The First Shadow Assassin

Chapter One: A New Life

“Great, another day of avoiding the guards and starving to death,” I think to myself, “At least the seven youngest boys will have food tonight.”

“Earth to Ethan, you there man,” A boy whose name is Seraph, “How long do you think that lock is gonna take for you to pick.”

“Shut up Seraph, I’ve got to focus,” I mutter under my breath as I attempt to pick the lock for the third time, “Just keep an eye on the others, and make sure we’ve not been followed.”

“I know Ethan, just relax you can do it,” He says before heading to the rear of our group to check the roads and alleyways to make sure we’re clear.

“Confound this damned lock, it’s like the five Divines are trying to spite me. By the grace of the Shadowless one, grant me the power to pick the lock of fate.”

As I finish muttering my small prayer to a divine that doesn’t even exist the lock-pick clicks in place telling me that I’ve managed to open the door. Once the door is open for everyone to run in and get warm, I notice that it’s nothing but a dust and cobwebbed infested warehouse, however the upside is that a few small chairs haven’t rotted down to nothing but firewood along with about 4 straw beddings to allow the younger boys to sleep on.

“Everyone start preparing a fire for us I’ll go see if I can secure us some rabbits from the hunters guild, I’ll be back in an hour okay” I tell the group of thirteen boys, “Seraph, I’m leaving you in charge until I get back, don’t open this door for anyone unless I knock on it three times like this.”

As I show Seraph the knock that will tell him its me, I take off towards the hunters guild, where I managed to steal two rabbits and three loafs of bread. Once I make it to the back of the warehouse, I start to slowly walk round the side of the building upon which I see one of the boys sat with his back to the wall like he was asleep.

“Strange, there shouldn’t be anyone out here,” I say quietly to myself, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

As I get closer to the boy the distinct metallic smell of blood fills my nose causing me to check the boy for any cuts, It’s only then that I notice that his throat had been sliced open and the door has been kicked inward bending it in such a way that would allow me to squeeze past it so I can hide behind the door.

“Tell me where he is you piece of shit,” A voice from across the room yells causing me to freeze behind the door, “I know he leads you pathetic street rats, maybe this will refresh your memory.”

As I look around the side of the bent wooden door I catch a glimpse of Seraph tied to a chair, then all I hear is him screaming as I notice that he’s been stabbed in the leg by who I believe to be the leader.

“Piss off scumbags, I’ll never tell you where he is,” Seraph says spitting at the leader, “He’s going to become the most powerful adventurer this crappy country has ever seen.”

“A street rat becoming an adventurer, Like fuck will I allow that, only people with lives can gain the blessing, not parasites like you,” the leader says stabbing Seraph in the gut before kicking him to the ground causing the sword to get ripped out of him.

“Crap, I think you killed the piece of shit,” a man who is dressed in light Armour and a pitch black cloak which just about hides his twin daggers that are strapped to his lower back.

“Who cares, the elven boy will return if he was with them, let’s just wait here for an hour then if he doesn’t return we’ll go kill the next group of beggars until we find him,” a big looking man dressed in what looks to be a chainmail Armour set, while resting a giant looking warhammer on his shoulder.

Species: Elf
Species Traits: Increased experience gain in Archery skills, Magical Resistances, and Stealth Skills
You may pick one Class: This will be your secondary Class, Primary classes set as Shadow Novice by default.
Mage (Common)
Thief (Common)
Archer (Common)
Scout (Common)
Priest (Common)
Warrior (Common)
Alchemist (Uncommon)
Rune Weaver (Rare)

“Okay, what’s going on?, I only know of 5 gods, the god of Light, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth,” I think to myself, “who cares, I’ve got to save Seraph, I guess I’ll pick Thief as my Secondary Class, however why is my primary set to Shadow Novice?”

You have selected Shadow Novice as your Primary Class.
+2 to all Stats every two Levels, 20% to Learning and Leveling all Shadow Skills.
You’ve Gained two New Skills.
Shadow Bind (Level 1/10) - This skill allows you to Bind two bodies to your shadow.
Shadow Step (Level 2/10) - This skill allows you to become your shadow for five seconds per level, which will hide your voice, presence and magical power.
You have selected Thief as your Secondary Class.
10% to learning stealth Skills.
You’ve gained two new skills.
Quick Strike (Level 1/10) - A basic melee strike used by thieves and assassins.
Steal (Level 5/10) - Lets you steal Items from monster and people.

“Okay, they would be usefully, but I’m not sure how I would use the skills,” I think to myself.

“Hello, Ethan Shadowmark. My name is Yra Nightblade, I am known as the Goddess of Shadows, The Shadowless one, and The Immortal Darkness,” a voice that is both soothing and terrifying at the same time informs me. “In order to open your menu, all you have to do is swipe your finger down in front of you, and a list of different options will appear. Give it a try now.” I do as she continues, “Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your friend dying, I have frozen time for a short period in order to teach you the basic controls.”

“Hey, Yra, I can guess what Inventory allows you to view items collected Inventory, Stats, Skills, and Quest Log are for but what does the one called Divine do I can’t open it,” I ask confused.

“In time, Ethan Shadowmark,I’ll teach you all about that menu option now to use your skills and spells all you have to do is say the name of the skill/spell clearly,” Yra tells me before continuing, “Now I must set time back into flow, good luck, young shadow.”

As she finishes saying that I hear from behind the door, “Well how else are we going to find an elven boy of sixteen with a pale complexion and violet eyes and blond hair.”

“Well this brat is still alive although barely he could tell us,” the bigger man with the warhammer says.

“Fuck you all, Ethan will kill you all I know it and he’ll avenge all of us, He’s the only one who could awaken the GODDESS OF SHADOWS,” I hear Seraph shout at the top of his voice even though I can see that its causing him immense pain.

“Dammit, Seraph stay quiet for a minute and I’ll save you,” I say standing up and walking around the side of the door, “Skills must be spoken in order to be used Shadow Step,” as I say the skill like Yra taught me I immediately notice that I look completely invisible.

As I run towards the two Adventurers at the back I shout with all my might, “QUICK STRIKE,” dealing two very fast strikes to their throats before saying “Shadow Bind,” keeping them standing before turning towards the leader and muttering “Steal,” taking the leaders sword from his sheath and raising my knife to his throat as my Shadow Step skill runs out.

“Why are you hunting me down, also where have you taken my friends,” I say in a harsh voice, “I’ve already killed your friends, so just tell me and I’ll make your death as painless as their’s was .”

“Like hell you killed my friend’s you pathetic brat,” the leader says turning around cutting himself slightly as he turns to face me and his friends, “The big guy right there is a level fifteen Paladin and the smaller guy he’s a level twelve Hunter there is no way you could have killed them both without alerting him.”

“Shadow Bind,” I say dropping my skills effect causing both the Hunter and Paladin to drop the floor in a loud crash, “That skill is unique to me, It allows me to bind two bodies to my shadow after I kill them. I’ve only just got my blessing from the goddess of shadows and honestly I don’t understand a thing that is going on but I want you to know this, my name is Ethan Shadowmark, I have the Primary Class of Shadow Novice and the Secondary Class of Thief, I am going to find out why I have been hunted down and then I’m going to found a country of my own where there will be no nobility and no beggars. Everyone there will be equal and everyone will work together as one.”