Piano Forte

Chapter 32-Austin and Gary

Austin was upset when his alarm sounded at six-twenty. He was sure he had reset it for twenty minutes later so he could just get up and go to the rehearsal with Christian and Benjie. Oh well, he thought, if we weren’t meant to go back to sleep God wouldn’t have invented snooze alarms. He set his snooze alarm for fifteen minutes and rolled on his left side, draping his arm over William’s bare chest. Before he could wonder if William was awake, he fell back to sleep.
Fifteen minutes later there was no question that William was awake. “Damn, Austin, did you have to set the snooze? You couldn’t just get your ass out of bed?”
“You’ll get a full night’s sleep tonight,” Austin reminded him as he got out of bed.
“True, but you won’t be here to enjoy it with me.”
“You can share the whole story with me tomorrow,” Austin said over his shoulder as he headed out to the bathroom to take a pee and brush morning breath out of his mouth. He felt good about William’s comment; it was sweet that he could say something nice even though he was grumpy. He returned to the room and dressed, careful not to awaken William again and put him into an even grumpier mood making him end up with nothing nice to say.
Christian and Benny had arrived at the practice room ahead of Austin. They were both stripped down to their boxers.
“Did you bring your nudist sign?” Christian asked Austin as he entered the room.
“I always bring my sign,” Austin replied. “But do you really want to get naked this early in the morning? We haven’t even had breakfast.”
“Hey, you’re the one that turned us on to naked rehearsals,” Benny said. “Nobody said anything about what time we’re supposed to do it. Besides, it is way more comfortable and freeing to practice nude, just like you said.”
“Whatever you guys say.” Austin took his sign out of his bag and hung it outside. Christian and Benny stripped as he did so, and Austin undressed after he closed the door. “It’s kind of chilly in here.”
“We’ll warm it up real quick—like starting now,” Christian said. Their rehearsal commenced and went smoothly. Austin noted that either the chill had left the room, or their warmup took care of them both musically and physically.
As their hour ended, the trio felt good about their rehearsal. “I’m glad we had this rehearsal, even if it did mean getting up way too early,” Benny said. Austin and Christian agreed.
The boys dressed and Benny and Christian put their instruments in their cases. They left for breakfast together, feeling confident that they were prepared for the evening’s performance.
 After breakfast, Austin attended his Expanding Your Horizons workshop. Austin hadn’t had much time to practice his new instrument. He was not alone since a majority of the campers in the workshop put most of their effort into their primary instrument. William was one of only three campers in the workshop who had the confidence to play their new instrument in one of the nightly recitals. All of them would get their chance to show what they had learned in an in-class recital during the last two days of camp. Austin was happy that the camp workshops didn’t give out grades, and he was not alone in that regard.
Austin and William were scheduled to meet with Grandpa Gene at eleven in the media room. Jordan had been horny all morning just thinking of seeing Austin and William, especially Austin. He wished he had stayed in Austin’s room after fixing the electronic piano and let Ned suck him while he sucked off Austin. Fuck, I am so hard right now I can’t stand it, Jordan thought as Austin entered the room. Watching Austin strip down to his white briefs made his difficulty even worse; he finally opened his shorts and pulled his boner out to give it some room.
William arrived just as Austin sat at the piano and started warming up. “Hey, roomie, you look good in those duds.”
“I hear you have matching clothes.”
William quickly stripped down to a pair of red, white, and blue boxers. He stood next to the piano, placed his right hand on his hip, and struck a pose. “We’re close, my young friend, but my taste in clothes is much more sophisticated.”
“How come you didn’t wear those yesterday?” Austin asked.
“Um, well, because I set them in a different drawer so I knew where I would find them and forgot I had them until this morning.”
“Are all teenagers as disorganized as you and James? I know I am not going to do stupid stuff like that when I’m a teenager.”
William put his arm around Austin’s thin shoulder. “Easier said than done, roomie. And you’re less than a year away from teen hood, so we’ll see how that works out for you.”
That was all it took for Jordan to blow his wad. Fortunately, he had stopped masturbating long enough to pull his shorts and boxers below his knees before William’s little hug of Austin sent his cum shooting over his belly and then into his pubic hairs.
Austin and William had finished their warmup when Gene entered the room. Gene then worked the boys hard for half an hour when Cole Davis joined them. He listened to the duo go through the “Fandango” once and praised William for his work, giving examples of where he had shown improvement. It was obvious William had put a lot of work into his guitar technique.
“Austin sounded good, too,” Cole said, “but I will leave the specifics to Gene since he knows the piano way better than I do. But I’ll say this about the two of you—you’re going to kick ass Tuesday night.”
Gene turned toward the control booth where Jordan was tending the equipment. “Did you get the session recorded?” he asked.
“I have audio and video,” Jordan replied. “I don’t know how much use the video will be seeing as how they aren’t really dressed for viewing. I mean it’s good for you guys, but I doubt you can show it to very many other people.”
“We have the time do a run through to show Dr. Boardman and Ms Zimmer. What do you think, boys?”
“What if we did it tomorrow?” William asked.
“Well, I hate to state the obvious, but you boys have to dress to leave the room so why not do it early? We’ll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.”
“I’m good with doing it now,” Austin said. “Then we can do it totally naked tomorrow.”
“AUSTIN!” Gene said sternly.
“Well, it was a thought,” Austin giggled.
“My boyfriend, the pervert,” William said as he grabbed his pants off the table.
“I wonder who he learned it from?” Gene asked.
“Gramps, you know I’m as pure as the freshly driven snow, as you would put it.”
“I didn’t think of that phrase as being a description of my grandson, however.”
“Damn, what does a dude have to do to get appreciation around here?”
“How about by playing your ass off as soon as you’re finished dressing.”
Both Cole and Jordan were enjoying the byplay between the young teen and his grandfather.
“Is everything set?” Cole asked Jordan as the boys sat down ready to play.
“It’s a go!” Jordan answered.
The result was jaw dropping as Austin and William played through the work with only two minor errors. Their pacing and technique was flawless and the sound they produced was enchanting.
“Fantastic,” Gene smiled when they finished playing. “I’m glad we got this recorded. You boys were obviously ready for it.”
“I think Dr. B and Ms Z are both going to like it,” William said with understandable satisfaction.
“I think they’re going to keep their copies.”
“I bet Dr. B will wish we were playing in our underwear though,” Austin smirked.
“AUSTIN!” Gene snapped again as he tried unsuccessfully not to laugh.
Cole left the room to meet with another camper.
“Do you want to join us for lunch, Gramps?” William asked.
“Camp staff are discouraged from eating with the campers, or I would,” Gene responded.
“Since when are you camp staff? I thought you were our tutor.”
“I’ve been camp staff since they started paying me a dollar a session to work with campers. In fact, I have a session at two with Austin’s friend Gary. So, I will pass for today. However, you boys play on Tuesday and the three of us, and perhaps Cole, eating lunch together then to discuss last minute items, fits into the rules.”
“Whatever you say, Gramps. I love you and am happy to get so much time with you.
“I love you, too, Grandpa Gene,” Austin said.
“And I love both you boys. Have a great time today. I’ll be seeing you at the recital. I hear the third movement of a certain Mozart trio is supposed to be quite beautiful, especially when it is played by a trio of talented and beautiful boys.”
 Austin and William headed to lunch together. Austin had hoped his mother and brother would arrive on time for lunch, but a text that came from his mother while he and William were working with Gene said they wouldn’t be able to leave until mid-afternoon.  Austin texted her back that he would set up a reservation in the meeting room at the dining hall for dinner. He was still waiting on a reply as he and William talked about how well their session with Gene had gone.
“Getting that electric piano working really helped,” Austin said. “We were able to get a lot of extra practice time in.”
“And we’ll be getting even more in by the time Tuesday night comes,” William responded.
As they walked out of the front door of the Administration building, they saw Gary, Titus, Ned, John, and Carlos sitting on two of the benches in the square.
“We figured we’d see you guys coming out,” John said. “We all got done with our morning stuff and kinda ran into each other. Do you all want to have lunch together? We’ve got the Quartet and the Quartet roommates all together and when has that ever happened?”
“Let’s do it then,” Gary said. “Especially since I’m the only one without a roommate. And I know I’m not the only one that’s hungry right now.” He stood up and started in the direction of the dining hall. The rest of the boys followed him.
“You’ll have a roommate tonight,” Austin reminded Gary.
“And Sunday night,” Ned said. “Right Gary?”
“That’s the plan so far.”
“And I might go knock on Jordan’s door tomorrow and see if he will do what he said.”
“Jeez, Austin, you show a kid how to jerk off and he turns into a total sex monster,” William snickered.
“Hmm, Austin created a sex monster, just like Dr. Frankenstein,” John said. “Maybe we should change his name to Austinstein.”
“Cool, then I could be Austinstein’s monster,” Ned laughed.
Not much more was discussed until after they had their lunches and sat at one of the two eight person tables in the dining room. The boys were pleased to find one open. Because the campers did not fill the dining room, the big tables were rarely used, especially at lunchtime, which stretched over three hours.
“We know Austin is sleeping with Gary tonight,” John said, “but where will the rest of us be sleeping tonight?”
“I thought it would be Ned and me together in one room and you and Carlos in the other,” Titus said.
“What about William?” Carlos asked.
“I’m going to stay in my room,” William told them.
“Don’t you want to try a three-way William?”
“I want to be available for Austin in case things don’t work out.”
Gary jumped right into that conversation. “It will work out great. I’ll be super careful not to hurt Austin. I bet he’s going to love it.”
“I read online that not everybody likes it the first time and that it can hurt a lot, even the times after that,” Titus said. “The blog said that some guys just aren’t made to be what are called bottoms. What if Austin is one of those? He might want to go back to his room.”
“That was a great speech, Titus,” Austin said. “I don’t think I ever heard you say that much at one time. And since nobody asked me what I think, I think I’ll be just fine. Go have some sexy fun, William.”
“What I would like to know is what my roommate is doing reading about butt sex,” Carlos snickered.
“I was just curious since you guys are all talking about it,” Titus replied defensively.
“Okay, guys, I have an idea for a compromise,” John said.
“We’re listening,” Gary responded.
“What if Carlos and me and William had our fun in William and Austin’s room. If Austin needs the room, then we can just stop, get dressed, and head on our way back to one of our rooms.”
Everyone agreed with John’s idea and the subject quickly moved from sex to music, which the boys loved as much or more than sex at times—except maybe for Ned.
 Austin finally ended the lunch gathering when he said he had to meet with his grandpa for a piano lesson. Everyone else started gathering their trays so they could go to whatever workshop, lesson, or activity they had planned.
“I’m meeting with your grandfather after you,” Gary told Austin as they bused their trays. “Dr. B said he is really nice and will help me a lot.”
“That’s because he is really nice and because he knows more about playing the piano than almost anybody. I guess you haven’t met him yet.”
“Nope. But Dr. B said he knows you and me are friends.”
“You’re going to really like him. Plus, I know you’re going to learn a lot of new piano stuff.”
“I wonder if he would freak if he knew what you and me are going to be doing tonight,” Gary giggled.
“I don’t think he would. He’s pretty open about that stuff saying it’s what lots of boys do and it’s no big deal. He knows William and I are boyfriends and he lets us strip down to our underwear while doing our lesson.”
“Wow, I wonder if he would let me do that. I never realized how awesome it is to practice with no clothes on until I met you.” Austin flashed Gary a look and Gary knew right away what that look meant. “Don’t worry. First, I’m afraid to ask him if I can and second it wouldn’t feel right being naked in front of somebody like him. Hell, he doesn’t even let you and William get naked and William is his grandkid.”
“Do you have anything happening now?”
“Yeah, I’m going to my composition workshop.”
“Kevin won’t mind if you’re a couple of minutes late. I’ll introduce you to Gramps so you’ll kind of know each other when you start together.”
“Awesome. Thanks, Austin, you’re a great friend.”
Austin and Gary arrived at Practice Room C less than a minute before Gene. They were sitting on the piano bench when Gene entered the room. “Good afternoon, gentlemen.”
The boys stood up and Austin introduced Gary, who shook hands with Gene. He wondered if his hand picked up any kind of magic from the hand of the great pianist. “I thought if Gary met you now, it would make your hour together start quicker,” Austin said.
“A pleasure meeting you, Gary. I’ve heard good things about your playing from people here at the camp.” Gary blushed with embarrassment and pleasure. “I am looking forward to our time together.”
“Thank you, Mr. Delacroix,” Gary managed to squeak out. “I’ll go now so you and Austin can get to work.”
“Before Gary goes,” Austin said, “he was kind of wondering if…um…he could maybe…he could…”
“I take it Gary wants to know if maybe in practice he could sit in his session dressed as skimpily as you are?” Gene chuckled.
“Um…well, I guess, yeah,” Gary stuttered.
“I understand the need you boys have for freedom while at the piano. Underpants are fine, just don’t ask to undress as far as your friend would like to.”
Gene’s comment made Austin’s face turn as red as his hair. “I never asked…”
“I know you never asked, but I know you thought it.” Austin turned even redder which Gene didn’t think was possible.
“I’ll see you soon,” Gary said as he left the practice room with the knowledge that Austin was right; Gene Delacroix was really a genuinely nice man.
Austin felt so embarrassed he almost didn’t strip off his clothes and then decided it would probably seem weirder not being stripped down to his underpants than it would being naked. He took his clothes off and was soon wearing just a pair of gray briefs with dark blue trim along with his socks and shoes. He had his shoes on to get the right feel on the pedals.
Gene spent the first part of the session showing Austin various fingering drills. After some drill work, they went into the third movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata 14, the “Moonlight” Sonata.
When they finished and Austin started dressing, Gene took a score out of his satchel. “I have something I want you to try,” he told his grandson.
“Is it hard?” Austin asked.
“Does it matter?”
“No, I guess not, as long as it’s not too easy or so hard I can’t play it.” He looked at the front of the score. Ludwig von Beethoven. Piano Sonata 21. “Waldstein”.
“Whoa. That thing is supposed to be HARD, in capitals.”
“It’s well within your capabilities, son.”
“No way.”
“Austin, you just told me that being hard didn’t matter.”
“But I still have to be able to play it.”
Gene pulled his phone out of his pocket. “It’s time for us to exchange phone numbers, my young friend.”
“Whatever you say,” Austin shrugged. The two took care of the number exchange and then Austin saw that Gene had sent another text to him. He looked at it and saw that it was a link. “What’s this?”
“It’s a young boy named George playing a street piano in a London train station. He happens to be playing the ‘Waldstein’, and playing it quite well, I must add. Watch it when you have the time.”
“But I don’t have the time to learn it and play it…”
“Austin, just cut with the whining and listen. First, all I am asking you to do is look at the video. After you see the boy playing, when you look at the scorebook, you will say, ‘I can do that’. Second, this isn’t for camp. I’d like you to play it as your prime piece at the Youth Music Festival. I think you’ll blow people away when you play it. It is something to start working on once you get home.”
Gene talked right over him, “Mr. Fielding will help you get started. Get the cake baked so to speak. I will help you put the icing on when you stay with me. Are you game?”
“Mr. Fielding thinks I can play this?”
“No sir, he doesn’t think you can play it, he KNOWS you can play it.”
“Okay,” Austin said, feeling somewhat chagrined. “Is Mr. Markham still coming on Monday?” Austin was ready to change the subject and decided to ask about the director of the Tacoma Youth Symphony.
“He assured me yesterday that he would be here Monday and Tuesday and would also find the time to look at the video of tonight’s performance of the trio.”
“I hope I do well. I really want to try playing with the orchestra at the festival.”
“You are quite an enigma, Austin. On the one hand, you’re good and you know you’re good. You practice and you play like someone with total confidence in himself. But if someone gets you away from the keyboard and talks to you about how good you are you talk like you’re full of self-doubt.”
“I don’t know why I think that. Mr. Fielding says the same thing to me sometimes.” Austin held up his hands and wriggled his fingers. “One of my t-shirts says, ‘These fingers are mine, they got brains in ‘em. You don’t tell them what to do, they do it.’”.
“What you’re saying is, when you sit at the keyboard, you don’t need to think because you’ve put all your work, and practice, and thought into those fingers. You place them on the keyboard, and they play.”
“Yep, that’s exactly what happens.”
“I understand completely, because I have brainy fingers as well.”
Austin grinned and gave Gene a long, hard hug. “I love you, Grandpa. I know I’m going to do great as long as I’ve got brains in my fingers.”
When Austin opened the door to leave, he saw Gary waiting outside. “Hey, Gary, you could have knocked and come in. We’ve been talking about brainy fingers.”
“Say what?”
“You must not have seen that t-shirt. Ask Gramps about it. Have fun and learn a lot.”
Gary was not at all body shy, but he had spent the last hour harboring misgivings about stripping down in front of one of his tutors, who was one of the all-time great pianists. He felt he was supposed to look up to the man, not sit in front of him in underpants. When he’d called his father, who played piano, about who he was going to have a session with, he could feel his father freaking out over the phone in excitement. He heard a litany of admonitions about behaving, listening, being open minded, polite, and so forth. He never heard a word about stripping his clothes off, so he elected not to do it.
Gene noticed right off that Gary was ready to get to work in the Bainbridge Camp t-shirt the campers received their first day and his dark blue shorts. Gene made no comment about Gary’s change of mind; what Gary elected to wear or not wear was the boy’s decision so long as he decided to wear something.
As the session progressed, Gene learned that Gary was a talented pianist, which was a given since he had been accepted as a camper, an eager learner, and had a delightful, outgoing personality. He wasn’t at the talent level of Austin or William, but he did have a great deal of potential. His teaching had been competent and the added tutoring from his father, who played in a jazz band as a side job, obviously helped as well. He found it interesting that Gary was also a percussionist; the keyboard and the drums were not an unusual pairing in a young musician. Gene also loved Gary’s outgoing personality. The boy loved to talk and didn’t seem at all reluctant to chat with an adult he barely knew.
“I understand that you’re going to the Seattle Youth Music Festival,” Gene said after their session came to a close.
“Yes sir, I’ll be staying with my friend Titus. He plays the violin. If Ned was able to come, we would have the entire Master Quartet there. I guess we’ll either have to become the Master Trio or find somebody to join us at the Festival.”
“I will be looking forward to seeing you there. We have a couple more sessions coming up before the end of camp. After I get a good feel of your abilities, I am going to give you something to work on as your featured recital piece.”
“Cool. Did Austin get something?”
“He did. Beethoven’s ‘Waldstein’ Sonata.”
“Whoa, isn’t that supposed to be mega-hard with lots of crossovers and stuff?”
“Yes, it is difficult, but something I am confident Austin has the ability to handle. I want to find the same for you; something difficult but within your abilities.”
“Thanks for doing that. It sounds like fun.”
“It will be work, as well,” Gene noted.
“I don’t mind work when it comes to music.”
“Your playing of ‘The Entertainer’ is coming along nicely. Remember to work on the things we talked about in your practice and I will see you again on Monday.” Gary would be playing the Scott Joplin ragtime piece on Tuesday’s program, the same day as Austin and William’s “Fandango” duet. As Gene watched Gary leave the room, he had no doubt that Austin had chosen a first-class friend and looked forward to working with the boy again.
 Austin’s mother and brother arrived at the camp just before dinner. Austin had texted James that they were invited to eat with Christian, Benny and their families. Space had been reserved in the faculty dining room in the Administration building. Dr. Boardman, who had been the chief advisor for the trio, would also be eating with them. Teachers and advisors often ate with the performing campers and their parents on recital nights.
“Where’s your boyfriend?” Austin’s brother, James, asked as he sat next to Austin.
“The dinner is for the performer and his family and teachers only. You’ll be able to see him when you come to see us on Tuesday,” Austin replied.
“Who said I was coming to watch you two play?”
“I did, so now you’re stuck.”
“I accept my punishment. It’s going to be tough getting here on time if Mom can’t get off work early.”
“I know you’ll let me know what’s going on.”
James gave Austin’s shoulder a squeeze. “Hey, bro, thanks for the good word and getting me a place in the Festival next month.”
“You have to thank Gene Delacroix; it was all his doing.” Austin wasn’t sure what to call the man he called Gramps when he mentioned him to his brother, so he went with the more formal name. “Oh, and thank Mom and Mr. Radcliffe, too.” Jerry Radcliffe was a music professor at Western Washington University and James’s guitar teacher.
“I’ll remember them all in my will,” James said.
“James, be serious for once.”
“Sorry, bro. I’ll be sure to thank them. Now, don’t be so uptight.”
“I can’t help it. Christian, Benny, and me all want to go to the final recital and we’re going to have to be really good tonight.”
“Relax, bro. You guys are going to kick ass, and you heard it from me first.”
The families enjoyed the dinner together and all were looking forward to the upcoming recital. Josh Fielding arrived just as the group was starting dessert. He had let Austin and his family know he would be cutting his arrival close to the start of the program because three of his pupils were participating in an afternoon recital in Bellingham.
When the draw was made for the program, the trio drew the first slot. After they completed their performance of the third movement of Mozart’s K 502 Piano Trio, the audience gave them a standing ovation. Everyone knew that the other two ensembles performing would be hard pressed to outplay Austin’s group. At this stage of the proceedings, the rules changed slightly; one ensemble and two soloists would move on to the finals.
Austin was also performing a solo, the Granados Dance Oriental. As he did the first time he had performed it on Tuesday, his performance was a combination of heart, superb execution on the keyboard, and an engaging stage presence. The audience’s response was as enthusiastic as at Tuesday’s performance and came close to matching the trio’s performance.
To no one’s surprise, the Mozart trio would represent the July 5th program on the final Friday and Austin was one of the two final soloists. Much to Austin’s delight, Ned would be the other.
William’s guitar solo was well received but didn’t quite measure up to the two Master Quartet members. William wasn’t upset by the result; after all the guitar was not his primary instrument. He was happy to have moved up to this level. His Monday Schubert program was another issue, however. He wanted to move to the elite level and was ready to put his heart into the Impromptu he selected to play on his way to his goal.
 As Ned and Titus left the auditorium, Ned’s sister, Shannon, took time to congratulate Ned on making it to the performance finals. She even surprised him by asking if he wanted to go to snack time with her. While she had been surprised when her brother’s duet with Austin had been voted to move up, she gave Austin all the credit for their performance. As much as she didn’t like him, she had to admit he was a good pianist. But she had no clue why Ned was moving up on his own. Her brother was a helpless nerd and had no business performing as well as he had. Since camp had started, he had come out of his shell and became more outgoing. Sitting with him at snack time might help explain why he had changed. Lord knows, she’d tried to bring him out of his shell and had met with no success.
“Titus and I are skipping snack time,” Ned told her, “but thanks for asking.” Shannon glared at her brother, tossed her head with a loud “Harumph”, and stomped off in a huff.
“What’s her problem?” Titus asked.
“Her problem is Shannon,” Ned replied.
“I know she’s Shannon, but what’s her problem?” Ned gave his friend a big smile and Titus nodded. “Oh, I get it.”
“And we both know what Gary told us,” Ned reminded Titus. “I guess his big brother doesn’t think she’s a problem. I wonder what they did in her bedroom.”
Titus and Ned were lip locked and looking forward to three or more orgasms much more than a cookie or a bowl of ice cream, especially if they had had to eat their snack with Shannon.
“What do you want to do?” Ned asked as the breathless boys broke their kiss.
“Hump first, then sixty-nine, then whatever,” Titus replied. “Maybe we could do what Gary and Austin are doing.”
“Dude, you just turned eleven a couple of weeks ago and you want to fuck? I never knew what fucking was when I turned eleven.”
“You didn’t know what jerking off was either,” Titus giggled.
“How is it I knew you were going to say that?”
“Because it’s true. And aren’t you going to be twelve in a couple of weeks?”
“One month from tomorrow,” Ned said proudly. “So, I know I’m old enough to do it.”
“Since when is there an age limit for messing around?”
“Fucking isn’t messing around, it’s sex.”
“Whatever. So, since when has there been an age limit on sex?”
“Probably never. So how about we do this: Let’s ask Gary or Austin or both for tips and then fuck before camp is over.”
“That gives us a week.”
“Plenty of time.” Ned locked his lips onto Titus’s again, pushing his tongue into his friend’s mouth as he started humping his three and a quarter inches along Titus’s two and three quarters as well as around Titus’s smooth belly and pubic area. Ned was ready to go full out when they were interrupted by a knock on the door.
“Who the fuck is that?” Ned squeaked. He thought this was a perfect time to use his newest favorite word.
He rose from the bed and walked to the door. He thought it might be John coming back because Austin decided not to have sex with Gary. John had told Ned he would always give a warning knock instead of barging into the room if he thought Ned was messing around with somebody.
“Is that you John?” Ned asked through the door.
“No, it’s me so open the door,” came a girl’s loud voice through the door. Ned and Titus instantly recognized it as Shannon’s.
“What the fuck do you want?” 
“Don’t use words like that with me, or I’ll tell mom that you have a potty mouth.”
“Like I give a shit.” Ned was getting a great deal of enjoyment out of using his potty mouth.
“I know what you and Titus are doing in there, so open the door.” Shannon was ready to get revenge for the way her brother and his friend brushed off having their evening snack with her.
Ned turned and looked at Titus with a look that said, “What the fuck do I do now?”
Titus read the look perfectly and said, “Go ahead and open the door.”
Ned smirked, turned back around and opened the door.
“You’re naked!” Shannon screeched. “And you have an erection.”
“No duh, sis.”
She looked over her brother’s shoulder and saw Titus playing with his boner. “And he’s naked, too.” While she wasn’t really surprised, she felt she had to act like she was.
“Hey, Titus, do I have a smart sister or what?” He looked directly at Shannon. “Now either come in or go away because I don’t like standing naked at my open door.”
“You guys were having sex weren’t you? I knew your so-called friends were no good—look at you, naked with another boy on your bed. That is so sick. Mom is going to freak out when I tell her.”
“I heard from Gary Wright that you let his brother Steve into your room, and you got naked with him,” Ned said softly. Ned didn’t know if Steve and his sister got naked in the room or not, but it sounded plausible.
“He’s lying!” Shannon’s reaction had Ned and Titus thinking their suspicion was right on the money.
“If you leave now and keep your fucking mouth shut, I’ll never say anything about them, but tell Mom on me and I tell Mom on you.”
“Steve is lying—I never got naked with him.”
“Well, you admit he was in your room, and I know it wasn’t to look at the view outside.” They heard voices coming up the stairs. Shannon pushed Ned aside and stepped into the room.
“Okay, you win. Go ahead and be gay, I don’t care. Just don’t tell Mom about Steve and me getting naked.” Ned looked at Titus and gave him a knowing smile. “I don’t think Mom would get real mad about it—she’d just give me a lecture about being safe around boys. But you guys were having SEX and she won’t like that.”
“You mean you and Steve didn’t do anything but look at each other?”
“That’s none of your business. Let’s both just agree not to say anything.”
“Do you want to show Titus and me what a naked girl looks like?”
“Your problem is that you’re a typical boy. I’m your sister, lamebrain, and I am not going to show you anything. And right now, I’m tired of you.” Shannon turned, opened the door, and left the room.
“What were we doing when we got rudely interrupted?”  Ned asked after he closed the door, thankful his sister hadn’t slammed it.
“I thought you were going to fuck me,” Titus giggled.
“Oh yeah, I was kissing you and humping you and making us both feel awesome.”
Ned went back to humping his best friend until they had enjoyed the first of their three mutual orgasms for the night.
<Carlos, John, and William>
William hoped that everything was going smoothly with Austin. He was thoroughly enjoying the three-way teen fun with John and Carlos. Although Carlos was twelve, he was as sexually mature as both fourteen-year olds, if not more so. Besides, his thirteenth birthday was just a couple of weeks away.
After getting naked, the three talked about sex. Carlos and William had both gone all the way with girls and John was quickly turned on by their stories even though he was gay and much preferred boys. On the other hand, William was the one with a boyfriend. John had the first orgasm. With nothing better to do, he sat between William and Carlos and jerked them off at the same time until each one shot his wad.
But the climax of their climaxes came when Carlos fucked John while William sucked John’s cock. William had a spontaneous orgasm when John started shooting his sweet teen cum into William’s mouth. Carlos quickly filled John’s ass.
The three agreed it had been a great night but were now ready to get to sleep. The beds were barely big enough for two boys; there was no way three boys could fit in one. Carlos said that since he was straight, he was happy to let John and William snuggle together in William’s bed.
William thought John was great to snuggle with and wondered if they could get off one more time before falling asleep when he ended up falling asleep.
 Austin’s mother and James left as soon as they had finished congratulating Austin and trading hugs and kisses. Austin gave his mother a hug and a quick peck on her cheek and gave his brother a quick peck on the lips; an action not missed by Austin’s mother, Valerie. Valerie had to be at work in the morning and wanted to leave in time to catch the next ferry.
Ned also earned a quick kiss from Austin as well as Gary for his making the finals. Austin looked around for William but didn’t see him in the auditorium. Austin and Gary then headed for the dining hall to pick up a couple cookies to help fuel their upcoming sexual activity. Austin found William with John and Carlos in the dining room.
“I’m sorry you didn’t make the finals,” Austin told his boyfriend. “I thought you played well.”
“I played okay. Gramps liked it,” William responded. “But I’m not disappointed. I’m happy I got as far as I did on an instrument I really haven’t played that much. Now, next week when I play that Impromptu…well, I’m putting my heart into that, just like you did with the Granados. I want us both to be playing solos next Friday. And I plan to be playing my guitar with this redhead boy, who people say isn’t bad at the piano.
“I hope you and I play together more than anything. Have you guys decided where you’re sleeping tonight?”
“We’re sleeping in your room,” William chuckled. “I guess you’ll just have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight.”
“I heard the benches in the courtyard are uncomfortable to sleep on, but I think I can do it if I can take one of my pillows.”
“No way, your pillows are all mine,” John told him.
“Oh well, I guess I’ll sleep on the grass then.”
“You can sleep in my room,” Gary offered, getting into the fun. “But I only have room on the floor.”
“Just don’t step on me when you go to the bathroom,” Austin said.
“I’ll do my best to be careful.”
“Maybe you guys should chomp down your cookies and take care of your biology lesson,” William told them.
Gary stood up and hitched his shorts so that his boner made a visible bulge. “I heard Austin can show me what I can do with this.”
“I’ll do my best,” Austin grinned as he took the last bite of his oatmeal raisin cookie. He stood up but he didn’t have a discernible bulge in his shorts. “I heard you’re giving the lesson today, so show me what you got.”
After arriving in Gary’s room, they pissed and stripped. The two twelve-year-olds were rock hard and ready for action.  Gary pulled the lube William had given them out of his desk and slathered his three plus inches of pubescent cock with it.
“Are you nervous?” Gary asked Austin.
“Yeah. I’m afraid it will hurt,” Austin replied.
“Well, just remember Ned.”
“What does Ned have to do with this?”
“He was totally scared of everything to do with sex until you showed him how to jerk off, and all of a sudden he is the Austinstein sex monster.”
“Not only that, but he went from the shy kid to going to Friday’s finals. He thinks he can do anything.”
“Well?” Gary asked.
“Well what?”
“Well, just don’t be afraid. And remember you’ll be ready for your boyfriend.”
“That’s easy for you to say. You’re not having somebody stick his cock up your ass.”
“No, but I wish I was. Maybe not you, now that you and William are married and everything, but Ned or Titus and, wow, Carlos, can do it to me.”
“So how about we quit talking about it and do it?” Austin pleaded. “Otherwise, I’m just going to become more scared.”
Gary said nothing and applied lube along the inside of Austin’s crack, and then an extra helping on and in his grommet, the way William had demonstrated. “You look like you’re still ready to do it,” Gary smirked as he tweaked Austin’s erection.
The two friends had one purpose, and that was for Austin to be fucked so he would be ready for William. There was no kissing or foreplay as Austin got on his knees and elbows, giving Gary an inviting target. Gary started pushing his cock into Austin’s ass, amazed at its warmth and wetness.
Austin felt a combination of pain and pleasure and grunted as he got used to the presence of a foreign object in his ass. It wasn’t the first time he had felt something enter him; his fingers had been in there, along with William’s and Ned’s fingers. He had pleasured himself with objects, like his pen, but having a cock there was an entirely different feeling.
He wished now that he and Gary had kissed and petted and maybe he could have even let Gary finger fuck him. He thought about stopping his friend and telling him they needed to start over and make out when Gary hit his pleasure button.
“EEEEK,” Austin screeched out.
“Did that hurt?” Gary asked with concern.
“Yeah, and then you hit the spot and... oh fuck…just keep going.”
Gary did just that, slowly and steadily. Austin wished Gary would pull out, then wished he would stay in him and hit the spot forever. Then he wished they would quit where they were but screeched in pain or pleasure or whatever he felt at the time until Gary’s steady rhythm led Gary to shoot his boy cream into Austin’s ass.
“Oh, shit, Austin, you can’t believe how good that felt,” Gary murmured.
After Gary pulled out, Austin felt pleased the ache was released at the same time he wished Gary would get hard again and replace the emptiness. Austin rolled on his back and started jerking himself off. Gary adjusted his position and replaced Austin’s hand with his own, jerking his friend off until he squealed with joy as he shot his clear tween cum on his belly and hairless pubic area.
“So, how was it?” Gary asked.
“It was weird and not weird. I had a great cum. It felt good with you in there, but sometimes it hurt and sometimes it felt ass-kicking good. I think I’m ready for William.”
“Well, if you’re not, I’ve got all week to stretch you out,” Gary giggled. “I loved it. Now I gotta see what it’s like doing it the other way.”
“Maybe Carlos or somebody could do it. I mean, they’re on the other side of the bathroom in my bedroom.”
“Nah. Tonight was all about you. But tomorrow night, maybe I can talk Carlos into doing me here in my room while William fucks you.”
“William is not going to fuck me.”
“I thought he was fucking you tomorrow.”
“Nope. He says he’s not going to fuck me. Instead he’s going to make love to me.”
And for the first time that evening, Gary and Austin traded a long, erotic kiss.
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