Banish the Nightmares


In Memory of



On 12 May 2021, our author's world and the entire world, lost an extraordinary person, author and friend. Juju was one of the most caring and giving individuals his editor has ever known. His stories reflect his deep concern about the abuse of children, but also children who have come out as gay in particular. Juju was to turn eighteen on 14 May, just two days away. He was also about to graduate from high school and continue his education at a well-known and prestigious university. His ambition was to earn a doctorate in Physics.

Juju was a gifted person, mentally, physically and emotionally and musically accomplished as a cellist. He never ceased to amaze his family, friends, schoolmates, instructors and particularly his editor. In addition, he was quite the outdoorsman; he particularly loved rock climbing and trail riding on horseback. Juju had recently lost his beautiful horse Sherpa, to disease. He often mentioned Sherpa in conversation and was terribly grieved at his loss. The typical Juju, braved that loss with his strength, although mentioning him from time to time since. And Juju loved playing soccer, or football as he referred to it, as well as teaching younger children how to play. He often coached the younger crowd at school.

Said editor must be first to relay to Juju's readers that his main body of work required minimal corrections, never in narration and primarily in punctuation. Almost everyone enjoyed "watching him at work" at all his endeavors. Quoting one of his close friends, "he also had an extremely sharp wit and would occasionally use it on the unwary. He often left people wondering if they had been insulted. But if so, it is certain they deserved it."

It should also be noted that Juju had a "regular guy" side. He was never reluctant to carry his weight in family duties, even digging trenches or with stable requirements. His tender side was well known amongst all who knew him and he shall never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Juju, you were a very special person, loved by many, and will be forever missed.

Juju's editor and friend