Duty Roster A to Z



This does NOT include those on the SS Sooloo's Duty Roster, except the Darastixian adoptees

Aaron Reagan

Former Captain of the SS Stephen William Hawking

Adam Luke

John Luke's father


Boy in the Orphanage Jaku asked Kage to adopt

Alicia Gordon

Admiral Robinson's housekeeper

Angelo Walker

Former Member of the SS Endurance Crew

Ashton Blackwell

Jace's uncle, he and Leo are a gay couple


A Dark Star (Rogue Star)


Head Chef of the Castle

Bertha Cringe

Social Worker in Charleston, South Carolina

Bob Adams

First driver for Kyle Robinson

Bryce Turner

Boy at Summer Camp that helped Danny Harper

Cabrera, Chief Petty Officer

Admiral Robinson's "Secretary"

Carla Jenkins

Randy Jenkins' mom

Carlos Santana

Second driver for Kyle Robinson

Carmichael, Ensign

Science Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Christmas Blackwell

Baby brother of Jace Blackwell

Chu, Captain

Admiral Robinson's Aide

Corey Adams

Bob Adams' son

Dae Ho Choo, Captain

Pilot of the Shuttle that took Admiral Robinson to the Sooloo

Dae-Ho Park, Lieutenant

Operations Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Danielle Crusoe

Will's mom

Darla Savage

Colonel Savage's wife

Dean Pollock

Dean of the Academy Prep School

Denver French

Ass't Chief of Security on SS Endurance

Derrick Lewis

Roommate to Kyle Robinson at Academy

Devin French

Chief of Astrogation on SS Endurance

Dr. Lawrence

7th year Advisor and Counselor at the Academy

Dr. Muskalla

Draconian/Darastixian Doctor

Dr. Picardo

Physician at The Academy


Daughter of King Kairu and the Princess who sacrificed her life for her people.

Dylan Bowmont, Captain

Captain of the SS Victorious

Eddie Fletcher, Ensign

Medical Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Edward Gordon

Alicia's oldest son


Draconian/Darastixian Pilot who died on Sinocar

Elder Arvid

Elder Alf

Elder Egil

These are the Elders of the village on the Northernmost Continent of Kepler 186f, the first planet where the SS Sooloo explored

Endou Takumi, Meagear

Leader of the Draconian/Darastixian Fighter Squadron

Eric Garcia

Captain of the SS Endurance

Everett Sanders

Ass't Chief of Tactical on SS Endurance

Forrester, Captain

Recruiter for Kyle Robinson

Frank David, Commander

Chief of Tactical/Security for SS Endurance

Frank Worsley

First Officer of SS Endurance during First Book

Fred Jenkins

Randy Jenkins' dad

Fries, Lt. Commander

Officer-in-Charge of housing for the academy

Gene Deveraux

Executive Chef of SS Endurance

Gordy Jenkins

Randy Jenkins' younger brother

Grandpa Jake Blackwell

Jace Blackwell's grandfather

Grant Stewart

The Chief Navigator on the SS Ronald Riker

Gregory Robinson, Admiral

Kyle Robinson's father

Haimono Jaku

A Hosayaku in the Guards. becomes a liaison on the Sooloo

Haimono Tei

Brother of Haimono Jaku

Hanabusa Erikku

One of the guards, killed protecting the King and he left a son

Hanabusa Juro

Son of Hanabusa Erikku, adopted by Aiden and Connor

Heather Blackwell

Jace Blackwell's mother

Henri Angèlo (Deceased)

Former employer to Mr. Rivers, he taught Jordan French

Howser Medical Hologram

"The Howser" or "Doogie"

Inga "Mama" Tietokone

Hal's mother


Korean Shuttle Pilot

James Rivers

Jordan Rivers' father

James McCutchen, Captain

Chief Academic Administrator, working under Admiral Minor in the Space Academy.

Jason Blackwell

Jace Blackwell's father

Javier Savage, Colonel

Recruiter for Jason Blackwell and Connor

Jax Thompson

Randy Kohl's father, he is in prison and Randy disowned him


One of the Draconian/Darastixian guards

Jessica Rivers

 Jordan Rivers' mother

John Hanson, Commander

Astrogation Instructor

Jon Kohl

Tom Kohl's Father

Jones, Admiral

Superior to RADM Minor

Joseph "Joey" Bowmont, Commander

Chief of Operations on the SS Victorious

Juanita Rivers

Jordan's Aunt

Jules Zapphire, Commander

Chief of Operations for SS Endurance

Karl Parker, Lt. Commander

Ass't Chief Astrogator of the SS Asimov

Keegan Mills, Lieutenant

Chief Transportation Officer


Brad's fourteen-year-old cousin

King Kairu

Previous King of the Draconian/Darastixian, Great-Great Grandfather of King Zedrick

King Zedrick

King of the Draconian/Darastixian People


An orphan boy, eventually adopted by Kyle and Danny

Kris Shelby, Crewman

Operations Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Kye Tomalok, Lt Commander

Chief Tactical and Security Officer aboard SS Endurance


Lars is a native boy on the first planet where the SS Sooloo explored, Kepler 186f. The natives speak Norwegian, very similar to Norwegians on Earth. He was adopted by Dave and Hal

Latisha Gordon

One of Edward's twin daughters (Sharonda Gordon), Alicia's granddaughter

Leo Blackwell

Jace's uncle, he and Ashton are a gay couple

Lewis Hudson, Lieutenant

Ass't Chief of Astrogation aboard SS Endurance

Lieutenant Davenport

Kyle's Baseball Coach


Gordy Jenkins' girlfriend

Logan Davis, Admiral

Admiral in charge of Space Transportation Services

Logan Roth, Lt Commander

Chief Engineering Officer aboard SS Endurance


Brad's fifteen-year-old cousin

Marco Ramius, Commander

Recruiter for David Bowman


Fourteen-year-old boy in one of the foster homes Aiden was in.

Matthew Luke

John's Luke's younger brother

Mattoo Blackwell

Leo and Ashton's Son

Maureen Gordon

Alicia's daughter, and a student at the University of Nevada, Vegas

Melissa Gebhart

Secretary at the Academy

Michael Makeweather

Former Member of the SS Endurance Crew

Michael Park, Captain

Captain of SS Gateway


She runs Hall of Records on Darastix

Mike Gray, Ensign

Tactical/Security Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Miriam "Mia" Robinson

Kyle's mother, killed in car accident

Miss Dewel

She runs the orphanage on Darastix

Monsieur Douglas

Maître de at French Restaurant


Academy Senior at the Observatory's Help Desk

Mr. Albers

Principal at Dave Bowman's school

Mr. Clark

Prep School's English Teacher

Mr. James

Kyle's Basketball Coach

Nelson Graham, Ensign

Assistant Transportation Officer

Niles Abernathy, Ensign

Tactical/Security Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Nurse Ichiro

Draconian/Darastixian Nurse

Paul Rivers

Jordan's Uncle


Waiter at The Golden Triangle

Phil Collins

Commander Collins' Husband

Prince Zakku (Zack)

Middle son of King Zedrick

Prince Zarek

Eldest son of King Zedrick

Prince Zifaa (Zypher)

Youngest son of King Zedrick

Rear Admiral M.C. Minor

7th year Advisor and Counselor at the Academy

Richard Fries, Lt Commander

Chief of IS before Kanye. Fries was fried


One of the bullies in the orphanage Akage was in.

Robby Crusoe

Will's younger brother

Robert Kanye

Brad's Dad

Rod Greely

Basketball Teammate to Kyle Robinson

Rogers, Commander

Leadership Instructor

Roland Bates

Position Unknown

Ron Mossi, Lieutenant

Ass't Chief of Operations for SS Endurance

Ronald Gordon, Commander

Chief of Engineering on the SS Victorious, Alicia's son

Ruukaso Sukotto

Boy in the Orphanage, adopted by Scott and Luke


Brad's ten-year-old adopted brother

Sarah Luke

John Luke's mother

Savage, General

'Red Dragon' in Shadow Ops, and Colonel Savage's dad

Sebastian Makenzie, Crewman

Tactical/Security Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Sharonda Gordon

One of Edward's twin daughters (Latisha Gordon), Alicia's granddaughter

Shasho Seizen

Boy in the Orphanage, adopted by Steve and Brad

Shinzen Koushi

Ambassador to Earth

Tekia, Captain

Recruiter for Jordan Rivers

Terry Lindgren, Crewman

Operations Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Theodore Darrow, Admiral

Head of the Space Fleet Judge Advocate General or JAG

Tom Collins, Commander

Recruiter for Aiden Douglass

Tommy Walsten, Ensign

Shuttle Pilot aboard SS Endurance


Orphan friend of Juro and Prince Zifaa, adopted by Tom and Randy Kohl

Tracy Bergman

Chief Astrogator of the SS Asimov

Travis Giles, Crewman

Tactical/Security Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Umbutu Imbabwe, Crewman

Science Personnel aboard SS Endurance

Uncle George

Randy Jenkins' uncle from his dad's side. He married Uncle Lou.

Uncle Lou

Randy Jenkins' uncle from his mom's side. He married Uncle George.


Taught the community center cooking classes

Wade Bailey

"Friend" to Robinson

William "Bill" Mirah, Fleet Admiral

The Admiral in charge of "The Project."

Worth, Commander

Steve's Homeroom, History and Math teacher


Guide for Kyle and Danny during first Darastix visit