My Foster Father

Those in my life


Introduced in Prologue

My Mom

Patricia Morris aka Mom

Patricia was my mom. She died in a house fire. Police thought it was an accident, but I have my suspicions.


Ralph Morris aka My Sperm Donor

Ralph was my father, or more correctly, my sperm donor. I don't know why he didn't want to be around me, but he didn't seem to mind my twin sisters. Ever since I started kindergarten, as soon as school let out for the summer, he was away on a "business trip," only to return AFTER school started up again. When I was 14, he divorced Mom, then reported her as an unfit mother, and I was taken away. Mom was killed in a house fire that night.

For the record,THAT image is not really Ralph, but it is as I see him.

Me, Zack

Zack Morris Alexander aka Me, not the dude on Saved by the Bell, I am cuter.

Date of Birth: 24 April 2002
Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Orientation: Gay

I was an only child until I was 11, then I had twin sisters. I felt neglected by my sperm donor, and I never understood why. When I was 14, Ralph (I really don't want to call him Dad) divorced Mom and I had to watch the three-year-old twins. I loved my sisters but resented not having any life because I had to watch them. I was taken away from Mom and went to live in a group home. Mom died that night in a house fire.

Samantha and Tabitha

Samantha and Tabitha aka the Twins

Date of Birth: 3 July 2013
Age: 5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Samantha – Green, Tabitha – Blue
Height: Unknown
Orientation: Unknown

I never gave their names until Chapter Four, but they were the cutest girls can be. I hadn't seen my sisters since Gramma and Grampa Jenkins took them to their home, and Gramma and Grampa never came to see me in the home. It's like once Mom died, so did I. They didn't even come to Mom's funeral.

Thanksgiving, Dad invited Gramma and Grampa along with the twins.


Gramma and Grampa Jenkins

These are Mom's parents. After the took custody of the twins, I never saw them again, that is, until Thanksgiving. Gramma explained why I never saw them, and now, they will be moving to El Paso, and close enough I can go visit.

 Jase Alexander

Jase Alexander aka Dad

Date of Birth: 1 November 1997
Age: 21
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"
Orientation: Gay

His name is Jase, not Jason, he even showed me his birth certificate to prove it. When he picked me up at the Group Home, I fell instantly in love. I wanted to date him or marry him, but he refused to do anything in that natural. He said that once I turned eighteen, if I still wanted to, he would consider it. I think that was his way of trying not to hurt me. To me, he is my real Dad. Though he is only 4½ years older than me, he has loved me and cared for me like a father should.

Introduced in Chapter One

David R Sloutz

David Randall Sloutz

Date of Birth: 7 March 1942
Age: 76 though I enjoy teasing him by saying he is 1976
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7"
Orientation: Unknown, but I suspect gay

David own the gym where Dad is a member. When I asked his age, he said '42, which is why I tease him, but he just chuckles and plays along. David was in the US Navy and served during the Vietnam War. I respect anyone who has been in the military. Mom taught me that they were sacrificing for my freedom.


Miss Hampton

Receptionist at the high School

Brandon James

Brandon James aka My Boyfriend

Date of Birth: 20 April 2002
Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Orientation: Gay

When I started at Coronado High School, Miss Hampton ask Brandon to show me to my classes. Fortunately, with the exception of Seventh Period, we had all the same classes. As soon as I saw Brandon, I fell hard. I still love my Dad, but I was in love with Brandon.


Mr. White

Mr. White is Brandon's and my Homeroom teacher.

Coach Leopold

Coach Leopold

Coach Leopold is our PE coach.


Ashton Williams

Ashton is one of the boys in our PE class.


Jessica (I don't know her last name)

Jessica is a friend of Brandon's. She seems friendly and nice, and I like her.


Brian James

Brian is Brandon's father.


Brandy James

Brandy is Brandon's mother.


Heath (Dad never gave his last name)

Heath was the first guy Dad had sex with.

Introduced in Chapter Two

Chris Massey

Chris Massey

Date of Birth: 25 December 1997
Age: 20
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Orientation: Gay

Chris is an LPN at the clinic. The doctor asked him into the room while he examined our prostrates, and Chris drew our blood.


Evelyn Chambers

Church lady collecting donates of any sort… money, clothes or whatever you can spare.


Ms. Suárez

Ms. Suárez is the Spanish I teacher


Mr. Ziegler

Mr. Ziegler is the Creative Writing Teacher

Eric Harper

Eric Harper

Date of Birth: unknown
Age: 16
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Orientation: Gay

Eric is a boy in my Creative Writing class. From what Mr. Z said, I guess when he writes, he likes to write really long stories.

Introduced in Brandicus

These are the characters in my story Brandicus. They are fictional, so there will be no images.

Brandicus/Brandon Jacobs

Brandicus was the teen Greek god of breathlessness. He was so beautiful that he took your breath away. He fell madly in love with Zackus.

Zackus/Zack Allen

Zackus was another teen Greek god, the god of awesomeness. He also loved Brandicus.


Zeus was the god of the sky, lightning and thunder in Ancient Greek religion and myth, and king of the gods on Mount Olympus. Zeus is the sixth child of Kronos and Rhea, king and queen of the Titans.

James Allen/Eros

James Allen was the adopted father of Zack. After Zack and Brandon kiss, you discover that he was really Eros, the Greek god of Love and the father of Zackus.

Introduced in Eric's Story Pirate Camp

These are the characters in Eric's story Pirate Camp. They are fictional, so there will be no images.

Braydon's Mom

Her name is never given, the story is written as if Braydon was telling it and all he ever called her was "Mom."


His name isn't given until near the end. He is a guy that Braydon's mom dates and doesn't seem to like Braydon.

Braydon Woods

He is the main character of the story. Throughout much of the chapter, it seems like nothing can go right for him.

Darryl Teach

He claims to be a descendant of Edward teach, aka Black Beard. He is also the group leader for the group Braydon was in.


Seth had the bed closest to Braydon's. He accidentally outs himself to Braydon, and Braydon lets him know that he is gay, too

Bethany Woods

Braydon's grandmother. She lives across the road from Seth.

David Bowman

David was the boy who wanted Braydon to "walk the plank."

Introduced in Chapter Three


Daniel Carmichael

Daniel is the Driver's Education Instructor. He looks kind of geeky if you ask me.



Date of Birth: unknown
Age: 16 or 17
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9"
Orientation: Gay

The real Seth is Eric's boyfriend.




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