The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 12-True Love



<Aiden and Nolan>
Saturday was going to be a busy day for Aiden and Nolan. The Mayfield Yard Goats would be playing the Centralia Strikers at the Centralia rec complex in an eleven am game. Aiden was slated to be the starting pitcher for the Goats and Nolan would be starting at shortstop for the Strikers.
Aiden and Nolan had communicated about the game all week and were pumped for the clash. Aiden’s teammates were excited as well since they all knew about the bond between Aiden and Nolan. The two of them were not yet completely open about being boyfriends, but they dared anybody to object to their relationship.
The boyfriends argued about who was going to win Saturday’s game. They would state their facts, telling who had the better third baseman, the better cleanup hitter, the best base stealer, or any other comparisons they could come up with. There were two things they did agree on: that Aiden was a better pitcher than Lars Bowman, the Striker starter for Saturday’s game, and on what was going to happen between them on Saturday night. 
On the bus ride to school on Friday, Aiden took his usual seat next to Kalie. Mrs. Emerson, the bus driver, liked to give Aiden grief about his seatmate. “And, here I thought Gordy was Kalie’s boyfriend, but you’re the one who always sits next to her and makes out with her. Must be quite the rivalry between you and your best friend.” Aiden would always give her his standard answer that he and Kalie were just friends. Her comment about making out with each other got Aiden and Kalie wondering about how much the grandmotherly bus driver knew about what went on in their seat in the mornings and afternoons they sat together.
This time, after Mrs. Emerson made her standard comment with her usual kindly smile Aiden gave her a different comeback. “Kalie is Gordy’s girlfriend and we don’t have any kind of rivalry because, you see, I have a boyfriend.”
Mrs. Emerson acted like this was the kind of news she heard every day. “Oh really? Anybody I know?”
“I don’t think so. He lives in Meadow Park and his name is Nolan.” Aiden knew that Mrs. Emerson would be connecting the dots and finding out who, exactly, Nolan was and that didn’t bother him.
“Well, I’m happy for you and I hope you two are happy together,” she said sincerely. “Now go sit in your seat so I can get this bus going since there are two cars waiting for me to turn off the flashing lights and move.” Aiden moved quickly to his seat wondering if she would be as upset to hear he’d had his hand on her ten-year-old grandson Skip’s penis the past weekend.
When Aiden reached Kalie’s row, Kalie moved so he could take the window seat; when she did that Aiden knew she was in a horny mood. Aiden and Kalie greeted each other as he scooted past her. “Are you ready for tomorrow?” Kalie asked Aiden.
“Mostly. I’ll start working on my focus and getting in my zone tonight.”
“I meant are you ready for Nolan?” Kalie giggled. She placed her hand on Aiden’s crotch. She got shivers when she felt his cock start to harden.
“Don’t get me off, Kalie,” Aiden pleaded. “I pitch better when I’m kinda horned up and I want to be totally ready for Nolan.” While Aiden hadn’t told Kalie what he and Nolan would be doing when their parents left them alone for their night out, she knew Aiden well enough to correctly guess Aiden and Nolan would be having serious sex.
Kalie didn’t stop her fondling of Aiden’s cock. Although he could have stopped her and often did, he decided to see how far she would get with him before the bus arrived at the middle school. He looked over at the two freshmen who usually sat across the aisle from them and saw that the boy’s attention was focused on Kalie’s right hand. He gave Aiden a little wave and a grin, showing his hardon by bunching the cloth of his shorts.
“You got hard fast,” Kalie whispered. She knew Aiden was horny because he didn’t stop her even after saying he didn’t want to be fondled. Aiden knew that Kalie always told Gordy when she played with his cock on the bus.
When Kalie started to pull down his zipper, Aiden decided to stop her from going further or he would squirt his cum right into his underpants. Kalie had made him do it before on the bus, but he decided that this time he was going to save his entire weekend load for his boyfriend. But just as he started to open his mouth to ask Kalie to stop, she slipped two fingers inside the pee slit of his underpants and the result was instantaneous—three shots of clear boy juice shot out as Aiden tried to stifle a moan and left a wet spot under his waist band. Kalie pulled out her hand and gave it a quick lick.
“Damn, I wish I had time get off,” the freshman boy across the aisle said. “I’m going to be walking into the school with a major hardon.” As always, the two girls in the seats in front of Aiden and Kalie pretended to be unaware of what was going on behind them. The seat behind them was empty this time.
The bus pulled into the high school bus loading area and stopped. The freshman boy tried to hide his hardon with his jacket, but Aiden still caught sight of the impressive bulge in the front of his pants. His girlfriend knew she should have jerked him off, but she had become reluctant to be overtly sexual on the bus.
Aiden had images of what happened on the bus most of the day at school. He and Kalie both told Gordy about the incident. Gordy said listening to them made him really horny and wished he could have been on the bus to watch.
“Watch?” Aiden laughed. “You would have kicked me out of my seat so Kalie could have gotten you off.”


By the time Aiden loaded his gear into the Odyssey on Saturday morning, his mind was not thinking about the bus trip or what he and Nolan would be doing after the game—he had slid into his zone. Mason was aware of Aiden’s state of mind as soon as he was picked up at his house and knew better than to do anything more than greet Aiden. The same was true of the twins. The ride to Centralia was done in silence.
Aiden saw Nolan in the parking lot as they arrived at the rec center. He gave his friend a wave and a smile but didn’t walk to where his car was. Aiden had told him all about zones and focus. He’d even reminded Nolan that if they saw each other he might wave but would do nothing more. As a result, Nolan understood Aiden not coming over to say anything, and had been firmly told not to approach Aiden.
The Yard Goats scored two runs in the top of the first to get off to a good start. Aiden helped the offense with a one-out double. Gordy was up next, and he knocked Aiden in for a quick 1-0 lead. A walk to Trent and a single by Lance created the second run.
Aiden struck out Nolan in the bottom of the second in their first face-off of the game. A home run by Muddy in the top of the fourth extended the Goats’ lead to 3-0. Aiden gave up the Stinger’s first hit, a harmless two-out single, in the bottom of the inning. The Goats scored another run in the top of the fifth, then Aiden got himself into a jam in the bottom of the inning.
Nolan led off the inning with a double on a 2-1 pitch. Aiden was happy for Nolan but unhappy with himself for giving him a fat pitch to drive. The next batter grounded out to second, moving Nolan to third. A four-pitch walk brought up Nolan’s long-time friend, Carter, who singled in Nolan to make the score 4-1.
Coach Scott sauntered out to the pitcher’s mound. Because Scott Keller had been warming up in the bullpen, Aiden knew the coach had brought his hook with him. The coach proved him right by holding out his hand for the baseball. He instructed Aiden to go to third base, moved Miles from third to second, replacing Mason. Scott Keller ended the damage by striking out the next Stinger batter for the second out and then inducing a popup to end the inning.  
Aiden had enjoyed the seven-inning games played at the middle school level. The 12-and-under league the Goats were in played only six. Aiden almost felt he was being cheated by having to play the shorter game. The Goats didn’t score in the top of the sixth. Aiden hit a two-out triple but was left stranded at third. The Stingers scored a run in the bottom of the sixth, but that was all they would get. The Yard Goats had picked up a hard-earned 4-2 win over the Stingers to improve their record to 4-1. 
The handshake line moved quickly. Aiden and Nolan gave each other knowing looks when they traded fist bumps. They knew what was going to happen that night as soon as the house became devoid of parents. The parents waited patiently as players changed in the parking lot. Most of them just changed their shirts, but a couple of them stripped down to gym shorts or underpants. Aiden was one of those who stripped to his underpants. He reached inside his jock strap and yanked out his cup. He then pulled on a pair of khaki shorts and a Mayfield Middle School Baseball t-shirt.
Mason, Lenny, and Lance rode home with the twins’ mother while Aiden rode to Nolan’s house with his dads. Nolan and his parents were home when they arrived. Nolan’s mother had made up ham and cheese sandwiches in the morning for a late lunch. They were served with potato chips and sodas. The two families enjoyed lunch at the dining room table, talking about the game and the upcoming season.
After eating, Nolan and Aiden excused themselves and secluded themselves in Nolan’s room. Nolan started up the model train that circled the room and the boys stripped naked so they could take showers.
“We can shower together, if you want,” Nolan told Aiden.
“Won’t your mom get upset?” Aiden asked. “She gets so uptight about stuff like that.”
“If she does, I’ll just tell her that we switched without turning the water off. She’ll think we were real efficient.”
As they started showering, Aiden told Nolan about the opening of their swimming pool for the summer on Memorial Day. Nolan hadn’t been able to come because the Stingers were playing in a weekend tournament in Wenatchee where they finished fourth out of sixteen teams.
“You said it wasn’t going to be a skinny-dipping party,” Nolan said. “Is that how it ended up?’ he smirked.
“Mostly,” Aiden giggled.
“Tell me about it.”
“Well, you remember Skip Emerson. He turned ten last month and he’s becoming kind of a horn dog. He grabbed my junk in the pool, so I grabbed him back, only I slipped my hand inside his trunks and gave his pecker and balls a squeeze.”
“Of course,” Nolan grinned.
“Well, I had to protect my honor, you know. I wasn’t going to let some ten-year-old fourth grader just grab my junk in my own swimming pool without getting revenge.”
“Did he have a boner?”
“Not then, but he did when I went into the bathroom.”
Aiden stopped while Nolan washed his ass, doing a thorough job on Aiden’s crack. “It was warm out and I know you probably sweated a lot while you were pitching.”
“Yep, and it all ran into my butt crack,” Aiden giggled.
Aiden then returned the favor, finishing the crack wash by pushing a finger into Nolan’s butt. “Hey,” Nolan squawked in surprise.
“I wanted to make sure your butt was extra clean since I’m going to be sticking something else up it as soon as the rents leave.”
“I can’t wait, but I’m nervous, too.”
“It will be cool. If I can take your big pecker up my butt, you for sure can take mine.”
“It’s still gonna hurt some, right?”
“Maybe a little, but I’m going to be really careful.”
“I think we’re clean all over, so let’s get out of the shower before mom starts yelling at us.”
The boys dried each other thoroughly in the little bathroom and then stepped into Nolan’s bedroom. Nolan flopped on his bed and Aiden joined him. “Okay, now tell me about Skip having a boner,” Nolan requested.
“Okay, so I went in to pee and…”
“Wait, you didn’t pee in the pool? Damn, I didn’t know you were so considerate.”
“Hey, I swallow the water too, not that I haven’t let loose in there a couple of times,” Aiden giggled. “So, anyway, Skip followed me in saying he had to pee, too. After I finished, he pulled his trunks down to his knees and showed off his boner. It was like maybe two inches. Mine’s almost twice as big already. He said I could touch it if I wanted so I did.”
“How come he’s all sexy all of a sudden?”
“Cuz he and Gage Polk, who he came with, have been swimming at my house a few times and they’ve seen us all mess around and even shoot cum.”
“Did you touch it?”
“Duh! I jerked it for him, and he told me how good it felt. He said he and Gage were starting to jerk each other a lot.”
“Wow, two little horn dogs. Is Gage ten too?”
“Not until November, so Gage and Skip are a grade apart, but they live close to each other and have been best friends forever. He got me chubbed up and I pulled down my swim shorts so he could grab my boner and we stood there looking at each other and jerking each other. He told me he and Gage have been talking about blow jobs and he wanted me to help them learn how.”
“Did you?”
“No, but I said I would after school was over, but it wasn’t that hard to figure out what to do—just open mouth, lick and suck, and pretty soon it’s cum time.”
“He said he had dry cums and so did Gage. I led him to the back room and we pulled off our trunks and started rubbing our dicks together. Only I was rubbing his belly with mine part of the time. I was so turned on I promised him I’d teach him how to suck dick. So, I might be playing BJ teacher soon like Chase did with me.”
Nolan turned and kissed his boyfriend. “I don’t know if you noticed, but you got me rock hard talking about Skip. Did you guys get off?”
“Yeah. For the first time in his life Skip had cum shot on him and right after that he grabbed me and rubbed hard against me with his dick sliding in my little bit of cum and I could feel his dick jerking with his dry cum. He’s really sexy for just being ten. I wanted to kiss him at the end.”
“Sounds like you at least had a little bit of a sexy time.”
Aiden gave Nolan’s shoulder a light punch. “It was way more than a little bit, it was a humungous sexy time. Like I said he’s really sexy and cute. Anyway, Gage heard from Skip almost right away about what we did, so he asked me to sneak my hand inside his swim shorts, so I did—underwater. Then Kalie got out of the pool and went under the deck and took her top off. Gordy got out and rubbed her boobs and you could tell how hard he was. Skip and Gage were totally staring at them. Let me tell you, since Gordy and Kalie started going out together Gordy has become a sex fiend.”
“Was Mason there?” Nolan asked as he slowly stroked his four and three-quarter-inch pubescent erection.
“Yes. And being Mason he took his swim trunks off and threw them at Gordy and Kalie while they were making out. And he sucked off Trent and Miles together in the back room in the basement later on.  I know Gage watched them. Gretchen got naked in the back room, but the little dudes missed that. Me, Miles, Gordy, and Kalie didn’t miss it though. Miles got naked, too, and he had a wicked hard on. Other than Miles rubbing Gretchen’s boobs a bit nobody messed around. Other than grabbing dicks and asses like we always do, it wasn’t a real sexy swim party, but it was sexy enough,” Aiden giggled.
“It will heat up when summer comes,” Nolan said. “So, it sounds like Gage, Skip, Kalie, Gordy, Mason, Miles, and Trent were there.”
“That was it. I invited Gage and Skip because they’re cool little dudes and fun to be around and are liking being sexy. I thought the twins would be there, but they couldn’t come because their mom wanted them all to go do something the brat wanted to do.”
Aiden then kissed Nolan. They were both rock hard but weren’t sure if they should go for broke and cum or save it for the big moment in the evening. Their minds were made up for them when they heard Nolan’s dad calling for them to come downstairs. Nolan pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and a t-shirt while Aiden grabbed the boxers he’d packed in his backpack and donned his Mayfield Middle School t-shirt. Since he was uncomfortable wearing just underwear around Nolan’s mom, he brought boxers because they looked more like shorts than underpants.
“I want to show Aiden’s dads the trains, and I thought the two of you would like to help out,” Paul Moyer told the boys.
I’d rather help Aiden shoot his cum in me, Nolan thought, but it can wait. Showing off the trains is fun, too.
When Vivian Moyer saw what the boys were wearing, she shook her head, but said nothing. Paul had said it was all about boys being boys, she thought, but she wished they would make civilized decisions on their own. After all, they were able to run around naked at Aiden’s home, so why the need to be half dressed here?
The two boys and their fathers spent an enjoyable afternoon operating and working on the trains. Nolan proudly showed off his Lego city and how he had built the tracks to fit in smoothly with the main layout. The three fathers couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the two tween boyfriends, not only their exterior beauty, but the beauty of their personalities as well. Because the boys had come out to their parents as gay lovers, they didn’t try hiding their feelings for each other. The love between the two was obvious; the boys made no attempt to hide it, even though they were reasonably certain Nolan’s mother was not as accepting of the situation as their dads were.
“Hey, guys, time has flown and it’s time to tie down the trains,” Nolan’s dad told the boys.
Nolan and Aiden went to work taking care of Nolan’s train while Paul ran the two trains he was operating into the yard. “We’re taking one of my trains and two of dad’s to the model railroad show in Olympia this fall,” Nolan announced proudly. Nolan and his father belonged to the Centralia Model Railroad Club and had participated in three shows over the past two years.
The parents had a busy evening planned for themselves. They would be going out to dinner and then taking in a new movie at the Centralia Mall Multiplex. Nolan and Aiden would have the house to themselves from four to around eleven o’clock. The parents left them with a stack of money to buy pizza and drinks. It was going to be a great night out for the parents and a great night in for the boys.
“You boys be good while we’re gone,” Nolan’s mother cautioned them. Nolan knew exactly what his mother was going to say, since she uttered the same caution almost every time she left Nolan alone in the house. He figured his dad would add his little statement about counting the beer in the fridge like he had some desire to drink it. His dad had let him have a couple of sips and he was certain he would rather drink piss.
“We’ll only wreck the upstairs room,” Nolan muttered to himself.
“Did you say something?” his keen eared mother asked.
“I said that we’re always good when we’re alone,” something Vivian Moyer knew was true, but, being the mother she was she felt obligated to remind her son to be good in case this was the one time he forgot.
“We should be back between eleven and eleven-thirty,” Paul Moyer reminded the boys. By “we” he meant Vivian and himself since Larry and Phil would be driving back to Mayfield after the movie because Aiden was spending the night. They would all be riding in the Moyer car to Centralia, however.
As soon as Nolan and Aiden heard the car depart their t-shirts, underpants, and socks quickly ended up strewn on the living room rug. The boys were in their favorite state of dress: naked.
“I just know those boys are going to be naked before the night is out,” Vivian said as they drove on Military Road toward Centralia.
“If they’re not naked already,” Paul chuckled. “I can’t think of a better way for a pair of boys to spend a night alone together.”
“But since they say that they’re boyfriends that’s just going to lead to them having sex.”
“You, me, Larry, and Phil have talked to the boys on the subject. They know where we stand. Short of having them don a chastity belt or locking them in separate rooms, we can only hope they listened to what we had to say and are responsible, safe, and considerate of each other’s feelings.”
“Larry and I agree,” Phil said.
“You men always stick together,” Vivian said. She paused and then said, “But they do seem to be so happy together. I guess I’m just afraid they are trying to do too much too young and it might ruin their friendship.”
“They are more than happy together, Vivian,” Larry said. “They are in love with each other. Maybe it’s just a crush, maybe it’s puppy love, maybe they’re in lust, maybe it’s something deeper, it doesn’t matter. Right now the love they have for each other is oozing out of their pubescent pores. And between them they’ll be learning lessons in how to have a close relationship that will serve them into adulthood.” Larry was referring to him and Phil being in lust or in love or whatever when they were the same age as Nolan and Aiden.
“I know, I know, I had a crush when I was their age, so I know their feelings are real. But, I’m a mother and I know my feelings are real, too.”
“Vivian, honey, I have some advice.”
“Yes, dear?”
“Get ready to enjoy dinner, enjoy what is supposed to be a great movie, and enjoy a fantastic night out with two of our best friends.”
“You are often a wise man, Paul Moyer,” Vivian grinned. “If I can handle them skinny dipping in the Miller family pool, I can handle those two young boys running around the house naked and even having sex—kind of. I won’t let it ruin my enjoyment of the broiled salmon that’s supposed to be the best in the county.”


Nolan and Aiden had agreed to save their big moment until after they ate. That would allow them more time than they needed to do it right. They spent an hour playing pool in the rec room before calling Steve’s Pizza for delivery. Steve’s was on Military Road about half-way between Meadow Park and Centralia. Nolan insisted that their pizza was much better than the pizza parlor in town.
They played video games on the widescreen TV until the doorbell rang. Nolan pulled on the pizza themed lounge pants he had brought downstairs and answered the door. He recognized the delivery driver, who was a junior at Meadow Park High.
“Hey Cody, come in,” Nolan grinned.
“Hi, Nolan.” Cody couldn’t help but admire the half-dressed pubescent boy who led him into the dining room. He considered himself to be straight, but he always admired beauty, no matter the gender.
“Set the pizza and drinks on the table.” Nolan grabbed the money off the table, counted out enough to pay for the meal and handed it to Cody. Nolan was as smitten with Cody as the teen was with him.
“Nice pants, just right for dinner,” Cody observed as he checked out the pizza lounge pants, which were all that Nolan was wearing.
“That’s why I wore them,” Nolan grinned.
“Do you need any help?” yelled a treble voice from the living room.
“Not yet,” Nolan yelled back. “I’ll let you know when.”
“Just the two of you tonight?” Cody asked.
“Yep,” Nolan grinned.
“Can I meet your friend?”
“Um, he’s not exactly dressed to meet people.”
Cody quickly recalled a few nights with friends when parents weren’t home. “I understand. You guys have a lot of fun, and I mean A LOT of fun.” Cody counted out change for Nolan, hoping the boy didn’t notice the growing bulge in his jeans while at the same time hoping he did. Nolan noticed, which made his cock move to the upright position instantly.
Nolan returned some of the change as a tip. Aiden had calculated the size of the tip when they placed the order based on the total given to Nolan. Nolan added a couple of dollars to that amount. As Nolan led Cody to the door Aiden appeared from the living room causing the delivery boy to almost drop his carrier when he saw the naked boy.
“Oops, sorry, I thought you were gone,” Aiden said innocently. He stood still for a few moments, as if he wanted to make sure the delivery boy saw him, before he turned and retreated to the living room.
“You were right,” Cody laughed, “he isn’t dressed to meet people. Well, at least you were dressed, although barely.” Nolan noted that Cody’s bulge was even bigger.
Nolan pulled his lounge pants down below his hips, revealing his pubescent boner. “Have fun driving with that hard thing you’ve got.”
“You and your friend are terrible,” Cody laughed as he walked out onto the front stoop wishing he were twelve again.
Nolan stepped into the living room and pulled his lounge pants all the way off. “Time to get ready to eat,” he said.
“I saw you flash the delivery kid,” Aiden giggled.
“After Cody saw you, I figured he might as well see both of us.”
“Your lounge pants are as crazy wild as my dad’s. He doesn’t know how to get pants that are just plaid or something,” Aiden said.
“Did you really step out into the hall by accident, or was it planned?”
“Moi?” Aiden asked innocently. “Would I plan to be naked in front of a hot looking dude like him? Never happen.”
“I think we’re both mega-horny.”
“Not to mention mega-hungry.”
“He was pretty boned up,” Nolan told Aiden. “He’s a kid that I kinda know. He’s a junior and plays football and baseball. He was the quarterback on the varsity last season.”
“Well, he at least got to see both of our boners. Too bad he didn’t flash us.”
“Let’s eat so we can do something about being mega-horny and hungry,” Nolan grinned. The two naked tweens headed to the dining room, set the pizza and sodas out and sat down to eat. This was the preliminary to the real fun. And out on the road after his next delivery Cody wondered if the cum he shot on the front seat of his car would leave a stain.
After eating, the boys sat in the living room to let their pizza settle. They wanted to feel as close to perfect as they could when the time came for the big moment. While they were scarfing down their pizza, their topic of conversation was baseball. It was no surprise, however, that their after-dinner topic was sex.
“How old do you think Cody is?” Aiden asked Nolan.
“Sixteen, probably. Maybe seventeen.”
“Would you mess around with him if you could?”
“I dunno, maybe. I mean he’s way older than us and probably wouldn’t want to.”
“His big bulge didn’t say that.”
“He sure seemed to like it when you came out naked and I pulled down my pants,” Nolan said.
“Who wouldn’t,” Aiden grinned. “Besides, who knows when he gets off work. Still, it would be fun to have pizza again someday and ask if we could see his big pecker. But right now, if I was gonna mess around with a kid older than me, other than Chase that is, I’d do it with Sammy.”
“He’s what, fourteen?”
“Yeah. Who would you mess around with, Cody the pizza boy?”
“Nope. I’d like to do it with Drake.”
Aiden gave Nolan a look of surprise. “For real?”
“For real.” He gave Aiden a sly grin. “But, if Cody had dropped his pants, I don’t know what I would have done.”
“You could have done whatever you wanted as long as you let me help you handle somebody that big.” Aiden gave Nolan’s crotch a close look. “It looks like you might have a couple more hairs down there.”
“Yep, I counted them last night.” Nolan squeezed his hard cock. “This sex talk is getting me even more horny. Let’s go downstairs.”
Before we do it, I want to tell you something I saw on Wednesday.”
“Go for it.”
“A bunch of us were at Miles’ house after school. We had practice at five, so Miles’ mom said we could hang out there. She made us sandwiches to munch on so we wouldn’t be hungry at practice. Anyway, I was there, so were Gordy, Trent, Mason, Muddy, and Miles.”
“I hope Miles was there, since it’s his house.”
“Miles’ brother John wasn’t there, but Miles’ parents were there. You can guess who got naked almost right away.”
“Good guess, Sherlock. He said he wanted to show us something he learned from Muddy and has done to Miles.”
“Did he fuck him?”
“Nope, he rimmed him.”
“Um, I knew Mason kissed people’s butts, but isn’t that like licking somebody’s asshole?”
“Yep. And Miles got naked and Mason rimmed him. He licked Miles’ butt hole and even stuck his tongue a little way in. It was crazy wild which is just like Mason. I almost shot my wad watching them and I wasn’t even touching myself.”
“Would you ever do it?”
“I want to do it before I take your cherry.”
“For real?”
“For real except for sticking my tongue in your hole.”
“I can’t wait any longer.”
Aiden grabbed his bottle of lube from the coffee table and he and Nolan went downstairs to the model railroad room, their rock-hard pubescent cocks leading the way. Nolan got two of his dad’s trains running on the main table. He sat on the old couch at his end of the room and Aiden sat next to him. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed hard, deep, and wet. They moaned and groaned and emitted long satisfied purrs.
Nolan said he wanted to do his first time as bottom doggie style, and he set himself up on the couch accordingly. “You’re going to be the fifth in our group to lose his cherry,” Aiden said.
“There’s you and Muddy and who else?”
“Miles and Trent. They did each other last weekend, but they didn’t tell anybody until Wednesday. Miles let his brother John do him the next day for his second time.”
“And now I get to join the crowd.”
“Are you still nervous?”
“Yep, big time. You?”
Aiden grunted and nodded as he positioned himself behind his boyfriend. “Double nervous. Once for taking your cherry and once for rimming you. But, I’m most nervous about fucking because I can stop the rimming any time. Okay, show me your butt, because here I go.”
Nolan raised his ass in the air and Aiden kissed his right butt cheek and then his left one. Aiden had kissed Mason and Lenny’s cheeks before and had pushed his finger into a few butts, but this was different. He took a deep breath and spread Nolan’s cheeks. He hesitated and then started licking Nolan’s crack until he reached his lover’s pucker. He kissed and licked and licked and sucked and slobbered, expecting it to taste and smell gross. While it didn’t taste great, he thought of it as tasting strongly of Nolan.
“That feels really good when you lick it,” Nolan cooed. Aiden kept eating at Nolan’s ass for another minute before he decided to go all the way and pushed his tongue into his lover’s ass, but that seemed too gross and more suited to Mason than to himself, so he didn’t do it for more than a few seconds.
“Is it time to do it?” Nolan asked a bit apprehensively. Aiden could eat his ass all night as far as he was concerned but taking Aiden’s dick up his butt would be serious business and was sure to hurt. But Aiden had taken his lover’s cock six times over five months and survived it; it was his turn and he was going to try his best to make it good for his boyfriend.
What happened after the rimming seemed to go in slow motion for both boys. Aiden lubed his cock and then lubed Nolan’s crack, which was already slickened by Aiden’s spittle. Remembering what Chase had told him, he wiggled his index and middle fingers into Nolan’s butt. Nolan had taken one finger in his butt before, but this was the first time for two.
“Are you in?” Nolan asked. “That’s not so bad.”
“Just fingers.”
“Fuck the fingers and start to fuck me.” Nolan chuckled anxiously at his attempt at humor.
Aiden realized Nolan was right and lined his four plus inches up with his boyfriend’s exposed pucker. While his cock didn’t slide in as easily as his fingers had, Nolan didn’t offer a great deal of resistance. He was taking to heart some of the advice Aiden had given over the phone; advice that Aiden had received from his cousin Chase.
The feelings going through Aiden were warm and sensual, while for Nolan they were somewhat painful with a hint of sensuality. He could feel Aiden moving deeper into him until Aiden said with a sigh, “I’m all the way in.”
“It doesn’t hurt a lot,” Nolan told him. “I can handle this.”
Aiden started his first fuck as a top slowly and then he started speeding up. The sensations coursing through his body were amazing while Nolan found himself enjoying the feel of Aiden inside him more than he ever thought possible, especially for his first time as a bottom. He remembered it had taken Aiden a couple of times to really enjoy being a bottom.
“You gonna cum on me?” Nolan asked.
“Fuck no, I’m gonna cum in you, silly.”
Nolan had pulled out and cum over Aiden’s back and butt the last time they made love. He and Aiden both agreed it was hot. They agreed that they would do it again even though Nolan said it felt way better cumming in Aiden’s ass than on it.
“I wassssss jussst…ohhhhhhhh…fuck I’m cummmmmmming!” Nolan started shooting his weak boy cum on the old couch. It wasn’t the first time he’d cum on the couch since it was a favorite jerk off place for him. It was his first no touch cum, however.
Aiden felt Nolan’s ass squeeze his cock hard and within seconds after Nolan’s orgasm Aiden was shooting his watery emission into his lover’s ass.
After they recovered, Nolan stopped the trains and tied them down. The boys went upstairs and picked up their underwear and Nolan’s lounge pants off the floor. They went to Nolan’s room, showered again, feeling naughty by peeing in the shower, although not on each other. They took care of their teeth, went back to Nolan’s room, kissed and enjoyed each other’s fresh breath, and then snuggled under the covers of Nolan’s bed. They kissed again and petted and stroked and licked and humped and shot their cum on each other while their tongues moved from mouth to mouth.
“Damn, we made a mess,” Aiden said. “Are we going to sleep in it?”
“I’m not changing the sheets until tomorrow, so what do you think?”
“I think I love you Nolan. No, I KNOW I love you.”
“And I know I love you, Aiden. I can’t wait until summer when we can have more sleepovers.”
Aiden laid his head on Nolan’s chest and Nolan stroked Aiden’s belly. They finally adjusted themselves to get comfortable while still in full contact. They fell asleep and never heard Nolan’s parents come home from their double date.
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