Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 1 ~ The Birthday Present

Bob and I had been out for 4 days. And we were pulling into my ranches yard late that afternoon of Dante's birthday. I pulled the truck and horse trailer in for easy unloading. And we were beat. The late afternoon sun was starting to change colors toward sunset. The New Mexico sky was prettiest this time of day.

"How do you want to do this?" Bob asked.

"I'll get the horses," I said. "While you open the corral gate."

"Sounds like a plan," Bob said sounding as tired as I did.

We had spent three days in the saddle after a prison bus crash. Two of the prisoners had the skill to give us a run for our money because they were Apache hunt guides.

So we dragged out of the truck. I dropped the tailgate. As I untied the horses, Bob opened the corral gate. Bob's bay came out first. Followed by my grulla Mouse.

The bay backed out and I turned him loose. He turned into the corral. Then Mouse came out hobbling a little. then she stopped. So I checked her ankle again. She had gotten cut on some lava in the foothills. I had treated out there and it would heal. But then I realized she was looking into the corral. There stood a paint mare looking at us.

"Go on," I said slapping her rump. "She won't hurt you."

"Dante!" I thought as Mouse went in. I looked around and didn't see his truck. Because I had promised to fix him dinner, I guess he figured I couldn't and had left.

"New horse?" Bob asked noticing the pinto.

"Keeping it for a friend," I told him as he pulled out his phone.

"Oh damn," Bob said. "My phone's dead."

"Mine's not much better," I told him. "Come on. You can use the phone up at the house."

"Aren't you going to unload the trailer?" Bob asked. 

"I'll deal with it tomorrow or this weekend," I told him. "I'm putting in for some vacation time."

"How long?" Bob asked as we walked up to the house.

"Probably two or three weeks at least!" I answered. "So you'll be in charge." And I smiled.

"Got it," Bob said smiling back. 

Then we stopped and looked out on the sunset. Colors were changing the landscape.

"That's awful beautiful Billy," Bob said. "The boys want to know when they can come riding again."

"How about this weekend?" I said as I put my key in the lock. But when I turned the key I realize the door wasn't locked.

"I owe you guys a cookout from last year," I said opening the door. I saw a pair of jeans on the floor and a tee shirt in the hall.

"I must have dropped these heading for the washer the other day," I said grabbing up the jeans and headed up the hall. My bedroom door was closed now.

"You know where the phone is. Tell Jean I said hi."

"Thanks," Bob said. But I did notice that he sounded puzzled.

As I entered my bedroom I saw socks, boots, and a pair of briefs by the bed. I looked around for an obviously naked Dante.

I heard Bob talking to Jean. So I quietly swung my door almost closed.

Then I saw a lump in my bed. So I snatched back the blanket. It was pillows. Then Dante grabbed me from behind. I could tell he was glad to see me. Because his hard cock was poking me. And I didn't mind oddly.

So I drew him around to face me. Then he gave me a kiss. A kiss I returned.

"Happy birthday, Dante," I said. "Now what are you doing here."

"Well since you couldn't fix me supper. I figured I would fix you supper," Dante said wrapping his arms around my neck.

Then Bob called down the hall. For the second time.

"Hey, Billy. Who's cooking you supper?" He asked. "Smells good."

Dante just beamed at the compliment. Then we heard the stove timer go off.

"The cornbread!" Dante yelped and jumped for the door. But I grabbed his wrist to stop him.

"Put these on first!" I said handing him a pair of my sweats pants to wear.

He did argue but tugged them on anyway. Then he was off in a flash down the hall. He almost knocked Bob over.

"Excuse me," he said as he leaped past Bob. 

I followed at a slower pace. Bob stood there with what had to be Dante's wallet and ID.

"So Dante Green is?" Bob asked as Dante walked toward us.

"Someone I'm starting to care about," I told him. Which caused Bob to raise his eyebrows. 

"So what do I tell Jean?" Bob asked as Dante grabbed me from behind again. "You know she wants to set you up again."

"Tell her I've found someone," I said. "And she'll meet that person on Saturday. "

"So you're going to introduce me to people?" Dante asked rather amazed.

"Yes, I am," I told them. Then I kissed Dante's cheek. 

What was I doing?! I hadn't a clue. But it felt right.

"Well I have a slight advantage," Bob said. I found your wallet, Dante Green." Then handed it to him.

"Say, aren't you Sam Green's boy?" Bob asked. 

For someone who was supposed to put things together, I hadn't done a very good job where Dante was concerned.

"Yeah, that's my dad," Dante said finally with a giggle.

"Dante, meet Bob Driscoll," I said as I gave Bob a stern look. "He's a Deputy US Marshal like myself."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Marshal Driscoll," Dante said shaking Bob's hand.

"You can call me Bob, Dante, unless we're in the office," Bob said. "And happy birthday." 

"Thank you, sir," Dante said looking a little panicked.

"And Bob! You're sworn to silence about the details," I told him. But, what was I truly saying?

"Dante are you up for a cookout?" I asked. It took Dante a moment to answer.

"Oh, yeah," Dante stammered. "I guess. The semester is over on Friday."

"What high school?" Bob asked.

"The university actually," Dante told him. "Just finishing my second year."

"Really. What's your major?" Bob asked impressed.

"I have a double major, Criminal justice and criminal law," Dante said with a smile.

"Well, I need to get going," Bob said. "And the boys?"

"Bring 'em," I said. " They'll find out and Jean would wonder why."

"True," Bob said. "Besides I think Daniel may want to talk to Dante."

"Why would he want to talk to me?" Dante asked surprised.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Well Jean and I are pretty sure Daniel is gay," Bob said. "Hopefully he wants advice on coming out."

"Oh," was all Dante could say.

"Come on," I said. "I'll walk you out to your car."

The yard lights were coming on... bats were swooping down for bugs, and crickets sounded their night song.

"And the rest?" I asked Bob as soon as we were out.

"I think he thinks I'll be upset about it," Bob told me as he unlocked the sedan. "As long as he's happy. That's all that matters." 

"I'll see you in the morning," I said as we shook hands. "Go see your family."

"Wish me luck," Bob chuckled. "Until the morning then, boss."

Bob got into his car. It wasn't long before his taillights vanished down the road. When I heard Dante's voice, I turned.

"Billy, the food's getting cold," Dante said from the door. My sweatpants now hung over his shoulder.

I walked slowly back up to the porch and Dante. Admiring him with every step. What was I thinking?

"Pants and shirt while we eat," I told him.

Then I grabbed him around the waist. I pulled him in close, and I gave him a deep long kiss. I realized my original plans for tonight were shot.

"You like what you see, right?" Dante asked a confused look on his face.

"Yes! I like what I see," I said spinning him around, as I ran my hands down his lithe body. "But this is for later."

"Okay," Dante said as he put the sweatpants on. And I handed him a tee shirt off the dryer.

As we ate and talked. I was trying to figure out if I was falling in love with this incredible young man. Or was it just lust? What was I doing? 

All the while my cock was hard enough to cut diamonds, as they say. I hadn't felt this way in a long time.

I'd known I was attracted to both guys and gals since I was a teenager. But most of my life it had been mainly women. I had even been engaged once.

But I had lost her in a traffic accident to a drunk driver. And I was feeling the same way toward Dante.

"That was very good Dante, " I said as we loaded the dishwasher. "How about we toast your birthday?"

"Sure," Dante said brightly. " But I've  only ever had a little wine."

"Wine it is then," I said getting a bottle out of the fridge. I poured us each a little wine into glasses. Then we went into the living room. "Happy Birthday," I said tapping his glass.

"Thank you," Dante replied. Then we sipped our wine.

"Now can I take these off?" Dante asked as I sat down. I smiled.

"Now would be a good time," I said finishing my wine. I set my empty glass off to the side. And Dante did the same.

Then Dante shed my tee shirt and sweatpants. He was gorgeous. 

I reached out and Dante took my hand. I smiled and jerked him across my knees. I then spanked him. Dante yelled and struggled the whole time, then I rolled him off onto the floor. So fell on top of him. Pinning him to the floor.

"What's that for?" Dante demanded.

"Don't you think you deserve it?" I asked. Then I kissed him deeply.

"Now what do you think?" I asked.

"I think I like that," Dante said as I helped him up.

"Which one?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes," he answered then kissed me.

"Well maybe I'll spank you for special occasions," I said with a sly smile. 

"Okay." Dante took my hand we started for the bedroom. I just couldn't resist. Then I slapped his cute cherub ass again.

"HEY! Be careful," Dante yelped. "I'm beginning to like that.

I shed my clothes as we entered my bedroom. I put my pistols up for safety. Then I dropped my jeans. I didn't know what was coming over me but it felt right.

I took Dante in my arms. And as we kissed I felt a tingle as our bare skin touched.

Then Dante whispered in my ear. "Please take me now. Make love to me."

We laid down on the bed. Where we made love for the first time. And the second.

We lay there after just kissing and holding each other. Then Dante heard the chimes of the grandfather clock striking 10 o'clock from the living room. 

"I need to get cleaned up and get going," he said getting up out of bed. But I grabbed his wrist. 

"How about we both get cleaned up," I said pulling him back toward me. "And let's say you stay the night."

Dante smiled obviously pleased. But a thought took that smile away.

"I have two exams tomorrow," he told me.

"Well, I have an early day as well," I told him as I lead him to the shower. "My alarm is set for 7 am. When is your exam?"

"My first is 9:30 and the second is 11:30," Dante told me.

"Well plenty of time," I said turn the water on. 

"Okay," was all Dante said as we stepped into the running water.

After a long shower, we went back to bed. I held Dante in my arms as we fell asleep. I was feeling right and whole again.

[To Be Continued]