors and a couple of fellow authors, I have decided to end the stories of the Seattle area boys (Chase, Logan, Justin, Drake, Pierce, Curt, Eddie) in “Mayfield Titans”. They were taking too much away from the focus of the story, which is the Mayfield boys. They will appear on occasion during visits from Mayfield to Seattle or Seattle to Mayfield.
Many of you have written and told me how much you enjoy Pierce and Justin as characters in the story. Do not despair for there is good news. The good news is the Seattle area boys will now have their own story. The title is “Emerald City Boys”.  A prologue will be posted on Nifty this week and the first chapter soon after.
There will be crossovers between the two stories. I hope to keep the timelines of the two stories close to each other. To so I will be posting ECB to follow the lead of Titans. That means the appearances of ECB will be somewhat sporadic.
I hope you all follow the Seattle friends and relatives of the Mayfield boys as they follow their own paths in the city on Puget Sound that bills itself as “The Emerald City.”
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