Mayfield Titans

Chapter 13-The Millers

<Aiden and Gordy>
Gordy and Aiden boarded the school bus together after school. Mrs. Emerson greeted Gordy with a smile. “It’s always nice to have one of Aiden’s best friends ride my bus,” she told him.
“Thank you, Mrs. Emerson.” Gordy handed her the note from the office he required to ride the bus. Even though Mrs. Emerson knew Gordy and knew he had his parents’ permission to ride the bus with Aiden or Kalie any time he wanted, the rules and regulations required he have specific permission from the front office whenever he rode the bus. Even in small town Mayfield legal issues ruled over common sense.
Gordy and Aiden sat in separate seats, with Aiden sitting in front of Gordy. Since Gordy would be spending the night with Aiden, it had been agreed in advance that he would sit with Kalie on the bus.
A minute after the boys sat in their seats, Kalie boarded the bus with Brittany, who would be spending the night with Kalie. She had a note of her own giving her permission to ride the bus. Kalie sat next to Gordy and Brittany next to Aiden.
“I can’t believe we’re sitting next to each other on the bus,” Kalie squealed with delight.
“It’s happened before,” Gordy said matter-of-factly.
“But not this year.” She gave her boyfriend a lewd grin. “I can do to you what I do with Aiden if you want.”
Gordy wasn’t eager to have his junk fondled on the bus, but he knew if he said no it would hurt Kalie’s feelings. And since he often squawked about Aiden getting felt up on the bus, he figured he probably should put his cock on the line. The final decider was that he was starting to get hard thinking of Kalie having her hand on his crotch.
“You can do it as soon as the bus starts, but no unzipping me.” Gordy knew that Kalie sometimes unzipped Aiden and then fondled him through his underpants and had even copped a couple of quick feels skin on skin.
“Fair enough.”
Brittany knew what Kalie did with Aiden and what she wanted to do with Gordy. She wanted to follow her lead and fondle Aiden’s penis while Kalie did her thing with Gordy.
“Do you like what Kalie does with you on the bus?” she asked Aiden.
Aiden anticipated the question and had his response prepared. “Yeah, we’re always talking about sports and I like that a lot. Kalie is a cool friend.”
“I meant did you like her touching you?”
“We sit next to each other on the bus, so sometimes we touch. We can’t help it.”
Brittany made no effort to hide her frustration. “No, I meant do you like her touching you down there?”
Aiden made an obvious effort to look down at his feet. “Well, yeah. I mean when the bus turns sometimes our legs and even our feet touch.”
“You’re an impossible boy.”
“And proud of it,” Aiden grinned.
As soon as the bus started up, Kalie laid her hand on Gordy’s crotch. She was pleased to feel his penis work up to full hardness under her hand.
“Are you sure I can’t unzip you?” she asked as she lightly tugged on his zipper.
“There’s nobody across the aisle.”
“I know, but there’s two sixth grader girls sitting behind us.”
Kalie let go of Gordy’s zipper and went back to massaging his hard cock. “I don’t think Aiden’s going to let Brittany touch him,” she noted.
“Good,” Gordy said bluntly.
“Why did you say that?”
“Because he has a boyfriend.”
“But you’re okay if I do it to Aiden, and I have a boyfriend, too.”
She removed her hand from his crotch and gave him a confused look. “That makes no sense.”
“It’s different when we’re friends,” Gordy responded. “That makes total sense to me.”  
“You’re an impossible boy,” Kalie grumped as she replaced her hand on Gordy’s crotch.
“I’m gonna shoot if you keep doing that,” Gordy informed her.
“But we’re almost at Aiden’s house.”
“Then I’ll have to be fast or get you in Aiden’s house.”
Gordy’s reply was to push her arm away—the fondling was over.
The four of them got off at Aiden’s house. Everybody had the proper permission to deboard there. If Mrs. Emerson ruled the world, she would have let four wonderful children like the ones leaving her bus do so without having to deal with a ton of rules and paperwork. But she didn’t rule the world and her job required that she made sure all the bureaucratic i’s were dotted and t’s crossed.
As she watched the foursome enter Aiden’s house through the garage, she wondered what kind of fun they would be having considering both of Aiden’s fathers were at work. The liberal minded grandmother might have been disappointed that, all things considered, their time in the house wouldn’t be as wild as she was imagining.
Aiden dropped his backpack on the couch in the basement’s backroom, and the other three followed suit. “I have unfinished business with Gordy before we do anything,” Kalie announced. “I want to finish it before Mr. Sanders comes home.”
Kalie walked over to Gordy and placed her hand on his crotch. She was disappointed to learn that his penis was now soft. Brittany took that as a hint, took a couple of steps to her right, and fondled Aiden’s crotch.
Aiden pulled her hand away. “Don’t you ever touch me like that again without my permission!” he yelled angrily.
“Kalie is grabbing Gordy,” Brittany responded.
“He’s her boyfriend and I guess she has permission to. You don’t have my permission. What would you do if I grabbed your crotch without your permission?”
Brittany didn’t hesitate to reply. “I’d slap you and scream.”
“That’s what I figured. Then what makes you think you could grab me?”
Kalie had removed her hand from Gordy’s crotch. She and Gordy looked at the altercation with awestruck looks.
“You’re a boy and boys are different,” was her lame reply.
Aiden pointed to his crotch and said, “These are called my privates in case you didn’t know. They stay private unless I say different.”
“I’m sorry,” Brittany said meekly. “Heather said it would be okay and wanted to know what you were like and I thought you told her it was okay and I’m sorry.”
“Listening to Heather is even worse than listening to Autumn. Even Kalie asks me first.” Which was true depending on the circumstances and locale. Aiden saw that Brittany was dripping tears down her cheeks. He liked Brittany, which was not true of how he felt about Heather and Autumn. “I forgive you, Brittany. We all screw up—just don’t do it again.”
“I will be sure to ask every time,” she said. “Are we still friends?”
“I will probably say no every time, but, yeah, we’re still friends.” He could hear Kalie and Gordy each breathing a sigh of relief. He knew from his Fourth Dimension work that he should never hold any resentments and would now do his best to truly forgive Brittany and be her friend. “Now, let’s play ping-pong.”
They got two games in by the time Larry arrived home. The teams were Brittany and Aiden versus Kalie and Gordy. All four tweens were athletic and competitive, and the games were lively. The teams split 11-8 and 11-9.
Larry was pleased to see that everyone still had their clothes on. He assumed they had worked up their sweat playing ping pong.  As everyone enjoyed some cold lemonade, Larry invited the girls to dinner. After a phone call to Kalie’s mother, they accepted. Phil arrived soon after and started warming up the lasagna he had put together the night before. He was grateful that he had made a huge batch.
“I’m spending the night at Kalie’s,” Brittany told Larry and Phil as the group sat down to dinner. It’s nice that they’re not trying to manipulate us into agreeing to different sleeping arrangements, like all four sleeping at the same place, or maybe Gordy and Brittany switching overnight partners. At least they’re still preteens some of the time, Larry mused.
After a dinner of Phil’s lasagna and a dessert of peach cobbler, the girls were ready to leave. Phil and Larry thought it interesting to have a co-ed group of kids for dinner. They could see the fondness between Gordy and Kalie, but Aiden and Brittany often looked like they were doing their best to tolerate each other.
“Thanks for being nice to Brittany,” Kalie told Aiden as they went down to the basement together so Kalie could recover her backpack and gym bag.
“She got carried away. Kind of like Mason does sometimes, I guess, and Mason is still my friend.”
“She really likes you and so do Heather and Autumn. They all want to get naked with you and go out with you.”
“Autumn wants to get naked with everybody,” Aiden chuckled. “And you know you want to get naked with me, too.”
“Yeah, but at least you and me have already been naked together,” Kalie pointed out as she picked up her school stuff. “And maybe we will be again,” she grinned.
“I wouldn’t be surprised.”
“Really?” Aiden nodded. “Well, us girls think you have to stop being gay and start going out with a girl, so maybe you’ll get naked with that girl too.”
“Come on, Kalie, I know you don’t think that. I mean, I AM gay and that’s the way it is.”
“Still, we can all hope.” Kalie gave Aiden a kiss on his cheek before they walked out the basement door.
After the girls left, Aiden and Gordy went downstairs to undress and sit in the hot tub. The late September evening was chilly, so they elected to take their clothes off indoors before dashing into the warm water of the hot tub.
“This is nice if you get yourself all the way in,” Gordy observed. Only the boys’ heads were showing above the water.
“We won’t stay here long,” Aiden said. “It’s crunch time for the Mariners and we have to watch as much of their game as we can.” The Mariners were playing the Twins at home. The Athletics had clinched the American League West title, but the Mariners were still alive in the American League Wild Card race. They were two games behind the Twins with three games left to go. The M’s had to sweep the series to earn the number two Wild Card position.
“Before we get out, I want to talk to you about something really private,” Gordy told Aiden.
“I’m ready to listen.”
“You’re always are ready to listen. That’s why you’re my best friend.”
Aiden and Gordy were sitting tight against each other, their legs and torsos touching, and Aiden had his right arm wrapped around Gordy’s shoulder. Aiden squeezed his friend’s shoulder. “Talk to me.”
“Kalie told me before dinner how she wants us to do it really bad.”
“By it, you mean IT, right?”
“That’s nothing new. Since you started going together, she’s wanted to do it and you haven’t.”
“We’re only twelve. I mean, all of our friends are virgins when it comes to girls, right?”
“Wrong. One person here today isn’t.”
“Yeah, but Brittany did it with an eighth grader.”
“Trent,” Aiden noted. “And he said that was a huge mistake. He has no clue why he let her talk him into it. He says getting fucked by Jackson was way better than fucking Brittany.”
“Even if I wanted to do it, I can’t do it,” Gordy lamented.
“Why, do you need Viagra or something?”
“No. I just don’t know how.”
“It’s easy, you stick your dick in the hole and start humping. And I bet Kalie’s come close enough to doing it to be able to help you out.”
“I don’t want her to help me. I want to be, like the man, and show her I know what I’m doing. I want to be experienced like you are.”
Aiden gave Gordy a wide-eyed look. “Me? The farthest I’ve gone with a girl is being naked and making out, and you’ve gone that far. You’ve even dry-humped Kalie.”
“You’ve fucked some boys, that gives you some experience.”
“Are you saying you want to fuck a boy to help you know what to do with Kalie if you ever get that far?”
Gordy shook his head. “Not really. I just wanted to say that you’d know more about doing it with Kalie than I would.”
“Then maybe you should fuck a boy and get some experience.”
“Me? Who would I fuck?”
Aiden said nothing and gave Gordy’s shoulder another squeeze.
Aiden nodded.
“But you’re my best friend and you’re Nolan’s boyfriend. It can’t be you.”
“Really? I’ve wanted to fuck you since I lost my cherry and found out how much fun fucking is. Nolan knows how I feel and he’s cool with it. And because you’re my best friend it should be me because I’m the one who knows you best and I know why we’re doing it is to help you. So why can’t it be me?”
“Because I’d be scared to do it.”
“So, let’s do it before you get totally scared.”
“Tonight, dork,” Aiden grinned.
“But then I’d know more than Kalie but I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore.”
“Losing your cherry to a boy is different than losing it to a girl. So, yeah, you’d still be a virgin.”
Aiden reached over and felt Gordy’s uncut three-and-a-three-quarters inch erection. “It feels like little Gordy likes the idea.”
“Okay, I’ll do it. But not tonight.”
“If you put it off tonight, you’ll keep putting it off. Look, fucking me doesn’t mean you have to run off and fuck Kalie. All it means is that when the time comes, you’ll be just what you said you wanted to be. You’ll be the man who knows what he’s doing. Kalie has shown you all the little shit, like stroking her clit and fingering her, but you’ll show her you know what to do when the big moment comes.”
“But we watch the baseball game first, right?”
Aiden nodded. “How can we miss it?”
Gordy hoped that after watching the game, Aiden would change his mind about their having real sex and be happy just trading blow jobs.
After leaving the hot tub, Aiden and Gordy dressed in t-shirts and briefs. They went upstairs and joined Larry and Phil in the baseball watching room. They sat together on the love seat, scooting in close to each other. Larry and Phil were also in the room. Gordy felt a bit self-conscious in his briefs, but he knew if it was any of Aiden’s other friends sitting next to him, Aiden and the friend would be naked, so he dealt with the compromise.
Larry and Phil noted how close the two friends were sitting, but it didn’t surprise them. They were long-time friends as well as best friends and didn’t hide their intimacy from Aiden’s dads.
The Mariners won the game 4-1. Mariner ace Jerry Andrews pitched seven innings of two hit, shutout ball, coming out of the game with a 3-0 lead. The broadcast team said Andrews could have gone longer but if the Mariners made the postseason, he could end up pitching a lot of high-stress innings and they wanted to limit what they could.
Marty went one-for-three with a walk. He had a putout and three assists at third, including a highlight show play on a slow roller up the third-base line.
“Great game,” Aiden gushed. “Two down and two more to win. Gordy and I are going to bed now.”
“Okay boys. Do you want a tuck in?” Larry asked.
“No, we’re good, but we’ll take good night hugs right now.”
Larry and Phil hugged the two boys and wished them a good night’s sleep. Gordy felt somewhat self-conscious hugging two men while dressed only in a t-shirt and briefs at the same time his cock was getting seriously hard. He’d hugged them in his underwear before and it was just like any other hug, but the fact that he was starting to chub up made this hug different.
After the boys left the room, Phil observed that it was a good thing the boys’ soccer game was in the afternoon. “Judging by the condition of the bulges in their underpants, the boys won’t be going right to sleep.”
“It’s hard to keep horny boys down. They’ve got to do it to themselves”, Larry chuckled.
Up in Aiden’s bedroom, it took only seconds for the boys to get naked. Both were rock hard, even the one who was anxious and a bit fearful. “I had a boner starting when I hugged your dads,” Gordy moaned. “I hope they didn’t notice it.”
“If they didn’t notice yours, I’m sure they noticed mine, because it was beyond starting, it was like it is now—raging.” Aiden pointed to his still raging hardon.
“But they know we’re going to mess around.”
“Gordy, they were twelve-year old gay boys once upon a time. I bet they had a boner or two back then.”
“But, I’m not a gay boy.”
“I know that, Gordy. They know that. What I’m saying is, they had boners too when they were our age.” Aiden shook his head. “You’ve got to quit worrying so much.”
“I’m not worrying, it’s just…”
“Look, Gordy, if you don’t want to do this, it’s cool. But let’s quit talking and decide what to do.”
“Can we still jerk off or suck each other or something if I say no?”
“Of course. You know the rules—never do any sex thing you don’t want to do. Ever.”
Gordy thought for a few seconds and then said, “I want to do it. Teach me how.”
Aiden nodded. He dropped on his bed, facing the ceiling. Gordy flopped down next to him. The talk now changed to lubing up, gaining entry, getting a rhythm going, and the other necessities of anal sex. Aiden then lubed his ass and Gordy’s quivering erection. He could tell Gordy wasn’t going to last long.
“You won’t need to lube up when you do Kalie,” Aiden said sagely. “Girls make their own lube.”
“How do you know?”
“Sheesh, Gordy, we both know guys who have done girls. They told me what it’s like, and I know they’ve told you, too.”
“They have. I just, I dunno, I just never thought I’d do it and never paid a lot of attention.”
“But you still got hard listening to them, right?” Gordy’s full body blush answered that question. “Enough talk, let’s do it.”
“Am I supposed to kiss you?”
“Not if you don’t want to.”
Gordy did want to kiss Aiden but decided to say no. Kissing Aiden was Nolan’s job. “Are you sure Nolan is okay with this?”
“Quit worrying. I’m sure. You can even call him first if you want. But, the best thing for you to do is fuck me.”
Wondering how it was that everything seemed sexier and dirtier than any sexual situation in his life, Gordy guided his cock into Aiden’s hole, pushing half-heartedly until Aiden implored him to “PUSH!”
Gordy finally gained entry and started having intercourse for the first time in his life. The feeling he got from having his cock buried in Aiden’s ass was beyond anything he had ever imagined. His thrusts quickly became quicker and deeper and before he knew it, he was cumming, actually cumming, in his best friend’s butt.
As Gordy moaned with orgasmic pleasure, Aiden shot his thin emission, enjoying a no-touch cum. Gordy was no Nolan or Chase in bed, but he had been willing to let himself go once he penetrated Aiden’s ass, making the experience incredible for himself and surprisingly satisfying for Aiden.
The two friends slept locked together in their naked embrace. Neither one had imagined this moment the day they met over three years before. 
<Chase and Dillon>
“It’s been a long time since we’ve gone all the way,” Chase pointed out to his boyfriend, Dillon.
“And whose fault is that?” Dillon asked.
“Nobody’s, I’m just saying.”
“Nothing wrong with what we did, especially the last time,” Dillon smirked.
Chase adjusted his position on his bed. He and Dillon had been making out for over a half-hour as they prepared for their first round of intercourse in almost a month. “Sucking you off in the boy’s room certainly wasn’t wrong, but it was scary.”
“Even more scary than you jerking off in class last year?”
“That would be you and me both jerking off in class,” Chase reminded Dillon.
“How could I forget, since that’s how we became friends.”
“And then boyfriends.” Chase rubbed Dillon’s firm, smooth abdomen. “And since we’re boyfriends and haven’t done it for a while, let’s fuck right here in my bed.”
“My bottom is yours,” Dillon said very properly.
“And my cock is yours,” Chase said with equal seriousness.
The two fourteen-year-olds fit together perfectly as they made up for lost time.
<Logan and Royce>
Logan and his best friend Royce stood side-by-side in the hall bathroom taking care of their teeth. The eleven-year-olds were stripped down to their underpants: blue and gray briefs for Logan and black boxer shorts with white trim for Royce. Logan and Royce had gone straight to Royce’s house after school and spent an enjoyable evening of video games, dinner, and watching the Mariners with Royce’s parents as the Mariners took the first game of their series with the Twins.
They stood side-by-side at the toilet and relieved themselves. Logan was glad that Royce wasn’t into the piss play that Eddie and Chase liked. It wasn’t that he was against it, he sometimes participated in it, but he thought it was nice to have a best friend who was “normal” when it came to that stuff.
After pissing, they walked down the hall to Royce’s bedroom, took off their underwear, and climbed into bed. Logan placed his hand on Royce’s soft cock and quickly worked it into an erect state. He was pleased when his friend returned the favor. Their hairless erections stood at around three and a half inches each. Even though they hadn’t talked about anything erotic all day, it was now time to deal with their developing libidos.
“Connie Roth keeps trying to talk to me all the time, and she’s always looking at me, and now she wants to kiss me,” Royce informed Logan.
“Laurie told me Connie wants to go out with you.”
“Yeah, she told me that, too. Then I’d have to talk to her all the time and do stuff with her.”
“You mean do sex stuff?”
“No, things like eating lunch with her and hanging with her at recess. But that’s not the worst. Like I told you, she told me today she wants to kiss me.”
“I want to kiss you too.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” Royce grinned. Logan leaned into Royce and the two tweens went right into deep, wet, tongue-battling kissing. As they kissed, they rolled back and forth on the bed. When they finally stopped rolling, Logan was on top of Royce and dry humping him furiously. It didn’t take long for Royce to squirt a couple of drops on Logan and for Logan to have his own dry orgasm.
“I dare Connie Roth to be that good,” Logan grinned as the two friends held each other. Logan wasn’t a virgin and wished Royce would get into fucking, but his friend had been adamant about not wanting to do that. Royce’s reluctance to have anal sex did not make him any less sexy or any less of a friend as far as Logan was concerned.
When it came to oral sex, Royce didn’t mind having his dick sucked, but would only suck Logan if they sucked each other in a sixty-nine. As with Royce’s other sexual quirks, Logan accepted this one. Logan was certain that Royce was straight and would find himself a girlfriend in the not so distant future. He hoped it wouldn’t be Connie Roth, since he didn’t like her. It wouldn’t surprise him, however, if she and Royce started going out, since she was going after him hard and fast.
Who knows? Logan thought as he snuggled with his friend. Laurie Johnson is after me, so maybe when Royce and Connie start going out, I could start going out with Laurie. He wondered what kind of fun two boys and two girls could have together.
Drake sat in his dad’s favorite lounge chair, his feet up on an ottoman, the Mariner game on the big screen HD television attached to the wall. He wasn’t giving the game his full attention since his right hand was busily playing with his six-inch erection sticking proudly out of the pee hole of his red and green striped boxers. The boxers and a pair of yellow socks were all he was wearing.
His mother was at dinner with friends and his dad was still on the road with his truck. It wasn’t every night that he had time alone at home, and he wanted to take advantage of that by jerking off someplace other than his bedroom. The only reason he had his underpants on was because sometimes he considered it sexy to jerk off and cum on or in them.
Not that Drake considered his bedroom to be a bad place. It was, without question, the best bedroom he’d ever had. He still wasn’t completely moved in, but he was getting posters up and personal items on display. Since moving into their new house in Kirkland two weeks ago, Keegan’s branch of the Miller family had been working hard to make it their own, but after a life in apartments filling a house wasn’t easy.
Drake liked the sound of “the Miller family” since he was now officially Drake Miller instead of Drake Mercer. His Aunt Natalie was now his mom and his Uncle Keegan was his dad, his father, his old man, or that fucking bastard, depending on his moods. In less than five months, the family would grow by one and he would become a big brother to a squalling little baby. He was surprised as to how much he was looking forward to it. For the first time his life had become something “normal”.
As his hand slid up and down his precum lubricated cock, Drake thought about Adam, the new boy he’d met the month before at the young person’s AA meeting. As the youngest two in meeting, they quickly became friends. Adam greeted Drake as soon as he entered the meeting room situated in a church basement. Adam was pleased to see somebody close to his age come into the meeting room.
They found out they had more than being alcoholics and marijuana freaks in common. Their birthdays were two days apart, although at fifteen Drake was a year older than Adam. Drake’s birthday was May 11 and Adam’s was May 13.
On top of that they both had nine months of sobriety, along with the same sobriety date—December 28. They both were dealing with their sexuality as well as having spent much of their developing years in dysfunctional homes. Drake was now in the Miller family, where he felt loved and safe. Adam had been living with his mother’s parents since his disastrous Christmas of the year before. He, too, now felt loved and safe.
There was one more factor in their burgeoning friendship: they both thought their new friend was hot. Drake started attending the meetings the Saturday after moving into the new house. Adam had been going since January after coming back from a rehab center. He had been in bad shape when his grandparents took him in on what was now his sobriety date.
Drake was excited because he had been invited to Adam’s house for lunch following the upcoming eleven o’clock meeting. In just two weeks he had made a friend thanks to AA, which was more than he could say for school. He had met some friendly kids who helped him feel at home at the school, but so far he didn’t consider any of them to be a friend. It helped that the school year was just starting and that all the sophomores were new to the school that housed grades 10 to 12.
Adam was in the ninth grade at one of the feeder junior high schools. As Drake sped up his ministrations, he thought how he was already going to be at the house of a boy he had developed an instant crush on. He wondered what they would do together and envisioned seeing Adam in his underpants or less.
Drake thought about taking his boxers off for the grand finale but decided to keep them on in case he was surprised by a returning parent. Keegan wouldn’t mind if he was naked with a boner and Natalie wouldn’t mind his nudity but would object to his not covering his erection. In a just world he would be warned by the garage door opening, but both his dad and his mom sometimes parked in the driveway and entered the house through the kitchen door or the front door. 
As his climax approached his fantasy changed from the unknown to the known, namely Aiden’s ass. Aiden’s ass was the sexiest ass he had ever seen. He’d wanted to fuck it ever since he had first seen Aiden, and now that they were official stepbrothers, he felt confident about it happening. After all, Aiden had fucked Cousin Chase and Cousin Logan, so why not Brother Drake?
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… here it coooooooomes,” Drake moaned as he shot squirts straight into the air just as Keegan entered the house through the front door. Keegan stopped and witnessed the end of his son’s show as his teen cum coated his boxers, belly, and hand.
“Damn, Drake, we buy a house with a gorgeous bedroom, get you a big queen bed, and you sit out in the living room all but naked to jerk off,” Keegan groused. He had to admit, though, that for a fifteen-year-old, his son’s ejaculation would have made a grown man proud.
“The Mariners are on, and you haven’t bought me a television yet, so I have to watch it here,” the chagrined teen replied lamely. “Besides, I didn’t get naked, right?”
“I bet that was a tough decision. And it doesn’t look like you were paying a great deal of attention to the game.”
“I suppose you’re mad at me now.”
“No, I’m not mad at you. As you know, I’ve been there and done that and worse when I was your age. And it’s not the first time I’ve seen you blast your wad. Just consider your mom when you decide to do shit like that. She would have blown a fuse.”
“Sorry, dad.”
“You need to start thinking more with your big head than your little one. Learn from it. Did you have anything for dinner?”
“I had the leftover mac and cheese. And since you’re kind of late, did you eat?”
“Not yet. Traffic was brutal and I wanted to get home after dropping off the semi to check on you.”
“See, me getting caught was your fault. If you’d stopped to eat you would have come into the garage and I would have heard you.”
“Only you could come up with that argument. I’m gonna head over to Hal’s Burgers for some food. That place is a real plus to moving in here—best burgers around.” Keegan gazed at Drake’s cummy body and undies. “Now, go clean yourself up, and put something on your mom wouldn’t mind seeing you in.”
“Yeah, like a tuxedo.” Keegan turned for the front door when Drake stopped him. “Dad.”
“Can you bring me back a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake?”
“Okay, but only because you’re fifteen and perpetually hungry.”
“And since when did you become the food police?”
“Since I got these documents making me your father, which makes me your everything police. I take it you want your burger loaded.”
“Of course. Thanks, dad. You’re the best.”
“Just remember that when I ask you to mow the lawn.”
“Plus, you’re mean.”
After Keegan left the house, Drake pulled off his wet boxers. He decided the best way to clean the cum off his belly was a shower. He would be sparkling clean when his mom and dad came home. He checked the score on the TV, saw it was 3-0 Mariners, and headed for his bedroom.
<Eddie and Curt>
While Chase and Dillon were enjoying each other’s bodies in Chase’s room, Eddie and Curt were doing each other’s in Curt’s room. Eddie had topped Curt and the foster brothers were coming down from their sexual highs.
“So, you and Duncan finally did the deed?” Eddie asked, as if Curt’s confession an hour ago had expired.
“He did me,” Curt repeated patiently. “He said he’ll be ready to do it the other way soon, he just wanted a chance to think about it.”
Curt and his friend Duncan had been working up to the final level of their sexual relationship and managed to sneak an intense round in on Wednesday after school. Because of teacher training, they only had a half-day of school, which meant Duncan’s parents wouldn’t be home. They had agreed the weekend before to try going all the way with each other. If that didn’t work, they’d still have some fun together. As it turned out, Duncan fucked Curt and both boys were happy when Curt left for home.
“Damn, I still can’t get over it. You’ve gone all the way with as many guys as I have, and I’m the one who’s a whore,” Eddie noted.
“Stop calling yourself that. That’s not who you are anymore.”
“Whatever, you sound like my shrink. Let’s see, I’ve done you, Darnell, Peter Astor, and Blue. You’ve done me, Darnell, Duncan, and Lenny Hazen.”
“You’re the only one who’s counting,” Curt pointed out.
“I just count one tonight. Are you ready to play top?”
“Why not? We’re supposed to be boyfriends, right?”
“Or we’re brothers. Who knows what the fuck is going on? All I know is, I like you a lot.”
While round two wasn’t as intense as round one, it was still fully satisfying.
Natalie dropped Drake off at the church where his AA meeting was held. Drake went down to the basement entrance and entered the meeting room. His heart fluttered when he saw Adam sitting at a table in the back of the room. He loved how Adam flashed a smile when he glanced his way.
Drake sat next to his new friend. They chatted for a couple of minutes, but stopped to greet people as more members filed in. The meeting chair started the meeting at precisely eleven. The topic of the meeting was acceptance. Drake and Adam each shared on how hard it was to accept people and things you didn’t like.
After the meeting, Adam’s grandfather was waiting for them. Adam introduced Drake to him. Drake found himself liking the old man, who was fifty-eight.
The first thing Adam did after introducing Drake to his grandmother, was lead his friend to his bedroom. The two teens sat on Adam’s bed and talked about Drake’s first meeting at the Fellowship Group.
“It’s hard to believe that was just three weeks ago,” Adam said. “I feel like I’ve known you forever.”
“You made me feel really welcome the minute I walked in,” Drake noted.
“I liked you like right away, especially after the second meeting we were at together. I still don’t get how you trusted me so much.”
“I trusted you because you seemed like a cool kid. I mean we both trusted each other enough to mention after the first meeting how we’d lived in shit families and now things weren’t so shitty.”
The boys had exchanged phone numbers at their first meeting and made use of the information. It was during one of those phone calls that they shared the dysfunctional part of their early families. They arranged to have Keegan take them to Hal’s Burgers for lunch. Keegan could tell the two new friends wanted to be left alone so they could get to know each other better and Keegan gave them their space by moving to an empty table after they received their orders.
The teens shared some about their drinking years, but they sensed that the details of what they had done would wait. Drake wanted to get his sprouting friendship with Adam to start on solid, fertile ground. He decided being upfront and honest was the way to do it.  He felt he needed to come out to Adam and let things fall as they may. The worst that could happen was that he and Adam would never be more than casual friends in meetings but that was better than becoming friends and then having it all fall apart because Adam couldn’t accept him. Deep down, Drake trusted Adam and felt everything was going to turn out okay.
“I need to tell you that I’m probably gay,” Drake said as Adam took a big bite of his burger. Drake waited for Adam to spit out his burger and tell him to go fuck himself. But the cute boy across the table did nothing but finish chewing.
“Are you serious?” Adam asked after he swallowed.
“That is so rad,” Adam smiled. “I finally know somebody who’s like me.”
“You mean, you’re….”
“Yep. Totally.” They each took a bite of their burger and chewed as they mentally digested the information they’d just been given about each other.
“Wow. I’m not sure what to say, except that I’m glad we’re friends.”
“You said you’re probably gay,” Adam pointed out. “How can you be probably gay?”
“I am gay. I just wanted to give me an out, I guess. I didn’t want to lose you as a friend, but I wanted you to know all about me if we were going to be friends.”
The boys sat quietly on Adam’s bed after recalling what ended up being a life-changing lunch. Adam broke the silence by saying, not for the first time, how brave Drake had been by coming out.
“It wasn’t so brave,” Drake said. “It’s not like I haven’t come out before. I have gay friends, and gay cousins, gay uncles, and even a gay half-brother. I know more gay guys than straight guys, at least as far as friends and stuff goes.”
“The only time I ever came out was in rehab. I was always scared of who I was, and it was a big part of why I liked being drunk and stoned. It didn’t make any difference who I was then.”
 “What happened when you came out in rehab?”
“Nothing much. It was like, oh, so you’re gay, well we’re all here because everybody says we’re drunks and addicts and pieces of shit, so what’s the big deal about being gay. It wasn’t like that when you came out to me.”
“How was it different?” Drake asked.
“It was different because you and me were alike. In rehab we were like middle school drunks and druggies, had shitty home lives, and, for me anyway, were afraid to talk about what we were really like. This whole being gay shit is why I haven’t finished going through the steps with my sponsor; I’m afraid of what he’ll think.”
“Well, like my friend Sammy says, ‘what other people think of you ain’t none of your goddamn business.’”
“I think it means, don’t let other people do your thinking for you. If he can’t handle that you’re gay, then you don’t want him for your sponsor. Who is it by the way?”
“Luke F.”
“He’s like a frosh in college, right?”
“Yeah, at the U Dub. Do you think you might want him to be your sponsor?”
“He seems to be pretty cool, but no, I don’t. I don’t want you and me to have the same sponsor. That way he won’t have to listen to us talking about each other,” Drake laughed.
“Makes sense to me.”
“I’ve been listening to guys at the meeting, and kind of like Fletcher.”
“He’s like twenty-five or something. He’s old.”
Drake decided this wasn’t the time to tell Adam that Rick, his sponsor in Seattle, who he still called to talk about issues, was in his forties. He would rather have had somebody like Sammy or Peter as his sponsor, but he had to admit that Rick had helped him a lot, even if he was often an old stick-in-the mud.
“So, you think I should tell Luke that I’m gay?” Adam asked.
“Ain’t my job to give you advice on that. All I’m saying is don’t let worrying about what he’ll think make up your mind for you.”
“This is all so confusing. How do guys stay sober for so long? I mean, nine months seems like forever and we’ve hardly started.” Adam went quiet for thirty seconds or so and then scooted closer to Drake. “I’ve been so scared to tell him. I’ve been scared to tell anybody. It’s like I’m the loneliest guy in the world, and then you move here, and, I’m not so lonely because I told somebody about me.”
“Are you still scared?”
“Yeah, and still kind of lonely.” Adam looked directly at Drake and whispered, “Could you hold me please, Drake?”
Drake placed his arm around Adam’s skinny shoulder and pulled him against his chest. Adam laid his head on Drake’s shoulder and shuddered. “I’m so glad you’re my friend,” he murmured. Drake held him tighter—he could see that Adam was fighting tears.
“You can cry if you want.”
“You’ll think I’m a pussy if I do.”
“I know, what you think is none of my goddamn business.” Keeping his head on Drake’s shoulder, Adam wrapped his right arm behind his neck. “Nobody’s ever held me like this. I mean, hugged me just because I was his friend.”
Drake thought about his jerk off session the night before, when Adam was a big part of his JO fantasy. He was happy that he changed his fantasy to Aiden. “Well, you can be sure that I’m your friend. I’m here for you whenever you need me.”
“Are we friends because we’re gay?”
“Gay, straight, bi, tranny, who gives a shit. We’re friends because we like each other and are willing to help each other.” Drake liked having Adam as a friend. He had the impression that Adam had never had any kind of sex, other than with his own cock, and Drake wasn’t even sure about that. Ironically, up until sitting next to him on his bed, Drake had been plotting ways to seduce him. And now, just having this lonely, confused, sweet boy as a friend was good enough for him.
“Boys, lunch is ready,” came grandma’s voice from the kitchen.
Adam and Drake let go of each other and rose from the bed. Adam surprised Drake by turning toward him and giving him a tight hug. “I can’t wait until we have an overnight. I’ve never had an overnight with anybody.” Then he stepped back with a look of horror on his face.
“What’s wrong?” Drake asked.
“It’s okay with you if we have an overnight, isn’t it?”
“Dude, I can hardly wait for it to happen either,” Drake said sincerely. He was positive it would be his first overnight ever where his first goal wouldn’t be to have sex.
<Aiden and Gordy>
The Cobras’ one o’clock soccer game was at the East Lake Park field in Mayfield. They were playing a tough team, the East Olympia Bearcats. The Cobras put together their best game of the season, outlasting the Bearcats 5-3. Gordy played an outstanding game, posting his second hat trick of the season. Two of his three goals were off assists from Aiden.
When Aiden had a moment alone with Gordy after the game, he put his arm around his best friend’s shoulder. “Maybe you should fuck somebody before every game if it helps you play games like that,” he chuckled.
“It’s coincidence,” Gordy responded.
“Don’t be too sure.” Aiden patted Gordy’s butt.  “It could be because you are a sexual god.”
“You’re crazy,” Gordy giggled.
“Maybe, or maybe it’s true.”
“Whatever, you’re the best, best friend a guy could have. Now, let’s go celebrate with the team.”  
<Mariners vs Twins>
Saturday evening found the three Miller brothers and their families watching Mariner baseball in three different locations. Viewing the M’s battle for the postseason spot had become an extended family affair.
Troy and Sue sat in the home theater with their four boys. There was plenty of popcorn and soda to feast on. The boys were in various stages of dress. Logan and Curt were wearing lounge pants and t-shirts. Eddie was wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts while Chase wore a sweatshirt and boxer shorts. Past behavior told Troy that the boys were overdressed, but he wasn’t complaining. Sue was happy that they were wearing more than usual, even if Chase was displaying more of himself beneath his underpants than she cared to see.
Curt and Eddie sat close to each other, their fingers often touching, something neither Troy nor Sue failed to notice. There was a lot of talk and noise, as well as eating, as the Twins and Mariners battled to a 3-3 draw after three innings.
<Mayfield Millers>
Aiden was not in his usual TV watching garb, which meant he was wearing something. In this case he was wearing a Mariner baseball hat, t-shirt, and lounge pants.
He sat on his recliner, which he magnanimously allowed Phil to share with him. Aiden, Phil, and Larry were all baseball geeks and were totally into the game. When Marty came to the plate or was involved in a play, they ramped up their intensity level, which, to an outside observer, might seem impossible to do. There was plenty of popcorn and soda on the coffee table for consumption, and they had no problems causing it all to disappear.
With the score tied 3-3 in the bottom of the fifth, Marty came to the plate with two outs and nobody on. He had walked and scored and flied out to left in his previous two at bats. This at bat brought the Millers in all three residences to their feet when he sent a 2-1 fastball over the bullpen and into the leftfield seats to give the Mariners a 4-3 lead.  As was customary, the television cameras provided closeup shots of Marty in the dugout following his homer and Aiden couldn’t resist hollering “Way to go, big bro!” Aiden didn’t calm down until after the next batter grounded to short and the between inning break ended.
“We’re going to win this sucker and play for the tie tomorrow,” Aiden announced confidently as the sixth inning started. Even after the Twins used two hits and a walk to tie the score at 4-4 Aiden kept up the confident chatter. “Marty’s going to carry them to the win.” He was convinced it was all but a done deal.
<Kirkland Millers>
Drake sat in the same chair he’d occupied the night before, wearing as little as he had the night before. He felt his Mariner boxers and teal and green socks with the Mariner logo scattered on each sock would bring good luck. The big difference between tonight and the night before was that he kept his hands out of his underpants.
“If this wasn’t such a huge game I would have insisted you wear more,” Natalie had said before the game started.  “Since you believe that what little you’re wearing is good luck I’ll let you get away with it. This time.”
“Dang, mom, if I’d known that I would have said that wearing nothing is luckier than being half-naked,” Drake smirked.
“Don’t press your luck, kiddo. You never want to mess with a pregnant woman.”
Drake yelled as much as any other Miller boy when Marty slammed his home run to give the M’s their 4-3 lead. If anyone had been able to observe the three houses, he would have noted that Drake ate more popcorn and drank more soda than any Miller boy, including Chase.
Everyone’s attention was on the game in the bottom of the ninth. The Twins were leading 5-4 and the Mariners had to score at least one run to keep the game alive.
<Mayfield Millers>
Phil, Larry, and Aiden were all sitting on the couch for the bottom of the ninth. Aiden was sitting in the middle, enjoying the contact between his dads and himself.
First baseman Thomas Adams led off the inning for the Mariners. He hit a slow bouncer to third which the third baseman fielded cleanly and then proceeded to throw over the head of the Twins’ first baseman. Adams was safe on the error.
Center fielder Aaron Lister batted next and dropped a perfect sacrifice bunt, which moved Adams to second. The tying run was now on second with one out. Aiden was bouncing up and down on the couch causing Larry to put his arm around his son in an unsuccessful attempt to calm him—after all, Marty was the next batter.
The first pitch was a called strike. “You’ll clobber the next one,” Aiden yelled. He then cheered after the next pitch was called ball one. “This is your pitch, Marty!” And it was Marty’s pitch indeed, as he lined it into the left field gap for a run scoring double to tie the score. Marty was perched on second base with the winning run.
Right fielder Manuel Perez hit a line drive to center on the first pitch to him, but the center fielder made a shoe top catch before the ball could drop to the ground. The game was now in the hands of second baseman Pablo Gomez. Gomez worked the count to 2-2. Aiden sat tensely on the couch, wrapped up in the arms of his dads. The family was poised to scream in joy, hoping that Gomez could end the game and avoid extra innings.
Gomez got a fastball on the outside corner that he hit up the right field line just inside first base. Marty was on the run at the crack of the bat. He rounded third as he was waved home by the third base coach. The right fielder, who was noted for his strong arm, rifled a BB to home plate. Larry, Phil, and Aiden were on their feet screaming as Marty slid for home as the catcher fielded the ball, turned and slapped the tag on the runner.
“HE’S SAFE!” the three yelled at once. The umpire agreed and signaled safe, setting off a raucous celebration. The broadcaster cautioned the watchers that the Twins’ manager might appeal the play, but the replays showed he had no case. He signaled the umpires that he accepted the call. Larry, Phil, and Aiden traded numerous hugs and pats on the back and ass.
The Mariners had a 6-5 win and were tied with the Twins for the second and last Wild Card spot. As much as Aiden would have loved to attend the game, he knew that getting tickets the day before would be nearly impossible. He understood that his big soccer game was the reason his family didn’t get tickets earlier.
Before the chaos died down the phone rang. Phil picked it up. Aiden was sure of who the caller was and quieted down so he could listen in.
“Hey, Paul.”
“Yep, that was a great win.”
Phil nodded and said, “Our plans haven’t changed a bit—we’ll be there by eleven-thirty.”   
“Does that mean we’re going to Nolan’s tomorrow?” Aiden asked eagerly.
“Yep. It looks like baseball and dinner are on the agenda.”
“Yesssss!” Aiden screeched, giving each of his dads another hug. “Nolan and I get the loveseat.”
“You’ll have to talk to the Moyers about that,” Larry told him.
“We’ll not only talk to them about it, we’ll tell them about it.”
Aiden sent a congratulatory text to Marty and a “I love you” text to his boyfriend and then realized he was dead tired after a long, emotional day. He hugged his dads and headed upstairs for bed. He was a very happy boy.
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