Mayfield Titans

Chapter 30-Cousins

<Alex Guerrero>
Alex sat naked on the living room couch watching some shitty TV show and wishing he could think of something good about his Christmas. Christmas tree in the living room? Nope. Number of presents? Zero. Christmas dinner? Stick a frozen dinner in the oven. Mom? Drunk and stoned and lucky she still has a job. House? He saw the eviction notice stuck in the door last week and hoped the check his mom wrote didn’t bounce. School? Flunking every class but PE and will probably end up in the dummies class. Friends? Maybe Duncan and Vance. They usually give him booze and weed, still take him to parties even if he gets wasted to the max, as long as he lets them fuck him when they want. They said sometimes they had crack but weren’t going to give him any because he was too young, and it was too expensive. He knew it was all bullshit; if they were real friends, they’d give some to him. Tony? Okay, so there was something good. I haven’t  seen Tony’s ass since mom kicked him out when she came home from work and found him naked and getting ready to fuck my ass, Alex thought.  
Well, at least Vance brought me a big bag of weed and two bottles of Mad Dog. Shit, Alex thought, as he took a guzzle of the cheap wine, I guess I did get something for Christmas. Mom’s at work and I ain’t got nowhere to go, so I might as well make use of what I got.
Shit, that looks like Alex’s house,” Grant replied. He then lightly slapped his mouth and apologized to Larry for saying shit.
“It’s okay—you were surprised,” Larry responded as he stopped in front of Grant’s house.
“I’ll let you guys know if I find out what happened,” Grant said as he exited the car.
Larry turned off the motor. “We’ll hang for just a minute.”
He got out and saw Officer Carpenter standing across the street. Larry told the boys to stay where they were and then crossed the street. “Hi, Jeremy,” he said as he approached the officer.
“Hey, Coach—what brings you to this part of town?” Jeremy Carpenter responded. He was a Mayfield High alum and had played for Larry as a pitcher/outfielder.
“I was dropping off Grant. He was at a meeting with Aiden. We were wondering what was happening since the activity appears to be at Alex Guerrero’s house and he and Grant used to be buddies.”
“That’s where the activity is. I guess the boy’s mother was working late and came home to find him passed out and unresponsive on the couch. She called 911 and here we all are.”
Larry noted a gurney being removed from the house. He suspected the body on the gurney was Alex’s. Since the face wasn’t covered that meant Alex was still alive.
“Okay, thanks Jeremy. I’ll let the boys know. I guess we’ll learn more tomorrow.”
“You teach at the high school, so you don’t have Alex in class. He’s a pretty troubled kid.”
“I’m quite aware of his issues since he’s in the same grade as Aiden. And I know that includes some issues with the law which I’m willing to bet you’ve had to deal with.”
“You got that right. I’m sure I’ll see you this spring since you know I love hanging around the baseball field.”
“Feel free to volunteer to pitch some batting practice.”
“That gives me visions of my arm falling off. Hey, I gotta go stop that incoming car. Good seeing you even if the reason sucks.”
Larry waited for the car to stop and then crossed the street. He told the boys what happened and could see that Grant, who was standing at the curb, was upset. “Are you okay, Grant?”
“It was drugs or booze, right?” Grant asked shakily.
“I don’t know, Grant,” Larry lied.
“I wanted to help him really bad.”
Larry put his arm around the distraught boy. “I know you did everything you could to help him, but it’s hard to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.”
“That’s what Sammy and Aiden and my counselor all tell me.”
“Take it to heart then. All you can do now is keep your friend in your prayers.”
Grant liked how Larry had called Alex his friend. He wanted to think Alex was his friend, even if Alex didn’t think so.
“Grant, come into the house or you’ll catch your death of cold out there,” Grant’s mother barked.
“Your mother is sounding like a mother,” Larry said gently. “You’d better go. Just remember that nothing that happened tonight is your fault.”
“Thanks, Coach,” Grant said.
Larry overhead Grant’s mother saying, “Don’t get upset over him; the boy got what’s coming to him. Consider yourself fortunate that he was no longer your friend.” Larry settled into the driver’s seat of his car thinking about how in the space of a few seconds Grant’s mother managed to undo the positive outlook he had tried to give the young boy. Well, it wasn’t the first time he had seen a parent undo positive work—in fact, he’d managed to do it himself more than once with Aiden.
“Is Alex okay?” Rusty asked.
“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Larry responded calmly.
“I was almost like Alex. But my mom and my counselor and my friends helped me. How come we couldn’t help Alex?”
Larry gave Rusty the same answer he had given Grant as they stopped in front of his house. “Good night, Coach, and thanks.”
“Good seeing you again, Rusty,” Larry smiled.
Larry was now alone with Aiden. “Alex had to be drunk or stoned or both,” Aiden said.
“You’re positive about that? Don’t be rushing to judgment, son.”
“I’m as positive as I can be. I just hope he can get help like Grant and Rusty and Sammy, and, yeah, Marty and Mikey got.”
“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Grant. In your case, I know you and Alex have never wanted to be friends, and probably never will want to be friends. But I also know you tried to extend a hand of friendship to him anyway because you saw he needed help. Right now, the best way for you to help is to put him in your evening prayer.”
“Thanks. I love you Pop.”
“I love you, too, son.”
“And Pop, do you think you and dad can come into my room and tuck me and Horace in tonight?”
If Aiden had been sitting in the front seat, Larry would have ruffled his hair. Instead he gave him a quick wave and said, “Yell when you’re ready for tucking.” He hoped Aiden hadn’t seen him quickly wipe a couple of tears away before setting his hand back on the steering wheel.
Aiden had noticed and loved his pop even more for it.
Alex knew it was a present because he didn’t even have to let Vance fuck him for it. He took another hit and headed to the kitchen to get himself some cereal. Now he had something to do for the day. He could get stoned, jerk off, watch television, and try to figure out a reason to keep living his shitty, loser of a life.
Phil parked the Honda Odyssey in the Centralia train station parking lot. Larry, Aiden, and Aiden’s Grandpa Art and Grandma Jennifer exited the minivan. Larry opened the back hatch so everyone could get their travel bags. It was ten in the morning and their train was due at ten-thirty, which left them plenty of time to enjoy the waiting room of the historic station. Aiden enjoyed looking at the large black and white pictures on the walls depicting the history of the station and the Northern Pacific Railroad in Centralia.
The Cascades arrived on time. The conductor was ready for them at the door to the third coach, where he had a table set aside for them. Aiden let the adults enjoy the four seats at the table while he took a seat at the table across the aisle. After his grandparents disembarked in Tacoma, Aiden sat with Larry and Phil for the 45-minute trip to Seattle.
Troy and Logan were waiting for them as they entered the King Street Station waiting room. Aiden and Logan hugged each other as Phil and Troy exchanged a hug.
“Do you want a hug too, Uncle Larry?” Logan asked. Larry was the only one in the group who was not a blood relative.
“I never turn down hugs from handsome young nephews,” Larry grinned, and Logan gave Larry his hug.
When they arrived at the Miller residence a light lunch was waiting for them. Hugs were exchanged with Eddie, Curt, Chase, and Susan. Chase escorted Aiden to his bedroom where Aiden set down his travel bag.
“From what I’ve been hearing, you won’t be sleeping with me tonight,” Chase said.
“Oh? Who said that?” Aiden asked.
“You mean you didn’t know?”
“Didn’t know what?”
“Drake claims you promised him something at winter break.”
“Well, I guess I did, but I really didn’t. It was just, you know, talk.”
Chase ran his right index finger through the circle made by left index finger and thumb. “And now it’s gone from chit chat of fuckity fuck,” he laughed. “And here I thought you were going to be my Christmas fuck.”
“Didn’t you have one yesterday?”
“We agreed that we would have no sex on Christmas. I don’t remember exactly why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.”
“Well, you can still have me if you want. I didn’t have any either, not even with my left hand.”
“Left hand? I thought you were right-handed.”
“I am,” Aiden nodded. “But I jerk off left-handed.”
“So, you’re like a baseball player who throws left and bats right.”
“That be me.”
“What’s it going to be tonight?”
“You thought you’d get my ass and now I guess Drake is finally going to get my ass. That will make him happy and then he can go find a boyfriend.”
“He already has one,” Chase reminded Aiden.
“You mean the dude he met in AA?”
“One and the same.”
The doorbell ringing downstairs ended the conversation. “Speaking of the devil with a cock, that must be him and Uncle Keegan and Aunt Natalie.”
“Yep,” Aiden agreed. “My brother-cousin, my daddy, my aunt, and my anonymous step-brother who won’t be a cousin. At least I think that’s how it works.”
“It’s close enough for me,” Chase said as he and Aiden went down to meet the guests.
“Hey cuzzes,” Drake grinned. He gave Aiden and Chase each a big hug. “Merry Christmas and happy to see you.”
Aiden then hugged his daddy Keegan and his Aunt Natalie. She received an incredibly careful hug because she was hauling the anonymous stepbrother in her belly.
Lunch was served and talk was plentiful. It had been agreed in advance that presents would be opened the evening of the day after Christmas after they finished dinner. The six boys left the adults after lunch and went to the basement and into the home theater. Chase inserted a movie into the DVD player, but the boys were more interested in chatter than a superhero movie.
Nobody was surprised when the subject of their chatter turned to sex and nobody was surprised that it was Chase who guided it there. “Is anybody here horny?”
“Since when did you start asking stupid questions, Chase?” Drake asked.
“Well, we do have two boys here without pubic hairs, so you never know what their condition might be,” Chase smirked.
“Hey, I resent that,” Aiden howled. “I get horny a lot and I’ve got some hairs starting.”
“Yeah, microscopic ones.”
“Who is the other one?” Drake asked, even though he knew the answer.
That led Logan to be the first boy to expose himself. “Me!” he called out proudly as he stood up and dropped his pants and underpants to his ankles. “And I’m proud of it since I’m eleven and shouldn’t have hairs yet.”
“Say that again when you’re almost thirteen,” Aiden groaned.
“Then I’ll have more than Eddie and Curt have now.”
Eddie stood up and followed Logan’s lead by dropping his pants to his ankles. Eddie was hard and the wispy hair growing on either side of his smooth balls was visible. Curt followed Eddie; his scattered wisps of hair were spread around his groin more but were very visible. “Just in case you guys forgot what we looked like since Thanksgiving,” Eddie grinned.
“When are you gonna get pubes, Aiden?” Logan asked.
“Cool, you just replaced me as the dumb question of the evening leader,” Chase told his brother.
“I just wanted to know,” Logan whined.
“And I know that you know that Aiden doesn’t have a clue.”
“Well, he has those little hairs he showed me at Thanksgiving, so I thought he might be able to tell us one of them is longer so you can really see it or something.”
“Look, those little hairs aren’t growing much, but Nolan knows which two he can barely pull with his fingernails, so I know I can say this much—I will have hair before I’m thirteen, and since I’m almost thirteen you should be able to see them soon. So there!”
The six boys agreed they were horny and were going to save it until after presents were opened. The result was Logan and Chase going upstairs to procure two big bowls of popcorn and six cans of soda, after which Chase started the movie. Chase assured his mother that the popcorn would not ruin their appetite for dinner since it would be three hours before dinner was served. With popcorn and soda as an incentive, the boys finally settled in to watch the movie.
After the movie ended, the boys had one more bit of erotica to discuss and that was the sleeping arrangements. There had been a lot of talk off and on, but it was now decision time and it didn’t take long to decide. They would be pairing up in beds in lieu of having group sex in the basement. Aiden would be sleeping with Drake in Curt’s bed as Chase had surmised. Logan would sleep with Eddie in Eddie’s bed and Curt would sleep with Chase in Chase’s bed. How much each pair would do in bed was up to them.
Dinner consisted of baked ham, mashed potatoes, and carrots with a tossed salad and sourdough rolls. Dessert was chocolate cream pie with heaps of whipped cream.
After cleanup, presents were opened. Each of the three families had their gift exchange the night before. With a few exceptions, the gift exchange was cross family. One of those exceptions were Amtrak gift cards.
“Cool, now we can ride the train down to visit Aiden without SOMEBODY looking over our shoulders,” Chase said.
“And I can ride the train up to visit you guys.” What Aiden did not know was that Nolan had received a gift certificate as well, a fact he kept secret so Aiden’s surprise wouldn’t be spoiled. The amount of each gift card was enough to cover two round trips. Since they were under eighteen, a parent would have to purchase their ticket using the gift card.
“There is some good and bad news regarding Logan’s card,” Troy announced. “The bad news is, Logan can’t use his card for an unaccompanied ride until he turns twelve.”
“It’s not fair,” Logan moaned.
“That’s because Amtrak’s rules say you have to be twelve to travel unaccompanied,” Troy explained to him.
“Yeah, but…”
Troy held up his right hand signaling Logan to stop. “The good news is, by the time Logan is twelve some of you may have already used up a trip or two and…
“…and I can take one all by myself and won’t have to travel with my brothers,” Logan grinned. “No offense, I love you all, but I gotta get something out of this, right?”
Chase put his right arm around his little brother’s shoulder. “We love you, too, bro.” He looked over at Aiden. “I’m sure Aiden will have no problem having you around for a couple of days, if you’re nice to him until then.”
“I’m always nice to Aiden.”
“I mean really nice.”
“I’m always really…oh…I get it.” He moved over to give Aiden a hug. “I love you, cuz, always and forever. How’s that for being nice?”
“It’s a good start.”
“I thought so,” Logan grinned knowingly. The four dads and Drake were able to follow the direction of the conversation. Natalie and Susan understood it at face value. Curt and Eddie were busy with their own presents and weren’t particularly interested in riding a train to visit Mayfield. Once again, Chase and Logan were able to communicate in their own language.
After the presents had been opened a discussion was started on what to name the anonymous being in Natalie’s belly. Natalie and Keegan had announced when they arrived that they wanted to hear ideas from family.
“I like Robin,” Chase said.
“Me, too,” Logan said as he tried to be the good little brother.
“Why Robin?” Troy asked.
 “Well, if he happens to come out a she, then you don’t have to change the name. Pretty smart, huh?”
“I’ve heard of an ultrasound being read wrong and a girl ends up being a boy,” Susan said. “There’s a little appendage that could be hidden. But, if it’s right there to be seen, it is unlikely it’s going to disappear.”
“Well, I still like Robin,” Chase insisted.
“What about Cody?” Aiden said. “I always thought that if I had a little brother, his name would be Cody, and, well, he is going to be my half-brother, right?”
“That’s a good name and an excellent reason, Aiden. What names have you and Natalie come up with?” Phil asked Keegan.
“Too many to count, but nothing we really like,” Keegan replied. “That’s why we’re asking for help.”
“Did you have an idea, Phil?” Natalie asked.
Phil shrugged. “I think in the end, the call is yours and Keegan’s.” The naming session appeared to have ended before it really got started.
“It looks like we have Robin and Cody so far. Natalie and I have talked a lot about naming him Thomas for a teacher who helped keep her together when she was in high school, but the name just doesn’t hit us hard.”
An awkward silence settled over the Miller clan, which was suddenly broken by Drake, who spoke for the first time. “Lincoln,” was all he said.
“That was the last name of a President,” Logan pointed out. “So how can it be a first name?”
“Lots of people’s last name is Logan, bro,” Chase reminded him.
“What made you think of Lincoln?” Keegan asked.
“Well, it’s the first name of a character in a story I’m reading. He’s like eleven and he’s had a tough life but gets a new family that helps him get better—kind of like me. Plus, he sticks up for his little brothers, like President Lincoln stood up against slavery. That’s what I want my brother to be like, someone who stands up for his family and his friends. I think he should have a name that reminds him of that.”
While everything Drake mentioned about the character was true, what he didn’t mention was that he discovered the story about Lincoln on an online erotic story site. He found Lincoln to be an inspiring character, even when he did something wrong. He was a stubborn kid. His stubbornness got in his way sometimes, but he also had a big heart when it came to his family, which more than made up for his faults. He hoped no one asked him where he had read the story, but if they did, he would tell the truth and stick with his choice. They could read it for themselves and see that he was right.
“There is another Lincoln in literature,” Larry said. “One of my favorite mystery characters is Lincoln Rhyme in a series by Jeffrey Deaver. He was a New York police detective and was injured on the job. The injury left him a quadriplegic, yet in each book he uses his brain and training in forensics to solve mysteries. He would be another good example for someone to follow when it comes to overcoming setbacks.”
“I know that series,” Troy said. “I love those books. I’m surprised the name didn’t pop into my head.”
“President Lincoln had a lot of setbacks in his life to overcome as well,” Susan pointed out. “He’s another example of how a person can overcome handicaps and become great.”
“I’d like to put that name at the top of the list,” Natalie grinned. “I love it, and I love the reasons behind the choice. How does Lincoln Thomas Miller sound?”
Curt spoke up for the first time. “What about Lincoln Clayton Miller?” he asked in a shaky voice.
“Who is Clayton?” Aiden asked.
As Curt took a deep breath, his foster father took a deep breath. “Clayton was the first name of Curt’s father.” Curt’s parents had been killed by a drunk driver in April, and through an unfortunate set of circumstances that followed, he ended up on the streets.
Keegan left his chair and placed a hand on the shoulder of the tearful twelve-year-old. “I take it you would like your dad’s name to live on as part of your new cousin, right?”
Curt nodded.
“What do you think, dear?” he asked Natalie.
“I think Lincoln Clayton Miller is a beautiful name,” Natalie grinned. “It’s a name that should make our new son proud.”
Keegan gave his wife a kiss and said, “I think it will go right to the top of the list unless we feel we’ve come up with something better.”
“I can’t imagine us coming up with a better name.”
Drake didn’t mention the coincidence of Clayton being the name of Lincoln’s little brother in the online story he was reading. “And besides, Link is a cool nickname.”
When bedtime came, the boys washed and brushed and went to the agreed upon beds. Their earlier discussion saved them a lot of time and they were ready to get right to the next featured event of the evening: sex.
Curt didn’t want to have anal sex with Chase. Chase knew the rules when it came to wanting and not wanting sex and didn’t make an issue of it. He wasn’t disappointed in Curt’s choice of what to do. They traded blowjobs twice and he was reminded of how sweet Curt’s cream was. He hoped Logan would taste as good when he started cumming.
What Logan really wanted that night was to be fucked by Aiden, but that wasn’t to be—at least this time. Curt and Eddie had been a part of the family for six months and would soon become official brothers and yet he had never done butt sex with them. One thing Logan had learned since he turned eleven was how much he liked being fucked. It was time for Eddie to really be his big brother—if he wanted to be, of course.
Being big brother to Logan was exactly what Eddie wanted. Eddie thought that by fucking Logan’s ass his stock would rise with his big brother, Chase, and his little brother, Logan. It would make him an official Miller brother since he would have consummated his relationship with all three of his brothers.
As far as Logan was concerned, ever since he was shown that his butt was an erogenous zone, he couldn’t get it stimulated enough. Chase was amazed how his once very shy little brother was totally into fucking at eleven. He had read that it was usually something even the horniest of boys didn’t get into until their teens, if ever. But as he thought about it, his twelve-year-old cousin, Aiden, might be even more into having his ass fucked than Logan. Chase remembered when Aiden swore he would NEVER take part in that kind of sex.
Logan was in Eddie’s attic bedroom over the garage. Unless somebody was actually in the garage, only the very loudest noises could be hard on the ground floor of the house. He knew that because he, Eddie, and Curt had run a test in September.
“Are you going to do me, or do you want me to be the top?” Logan asked as he lay on Eddie’s bed.
“I thought we decided I was going to fuck you,” Eddie replied as he dropped on the bed next to Logan and started rubbing his younger brother’s chest and belly. Eddie didn’t like bottoming. It reminded him of his times getting drunk and high with Peter Astor and how Peter was always the top. He could remember waking up the next day not only with a hangover but with a feeling of humiliation from being Peter’s girl. Yes, Peter had made his amends and Eddie had accepted them, but Eddie and Peter both knew they would never be friends. His experiences with Peter were a big reason he refused to let his tricks fuck him when he was whoring. Blue was the only person who could fuck him and Eddie wasn’t sure how that had happened.
“We did decide that. I just wanted to make sure. Are you going to fuck me hard, Eddie?” Logan asked as he lay on Eddie’s bed.
“I won’t do anything to hurt you, bro.”
“I liked being fucked hard.”
“Then I’ll do my best.”
Eddie was twelve and would be thirteen in May, making him 21 months older than Logan. He had fuzzy hair on his pubic area, big dropping balls, and a four-and-half inch cock. Eddie also had life experiences that made him immeasurably older than the little eleven-year-old who, despite his family sexual experience, was still quite innocent about the ways of the world.
By giving Logan what he wanted, Eddie also got what he enjoyed—hard-hitting sex. He made out with Logan by kissing his neck, nipples, belly, balls, and ass. He rimmed his cousin and when he finally took care of lubrication and entered Logan’s ass they were both at high sexual alert. Eddie fucked Logan hard and, with the amount of noise Logan was making, was happy his bedroom was as isolated as it was. He was certain the four boys on the second story could hear Logan’s high-pitched shrieks and squeals, but it was unlikely he would be heard downstairs. Still, he cautioned Logan to try keeping the noise down and was prepared to cover his mouth with a pillow if he didn’t.
The two boys were extremely horny and excited by the new experience and didn’t last long. Logan’s dry cum led to Eddie’s cock being squeezed and to him filling Logan’s ass with his pubescent cum. The boys kissed and fell asleep in Eddie’s bed. Eddie was the fifth boy Logan had enjoyed anal sex with, a number that concerned Chase because it was the same number he’d done it with and he was fourteen. Just from the barely audible noise he heard from up in Eddie’s bedroom Chase was certain that Eddie had become Logan’s fifth.
Across the hall from Chase and Curt, Aiden and Drake were making out on Curt’s bed. Chase knew what those two were going to do since Drake had been adamant about having Aiden’s ass and Aiden had made it clear that he didn’t have a problem with it, especially since Drake was bigger than anyone Aiden had taken up his rear. Chase wondered how many boys had been up his cousin’s enticing ass.
If Aiden and Drake had known what Chase was thinking, they would have told him he was spot on. Twelve-year-old Aiden and fifteen-year-old Drake had gotten into heavy kissing and petting even before they had shed all their clothes. Their talking and kidding and promising and wondering had come to a head—this was the night it was going to happen.
“I forgot how big you were,” Aiden said as he stroked Drake’s six-inch teen cock.
“You’re not thinking about chickening out, are you?” Drake asked as he started tickling Aiden’s belly.
“Hey, what’s with the tickling?” Aiden giggled.
“Isn’t that what brothers do when they have sex?”
“I don’t know, I don’t have a brother.”
“You have me, unless you’re going to go back to saying I’m your cousin.”
“What about if I called you my bruisin?”
“That would interesting,” Drake chuckled. “We could say we were cruisin’ for a bruisin’.”
Eventually the chat and necking and petting led to what they had been working toward. For Aiden, it was a little painful at first, but he settled in quickly as Drake touched some areas of his innards that hadn’t been touched during intercourse before. Drake’s cock was over a half-inch longer than Nolan’s and thicker. He also fucked harder than Nolan. Yet for Aiden one important piece was missing: Nolan. For Drake, Aiden was tight and his bruisin’ knew what he was doing, but he preferred the older boys he’d had: Peter Astor, Sammy, Jeffrey, and his current bed buddy, Matt. And he still had the desire to have sex with a man.
“Well, what do you think?” Drake asked Aiden when he finished squirting his seed into Aiden. “The stuff on your tummy says you must have liked it.”
“Yeah, I liked it okay.”
“Just okay?”
“You were good bruisin. Something was missing though. It was like this wasn’t a new adventure, it was just sex.”
“Whoa. Twelve-years-old and getting fucked by the biggest dick that ever fucked him and he says it was ‘just sex’?”
Whenever Aiden had sex with somebody for the first time, it had been something new and exciting. Maybe because they were his age and sex was a new adventure, just like it was for him. Gordy and Logan were good examples. When Chase fucked him it was something new and something they’d both looked forward to for a long time. Chase had become a special person in his life and the sex with him showed that. Mason was Mason; somehow Mason could make something as simple as a blow job into something special, and now he was doing the same thing to fucking.
That was the extent of his partners except for Nolan. With every partner something special was happening and his thoughts were on his partner and not on Nolan. But with Drake, his thoughts were on how much he wished it was Nolan in that bed instead of Drake. The simple fact was, a half-inch didn’t make that big a difference.
“I guess that didn’t sound right,” Aiden confessed.
“No, but I think I get it, bruz. You were thinking of your sexy boyfriend instead the high school kid fucking your brains out.”
“Yeah, I was. Sorry.” Aiden was feeling as rotten as he had for a long time.
Drake placed an arm around Aiden. “Nothing to be sorry for, because you know what I discovered?”
“No clue.”
“Sometimes what you wish for isn’t what you really wanted. I wanted you because you were Mister Popular, and Mister Jock, and Mister Straight A Student and all those things I wished I was. But, just like I wasn’t one thing you wanted, you weren’t one thing I wanted.”
“Your boyfriend Mark?”
“His name is Matt, but no, not him. We’re the best of best friends and we’re bed buddies but we agree we’re not boyfriends. No, what I learned is I like guys my age better. You and Darnell are both sexy little dudes, but that’s the thing, you’re both little dudes who aren’t even teens yet. I wasn’t yanking your nice little cock when I said you were good, but guys like Sammy or Peter or Matt, hell, Jeffrey, too, they know shit. They’ve been around, and I kinda like that.”
Drake’s long discourse was followed by a long silence. Drake knew he’d said enough—he might have even said too much. Drake really liked Aiden, maybe even loved him. And he didn’t want to lose him. He knew he wasn’t great at expressing his feelings and he was afraid next thing he said might cause Aiden to get out of the bed and leave the room. As a result, he waited for Aiden to talk, and wondered if maybe that was the wrong thing to do.
“Drake?” Aiden finally said, his voice bringing a ray of light to Drake’s feeling of gloom.
“You hate me now, don’t you?”
Aiden kissed the teen on the lips. “I don’t hate you—we’re bruisins remember? I was just thinking, though.”
“Whoa, careful bruz, when I think it gives me a headache.”
Aiden smiled for the first time since Drake had entered his ass. “That’s why I get better grades, because I can think more.”
“You’re cruising for a different kind of bruisin’, dude.” The atmosphere in the room had lightened considerably. “Now, what was it you weren’t straining your little brain to think about?”
“I know we’ll always be bruisins and I hope we’re still friends, but I’m thinking it’s probably best if tonight was the only time we fucked.”
“You’re right, you know. It’s just too bad it didn’t go very good.”
“I thought the sex part of the fucking was good and that’s how I’ll remember it. But, it’s just like we both said, something was missing,” Aiden said as seriously as he knew how.
“I gotta say, you’re a pretty mature little dude. And, yeah, we’re still friends.”
“Since we’re, like, family now, there’s gonna be a time when we’re together and things get all sexy and, well, can I still suck your dick?”
“Sure, Mason, anytime you want to,” Drake laughed.
“Now you’re the one who wants a bruisin’ bruise.”
“How about we get some sleep.”
“Sounds good, but I gotta pee first and my butt is a mess.”
The boys took care of peeing, tooth care, and washing.
Drake leaned in and gave Aiden a kiss on the lips. “Night, Aiden. I love you my little bruz.”
“I love you too, Drake. Thanks for being a really cool dude, big bruz.
<Nolan >
Nolan hadn’t seen his cousin Shelby since June. He was surprised how much Shelby had changed in six months. He not only was taller, but for the first time ever, Nolan thought the slim eleven-year-old looked sexy. He had longish brunette hair with blond highlights added and brown eyes.
Shelby was standing next to the driveway of his house as Nolan’s father parked the car in front of the garage. Shelby saw Nolan exit from a back door as Vivian and Paul, Shelby’s Aunt and Uncle exited the front. His parents, Chris and Cindy, came out of the house, trailed by fourteen-year-old Melinda.      
Shelby and Nolan traded fist bumps and then hugs were traded around the family members. “Let’s get inside, it’s frigging cold out here,” Chris said. Nolan, Vivian, and Paul unloaded their overnight bags from the back of the SUV and followed everyone else into the house.
Nolan’s relatives lived in Vancouver, Washington, where Cindy was the Mayor. Chris was the Principal of Hudson’s Bay High School. Nolan’s family made the drive south from Mayfield for a two-night visit. The families had a long-standing agreement that they would forgo exchanging Christmas gifts and would let the holiday time focus on family bonding. That didn’t stop Shelby and Nolan from talking about the presents they had received and show off what they could in person (like Nolan’s Seahawk’s jacket and most of Shelby’s presents) or by the pictures on Nolan’s phone. Nor did it stop them from trading gift cards purchased with their money. They had agreed on an amount, but the business the card would represent would remain secret until the exchange.
After listening to enough talk from their parents, Nolan and Shelby retired to Shelby’s bedroom. They kicked off their shoes to get comfortable and sat on Shelby’s bed, where they did their gift card exchange. While they didn’t advertise their exchange, they thought their parents might have an inkling. Since nobody objected to their benign act of rebellion, they made their purchases while doing their family gift shopping.
The cousins were very fond of each other. “It’s too bad we can’t visit more often,” Shelby lamented. “We don’t live that far away from each other. My parents keep complaining how busy they are, but we always take our vacations somewhere out of state.”
“My parents say the same thing. It takes less than two hours to drive between our houses. But, I’m old enough now to take the train for a visit. And pretty soon you will be old enough to ride on your own.”
“For real?”
“Totally for real. I mean last time I saw you was when you guys came to my house right after school was out. You’ve really grown since then.”
“I know. My mom says I’m growing like a weed. But you’re bigger, too.”
“I’ve been growing everywhere,” Nolan said in a suggestive tone of voice. It was the first time something with even the slightest sexual connotation had been uttered between the two cousins. But it was also the first time Nolan thought his cousin looked like a sexy boy instead of a cute little boy who held no sexual interest for him.  
Shelby, who would turn twelve in a month, was moving quickly into puberty. He was thinking about sex more and more, even if he wasn’t really sure what it was he was thinking about and why. He was getting frequent erections, but he had learned recently what to do about the problem.
When Nolan mentioned he had been growing everywhere, Shelby wanted to find out if Nolan was talking about the same body parts he was thinking about. He said nothing, however, afraid that if he did ask Nolan what he meant, his older cousin would think he was a perv.
Nolan wanted to find out more about his cousin but didn’t want to turn the younger boy off with sex talk. It wasn’t like he was in Mayfield talking to even younger boys like Skip and Gage. Then he thought about the twins, who were only eleven and really into sex. For that matter, Aiden was eleven the first time they fucked—and the second—and the third—and the fourth—and Nolan quit counting as his cock filled his jeans; it was time to break the ice.
Before Nolan could open his mouth, Shelby became the icebreaker. “When you said you were growing everywhere, did you mean, you know, even your…you know…you, like sex organs?”
“Yeah, like them,” Nolan said, his heart thumping. He couldn’t remember when he had been this nervous talking sex with another boy, and they hadn’t really talked about sex yet.
“Me, too. And I get boners a lot now, too.”
“It’s called puberty,” Nolan responded as if he was a font of new knowledge.
“That’s what my dad says. I bet since you’re thirteen you get them a lot, too.”
“I got one, now,” Nolan confessed.
“Whoa, I just got one, too. Can I see yours?”
Nolan glanced at the bedroom door. “Are we safe here?”
“My parents never bother me without knocking or something. Lars and me jerk off in my room all the time.”
So much for my innocent little cousin, Nolan thought. “How long have you been doing that?”
“Since just before school started, not long after I saw you last. His brother Adam showed us what to do. Adam’s fifteen and he’s got a really big cock and shoots cum and everything. Lars can’t shoot yet, but I get a little bit. Ever since Adam showed us what to do, Lars and me jerk off with each other as much as we can and I do it to myself almost every day.”
Damn, my little cousin became a horny dude in a hurry. “I do, too. So, yeah, let’s check out our boners.” Nolan started to open his pants when the call to lunch was made by Cindy.
“I swear my mother knows when I’m all horny to do something,” Shelby moaned.
“Mine’s the same way.” Nolan closed his pants and the cousins headed to lunch. After eating a lunch of mac and cheese, the boys returned to Shelby’s room.
They sat next to each other on the bed, wordlessly understanding what was going to happen next. Nolan got things started by once again opening his pants. His erection had gone down during lunch, mostly because of listening to a lot of adult talk that didn’t interest him. What had interested him was the way Melinda was looking at him, however. Even though he wasn’t interested in girls, Nolan was flattered by the attention.
“My boner went away, but it’s coming back quick.” Nolan told his cousin as he pulled his Dockers down to his ankles. His growing member made itself apparent through the cloth of his boxers.
“Whoa, you’ve got Santa boxers on,” Shelby grinned. “Cool.” Nolan’s boxers had a repeating picture of Santa driving his reindeer pulling a sleigh.
“My basketball teammates liked them. Clark said that he bet the girls would go crazy when they saw them.” He didn’t mention his teammate, Roland, who sneered at his wearing “gay” underwear.
Shelby pulled down his jeans, revealing a pair of green briefs with red trim. Nolan could see a distinct bulge in the crotch. “This is as close to Christmas as I get.”  
“You look sexy in them.”
“I do? Really? You think I look sexy?” Shelby asked with genuine surprise.
“I do.” Before his cousin could respond Nolan asked who was going to pull his underpants off first.
“Me!” Shelby exclaimed in a loud whisper as pulled his briefs down to his knees, revealing his hairless three-and-three-quarter inch boner.
Not to be outdone, Nolan pulled his boxers down to his ankles. “Holy crap. Yours is big, not as big as Adam’s, but big. You’ve got as much hair as Adam and he’s fifteen.” Once again, Nolan was surprised at how sweet-talking Shelby’s language had become more colorful in the almost six months since he’d seen him last.
“You said you get a little bit of cum?” Nolan asked Shelby.
“Just like a drop or two, not even close to what Adam gets. How much do you get?”
“I get from three to six pretty good squirts depending on how horny I am and how long since I did it last. Can I see what Adam taught you?”
Shelby shoved his briefs all the way to his ankles and then kicked his pants and briefs off. He then got up and pulled two pair of sweats out of a drawer, tossing one pair to Nolan. “I got those for Christmas and they’re kinda big on me. Mom says I’m sprouting so fast that I’ll grow into them pretty quick. They should fit you, and if they do just keep them ready in case we get called for something. Nobody’s gonna come into the room, but we might be called to come out.
“My lame brain sister came in once without me saying it was okay. She knocked once and before I could tell her not to come in she did and saw Lars and me naked and jerking off and dang she can scream.”
“Did your mom hear her?”
“Mom and dad weren’t home, which is why we got all the way naked. Anyway, she turned around and left us alone and we still got to cum.”
“I guess she didn’t tell on you.”
“She might be a lame brain, but she’s not stupid since she knows I know she’s had her boyfriend in the house and in her bedroom. We can have
friends over when our parents are gone but only girls for her and boys for me and we have to tell mom who’s coming. Plus, guess who her boyfriend is?”
“Lars’ brother?”
Shelby’s grin said it all. “We ended up making a total solid pinkie promise that our bedrooms are off limits unless we set things up in advance.”
Since neither he nor Aiden had any siblings, Nolan was often befuddled by family dynamics. He got the impression that Shelby and Melinda got along okay, though.
Shelby took off his shirt and socks and was totally naked. “Are you going to join me?”
Nolan wasn’t about to let his almost twelve-year-old cousin outdo him for being daring and he was quickly naked as well. The cousins enjoyed the view of each other’s body. They were both rock hard and slowly stroking themselves. Since Shelby had taken the lead so far, Nolan decided it was time for him to up the stakes.
But once again, Shelby was ahead of him. “Is it okay if I touch your cock?” he asked as if anticipating the direction Nolan planned on taking their session.
“Go right ahead.”
Shelby wrapped his hand around Nolan’s cock and rubbed the head with his thumb. Nolan groaned slightly from the pleasurable feelings. “I guess you and Lars must jerk each other off,” Nolan surmised. 
“Most of the time now. Adam said jerking another guy was gay, but we finally didn’t care and tried it and decided it felt so good it couldn’t be the wrong thing to do. But Adam changed his mind right around Thanksgiving when he caught me and Lars naked on the couch doing each other.”
“Naked?” Shelby shook his head. “Dang, Shelby, you sure get caught a lot. You got me wondering if I should get dressed.”
“Don’t worry it’s all cool. Anyway, Adam said guys jerking each other off isn’t gay if they’re not in high school yet since they were experimenting and also because most girls were wusses in middle school when it came to stuff like that. And then, after me and Lars jerked off Adam together, he couldn’t say anything to us anyway.”
“How did that happen?”
“I’ll tell you later. Right now, I’m mega horny so let’s get each other off.”
Shelby’s cock was a little less than two inches smaller than Nolan’s and was a little smaller than Aiden’s. It felt nice in Nolan’s hand. It felt even nicer having his cock in Shelby’s hand. As the boys seriously jerked each other’s cocks Nolan wondered if Shelby and Lars had tried oral sex. If not, then before the weekend was over, he planned on showing his cousin something new.
It was obvious that Shelby had learned a lot about masturbation in the four months he had been messing around—he knew how to vary his pace and  pressure and how to fondle Nolan’s scrotum to add to the pleasure. Nolan wondered if Shelby learned all of this experimenting with Lars, or if there was more going on between him and Adam than he was willing to admit. He had already let slip that he had masturbated with Adam one other time, so could there have been more?
“Oh, damn, Shelby, you know how to make a dude feel good. Shit, I’m getting close.”
“You’re better than Lars and just as good as Adam, and yeah, I’m close, too,” Shelby rasped.
Nolan picked up his pace and Shelby followed suit. “Shit, yeah, oh, here it comes, Shelby…mmmmph…” Nolan blasted a shot of cum that hit his neck and four more followed it, with the last one dripping into his pubic hair.
“I’m cumming,” Shelby yelped as he squirted three clear drops onto his belly. “Wow, that’s the most I’ve ever shot,” Shelby croaked in wonder. “You did a really good job. Plus, you shot a ton of cum over yourself.”
“You need a cum rag,” Nolan giggled.
“Got one. But for us we’ll use one of my towels.” Shelby got up and pulled one out of a drawer, wiping himself off as he returned to the bed. “This should take care of yours, too.”
It was then he saw Nolan scooping up one of his wads of cum and licking it off his finger. “I can’t believe you did that,” Shelby said.
“Want to try a scoop?”
Shelby had lost some of his sexual edge and decided to pass. He watched as Nolan cleaned himself with the towel. “I never thought we’d be jerking off together this weekend,” Shelby said after Nolan finished.
“I got the impression you were ready.”
“I was, but I didn’t think you’d do it. I never saw your dick once the last time you stayed here.”
“Well, yours was in hiding too. Besides, I didn’t think you were interested in doing this kind of shit then.”
“I wasn’t, I just wanted to see your dick,” Shelby giggled.
“There’s other stuff I can show you,” Nolan told his cousin.
“We’d better go out and play games or talk to the ‘rents or watch TV or something.”
“I didn’t mean now. I am spending two nights here, so we’ve got plenty of time for me to show you stuff.”
The boys dressed and went downstairs to the main story of the house where they were stopped by Melinda. “I bet I know what you two were doing in the bedroom,” she said lustily.
“So?” Shelby responded, obviously irked with his sister.
“So, since I know you got naked with him, I want to get naked with him too.”
“That means you get naked for both of us.”
“I know that, doofus. But you’re my brother, and yeah, I know he’s, like, my cousin, but he is soooo fine I want to see him naked and it’s only fair he sees me naked, too.”
“You’re really weird sometimes.”
“I’m not the boy having sex with other boys. Anyway, you and Nolan don’t have to worry about me telling anybody, I was just saying what I’d like.”
“Nolan and me will talk about it, okay? Come on, Nolan, let’s go see what our moms are cooking for dinner.”
That night Nolan taught Shelby the secrets of oral sex. The original plan was for Nolan to sleep on the living room couch. Shelby pointed out that he and Lars slept together without any problems, and he had no problem with Nolan sleeping with him—if Nolan wanted to, that is. Melinda rolled her eyes as she listened to her little brother spin his yarn; she knew Shelby and Nolan were boys, which meant they wanted to do more in that bed than sleep. The result was Nolan undressing for bed with his cousin.
It was Shelby who brought up the topic of blow jobs, even though Nolan had been thinking about mentioning it. Shelby’s question was straight and forthright. “Do you know what a blow job is?”
“Most teenagers know,” Nolan replied. “It means sucking cock.”
“Have you ever done it?”
“I’ve been sucked and I’ve sucked. Why, do you want to see what it’s like?”
“Me and Lars talked about it but are kind of afraid to try. Adam says that’s what gays do.”
“Adam said that about jerking each other off, but he did it with you.”
“Only because me and Lars are in middle school, so it wasn’t gay.”
“Do you really believe that?” Nolan asked skeptically.
“No. I think he’s like me and Lars and likes to mess around. So, yeah, I want to see what it’s like.”
“Then I’ll show you.”
“Damn, I’m so lucky to have a big cousin like you.”
Before Shelby knew what was happening, Nolan had his lips around his cocklet and was licking and sucking with a bit of jerking off and stroking and licking balls. He rubbed his cousin’s ass and worked the eleven-year-old into an orgasmic frenzy.
After Shelby shot a couple of clear drops into Nolan’s mouth, he lay back on the bed with a sigh that was almost a purr. “That was the best feeling ever. I can’t believe you let me shoot it in your mouth. Do you want me to do you, now?”
“Only if you want to.”
“Are you going to shoot your cum in my mouth?”
“Only if you want me to.”
“Well it must not be poison since you swallowed mine. And this time I get to do more than just lick.”
“You mean you’ve done this before?” Nolan asked.
“Not like you did, but I licked Adam’s boner the last time him and Lars and me got naked and jerked each other off. He told me that licking his dick was the same as jerking him off as long as I didn’t put it in my mouth, so it wasn’t gay.”
Nolan thought Adam sounded totally weird and wondered what Adam and Lars did together when Shelby wasn’t around. “How many times did you lick it?”
“Just twice from his balls up to the, you know, the top part.”
“That’s the head, or the glans.”
“Whatever, the second time he shot his cum all over the place, even on my chest. Then he said he was done and took his clothes and went to his bedroom and me and Lars jerked each other off after he left.”
“You mean you didn’t suck him or lick him?”
“No, but we talked about maybe doing it next time. And now, after I do it to you, I can do Lars and maybe even Adam next time.”
Shelby then went directly for Nolan’s cock and put his lips around it, like Nolan had done to him. He remembered Nolan’s directive to watch out for his teeth and got as much in his mouth as he could. With Nolan’s help, he soon had a good rhythm going and brought Nolan close to orgasm in a hurry. The idea of receiving his cousin’s first blow job after giving him one was a total turn-on for Nolan.
“I’m about to shoot my wad,” Nolan moaned.
Shelby kept going, determined to be like his big cousin and swallow everything. He was confident if he did that he would be ready to do anything with Lars and especially with Adam. Nolan blew his load with a groan and an ohhhhh fuck, shooting more than Shelby was prepared for. Shelby swallowed half of it and the rest dribbled out of his mouth in what Nolan thought was a sexy drool.
After cleaning up and snuggling together in Shelby’s bed, Nolan gave his cousin a kiss on his cheek. “I can’t believe I’ve had real sex,” Shelby said.
“And you did really good.”
“Really? Even if I didn’t swallow?”
“The first time you do it that can happen because you don’t know what it’s like.”
“That means I’ll be ready for Adam, right?”
“Only if he lets you do it.”
“I think he will, because when he sees me sucking Lars, he’ll want me to do it to him, too.”
<Aiden and Cousins>
Aiden woke up ahead of Drake. He was happy he and his bruizin had reached an understanding. He realized he now liked Drake more than ever. He rose from the bed and headed for the bathroom where he became the first of the six boys to shower that morning.
The day was a busy one for the six Miller boys. For Aiden, it was also an emotional one when Keegan and Phil took him, along with Drake, Logan, and Chase, to his mother’s grave. Aiden carefully placed flowers in a conical vase provided by the cemetery and planted the point of the vase into the ground, dripping tears as he did so. He hadn’t thought about his mom in a while and was sad and happy—sad because his mother had died when he was little and happy that Keegan had brought him here to remind him that for all her faults his mother had loved him. Being at the grave reminded him of his trip to Bobby’s grave with Eric and Noah and of the love Noah had for Bobby.
“Thanks for being my mom,” Aiden heard himself say as he knelt in front of the grave. “Thanks to you I learned to love to read and have read tons of books. I love you, mom.” Aiden made a promise to himself that he would include his mother in his gratitude prayers and that every time he started a new book he would say, “Thanks, mom, I love you.”
That night Aiden slept with Logan. “That was sad, you crying at your mom’s grave,” Logan said as he and Aiden undressed for bed.
“Yeah, I cried, but it’s because she’s my mom and I love her. I’m glad my father took me there because he loves me too. I have a new family that I love tons, but sometimes it’s nice to have a mom. Gordy’s mom acts a lot like a mom for me and gives me special hugs. Nolan’s mom tries, but I’m not always sure how much she means it. But a mom is a mom.”
“I guess I never thought about that. I mean my mom is just always there for me, even when she yells at me.”
The tween cousins talked a bit longer until they were quiet and staring at each other. They instinctively knew it was time go beyond talk.
“Who’s going to be the bottom?” Aiden finally asked. Since they both loved to bottom that was a deep question.
“I’ll bottom. I love having things up my butt.”
Aiden was nine when he first met his cousin, who was seven. He remembered Logan being so shy he hid behind his mother. Now, just a couple of years later, here they were naked in bed with his cousin begging to be fucked. Aiden was happy to make him happy.
Aiden shot into Logan’s ass about fifteen seconds before the eleven-year-old enjoyed a dry cum. The tween cousins snuggled after cumming and enjoyed a comfortable sleep together.
<Nolan and Cousins>
Nolan had a restless sleep, mainly because Shelby was a restless sleeper and kicked Nolan awake more than once. Nolan thought that his cousin needed to get sleeping lessons from Aiden.
After Nolan and Shelby got out of bed they showered together. “I can’t wait to show Lars how much fun showering together is,” Shelby gushed. “I loved it when you washed my butt. I didn’t know having somebody rub your butt and soap it could feel so good.”
“You got a good education this weekend, cuz,” Nolan chuckled.
“I know, and I want to learn more tonight.”
The families ate breakfast out, taking up a large table at the nearby IHOP. The four adults sat at one end, with the two families facing each other. The three children sat in a row on the other end. Shelby sat to the left of his dad, Nolan sat left of Shelby, and Melinda sat to Nolan’s left. That was the spot she wanted so she could whisper things to Nolan without the parents hearing.
“I’m not a virgin, you know,” Melinda said after the group had placed their orders.
What brought that on? Nolan wondered. “That’s nice,” he said, not knowing what else to say.
“So, if you want to, like, mess around with me too, it’s okay. I know what I’m doing plus mom has me on the pill.”
“Cool.” Nolan was wishing hard for breakfast to come instantly.
“You said we’d all get naked today.”
“I never said that.”
“Yes, you did.”
“Whatever.” Nolan decided it was time to talk to Shelby about basketball. He turned the other way and quickly got Shelby involved in the topic. Shelby was the point guard on a recreation team, loved the sport, and was eager to talk about it. Nolan could hear the sighs coming from his left and didn’t care because Shelby was right; Melinda was a pain in the butt.
The rest of the day after breakfast was spent watching a football bowl game, having burgers for lunch, and going out to a movie. Dinner was barbecue ribs and mashed potatoes.
After dinner, everyone but Melinda had fun playing family games. Melinda spent the afternoon in an obvious snit and hoped that Nolan understood that her displeasure was aimed at him. After game time, Nolan and Shelby disappeared into Shelby’s room and quickly undressed.
“Do you always have a boner when you’re naked?” Shelby asked his cousin.
“Only if I’m horny or if I have morning wood or I’m with a sexy boy, although sometimes one just sneaks up on me because there’s a breeze or something,” Nolan answered. “Do you ever get them in school?”
“Yeah, a couple of times. Adam says he’s jerked off in class before, but no way I’d do that.”
“What about Lars, has he done that?”
“He said he hasn’t done it…YET,” Shelby giggled. “Have you done it in school?”
“I’m like, Lars—I haven’t done it, YET!.”
That set both boys to giggling and wrestling, which found them rubbing their cocks together. Shelby said that rubbing cocks felt really good and wondered if it made guys have orgasms when they did it.
“For sure it does. But that’s for the first lesson when I see you next—humping and kissing. Today’s lesson is about the sixty-nine.”
“Kissing? Like two boys kissing?”
“Okay, just wondering. I gotta think about that. But, anyway, I bet sixty-nine is something fun.”
Five minutes later they were lying head-to-toe on Shelby’s bed, sucking on each other’s cocks with abandon. Shelby was better prepared for Nolan’s load this time and managed to gulp it down when his cousin filled his mouth with his warm cum. Shelby still wasn’t sure whether he liked the taste but those doubts weren’t enough to keep him from fucking Nolan’s mouth and having his own orgasm a minute later.
“That was, like, the awesomest thing ever,” Shelby cooed. “I hope you can come here for my birthday. My next lesson can be your birthday present to me.”
“I’ve got the date in my phone. I’ll do whatever I can to come.”
“And the next lesson will be kissing and rubbing our dicks, right?”
“Right. And rubbing like that is called humping. Or we can just have a review with a test.”
“Or, if you can stay two nights, we can do both.”
“You’re a big-time horn dog. That much I do know.”
This time they didn’t snuggle before falling asleep. Nolan wanted to see if he could sleep through the night without getting kicked by his cousin.
The Millers enjoyed a Sunday pancake breakfast cooked up by Susan with Curt’s help. While Keegan and Natalie did not spend the night, Drake did. He enjoyed a wild night with Eddie. Drake learned that Eddie was a very aggressive top and loved getting hammered by the twelve-year-old. Drake thought that if Eddie was a couple of years older he would make a great boyfriend.
Curt had slept with Chase. The two enjoyed a night of kissing, hugging, along with some serious talk as Curt asked his soon-to-be big brother for advice and help. They finished with Curt masturbating Chase and rubbing his own cock on Chase’s cum covered belly, using the slimy emission as lube for his own orgasm.
Aiden and Logan wished they could have a morning fuck after they woke up, but there wasn’t the time or opportunity for it.
Later, as Aiden rode the mid-day Cascades to Centralia with his dads, he wondered if Nolan had as much sex fun with his eleven-year-old cousin Shelby as he had enjoyed with Logan. He and Nolan had agreed that Logan was probably the more experienced of the two eleven-year-olds and Aiden suspected he enjoyed a much sexier time with Logan than Nolan did with Shelby.
Nolan slept all the way through the night even though Shelby was draped over him when he awoke. Maybe Shelby’s restless night was just a bad night, he thought. One thing that made him happy was Melinda not coming to Shelby’s bedroom the night before so they could all get naked together. He had no doubt that his fourteen-year-old girl cousin was a total pain.
On the ride home, Nolan played pocket pool with his left hand, which was out of his mother’s vision. As he played with his hard cock, he wondered if Aiden had enjoyed as much fun with Logan as he had with Shelby. Yes, Logan was much more experienced. Nolan was willing to bet the two cousins fucked. But there was something exciting about teaching somebody new to sex about the fun of messing around. There was no doubt Logan was more experienced than Shelby and yet Nolan suspected he had a much sexier time with Shelby than Aiden did with Logan.
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