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Are Fictional Characters Real? Part Two.





A Conversation with Sean

Something Jeff P. said got me thinking so I decided to ask one of my Fictional Characters if he was real or not, and if he could have an effect on the real world. The character is Sean Schweitzer from one of my unreleased stories. Here is the conversation verbatim.

"Sean, someone asked me if Fictional Characters are real, and if they can affect the real world. So, Sean, are you real?"

 "TSL, of course, I'm real and it's the PHYSICAL Work to the real world."

"But, Sean, you are only words in a piece of fiction that I write. You only exist when I am thinking of the story, and writing about you. I admit that you might "exist" when the readers are reading about you, but then, only in their minds."

"OK, TSL when you are writing me, do you put part of yourself into me, do you write me so that I will do things that you think should be done?"

"Yes, but....."

"So, while you are interacting with people in the Physical World, it is also a bit of me that is doing the interactions, right?"

"TSL, then by that definition, you may be a Fictional Character and not me."

Well, those words of Sean's had me scratching my head in wonder and disbelief. The thought that I might not be real sent me running to a mirror to see if I had a reflection. Of course, I also pinched myself as I ran to my bathroom. Well, the pinch hurt so that was one good thing. Now as long as I had a reflection, I would be home free.

As I entered my bathroom, I quickly flicked the light switch and voilà there was light. Now that the moment of truth was upon me, I Wasn't sure that I wanted to proceed. However, I decided to press on, nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that rot. However, I did close my eyes as I carefully made my way over to the mirror. I knew I was in front of my mirror when I bumped into the sink. I then carefully opened my eyes and to wonder and amazement there was another person looking out of my mirror at me! To say that I was shocked and stunned would be a gross understatement! In fact, I was so shocked that my eyes snapped shut on their own accord.

I took a few moments to decide what to do next and I was completely perplexed by this situation. I mean how could the reflection in my mirror, not be me?

After considering this dilemma for more time than I want to acknowledge, I reopened my eyes and luckily for my sanity I was looking out of the mirror instead of a stranger.

As I tried to figure out what had happened, something that Sean had said suddenly rang a bell. He had said, "So, while you are interacting with people in the Physical World, it is also a bit of me that is doing the interactions, right?"

The light above my head came on and it was blazing brightly, so bright it almost blinded me. Then it dawned on me, that the person in the mirror the first time that I opened my eyes was a representation of what I thought Sean Schweitzer should look like. So, it really wasn't a stranger looking at me, it was a manifestation of my overactive imagination. I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I had successfully resolved the conundrum when a voice rang out in my head,

'See, I told you I was real!'

With Sean's voice still ringing in my head I decided that I needed a highly flammable Irish Coffee.

And with that, it is time to say goodbye and thanks for reading.

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