Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 37 Here come the Parents

                          Chapter 37 Here Come the Parents                 

As we pulled into the yard. Justin led the charge to greet us, and Tyler.  Who leapt out and they promptly kissed. The kids all cheered their reunion.

"Well there's more to their story," Sam said chuckling. "You boys have your hands full I expect."

"Billy, Dante. I need to talk to you both with Judge Dominguez," Judge Avalos said, walking up to shake our hands. "How about we go to the patio."

"Bass! You  get Tyler settled in," I told him.

"Yes sir," Bass replied. Justin was already introducing Tyler to everyone.

"And see that he and  Justin try on those jeans before they're washed," Dante told him next. "And get their new clothes washed."

"We'll take care of it Dante,"  Alice hollered back. She already had the girls  gathering up things.

"Thank you Alice," Dante and I chorused.

We walked on up to the patio. Linzie and Mr. Ashworth were on their phones. As soon as they saw us they hung up. So we sat down.

"Judge Dominguez reminded me. That in New Mexico, foster parents must be married," Judge Avalos told us. Then he smiled.

"And gay marriage is now legal," Judge Dominguez told us. "So when you two get married. We can give you Tyler on a more permanent basis."

"So we were all talking," Andrew said, taking over. "So we were thinking since next Saturday is your birthday Billy. How about we all get married?"

Dante kissed me long and hard . I felt the tears of joy running down his face. When we broke apart, I smiled.

"Well my love?" I asked Dante. "Are you ready to get married now?"

"I am," Dante told me. Then he remembered  something. "But mom and dad will have to give their consent."

"Of course we will Dante," Sam told his son. Dante grabbed his parents in a hug. Which I joined in on.

"Here," Diane said, producing a paper. "Once your father signs this. You two can get that license and get married."

Sam grabbed it and signed it immediately.

"Well we still need some witnesses," Troy reminded us

"If I may?" Mr. Ashworth asked, pen in hand.

"We would be honored Sir," Dante said and Mr. Ashworth signed it.

"Linzie?" I asked.

"Now all you have to do is apply on line and go pick them up Monday," Judge Avalos told us'

"what about the rest of you?" Dante asked.

"Well the rest of us have already applied for our licenses," Andrew told us. 

"The except for you two and Jessie and Shawn," Mary told us.

"Well we can go to my office," I said, and we were gone. Dante and I we back first.

When we stepped out. Kevin and Amelia applauded us from the kitchen. Dante held out his arms and Amelia ran into them. But Dante kept  an arm out. Then Kevin ran in to get hugged as well.

"I'm so happy," Dante said in my ear as we hugged. There was a rush of feet as the rest of the kids came roaring around the corner.

"Uncle Bill? What's going on?" Bass asked. Followed by several, "Yeah's?"

"You kids sit down please?" Linzie asked the kids.

"Uncle Billy and Uncle Dante are getting married next Saturday!" Amelia blurted out as Shawn and Jessie came out. Promptly clamping her hands over her mouth.

"Amelia Jane!" Linzie and Bass roared, scolding her.

"Relax!" Dante told them. "She's just happy for us." 

Dante and I Kissed again. We smiled broadly.

"Tell us more!" Daniel yelled.

"Okay! Dante and I, as well as others,  are getting married next Saturday," I told the kids. "We're having it here at the ranch.  And there's going to be a lot to do."

"Questions anyone?" I asked

"Yeah, I have one," Mattie said. "Grandpa, Are mom and dad going to get here for the weddings?"

"Well Mattie, they're already on their way," Andrew told him "And! they're bringing your Uncle Andrew and his family.

"See!" Mattie said with a smile. "I told you Uncle Jason. Mom would get them to come."

"Actually baby," Jessica said, Leading them all around the corner. "It was Uncle Andy's talk with Jimmy's dad that did it."

"DAD! My Dad?!" Jimmy yelped. Surprise written all over his face. Then Henry and Rose walked around the corner. Rose immediately  hugged her son.

"Now! What's wrong Jimmie?" Henry asked his son with a smile.

"Jess was just telling them about our conversation Henry," Andy Jr told Henry.. Then they shook hands.

"It's good to meet everyone," Andy Jr. said going around shaking hands.

"Jimmy?" Andy Jr. said , holding out his hand. But Jimmy grabbed him and hugged him.

Andy Jr just laughed as the kid all cheered and applauded them.

"Welcome  to the family Jimmy," Andy Jr told him as they broke. "I'm sorry I was such an ass to you."

"Thank you Andy," Jimmy told him. "You were worried about your father. And I understand." And with that Andy's wife and kids swarmed Jimmy. Then Andrew.


"So Uncle Jason," Tonya, Andy's daughter, asked. "I hear you want me  to be your and Uncle Peter's flower girl?"


"Yes we do," Jason replied. "Would you..?"


"I would love to be your and Uncle Peter's flower girl," Tonya answered before  Jason could finish.


"Tonie! Peter isn't our uncle yet!" AJ (Andrew III) told his little sister.


"But he will be next week, " Tonya  told her brother. "And I'm getting ahead of you guys."


AJ laughed then hugged her. He kissed her on the cheek.


There was a lot of hugging with Andy Jr's family . And Henry and Rose. Victoria, Andy's wife asked how many were getting married. She was amazed by the fact it would be 12 of us.


Since we were all there. We made introductions of all those getting married and our officials

"And this all started with Dante asking you to marry him Marshal Hickok?" AJ asked me.

"Yes it did," I told him. And I kissed Dante.

"Cool," AJ said.

"Oh!" I said. "I just remembered Director Graff. Did you bring that badge I asked for?"

"What badge would that be?" Linzie asked me.

"Linzie!" So she pulled it out of her purse.


"Shawn Victor Mays. Front and center please," Judge Avalos said standing up.'

"We need a flag," his honor pointed out.


"I can handle that," I told him as I stepped into our bedroom. Then I stepped out with a flag and stand.


"What's going on?" Shawn asked standing there.

"Shawn Victor Mays if you'll raise your  right hand and repeat after me," Judge Avalos  said.

When he finished the kids again cheered. 


"Thank you Billy," Shawn said when I shook his hand.

"Well Shawn you can call me Boss," I told him acting serious. Shawn laughed.


"I know when to call you Boss, Boss," Shawn told me.


"I suppose you do," I told him.


"Mary. Who do we talk to about Justin and Tyler?" I asked her.


"I thought we couldn't talk about it," Tyler said, having heard my question.


"Why can't they talk about it?" Dante asked.


"Well it's my case," Mary told us. "But let's go inside to talk about it"

Mary gathered Tyler, Justin, Charlie and Daniel with Bob and Jean. We went into my office.


"Bob I'm not sure Charlie and Daniel should hear this," Mary said, causing Jean snort her opinion.

"Our boys are here for their foster brother," Jean told her.

"They stay," Bob told her.

"They can stay Miss Weathers," Justin said a little shaky.

"I'm with Justin Miss Weathers," Tyler said as he hugged Justin.


"Okay then," Mary said. 

"Justin and Tyler were  rescued from a boy brothel that was raided in Rio Rancho (A suburb  of Albuquerque)."

"It was a total surprised to Rio Rancho P.D. and the Bernalillo Sheriff's office. Because they thought they were busting a dog fighting operation.."


"Julio Baca's?" I asked.  At the mention of Baca. Justin buried his face in Tyler's shoulder. Mary turned pale at the look on Justin's face.

"A off duty Detective spotted Julio and one of his known dogs. And he followed him to the house with a lot of cars in the neighborhood."

"They called in the Sheriff's Office and raided and found the boys."


"Baca was treating one of his winning dogs to Justin. Who was one of two boys he used for that."


"Where's the other boy?" Charlie asked. "Why isn't he here?"

"Kade hung himself the second night after we were rescued," Tyler told us.


"The other kids found out what they did to us," Justin explained. "They called us dog toys. Told us we liked it."

"No one had better call you that around me!" Charlie said as they hugged Justin.


"Justin I think the other boys should know," Dante said. "If it's okay with you that is?"


"I know it would be nice if Angel could know what's going on," Daniel added. "But only if it's okay with you."


"Before you say anything Justin. Let's get Dr. Jones in here," Mary said.


"Billy would you go get get her?" Mary asked.

So I went to get her. I explained what was up on our way back in.


"Justin it's simple," She said as we entered. "I would like to know what you think?"


"They've been supportive so far," Justin said. "What do you think Ty?"

Tyler was taken aback by being asked.  He looked from Charlie to Daniel. Then to Dante and me.

"I trust whatever you think," Tyler told Justin.


"Okay. Just not the girls please," Justin told us.

"One thing before we go get them," I said.

"Justin I'll need to share this with other members of the law enforcement community," I told him. "Some of them are out there right now."



"Charlie could you go get the boys son?' Bob asked his oldest. "Quietly."

""Even Kevin and Peter."


I went to get Ethan, Jessie, Shawn and George. We brought them into my office. Once everyone was in and seated.


"Are you going to tell us something important to help Justin and Tyler?" Peter asked. "I'm ready.

Several of us just smiled. It was just so Peter. "Relax Petey," Kevin told his brother


"How did he know?" Justin asked amazed.


"That's just our Peter," Ethan explained. "He's intuitive to what's going on with someone." Then he mussed Peter's hair up.

"Daaad!" Peter roared.


"Sorry," Ethan told his youngest with a chuckle.'


"It's true Justin," Angel  added. "Petey can just figure things out."


Then Mary told the boys the story behind Justin and Tyler. They also go told about Kade.

They all agreed to keep it to themselves. Then they either shook Justin and Tyler's hand or hugged them. Peter hugged them twice with tears in his eyes.

"You boys are all very special," Dr. Jones told them.


"Thank you  Dr. Jones," Bass said standing up. "Guys we ride in groups from now on."


"What do we tell the girls?" Kevin asked. "Because you know they are."


"We'll tell them it's for Tony and Lotte," Bass told him. "That's if it's okay with you Tony."


"That sounds good to me," Tony said.


"And we ride with some adults," Bass added. "Preferably a Marshal."


"Nice Idea Bass," I said. "Jessie could you and Shawn spend some time out here?"


"Sure thing Boss," Jessie said hugging Shawn.

"Besides. Jessie could use the practice," Shawn said with a chuckle.


"What about work Boss?" Shawn  asked.


"We'll be working from out here," I told him.  "So how about you guys go grab anything you might need?"


They left immediately. 

"Ethan can  I borrow Genevieve?" I asked him. "I need a female to stay with the girls at night."

"I'll call her right now," Ethan said. "You want her out here tonight?"


"Yeah," I told her. "I wish we had another lady."

"There's a Sheriff's Deputy who was part of the raid," Mary said.

"Can you call her and get her out here tonight?"  I asked her.


"I can ask her,"  she told me.


"Are Tony and Lotte in danger too,?" Tyler asked.


"They are," Dante told him. "Let's get outside."


Then Mary's phone rang.