Dragon Earl: Book Two ~ Their New Life

Ode To The Dragon Earl

Ode To The Dragon Earl

There will come a time of a new Dragon Earl.

Unheralded and unknown but to a few,

Strong of hand and quick of word.

Friend to all and enemy of none,

Of humble and common folks comes he,

Yet a nobler heart has none.

Given rank that elevates him above most all,

His humbleness still shines through,

For a kind and noble heart has he.

Through travail and tragedy, he has come,

Yet of bitterness he has none.

Through his care and concern,

 His nature flies high,

Through fate of which he did not know,

Fly high so shall he.

Bereft of innocence,

 at the hands of those trained by a viper,

Survive he did through his fate,

And the will of Draconis.

Rescued by one of those on high,

Taken to a refuge on high,

And restored to health by young and old.

Protected by Dragon and Kat,

Safe and loved shall he be.

Though a man of peace and love,

Hurt those of his flock or in his care,

And a hand of flame so shall they see.

He will be The Dragon Earl for all that came before,

And all of those yet to come.

So sayeth I the Dragon Earl of Dragonsholme,

And so sayeth the Dragons!

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