The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 1-Past, Present, and Future



 Every year as spring approached the favorite phrase among the middle school teachers was that “the sap is starting to flow.” That was especially apparent with the sixth and seventh graders since the sap seemed to flow all day, every day with the eighth graders.
In the sixth grade the girls were the ones on the prowl for boys, who were often still shy and immature, but ready to bust loose. In seventh grade everybody was ready for something, even if they weren’t always sure what it was. The eighth graders had been doing whatever it was since the end of seventh grade.
Kalie and Gordy had been seen as an item by their classmates since early in the school year. Kalie’s best friend, Brittany had her sights set on Aiden, even though Kalie had told her more than once that Aiden had a boyfriend.
“No way Aiden is gay,” Brittany had said. “Everybody says boys like to go out with boys until a girl gets them, and I think I’m the right girl to get him.” Just to be on the safe side, however, Brittany went after Miles, who seemed interested.
Miles wasn’t sure what to make of Brittany’s advances. He had heard she was after Aiden. He knew Aiden wasn’t available because he was going out with Nolan. They were spending time together every chance they got. While Miles wasn’t sure how interested he was in going out with a girl, he noted that even though Gordy was going out with Kalie he was still good old Gordy. Some of the boys he knew started to get full of themselves once they got a girlfriend.
This was the scenario when Kalie started inviting friends to her twelfth birthday party on Saturday. Friday was her actual birthday, and she was pleased when Aiden wished her Happy Birthday when he sat next to her on the bus.
Kalie thanked him and then asked, “Is Nolan coming with you tomorrow?”
“Yeah, since he’s spending the weekend with me.”
“Are you staying after the party?” Kalie was planning to have a private party after the regular party with her closest friends.
“Yeah, but it took a lot of work. Pop thinks there’s going to be a lot of making out going on and reminded me all about the birds and bees shit. I mean, it’s not like I can get a girl preggers yet,” he giggled.
Kalie reached for Aiden’s crotch and squeezed his flaccid cock through his jeans. While she only fondled Aiden every few days, it happened enough that he was no longer surprised by it.
“Well, you can’t do anything when you’re like this.” She unzipped Aiden and worked two fingers through the opening in his jeans and underpants. Feeling her fingers playing with him made his already hardening cock turn into an instant erection.
“We’re gonna get in trouble for this someday,” Aiden muttered as he always did when Kalie got aggressive.
“How? I never do it when somebody is sitting behind us.” She nodded her head in the direction of the teens across the aisle. “And those two sure ain’t gonna tell.” She was referring to the ninth-grade boy and girl who were getting in some feels of their own.  Kalie used her other hand to open the button on his jeans so she could get more of Aiden’s boy tool.
“One of these days you’re gonna make me cum.” It was a statement of fact, not a complaint.
“Brittany really wants to go out with you bad,” Kalie said as played with Aiden’s cock.
“I’m going out with Nolan.” Aiden noticed that the ninth-grade boy’s left hand was between the legs of the girl. “Plus, she’s trying to get Miles to go out with her.”
“She still likes you, so don’t be surprised if she tries to make out with you or something at my party tomorrow. She’s spending the night, and everybody knows that the girls staying in the main house are going to the back house, so be ready for her.”
“I’ll have Nolan to protect me,” Aiden said half-seriously.
As the bus stopped at the high school, Aiden used his jacket to cover his open pants. The ninth-grade boy grinned at Aiden and Kalie as he stood up. He pointed to the obvious bulge in his jeans, and then walked to the front of the bus, the girl following behind him. As soon as the high school students were off the bus, Mrs. Emerson started the short hop to the middle school.
“I can’t believe Gordy doesn’t mind that you do this to me,” Aiden said as Kalie replaced her hand in Aiden’s underpants. Aiden told Gordy every time Kalie came on to him like this on the bus.
“He says I’m just being friendly,” Kalie told him.
Aiden wasn’t so sure about that. He sometimes thought that Gordy should be more assertive with Kalie. It wasn’t that Kalie was like Autumn, but she struck him as being really sexually aggressive for a girl, not that he knew any better. One time he asked Marty why Gordy didn’t just say, “I wish you’d keep your hands out of Aiden’s pants on the bus.”
“He doesn’t do it because he’s pussy whipped.” If pussy whipped meant what Aiden thought it meant, it explained everything. As far as Kalie sticking her hands in his pants, while it made him hard and made him feel good, it had yet to trigger an orgasm. While Kalie was molesting him, his thoughts were usually on Nolan being the one sitting next to him and trying to get him off. As far as Aiden was concerned, Nolan wouldn’t have to try very hard to succeed.


Even though it was a rainy Saturday, Kalie and her mother had come up with a lot of activities and games to keep everyone busy. And of course, there was plenty of food, starting with the big pot of spaghetti Kalie’s mother had cooked up. By the time the cake and ice cream had been consumed, every one of the kids at the party was stuffed.
Aiden was sitting on a folding metal chair on the north side of the living room of the backhouse eating cake and ice cream. Nolan was sitting in a chair next to him doing the same. They were sitting so close that their knees touched, which no one failed to notice. The room was crowded and noisy, as rooms full of partying tweens tended to be.
Autumn walked over and looked the two boys over. “I want to watch you two make out,” she said in the pushy style she had mastered.
“We will be doing it in the big bedroom in fifteen minutes. We’re selling tickets. Ten bucks apiece,” Aiden told her. Nolan almost spit his mouthful of ice cream out. Aiden had told him what Autumn was like. Nolan had already been informed that Brittany had the hots for his boyfriend.
“I was gonna go make out with Leah in the small bedroom then, and our tickets are only five dollars, so I bet we get more peeps watching us than watching you.”
“I saw Brittany and Miles go in there,” Aiden said, “so you’re going to have to kick them out first.”
“Brittany won’t mind. She says Miles isn’t that sexy. Brittany wants to make out with you instead.”
“Autumn, since I don’t go to your school and I’m not friends with you I can tell you what I want,” Nolan said ominously. “Don’t you ever diss my friends, and Miles is a friend. You’ve got no business saying what you just said.”
“Well, Brittany is the one who said it, not me,” Autumn whined. “I mean she really wants to go out with Aiden.”
“Well, in case you and Brittany haven’t heard, me and Aiden are boyfriends.”
“Whatever. You’re probably gay, but I know Aiden isn’t. He’s been naked in my bedroom with me.”
“Yeah, because you talked me into doing it and I was too dumb to say no,” Aiden muttered. He turned to Nolan. “Are we gay?” Nolan nodded. “Are we boyfriends?” Nolan grinned and nodded again. “Should we show Autumn that she’s full of shit?”
Nolan’s answer was more than a grin as he planted his lips on Aiden’s and gave him as good a kiss as he could considering each of them had to move a plate of cake and ice cream that had been perched on his lap. It was the first public kiss, other than in front of their close friends, that the two shared. While they did it to show up Autumn, it felt so good they had a hard time breaking off the kiss.
“Dang, Aiden, I can’t believe you did that,” Gordy said as Aiden and Nolan returned to their seating position.
“It’s all Autumn’s fault,” Aiden told him. “And now she owes us ten bucks.”
“That was for watching in the bedroom,” Autumn protested.
“Oh, that just went up to twenty.”
“Well, I’m going to make out with Leah.” Leah was a seventh-grade girl and a friend of Autumn and Kalie. Autumn had sex with both girls more than once, sometimes with all three of them together. Instead of making out with Leah, whom Autumn couldn’t find, she was seen going into the small bedroom with Yonder Sanchez. Miles came out after they went in, a look of relief on his face. It was noted that Brittany had not come out.
At the same time, Ian, Gretchen, Leah, Trent, and Mason came out of the big bedroom with their clothes disheveled and goofy smiles on their faces. Aiden could hardly wait to find out from Mason what had gone on between them.
When the party ended around six o’clock, everyone agreed it had been a lot of fun. Even though the sap had started running and there had been a lot of talk about sex, outside of public kisses there had been real sexual contact only three times. Everyone thought there would have been more except for the presence of Kalie’s parents next door.
Mason and Ian had taken their pants off, pulled their underpants down, and had gone into a serious sixty-nine session on the king bed. Gretchen and Leah took everything off and engaged in the same activity with each other next to the two boys.  Miles and Brittany kept everything on and kissed a little, but other than some stirring in his pants, Miles didn’t get turned on. Trent didn’t participate but did pull his hard cock out of his pants and jerk off.
Yonder and Autumn took everything off except for their shirts and fucked on the full-size bed. It wasn’t the first time Yonder had taken Autumn. Brittany pulled down her panties and jeans and masturbated as she watched the twelve-year-old Yonder and eleven-year-old Autumn do the big nasty.
By six o’clock, everybody but Kalie’s close cadre of friends had left. Miles, Brittany, Leah, Ian, Gretchen, Miles, Mason, Gordy, Trent, Aiden, and Nolan stayed behind. Nolan wasn’t a close friend of Kalie, but if Aiden was going to stay, Nolan was part of the package.
“Nobody is going to bug us now,” Kalie told them. The ever-present threat of Kalie’s parents kept the party reasonably calm, even though small, horny groups were willing to take their chances. “My parents are cool with all you guys.”
“So, this is just going to be a big make-out party?”  Trent asked.
“No, I was just saying.”
Mason got right down to business. “Let’s all strip!” He unbuttoned his shirt, gyrating to the music coming out of the speaker hooked up to Kalie’s I-Pod. Everyone hooted as he kept dancing and pulled off his dockers. He was now clad in just his white briefs and gray socks. “Isn’t anybody going to join me?”
Gretchen took the challenge and stripped down to her blue panties. At that point, she and Mason exchanged kisses and then removed their underwear. Nobody was surprised to see Mason’s three inches standing at attention.
“You rock, Mason,” Trent grinned. He and Ian then started a striptease of their own. Nobody noticed Gordy and Kalie disappear into the big bedroom. Everyone was focused on the striptease happening in front of them.
Kalie and Gordy flopped on the bed and started kissing passionately. Kalie felt up Gordy’s hardening penis while he felt her budding breasts. “I wanted to do this during the whole party,” Kalie said between breaths as they broke their kiss.
“Me, too, but it wasn’t private. Even this isn’t private,” Gordy said.
“Nobody is going to bother us. I mean Yonder fucked Autumn in the other bedroom during the party and nobody said anything. I think they went too far, though.”
“Yeah, well, Autumn likes to fuck. She’ll do it with just about anybody.”
“She likes doing it with girls, too, including me.”
Gordy started opening Kalie’s pants. “How come you think her and Yonder went too far? I thought you were okay with, you know, intercourse.”
“I am. I mean, making out during the party is okay, even if hardly anybody did it. But I didn’t think it was right to go all the way.”
Gordy pulled Kalie’s pants down and opened her blouse. They could hear the hoots and hollers of the strip show going on in the living room.
“Take your pants off,” Kalie whispered. Gordy obeyed and also pulled off his boxers. He was rock hard. “You’re bigger than Aiden.” She told Gordy that every time she saw his erection. She started playing with Gordy’s almost four inches of steel boyhood. “My mom says now that I’m twelve she’s going to start me on the pill. I’ve already talked to the doctor a couple of times and tomorrow we start.”
Gordy pulled Kalie’s pants and girlie boxers down and off. The two preteens were close to naked. “I have to wait a couple of months then you can do me.”
“Is that what your mom said?” Gordy asked with surprise. “She said I can take your cherry?”
“No, the doctor said I need to wait before my first time. He told me how long I have to wait and how long I should wait. I think him and mom agree that I should wait until I’m like ninety years old or something.”
“I’m not in a hurry,” Gordy said. “We can wait. I mean, we’re just in sixth grade. I think we should make out a lot but wait until we’re older before we do it.  I want to at least be twelve like you.” Gordy was sensitive about the fact that Kalie was almost six months older than him.
“You don’t turn twelve until August, right?” Gordy nodded. “I don’t want to wait that long.”
Gordy ended the conversation by kissing Kalie and rubbing her pussy with his hand. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Hey, cuz, come on out and join your party,” Ian said.
“Well, whenever we do it, we need total privacy,” Kalie conceded. They sat up, took off their shirts, and went to the living room wearing only their socks.
“Whoa, look at what Kalie did to Gordy,” Ian chortled. “Nice piece of meat, dude.”
Everyone was naked, their clothes strewn around the room. Trent and Gretchen were making out on the couch, with Trent’s hands wandering all over her chest. Nolan was sitting next to Aiden on an overstuffed chair. They were sharing spit and stroking each other’s erections. Mason was sucking Miles. Brittany and Leah had gone into the small bedroom to make out.
“I can’t believe everybody got naked,” Kalie said. “It’s like an extra birthday present.”
Ian knocked on the door to the small bedroom. “Hey girls, come out and join us,” he called out.
“What about Kalie?” Leah asked.
“She and Gordy are out here with us.” The door opened quickly, and the two naked girls came out.
“I just hope Kalie’s parents don’t decide to check on us,” Brittany said.
“They’ll call first, then we just have to get dressed fast,” Kalie assured her.
“Is this an orgy?” Mason asked.
“Nobody’s having sex,” Aiden pointed out. “So, I guess that makes it a naturist gathering.”
“Look at how many of us have pubic hair now,” Kalie said. “Ian, but he’s had it forever, and Trent, and Leah, and Nolan’s got a little and Gordy’s got a few hairs.” She looked around at the rest of the group. “How many boys can make spermy things now?”
Gordy, Trent, Ian, and Nolan raised their hands. “So can Miles,” Mason said, looking over at his friend.
“Miles, why didn’t you tell us?” Aiden asked.
“It’s not like I shoot it out…just a couple of drops kind of oozed out a couple times. It just happened the first time a couple of days ago when Mason was sucking me. He said he tasted it but I thought it was probably something else.”
“I said I know the difference between tasting cum and that other stuff,” Mason said.
“You mean you’ve tasted pi…tasted the other stuff?” Gordy asked.
Mason’s red face answered that question. “Only on accident,” he protested.
“Whatever you say, Mason,” Trent said.
“I won’t tell you, like some people tell stuff.” Mason glared at Miles, who knew who one of the pissers was, but decided not to tell, even though he could give things away at times. He also knew that when it came to telling people’s secrets, Mason was an expert.
“Well, I got a little to come out again yesterday,” Miles said proudly.
“We want to see the boys make their sperms,” Leah said.
“Then this might be an orgy,” Mason pointed out.
“No, we’d all have to have sex for it to be an orgy. But, just in case, how many aren’t virgins anymore?” Much to Leah’s embarrassment, the only hand that went up was hers. Gordy and Mason looked over at Aiden and Nolan, but their arms didn’t budge. Mason wasn’t going to give that news to a couple of girls they hardly even knew. He had more integrity than people gave him credit for.
 Aiden figured out that Leah got herself into trouble by not asking a good question, something his Uncle Troy talked about more than once: ask good questions and make sure you know the answer before you ask it. She should have asked how many people were virgins, then she could have put her hand in the air and nobody would figure anything out.
After some more talk it was decided not to carry things past being naked. Ian agreed, although he wanted to impress the girls with his manhood. “Maybe this summer we can have a circle jerk for the girls,” he suggested. While nobody acted like it was a great suggestion, nobody objected either.
Another half hour went by and Kalie’s friends started searching for their clothes and got dressed. They agreed it was a great party and wished they could have all spent the night.
“Then, we would have had an orgy for sure,” Mason grinned. Nobody argued with that, which led Aiden to believe that everybody was a little nervous about what had just been going on, but very brave about what might happen sometime in the future.
That night Nolan fucked Aiden for the first time since the first night they’d done it. “This is way better than doing it to a girl,” Nolan said after his second time fertilizing Aiden’s ass that night.
“How do you know?” Aiden asked.
“I don’t know, but that’s just the way I think it is.”
Aiden gave Nolan a kiss. “Sounds good to me.”
This ends the first Episode.