Piano Forte

Chapter 10-Controlling William

At the end of the last chapter, Austin walked in on William jerking off. William then placed Austin into a tough position of deciding what to do next. Was he going to mess around with his roommate, or was he going to ignore the naked teen lying on the bed? When he made up his mind, he surprised himself as well as William.


“And if I say no to jerking off with you, would I still be your friend?”
William’s long hesitation told Austin that William was debating with himself whether he wanted Austin to be his friend. William’s long hesitation also gave Austin a few seconds to make up his own mind and Austin knew what he wanted to do.
Friend or not friend? What will my decision make William decide? What do I really want from William? Austin thought. Friend or not friend? Do I really want him to be my friend? Yeah, I guess I do want him to be my friend or maybe I need him to be my friend for some reason.
Austin wanted his decision to be the exact right one, but as a somewhat insecure pubescent boy, he was afraid that no matter what he decided he would end up being wrong.
“Okay, William, here is what I am going to do,” Austin announced, trying to display a confidence that he knew he didn’t feel.
William turned on his side and looked expectantly at Austin. Austin removed his shoes and socks and then returned his roommate’s look. He couldn’t help but notice Austin’s throbbing teen cock. “Well?” William asked in a near whisper.
Austin continued his silence as he pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his slim preteen torso. William ran his hand along his cock from base to tip once and then decided not to touch it until he knew what Austin had planned. In a way, Austin was edging William without touching him.
Austin removed his shorts and tossed them on the floor, causing William to emit an involuntary moan when he saw Austin’s three plus inches pushing out the fabric out of his white briefs. William couldn’t fail to note that the waistband was being pushed away from Austin’s belly. Precum was seeping from William’s cock and dripping on to his sheets.
Austin took a deep breath, wishing he’d had the time to plan this out properly, but that wasn’t how the situation presented itself. This was about reacting, not planning. He stood up and walked to William’s bed where he stood and looked down at his roommate. It was one of the few times he’d looked down at the taller boy.
“Aren’t you going take your underpants off?” William asked hopefully. He could see the head of Austin’s erection peeking out of the waistband. Austin wanted his actions to be the extent of his communication with his roommate.
In reply to William’s question, Austin stepped out of his briefs. William moaned again when he saw Austin’s three-and-a half inch hardon, his hairless pubic region, his hairless ball sac which was just starting to drop. William wanted to put the tasty looking morsel into his mouth. Austin reached down, picked up his briefs, and dropped then in front of William’s face, who surprised him by picking them up and holding them to his face. He took a deep breath and moaned yet again. William didn’t know why he did that, it just seemed to be the sexy thing to do.
Austin sat on the edge of the bed and motioned William to move over to give him room. William obliged by rolling on his back and draping the briefs over his face. When he saw Austin start to masturbate, he yanked the briefs from his face and tossed them in the direction of Austin’s bed.
“Why aren’t you talking to me?” William asked.
Austin finally spoke. “Because you wouldn’t say if you’d be my friend or not.”
“Fuck you’re weird. You won’t talk to me but you’re lying next to me on my bed and starting to jerk off. That doesn’t make any fucking sense.”
“Just shut up and jerk off,” Austin said with an assertiveness he had never felt around William before.
William obliged by using his right hand to start the time-honored stroke on his rock-hard cock. He glanced at Austin. He was surprised that Austin, who was two years younger than him, had a boner almost as long as his but not nearly as thick.
“Your hand is in my way,” Austin said.
“Move it.”
William dropped his right arm to his side and groaned loudly when Austin wrapped his left hand around William’s warm piece of teen cock. Austin wasn’t sure why he did that but, at the moment it felt like the right thing to do. He decided to quit second guessing himself and just finish what he started.
As soon as Austin took control of his cock, William closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling his roommate’s talented hand was giving him. “Ah shit, dude, this feels fucking good. I can tell you’ve done this before.” Once again Austin didn’t reply. He just kept jerking William’s cock wishing he had his lotion. He knew that not only did James love getting jerked off more when his cock was slathered in lotion, but he could manipulate how he played with his brother’s big boner.
In many ways masturbating James was like playing the piano; touch was important. The same was true with Oliver, but Oliver’s smaller sized cock called for a different touch than James’s bigger one did. Austin decided that if he was going to make his roommate cum, he was going to do it right. He stopped and rose from the bed.
“Hey, why did you stop? Where are you going? Were you fucking teasing me or something?”
“William, just shut up and don’t touch yourself.” Austin thought it felt good to be able to tell William to shut up twice in a few minutes. When Austin had sex with James or Oliver, he was as confident a lover as a twelve-year-old could be. For him it was more than just jerking off and cock sucking, it was almost an artform.
Having sex with James was like art almost every time they did it, depending on the situation. Austin let James take charge when his brother taught him something new, but once Austin had the technique or the act down, he became the dominant brother in bed, or wherever they had sex, unless James wanted something done in a certain way at a certain time. Sex with James was like an improvisation; Austin never knew for sure what was going to happen or how it was going to happen. He just knew it was going to be good.
Austin took his bottle of lotion out of his nightstand drawer and returned to William’s bed. When William saw what Austin was going to do, a new surge of sexual energy flowed through him; this is going to be one fucking great jerk off, he thought.
At first the lotion felt cold on William’s cock, but Austin quickly rubbed in the right places. He told William to spread his legs, which William did, and he rubbed some lotion on his scrotum and along his taint. William wanted to scream it felt so incredible. Austin now understood why he was doing what he was doing—it was because controlling William’s gonads gave him control of William for the first time, and that felt good all by itself.
William was now Austin’s instrument, and Austin was playing him masterfully. He was no longer subordinate to his roommate because he had something to give his roommate. William groaned as Austin rubbed and stroked and tickled and barely touched William from his taint to the glans. Twice he had the fourteen-year-old near the edge and eased off just enough to keep him from going over the top. That part was more luck than skill since he was not attuned to how William reacted and behaved in a highly charged sexual situation. It was like playing an unfamiliar musical work on an unfamiliar piano.
“Damn, dude, just GET ME THE FUCK OFF!” William almost screamed.
Austin agreed it was time. He rubbed his thumb on the bottom of William’s glans and tickled the base of William’s cock with his index finger. He could see his roommate’s balls pull up, feel his cock swell and spasm, and then heard a string of almost unintelligible cursing as the teen shot a wad that hit his chin and then spit out wad after wad that hit from his nipples down to his belly button and finally ended as he dribbled the last of his cum on his dusting of pubic hair.
As William lay back, his eyes closed, his breath coming in pants, Austin slapped some lotion on his own cock and rolled on top of the older boy. “What the fuck…,” William panted as Austin humped his groin area.
Feeling the warm cum under him lubricate his cock turned Austin on even more than he already was. It took only a half dozen humps for him to shoot some of his light boy crude onto William’s already sticky belly. Austin groaned and dropped completely on William’s torso.
“Fucking A, dude,” William finally managed to croak out. “That was the best cum I’ve had in fucking ages. Why didn’t you tell me you were this good?”
“I’ve only done this with a couple of guys, but mostly with my brother. I guess I didn’t know I was good.”
“Yeah, well you are.”
“Am I your friend?” Austin asked hesitatingly.
“Yeah, sure, of course you are.” Then after a pause, William added, “And you would have been my friend even if you hadn’t got me off like some fucking sex expert.” Austin wasn’t sure he believed William, but at least for now life looked like it could be good in room 412.  


William and Austin showered the cum off themselves before turning in. Even though they had taken their relationship to a different level neither of them had imagined, they took separate showers. William asked Austin if he wanted to shower with him, but Austin politely said no. He wanted to lie back on his bed and ponder what had just occurred. William shrugged, took his shower and took care of other before-bed tasks, returned to the room and climbed naked into his bed. Austin then took his shower, brushed and flossed, and returned to the room. He’d peed in the shower, unaware of the fact that William had done the same thing.
“Do you want sleep with me?” William asked. After Austin’s refusal to shower with him William expected another negative reply, but he wanted his roommate to know he was interested in doing so. Austin said no—in his case he was afraid that sleeping and showering together was pushing things too fast. He needed time to think about where to go next.
When Austin’s alarm went off, he thought he had set it incorrectly. It felt like he had just shut his eyes. But the time was what he had set it for. He groaned and got out of bed not bothering to hide his morning wood. After last night being nude with a boner was nothing to be concerned about.
He heard William moan and roll over. “Good morning, roomie. If we shower together, we get to breakfast earlier.”
“Sure, might as well.” Last night Austin had been bothered by some adolescent post-orgasmic depression, but now the shower didn’t seem like a bad idea. It wasn’t the first time he’d had ups and downs in his libido; James told him it sometimes happened to him, too, and it often happened when a guy got really horny and then came down from a mega-orgasm.
Their touching in the shower was incidental bumping and rubbing until they agreed to wash each other’s backs. When William washed Austin’s back his hand kept working its way down until he was washing his roomie’s ass cheeks. Austin opened his legs to allow William to wash his crack, something he often did for James. Austin liked the feel of William rubbing his washrag along his pucker. When William stepped into Austin and started rubbing his boner along his butt, Austin asked him to stop. To his relief, William complied.
“I was just going to cum on your cheeks. Being with you got me really horny.” Austin turned and watched William stroke is cock until he shot his wad. Most of his emission went on the floor of the shower, but two shots hit Aiden’s cock.
“I hope that makes you happy,” Austin said. “But next time ask me before you rub your dick on me or touch mine.”
“Next time, I will,” William said with an extra emphasis on “next time”.
The suite’s bathroom had two sinks. After they stepped out of the shower, the two boys brushed their teeth, combed their still damp hair, and William squirted some deodorant on his and Austin’s underarms.
“At least we don’t have to waste time shaving,” William giggled. “But I sure wanted to take some time rubbing my bone against your butt.”
“Maybe next time,” Austin said.
“Next time?”
“If we showered together once, we can do it again.”
“You didn’t even want to shower with me last night.”
“I wanted to think.”
“Whatever. I want do to what we did again only go farther.”
“Maybe I do, too.”
“Roomie, has anybody ever told you that you’re a total weirdo?”
“Yep, you just did.”
William shook his head and led the way back to their room. “About breakfast, I have a…,” William started when Austin’s phone rang with a text.
“That was from Ned. He’s meeting me in 15 minutes for breakfast. It sounds like you are meeting somebody, too.”
“Yeah, I’m meeting Christian.”
Austin felt his heart drop. “That must mean you got picked for the trio.”
“I’m sure I did. But just in case I asked him to have breakfast with me. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to remind him how good and experienced I am. I mean, no offense, but I’ve played with a couple of symphony orchestras, so being in a trio is a piece of cake. You’ll learn how to do that at camp this year so next year you can be good enough to get your turn.”
Just when Austin thought that relations had improved between him and William, William became his old arrogant self. Austin was sure he had spent his one and only time in bed with his big-headed roommate. Pecker head, he thought. He pulled on another one of his piano quote t-shirts. This one read, “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.”
“You’re going to have to tell me where you got those t-shirts. They totally kick ass,” William said.
“I have three more with me.”
“Can I see them?”
“Yeah, when I put them on,” Austin said. He felt good about getting a little jab in at his roommate.
“Hey, roomie,” William said as they walked across the courtyard to the dining hall, “if you want some time alone with Ned, let me know. I’ll try to get some time with his roomie, John, in our room and you can get time with your buddy in his room. I think the gay boy has the hots for me. Won’t be the fist time it happened.” William was referring to his gay school roommate. “I bet John’s wild in bed. And you can show Neddy how wild you are, because you sure were a wild boy last night.”
Austin wondered how William could keep making him like him and then piss him off almost all at the same time. “Yeah, I’ll ask him.”
Ned was waiting at the main door to the dining hall. Austin, William, and Ned got in line together. William saw Christian when they entered the dining area. “I’ll see you little boys later. It’s time for me to do what my dad calls networking.”
Austin and Ned got their drinks, found an empty table, and sat down to eat. Austin had three pieces of French toast, two fried eggs over easy, bacon, and orange juice to wash it down.
“Looks like you didn’t get into the trio,” Ned said when he saw William sitting with Christian. He surmised that William got the seat since he was having breakfast with Christian.
“I haven’t heard,” Austin said. “William’s there on his own trying to get brownie points, not that he needs them.”
“What a pecker head.”
“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Ned took a bite of his French toast. “I heard John beating off last night. Even in the dark room I could see his sheets bouncing up and down. I played with mine for a while because it was so hard, and it felt really good.”
“You should have gone all the way.”  
“I told you, I want you to help me do my first.”
“And I told you, just keep doing what you’re doing and bingo you got an orgasm. Even little kids can figure it out.” The boys ate a couple more bites when Austin said, “William was naked and jerking off when I walked into our room.”
“No shit? What did you do?”
Austin looked around him and kept his voice low. “I got naked and jerked off with him. I jerked him off in fact.” 
“Wow, for real?”
“Did he jerk you off?”
“No, but I rubbed my dick on him and shot my cum on his belly.”
“That’s like having sex, isn’t it?”
“I guess. I thought maybe he’d quit being a pecker head and like me if I did it.” Austin looked over at William and Christian. “I guess I was wrong. I’ve never done anything like that before, at least with a kid who’s like a stranger. I’ve just done stuff like that with my brother and my friend Oliver and a couple of times a friend of ours jerked off with us. It felt weird but good for some reason.”
Their chat was interrupted by Christian. “Hey, guys.”
“Hi Christian,” Austin said coldly.
“What’s your morning like, Austin?”
“Busy. Piano class at nine. Music history at ten. Mr. Sanchez is going to play some violin stuff for the class. Miss Zimmer reserved a practice room for me at eleven. She said she’s going to give me lots of practice stuff to play.”
“Which room?”
“I’ll see you then.”
“For what, to tell me I won’t be in the trio?”
“Don’t pay any attention to your roommate. Eating breakfast together was his idea, and truth be told we never talked about the trio. Benny and I and Miss Zimmer will meet to decide who is doing what at ten. We’ve got it down to three and you’re one of the final three?”
“And William?”
“Like I said, you’re one of the final three. See you at eleven.” Christian waved and walked off.
“Do you think he’s telling the truth?”
“Probably not, but I’ll pretend he is.” Austin told Ned what William had said about John.
“I’ll tell John,” Ned said. “I think he likes William, you know, in a sexy way. I bet he goes for changing rooms for a night.”
“I know I’d go for it,” Austin grinned. “Let’s talk to them and get things started.”
“Hell, tonight will do great.”
“You must be learning what it’s like to get horny.”
“Even us Canucks figure things out. Unless they want help from a friend to figure it out.”
Austin thought the morning piano class was interesting and educational for Austin. Dr. Boardman brought in Shannon Walsh, Ned’s sister. The lesson was on accompanying another instrument on the piano. For the purposes of the lesson, Cindy Becker was the pianist.
Austin was surprised Dr. Boardman hadn’t picked William, since he had the most experience. Then he realized that if William had been picked, he would have been sure to brag about it as soon as he could. What Austin didn’t know was that Dr. Boardman didn’t really like William and felt that Cindy was more than capable of being his pianist since she had accompanied both instrumental players and vocalists. The vocalist lesson would be later in camp.
Each piano student was given a scorebook page to study and would have the opportunity to accompany Cindy during one of the next two lessons. Austin loved the lesson and knew it would help him in his work with Ned. He noted that during the lesson William was doing his best to look bored.
The music history class was also interesting, at least from Austin’s perspective. He knew very little about the violin and learned a great deal as Luis Sanchez, a concert violinist and visiting artist, took them through the history of music for the violin as well as showing them the tricks of the trade. Sanchez demonstrated both the fundamentals of violin playing and the flashy parts. He ended his lesson on a foot-stomping, hand-clapping note, by playing some down-home country Bluegrass fiddle music.
While Austin and William were sitting in the music history workshop, Rene Zimmer was meeting with Christian and Benny in her office to discuss who the pianist would be for their piano trio.
“I’m very sorry Lincoln couldn’t make it to camp,” Ms Zimmer said.
“It’s hard to play with a broken leg,” Christian said. Lincoln Davis, who had been the pianist in both recitals the trio had played in had broken his left tibia playing baseball.
“Both of you play in the Eugene Youth Symphony, correct?”
“Yes, ma’am. We have players from Eugene, Springfield, Albany, and Corvallis.”
“Your dedication to playing shows. I know you would like to have the best pianist possible. You did a good job narrowing your choices to two and I added one more for you to seriously consider.” The thirteen-year-old string players had picked William and Austin. Ms Zimmer then asked them to consider Cindy Becker.
“Well, Barry and I talked about it last night. We think Cindy is good, but that Austin and William are the best two.”
“I agree with you, but I felt she was good enough for you to give more consideration to. And now comes the big decision, which I gather you haven’t yet made.”
“Nope, and we know we promised to tell them before lunch today who we picked.”
Rene folded her hands in front of her and said, “What your choice comes down to is a pianist who is the best in the camp as far as technique goes. He should fit into the trio well musically.
“Then you have a pianist who is around two years younger, not nearly as experienced, but perhaps the most talented pianist in the camp. He has the ability to enhance your sound.”
“We want the best,” Barry said.
“The Mozart you wish to play is technically challenging, but doable.” Christian, Barry, and Lincoln, before he broke his leg, had been working on Mozart’s Piano Trio in B-flat, K 502 “I’m sure you have looked at it and played some of it together. I have no doubt William can play it. I believe Austin will be stretched but is capable. If you were going to be playing in a competition or a recital, I would say William is the better choice. But this is for music camp, and music camp is about learning and growing.
“I spoke with Josh Fielding, Austin’s piano teacher, this morning. Even though Austin said nothing about it, he has played in recital with a violinist. He emailed me his recording of the recital. The result was what one would expect of two young children. The violinist was not as talented and musical as Austin. She was off key and often off tempo, but you could see the potential in Austin’s playing.”
Christian and Barry knew that they could pick the pianist they wanted and Ms Zimmer would most likely agree, but they also knew she had the final say. William was the better of the two choices as far as playing the music went, but he was also an arrogant asshole who could be difficult to deal with. On the other hand, Austin had never played with an ensemble and would have a lot to learn, but he was also a person who would be easy to deal with. 
“Barry and I need to talk one more time,” Christian said.
“Then I will leave the two of you alone and go next door to see what kind of mischief Dr. Boardman is conjuring up. When you’ve decided, both of you come over to his office to tell us the news.”
After Ms Zimmer left the boys went over their choices once again. Their young adolescent egos said pick William. Their common sense said to pick Austin. They battled it back and forth for almost ten minutes. But Rene Zimmer had said something that kept coming up in their conversation and was the main factor in making up their minds. Christian went to the office next door where Rene Zimmer was chatting with Dr. Boardman.
“We’ve made our decision,” Christian said, wondering if Ms Zimmer would accept the decision or overrule them.
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