Voyagers Book III



Duty Uniform:

TDuty Uniformshe normal everyday uniform is called a Duty Uniform. With the exception of the medical staff and crewmen, it is easier to tell the Departments more at a glance. The duty uniform tunic consists of two colors with a diagonal line going from the right shoulder to the left waist separating them. The bottom color is dark blue while the top color is the department color. The trousers are dark blue with department color on the cuff. The ship patch is on the left side of the chest, and a belt was added.

For Medical, the jacket is solid white and the trousers are dark blue with white on the cuff.

Crewmen have similar duty uniforms to the officers, but instead of dark blue, they wear red. Instead of a 'red shirt," they are "red pants."

Their rank is shown on their collar.

Acting Ensign
Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
Cadet Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain

Dress Uniform:

Dress UniformsThe Dress Uniform is used mainly for Diplomatic situations and various ceremonies. For all departments, the trousers are dark blue and the jacket is one color (except Crewmen), the Department Color. Like the Duty Uniform, the trousers have the department color on the cuff. The jacket's closure is a flap on the side instead of centered like the duty uniform. Again, the patch is on the chest, and a belt was added

The Crewmen have piping on their sleeve to signify their Departments. And the color on the cuff of their trousers is red.

Admiral Uniforms Uniforms

The Admiral Uniforms are very similar to the Command Uniforms. The Duty Uniform Jacket is, however, solid Amethyst. Then the Admiral's Jackets have a row or rows of "Gold Leaf" clusters on the sleeves. The number of rows is determined by rank, just like the stars.

Admiral Duty AND Dress Uniforms

Rank Collar Sleeve


One Star Commodore - 1Star One Row Commodore Sleeve

Rear Admiral

Two Stars Rear Admiral - 2 Stars Two Rows Rear Admiral Sleeve

Vice Admiral

Three Stars Vice Admiral - 3 Stars Three Rows Vice Admiral Sleeve


Four Stars Admiral - 4 Stars Two Rows of Gold Leaf clusters and Two Solid Stripes Admiral Sleeve

Fleet Admiral

Five Stars Fleet Admiral - 5 Stars Three Rows of Oak clusters and Two Solid Stripes Fleet Admiral Sleeve


Jacket Variation

Captain's JacketThe Captain has the option to wear a suede jacket instead of the tunic worn by everyone else. Notice, he wears a royal blue shirt under it, and the jacket has gold trim where it closes.

The Captain also has a right to issue these jackets to the Department Heads in their colors.

Department Colors:

Department UniformsAmethyst: Long thought the color of royalty, amethyst is the color chosen for the Command Staff

Sapphire: The largest department aboard ship, Operations Staff wear Sapphire.

White: Healers having the image of a doctor's white lab coat, the Medical Staff wear White.

Emerald: Emerald represents many things, included among those earth, life and knowledge, therefore Emerald was chosen to represent Science Staff.




End Notes:

This is currently incomplete and as the remaining Bios are written, they will be added.

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