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War Or Peace

For the record, I am neither a Pacifist, nor am I a War Loving Hawk. What I am is a standard run-of-the-mill human being who doesn't believe in lives being lost in the pursuit of more land, a leader's ego or other less-than-humane reasons. While I don't believe in war as a means in itself, I strongly believe that if you are going to fight in a war, you must fight to win. Not as we did in the Vietnam Conflict! [That is a story unto itself, and this isn't the time or the place for it. However, I must state that as unfortunate as the conflict was it was absolutely necessary. The Domino Theory of that time was true!] Fighting a war without the idea or the will to win is just pure destruction of lives and property.

I strongly believe that we need a strong truly International Military Fast Response Unit, such as many of the nations including the United States of America already have. However, melding those existing units into a cohesive and effective fighting force I believe would be a pitiful exercise in futility. Why do I believe something like this is needed? Right now, there are two existing conflicts that are perfect reasons for this, the Ukrainian/Russian and the Israeli/Hamas Conflicts. I will neither confirm nor deny that placing the countries that I did first in the order displays my feelings about which is right or wrong.

Such an International Fast Response Unit must not only have the necessary firepower, resources, and manpower to do its job, it must also have the complete and unmitigated support of its supplying members' Governments as well as that of the Ruling International Body for now the United Nations or as in most cases the UnUnited Nations.

I firmly believe that if we had such a force at the beginning of the Ukrainian/Russian Conflict said conflict could have been resolved in a matter of days, without the loss of life and property we have seen until now. Could such a force still help now? I believe that it could, although it would be a much tougher job. Without such a force, I strongly and firmly believe that all of the rulers in the World today need to pull their heads out of their collective asses and end the conflict today! If they would present a truly United Front, with the assurance of unlimited high-tech military aid as well as necessary military forces themselves they could end the conflict immediately!

The purported reason for the inhumane outright Russian land grab is one of the flimsiest reasons for starting a war that I have ever heard of! From what I have heard not even the Russian Speaking Territory in Ukraine asked for the Russians to liberate them. I may be wrong, however, I haven't read or heard of anything to the contrary. Even if they had asked the Russians for help that is no excuse for attacking, destroying and killing residents in cities, towns, and villages that are nowhere near that province.

To my mind, the Russian land grab is purely the actions of an obviously deranged, childish, and despotic ruler who cares for no one but himself!

Now as to the Israeli/Hamas Conflict, an International Military Fast Response Unit, I believe could have entered the conflict immediately after Hamas attacked in one of the bloodiest and coldest sneak attacks in the history of the world since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor! According to what I have read Hamas' reason for the attack is as flimsy as the tyrannical Putin's was to attack Ukraine. Not only was Hamas duplicitous and deceiving in the days and months leading up to the attack but Israel was doing almost everything that Hamas was asking for! Now are the Israelis completely innocent in this case probably not however did the people of Israel deserve this outright cold-blooded and infamous sneak attack? Of course, they didn't, no one did. To my mind, the attack by Hamas other than disabling a Military Base's Communications seemed to be focused mainly on civilians and civilian properties. From the news that I have read and seen (Western News of course,) anything military that was attacked was only accidental and not a direct focus. Mind you I may be completely wrong and if I am I apologize. With that said, however, I still strongly believe that this was a cowardly and atrocious attack that hurt not only Israelis but the same people that Hamas has stated they were protecting.

If we had such a Fast Response Unit in place and ready to respond across the globe, attacks such as Russia's, Hamas', and the ones in Serbia and Armenia, as well as others around the globe, hopefully, would never have occurred.

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Darryl's Comments:

I agree with your reasoning.

I, too hate war.

As Tom Lehrer once said, " There are people in this world who do not love their fellow human beings,


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