Short Stories by Zarek A Dragon

My Childhood Best Friend

Zarek A Dragon


This story is based on a true event. Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. It is dedicated to my best childhood friend. I still miss him. The image is not really Joey, but it IS close enough for the story.


JoeyZack was only seven when his family moved to Woodlawn Dr. in Piqua, Ohio. He wasn't a very outgoing boy, so he didn't expect to make any friends for a while, but he was surprised.

Two days after his family moved in, there was a knock on the door. With Zack following, his dad answered it; there was a boy close to Zack's age. He introduced himself, "Hi, my name is David Jones. I live just down the street."

"Are you one of the Monkees?" Zack teased.

David laughed, "No, but I do share the name with one of them, and I don't have a locker, either. Mom saw you moving in and suggested I see if you can come play."

Zack looked up at his dad, who said, "Go have some fun, just be home for supper."

Zack took off to play with David. He already liked the boy and they had just met. They went to David's backyard where he had a sandbox. David had toy cars, bulldozers and other toys; he told Zack they could either play with the cars or the tractors. Zack chose the cars.

While they were playing, the boy who lived across the street from David came over. He asked if he could join in the playing. Since it was David's yard, Zack didn't say anything, but he hoped that David would let the boy. He didn't know why, but he thought this boy was really cute. This boy had dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes. Zack enjoyed looking at those brown eyes.

Dave was a good-looking boy himself, but Zack really liked this new boy. "Joey, this is Zack. His family is the one that just moved in. Zack, Joey is a year younger than us."

"Nice to meet you, Zack."

David didn't give Zack a chance to respond, he looked at Joey and suggested, "Since you want to join us, why don't we play something else."

Joey looked at Zack, "Do you like Star Trek?"

Zack grinned, "I love Star Trek. I watch it all the time."

"Good, you can be Captain Kirk and I'll be Spock."

"I'll be Scotty," David added.

The boys went into the woods behind David's house. Once they were where no one could see them, Zack told them they were captured by an alien lifeform and made to take off their shirts. Without question, all three boys removed their shirts.

David suggested, "Wouldn't the alien force us to take off our pants, too?"

"Okay," Zack agreed, and started undoing his fly, but Joey disagreed.

"If we take our pants off outside, we might get in trouble," Joey debated.

David argued, "Not if none of us tell. No one will see us here."

Zack was really wanting to see Joey without his pants, but he took Joey's side and redid his fly. "What if someone decides to come here like we did," Zack defended Joey's argument. "Besides, if it makes Joey feel uncomfortable, we shouldn't do it."

"Thanks, Zack," Joey smiled.

"Okay, but then the alien is going to make us kiss," David conceded.

Joey agreed, "I have no problem with a quick kiss, we are friends."

"Okay, you two go first, then I will kiss Joey and then Zack," David suggested.

Zack put his arms around Joey and they pressed their lips together for a quick peck. Then, as David suggested, he took his turn kissing. Zack really enjoyed kissing Joey, but David's kiss felt more like he was kissing a brother..

The three boys played together as much as possible, but when Zack played with David, all three boys played together. Often, Zack and Joey played together without David. Some days, they played Star Trek, other days, they played Hogan's Heroes or something else.

Every chance he could, Zack had himself and Joey shirtless. He didn't know why, but he enjoyed seeing his friend without his shirt.

Then one day, Joey's family moved away, and Zack was heartbroken. At the time, he didn't realize it, but he loved Joey as more than just a friend. He never forgot Joey and still dreams about him from time to time.


I hope you enjoy the story and that it draws you in, wanting more. If you have any suggestions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me. Thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed and may or may not be implemented. Concerns will be considered and addressed as much as possible, please contact me at Zarek A Dragon. Please let me know that you read it on The Story Lovers' Website.