Piano Forte

Chapter 35-Friends and Family

<Father and Son>
Austin stretched his hand out and was pleased when William took it. The two lovers left the auditorium hand-in-hand, giving each other a loving look that said, Somebody might not like what we’re doing right now, but fuck ‘em!
David Delacroix caught sight of the two as they clasped hands just before going out the door. He turned around and barked, “Holding hands? They are holding hands? Oh, hell no. That is not acceptable. William is going home tonight—as in right now.” He turned back around and started for the door.
Gene Delacroix started after his son. Cindy, William’s mother, stood helplessly. She often felt overwhelmed by the dynamics of the emotions roiling through the three Delacroix males in her life: Son, William; husband, David; and father-in-law Eugene. She wished she could turn to her cello for comfort.
“David, wait. Don’t go doing something stupid,” Gene called out.
David stopped at the door and turned to his father. “Dad, did you see what those two were doing?”
“I believe they were holding hands,” Gene replied matter-of-factly.
“Apparently your vision is still good in your old age. I think I have the right to stop his nonsense right now.”
“By yanking your son out of camp tonight? By humiliating him in front of his family and peers? By taking away one of the best things to happen to him in a long time? Is that how?”
“What good has happened to him? He plays the fucking guitar instead of the piano that he is meant to play?”
Gene gave his son the glaring stare that had been part of David’s life since he was a tot. “I could swear that your son, my grandson, sat at a piano this evening, played, a difficult work with polish, professionalism, and, something that hasn’t been a big part of his performances, genuine emotion. And here it turns out he was playing a guitar the whole time.”
When Gene turned on the sarcasm, David knew he had all but lost the argument. “Well, what I meant was, he will be playing the guitar tomorrow, and with that little redheaded vixen.”
“How about instead of the two of us standing here in the hall in a stare- down argument, why don’t we go into the staff lounge, grab some coffee and pastry, and deal with the young man we both love dearly?”
What David really wanted to do was turn around and finish chasing down William and Austin, but he took a deep breath and went with his second choice, which he knew deep down was the better of the two. “Maybe they have finally become civilized here and are serving tea and scones. I suppose we should find out.”
Gene patted his son on the shoulder, and the two great artists started for the faculty lounge in the main building. The two mothers elected to let the men work their problem out. Austin’s mother, Valarie, turned to Cindy. “Actually, I thought the two boys looked cute together. Different, but cute.”
“What I know is, my son is the older of the two, yet I’ve seen a huge change in him since he started rooming with your son.”
“I think the two are good for each other—and in many different ways.” Valerie wasn’t sure what she had thought about the budding relationship between Austin and William. She had seen it unfolding, the boys weren’t as secretive as they thought they were, and after first thinking her son was being seduced by the older boy she soon realized there were some genuine feelings between the two. She knew children of that age could have such feelings because she had been twelve and her future husband, Michael thirteen, when they first met. It was love at first sight, a love that was still alive in her even if it wasn’t in her husband.
<William and James>
While Gene and David talked, William and Austin made their way to the dining hall for snack time. “Do you think we should let our hands go before we go inside?” Austin asked. He squeezed William’s hand hoping his boyfriend would understand the gesture to mean he didn’t want to let go.
“Nah,” William replied. “If somebody doesn’t like it, fuck him.” Austin knew that William was referring to James.
“Everybody who knows us knows we’re boyfriends,” Austin said.
“Exactly. But after we walk in and find a table, I’m going to have to let your hand go. Your brother and I have to have a talk, big time. I’m tired of his bullshit.”
“James is a good brother, so I hope you guys work hard to get things settled. I want you both to like each other.”
“If James is such a good brother, then why isn’t he acting like one?” William asked.
“Because you’re fourteen and I’m twelve and he thinks you’re taking advantage of me and he is trying to be a good big brother and protect me from the Big Bad William.”
“The Big Bad William—I like it.”
“Maybe I should be the one talking to him. I need to tell him how much we love each other.”
William shook his head. “I need to be the one to do it.”
“I want you both to be friends,” Austin said as he gave William his best puppy dog look.
“I’ll do my best,” William said as he and Austin walked into the dining hall. The boys staked their claim on a table. William let go of Austin’s hand. Austin sat at the table while William remained standing as he looked for James.
“He’s with John over by the window,” Austin said. Austin could pick out his brother anywhere.
“Thanks. I’ll be right back.” William took two steps, stopped, and looked back at Austin. “And don’t worry, I won’t hit him hard—I don’t want to damage my magic fingers.”
“I was more worried about him hitting you. Now go!”
“Well, you two were certainly a cute couple coming into the dining hall,” James grinned. “Nice that you could talk my little brother into holding your hand on the way here. Although, Austin is such a sweet kid, I know he’ll do anything to please his roommate.”
William switched his glance back and forth between James and John, finally stopping on John. “I agreed to talk to James and not to you,” he said. “No offense, John.”
“None taken. I’ll go sit with Austin, who I see has picked up some company.” William looked to where Austin was sitting and saw that Ned and Titus had taken a couple of chairs at the table. William took the seat John abandoned when he left for Austin’s table.
“Before you say anything (William fought the urge to say ‘asshole’) I want to reply to what you just said.”
“Go ahead,” James responded indifferently. “I’m not in any hurry.”
“Austin took my hand when we walked over here. Before we walked in here, he made sure it was okay if we still held hands. If you think I can just snap my fingers and have Austin do whatever I want, then you don’t know your brother very well. The dude is as headstrong and stubborn as they come.”
“You got that part right. But he’s still a sweetheart who loves to please.”
“And I love that sweetheart.”
“What about the headstrong boy? Do you love him, too?”
“You know the question I want to ask, so I might as well…”
“Don’t bother asking. The answer is yes, we did it last night. I was top and he was bottom.”
“Wow, I never would have guessed it would be the big boy taking the little boy’s cherry,” James sneered.
“Except, I didn’t take his cherry. He wasn’t a virgin when we did it last night.”
The smirk was replaced by a look of shock. “I don’t believe it.”
“Look (the word asshole fluttered into William’s head again) you can believe whatever the fuck you want. Austin really wants to talk to you bad and as soon as we finish, he’s going to come over to talk. You can ask him all about what we’ve been doing, and he will tell you what I’ve just told you.”
“So, if you didn’t take it, who did?”
“You’ll have to ask him. He told me it was okay if I told you I wasn’t the first, but the rest is up to him.”
William noticed James’ haughty attitude leave him and his voice dropped. “When camp started, and he called me, he’d tell me how much he loved me and what a great big brother I was. He told me how much he missed me.” James’ voice dropped a notch more. “Now he tells me how awesome you are and how much he loves you.”
William placed his hand on the arm of Austin’s brother, fully expecting him to pull his arm away. “He still loves you. He still misses you. You’re still the best big brother in the world.” He paused and gave James’ arm a gentle squeeze. “But, he’s not your boyfriend,” William said gently.
“Yeah, I know. But, in a lot of ways, since as far back as I can remember, I felt like his boyfriend. He slept with me when he was scared and feeling sad. Or when he had a bad dream. And as he got older when he was horny. I would jack off thinking of sucking his cock and then, before he left for camp, my fantasy was of taking his cherry.”
“And then he fell in love with somebody.”
“Yeah. I mean, he had a couple of friends he messed around with, Oliver being the most regular, but they were just friends. I knew I wanted him, and he knew I wanted him and it was just a question of when.”
“I thought you were a virgin, too.”
“Nah. I lost my cherry just after I turned twelve. My friend Frank and I were doing everything together. Hell, we still do, and we’re both straight fuckers. Plus, I’ve been top and bottom with John.”
“Fuck, I didn’t know that.”
James was pleased to learn that John wasn’t a person to fuck and tell. He knew he should probably keep his own mouth shut, but he felt it was important that William knew the complete sexual truth about him. “I thought for sure I was going to teach my little brother everything about sex, including ass fucking. And maybe by the time he was ready to do a girl, I’d be the big brother who’d been there and done that and taught him everything he needed to know. And the best way for him to learn was by him fucking ass, right?”
“It sounds reasonable to me.”
“I’ve been a real jerk, haven’t I?”
“I have to admit you were working at it pretty hard.”
“And you know what? If you were the asshole Austin said you were back at the start of camp, you probably would have torn me a new asshole or kicked the shit out of me or something. But you were just patient and protected my sweet little brother from his asshole big brother and, well, shit, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry for how I acted.”
“Apology accepted. You might want to apologize to your brother, too.”
“I will. That’s easy to do. I’ve had to apologize to him a lot. Have you had to apologize for anything?”
“Dude, until I met your brother, I never apologized to anybody for anything because I was so perfect.”
“That must be why Austin kept saying you were an asshole from the time he met you,” James chuckled. “Hell, he was calling you that even BEFORE he met you.”
“Well, he was right. And when I found out what a great kid he was and how much I liked him I had to apologize for a lot of shit. And then the next thing I knew we were saying how we loved each other and suddenly we were boyfriends.”
“And I think what I’ve learned is that sex and love shit didn’t happen because you wanted to fuck my brother’s cute bubble butt. What happened just happened because it happened.”
“I guess that sounds as good as anything, although fucking that sweet ass of his is a factor in all of this,” William admitted. “And now, I’m going to trade places with Austin so you two can talk.”
“Is Austin like a piano prodigy? I mean, he’s always sounded good at home and in recitals, but fuck, what I’ve heard when I’ve listened to him here at camp is mind blowing shit.”
“Yeah, Austin is good. He’s the best in this camp including the staff, except for my grandfather. And someday he’s going to believe it. I’m good, dude, but not as good as him. He’s something special.”
When William got up to leave, James stood up with him. “Can I hug you?” James asked.
William stepped toward James and wrapped his arms around Austin’s brother. James grabbed him and the teens traded a long, emotional hug. “Thanks, William. I think we’re both heading in the same direction now.”
“You’re welcome. I’m happy, you’re happy, and seeing the way he is looking at us, I can tell from across the room that Austin is totally happy. Oh, and dude, if you want to make love to your little bro, I’m all for it.” With that, William walked away and sent Austin over to talk to his brother.
<Gene and David>
While there were no scones in the serving area, Gene grabbed a dish of peach cobbler, and David picked up a slice of Marionberry pie. Father and son set their snack on a table. Gene then grabbed a cup of coffee and David a cup of hot water and a tea bag with Earl Grey tea.
“This is not the place to keep your trim figure,” David commented as he placed the tea bag into the hot water.
“That’s why I only do snacks with special people,” Gene grinned. He then turned serious. “So, tell me son, how did young Austin become a female fox?”
“That was a poor choice of words,” David admitted. “But at least I didn’t call him a bitch.”
“Good point, son. But why not just call him a boy?”
“How can my son claim and your grandson claim to be in love with a boy? How can I accept my son walking on the campus of my alma mater holding the hand of a boy who’s not even a teenager yet? The only way I can see that happening is that somehow that little redhead got William doing things he really didn’t want to do.”
“Tell me David, do you really believe that line of bullshit?” Gene’s question was met by a long silence. “Okay, you’ve had your little explosion, and now it’s time to turn things over to your more rational side.”
“Do you think William is gay?” David finally asked.
“He’s fourteen. He’s learning about himself artistically and as a person. Which is a fancy way of saying, I have no clue. So, let the boy discover himself, but be prepared to answer his questions and to pick up the pieces, if need be. I will be available for him, but his father should be the one he turns to. But he won’t do that if you decide it’s your duty to live his life for him.”
“Looking back at it, you did give me a lot of freedom, especially in my teen years. But you were always available, even though I had to call you sometimes. But I probably blew it when I started after him when I saw him holding Austin’s hand.”
“That’s what apologies are for. William is just learning how to apologize and maybe you should follow your son’s example. It will teach both of you some things.”
“I don’t even know if I can find him tonight.”
Gene shook his head. “You have a phone. You have his number. Therefore, the problem is a moot issue. But talking to him tomorrow might be better. I think he’s all wrapped up in his friends tonight.”
“I have to say that wrapped up is an appropriate choice of words. But, I didn’t plan on coming tomorrow night since he will be playing that goddamn guitar. What’s with him and the guitar? He’s a pianist.”
“Three things. First, he still is a pianist. What you heard from him tonight bears that out. Second, he enjoys the guitar as an extra instrument which makes him like many other musicians. I know you’ve sat with Cindy’s cello trying out simple tunes. All of us like finding ways to expand our musicianship. And third, I’ve worked with him and Austin on the work they’re playing. It’s exciting, it’s difficult, and those boys have the innate ability to master it—which I feel they have done. It would mean the world to him for you to be there, especially since he knows how you feel about him and the guitar. Your attendance plus your apology tomorrow would do a lot to heal the rift between you and your teenage son. Not many fathers get that opportunity.”
“You know, Dad, there are times I have to remember whether you made your living as a concert pianist or as a psychologist.”
“Since I raised a teenage son, I would say it was likely a combination of both.”
<Austin and James>
When Austin reached his table, James stood up and exchanged a loving hug with his brother. They sat down and looked at each other wondering who was going to break the silence. Austin took the initiative. “You’re pretty popular tonight, Bro,” he said to his older brother.
“Not like you are. You have a table full of friends plus I’ve seen how many people have stopped to say something to you,” James returned.
“They were just saying how much they liked my performance tonight.”
“It was a kick ass performance, that’s for sure. But so was your boyfriend’s.”
“Oh, so he’s my boyfriend now, is he? It looked like you two had a good talk.”
“Yeah. Once I found out he wasn’t making you do stuff you didn’t want to do, things started to get better.”
“If anything, I was probably getting Willie to do things he didn’t want to do.”
“Willie? Have you called him that to his face?”
“Once. His look said I might want to think real hard about doing it twice,” Austin giggled. “Anyway, he probably told you what we did last night.”
“Yes, he did. And I was all set to be royally pissed about it, but now that I know the story, I’m happy for you.”
“Just before I left for camp, I jerked off thinking about us having our first fuck together with you going up my butt. But now I’ve had my first and, well, you, like, haven’t had one.”
“I guess it’s time for me to fess up, Bro. I’m not a virgin.”
“Say what?” Austin squeaked. “But you told me…”
“I never told you anything. And since I never told you I did it, you just figured I’ve never done it.”
“Who did you do it with, Frank?”
“Good guess, Bro. That’s exactly who I did it with.”
“When? Before I left?”
“Way before you left. We started when we were both twelve.”
Austin looked at his brother like he had never seen him before. “Are you guys gay?”
“Frank probably is. I’m not. I just like getting off. And since you’re going to ask, I’ve done it with Trish. Three times. And don’t ask how many with Frank, since we’ve been doing it for over two years.”
“I bet you’ve done it on overnights in your bedroom right when I was sleeping next door.”
James nodded. “You got that straight. Sometimes Frank would hint that we should bring you over to join us. But I didn’t want you doing that stuff.”
Austin wanted to make a snide remark along the lines that James seemed to enjoy taking charge of his little brother’s sex life, but decided that the evening was going so well he would keep his mouth shut—for now. “I better get back to my table and finish my snack.”
James correctly read Austin’s departure. “I guess I pissed you off, but I understand. I love you Bro, and, well, I love you and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”
As Austin started off, James stopped him. “By the way, Willie said he’s got no problem with you and me fucking each other.”
“For real?”
“After I get home from camp, keep your bed warm for me,” Austin grinned. “Have fun with John tonight.” Austin stopped and stared directly at his brother. “When you guys spent that night together did you two…um…do it?”
“This is between you and me and Willie and John, okay?”
“I pinky swear.” The brothers interlocked their right pinkies.
“Then you no doubt figured out that we did. And, just to give you something to jerk off over, we went both ways.”
James watched his little brother leave, happy that he had stopped him to tell him what William had said. There were good feelings all the way around since everything was now okay between the Richards brothers.
<Gary, Titus, and Ned>
While snacking and watching the revolving door between their table and the table where James was sitting, Gary, Titus, and Ned decided to spend the night together in Gary’s room. Austin would be with William, taking his boyfriend’s cherry, and John would be shacking up with Austin’s brother. While Ned knew he could stay and watch if he wanted, he would rather enjoy the time with his friends. In less than a week they would be breaking up and going their own ways.
Titus felt like Ned. He wanted to be with the great friends he had made at camp. Sure, he could stay in his own room and jerk off Carlos, or maybe suck him, but he knew he would have more fun with Gary and Ned even if they didn’t have any sex at all.
After leaving the dining hall, Ned and Titus went to their rooms and gathered what they needed for the night. When Gary let them into his room, he was already naked and sporting an erection.
“Hey, guys, welcome to my kingdom. We have plenty of time for fun before lights out,” Gary said.
“What about after lights out?” Ned asked.
“Better yet,” Gary smirked. He stood and watched his two best friends quickly strip naked. “Okay, we’re all naked with boners, so what do we do now?” he asked.
“Have you noticed how the twelve-year-old stands in front of us rubbing his boner and acting like he’s in charge?” Titus asked Ned.
“Well, it’s his room, and he’s the oldest, so he probably is in charge.”
Gary sat on his bed. “Then as long as I’m in charge, Ned can sit on this side.” He patted the bed with his left hand. “And Titus can sit on this side.” He then patted the bed with his right hand.
Each boy took his assigned seat. “Do you know where your sister is, Ned?” Gary asked.
“Nope. I’m just happy she isn’t here right now. She’d scream her lungs out if she saw all three of us sitting here naked with big ‘ol’ boners.”
“I don’t know how big they are,” Gary said as he gave Titus’ and Ned’s erections a couple wanks, “but they sure seem ready.”
Ned gave Gary a return wank. “Yours is ready, too. But first tell me where my sister is since I know that’s what you want to do.”
“If I can believe what my brother told me after the program, she’s in my brother’s room and they’re going to do the big nasty.”
“You’re lying. My sister might get naked with guys but no way she’s gonna go all the way with somebody she hardly knows, especially a bleeping Yank.”
“He said that she agreed to do it.”
“Fine—then if my sister is going to lose her cherry tonight she can’t say anything if I lose mine.”
“Are you serious?” Gary asked.
“Yeah, are you serious?” Titus parroted.
“I’m totally serious,” Ned responded. 
“Then let’s do it,” Gary said.
“Who’s going to do him?” Titus asked.
That brought on a short discussion that ended when Gary said, “Well, if Ned is serious, then the guy who fucks him can’t be serious since who wants to have serious sex.” And with that he rolled Titus on his back and commenced to tickle him. Ned got involved as Titus squealed with laughter. He started tickling Gary, who rolled away from Titus, got on top of Ned, and tickled his ribs sending him into gales of laughter as well.
“Okay, stop,” Ned gasped, “or I’ll pee your bed.”
“Go ahead,” Gary laughed. “You gotta get something to come out of your cock tonight.”
The trio sat up on the bed, working to gain their composure. “We seem to be more of a trio than a quartet all of a sudden,” Titus said. “Austin is totally stuck on William.”
“Except Austin will be making us the real Master Quartet on Wednesday night,” Gary reminded him. Just before leaving the table for their rooms, the Quartet plus William and John agreed the four boys should enjoy a last night together before the last weekend. They agreed there was too much going on the last Friday and Saturday for them to plan anything, making Wednesday or Thursday look good. Wednesday won the contest.
“That’s going to be the orgy of the camp,” Titus giggled. “Too bad William isn’t going to join us.”
“He said the Quartet has to have a night as The Master Quartet,” Ned stated. “And from what it sounded like, he’ll have a quartet of his own.” William, John, and James agreed that with the “little boys” having an end of camp orgy they would, too, and would invite Carlos to make it their own quartet.
“I guess it’s time for us to have a three-man orgy,” Gary said. He told Ned to get on his hands and knees. Ned adjusted his position on the bed and did what he was told. He was both nervous and excited. He wished he hadn’t volunteered to get his ass fucked while at the same time thinking that getting his ass fucked would make him a total horndog.
“Damn, when I left Canada I had never jacked off in my life, and now I’ve jacked off, been jacked off, jacked other guys off, humped and kissed, had my dick sucked, sucked dicks, and now I’m gonna get my ass fucked. My friends at home won’t even recognize me,” he giggled.
“Hey, getting fucked doesn’t change the way you look,” Gary said. Since he had given up his ass for the first time the night before, he was now the veteran expert.
“I know that, since you and Austin both look the same. What I meant was they won’t recognize me because I’ll feel different inside. I did things here I never thought I could do anywhere. And a couple of my friends are going to learn from me, when before if somebody mentioned sex stuff, I’d go somewhere else.” Kind of like what I did with Jordan, he thought.
“How about you guys doing something,” Titus suggested.
Gary reached into his desk drawer for the lube William had left behind and started slicking Ned’s crack and pucker. “That feels good,” Ned uttered.
“It’s gonna feel better real soon,” Gary said as he inserted two lubed fingers into Ned’s ass. “This will help get you loose and ready for my cock. William says it’s a good idea to get the ass ready, especially a virgin one.”
“Who are you calling an ass?” Ned giggled as he felt Gary’s fingers working his anus.
“Okay, it will get your ass hole ready.”
“Getting ready is feeling pretty fucking good.”
“I think we’re about ready to start then,” Gary said.
“What are you going to do, Titus?” Ned asked.
“I dunno. Jerk off I guess.”
Gary lined himself up with Ned’s ass when he was hit by a sudden thought which he thought was delightfully nasty. “Titus, here’s an idea. I’m going into Ned’s butt hole, but he’s got another hole.”
“Huh?” Titus asked in confusion.
“Oh, I get it,” Ned grinned. Ned may have been totally naïve about sex a month ago but he was much more in tune with sexual situations, even ones that alarmed him like his encounter with Jordan, than Titus. “Titus, I’ve got another hole you can stick your cock into.”
“What other…,” Then Titus saw Ned’s open mouth. “Oh, THAT hole,” he giggled.
That was how eleven-year-old Ned Walsh, who a month ago had never even jerked off, ended up being fed at both ends by the cocks of two of his best friends. When Gary entered Ned’s ass, Ned felt some pain, but the fingers of his friends had helped loosen him to where the pain took second billing to the feelings Gary was generating in Ned’s bowels. Having Titus’s cock in his mouth helped, as he focused attention on his mouth as well as his ass.
All of this was new to Titus and Gary, too. Titus had never been involved in anal sex, even as a spectator, while Gary was a top for only the second time, although it was the second time in the last three days. The coordination between the three boys was shaky, Ned wasn’t always sure that he liked what was happening to him, but the three friends hung together, grunting, moaning, squeaking, fucking. But it all made sexy sense when Titus screeched a high-pitched yowl as he rabbit-fucked Ned’s mouth and had the orgasm of his life.
Titus removed his two and three-quarter inches from Ned’s mouth and watched Gary finish his business as he climaxed a little over a minute later, shooting three squirts of clear cum into Ned’s no longer virgin ass. Seconds before Gary came, at the other end of the dorm his older brother climaxed at almost the same time with Ned’s sister as the two teens lost their virginity. 
After Gary pulled out, Ned dropped on his belly, rolled over on his back, and started jerking off furiously. He didn’t get far because Titus took over and continued masturbating Ned, bringing his friend to a body shaking orgasm.
“That was the best thing ever,” Ned said between breaths. “The best ever.”
“Did it hurt?” Gary asked. “I tried not to go hard.”
“You did a good job. It hurt some at the start, but it was the best ever.”
Gary was beginning to think he might be a good top after doing Austin and Ned. “Well, I’ve got Austin’s cherry and Ned’s cherry. What about yours, Titus?” Gary said.
“I’m the only virgin in the quartet,” Titus commented in disbelief.
“Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Ned reminded him.
“I know, but maybe I want to. Ask me about it when all four of us are together on Wednesday. We’ll see how I feel then.”
Two boys barely managed to fit on one of the dorm beds. Gary said he’d had somebody to sleep with the last two nights and suggested that Titus and Ned sleep together on what had been Brian’s bed. The two eleven-year-olds were agreeable and enjoyed a cozy sleep together.
<John and James>
The horny teens didn’t play around after entering John’s room. Without saying a word, John started stripping off his clothes and James followed suit. When he was down to his gray and black boxer shorts, John stopped his striptease. Once again, James followed his lead; he was stripped to his black and red striped boxers.
“What’s with us stopping?” James asked. He could see the bulge in John’s underpants and the wet spot forming where his cockhead was. “I’m hornier than fuck.”
“I wanted to take your underpants off and have you take mine off, just to add a little extra surge through our systems,” John replied.
“Sounds like a plan to me,” James grinned. He stepped up to John and gently pulled down on his waistband, wiggling it over the rock hard four-inch cock. Once the underpants were down to his ankles, John stepped out of them. James thought John was a beautiful boy, but it still amazed him that the fourteen-year-old had no pubic hair and a cock not much larger than twelve-year-old Austin. When Austin left for camp, he even had a couple of little hairs sprouting. James observed that John’s balls were bigger than Austin’s and hung down farther. John’s cum was also more mature than Austin’s and he shot more of it. James’ best friend Frank had a treasure trail and hair growing on his chest when he was fourteen. He was now a hairy dude at sixteen with a seven-inch cock. “Gays call guys like me bears,” Frank said.  It was all what James and Frank called the mysteries of puberty.
When John pulled off James’ boxers, he felt that promised surge shoot through him when his hand rubbed against James’ cock. The naked teens stood face to face admiring each other’s athletic teen bodies. Both boys played sports at their high school—James, who was a sophomore, had a good chance of starting varsity in soccer, while John, who would be a ninth grader, was a swimmer.
“Now what?” James asked.
“I thought we were gonna fuck,” John smirked.
“Damn, you keep coming up with good plans. But, if I’m gonna fuck, I need to kiss first.” In an instant the two were passionately kissing, tongues battling, cocks squeezed together, hands rubbing asses. They fell onto John’s bed together as if the move had been choreographed.
“Oh, fuck, you kiss good,” James said as he came up for air.
“You ain’t no slouch. Everybody in the quartet raves about Austin’s kisses, and I can see where he learned the art of kissing from.”
“All this fucking talk is a waste of time,” James moaned. “How about you start fucking the shit out of me.”
“Oh, so straight boy likes to bottom. Crazy how that works,” John grinned as he pulled lube out of his desk. When they were both lubed, John set to work doing what James wanted. He fucked him hard and deep, delighting in groans and grunts coming from James as he all but drove him through the dorm wall.
James had a no-touch cum less than a minute before John filled his ass with his thick teen sperm. After catching their breath, they kissed hard again before finally rising from the bed and heading into the bathroom to clean themselves. John wasn’t worried about his suitemates seeing him and John naked and cleaning up from sex. It wouldn’t be the first time. And since he’d jerked off with George and Frederick and fucked George, they would probably be turned on by what they saw. He was disappointed that he didn’t see either one of his other two suitemates.
James and John snuggled in John’s bed after returning to the room and chatted. “I’ve heard so many stories from you, I’m not sure who you’ve done and when and where,” James told John.
“Your story has had some interesting twists,” John retorted.
“True. So, let’s agree to be honest from now on. Even William and I have agreed to it. Now let’s see if he sticks to his word. That said, I have a question for you about brothers.”
“Fire away, dude.
“I really want to have Austin’s ass when he gets home from camp. But, I’m fifteen and he’s twelve and, well, I guess my question is, there’s a big gap between you and your brother. How does he handle it?”
“He loves it. I guess it helps that I have what my doctor calls ‘delayed puberty’ which means I’m not sticking anything huge up his little ass. He was kind of weird after our first time. I was thirteen then and he was ten. Well, he’s still ten. Anyway, we’d been messing around a lot and finally one thing led to another and one night I fucked him.”
“And he was okay with it? You said he got weird, is why I asked.”
“He gave me dirty looks for, like three or four days and hardly talked to me. I tried apologizing, but it was like he was ignoring me every way he could. I thought for sure he was going to rat me out to the ‘rents and my ass would be grass for sure if that happened. Then one night, five days later, he comes into my room stark naked and crawls into my bed.”
“What happened then?”
“I said, I thought you were mad at me. And he said he was and so I asked why he was naked in my bed with me. And he said because I want do to what we did the last time I was in your bed.”
“Just like that, he changed?” James asked.
“No. The little bastard was mad because I acted like I didn’t want to do it anymore and I never asked him if he wanted to or not. Fuck, I just figured he didn’t. Anyway, to make a long story short I plowed him twice that night and we’ve been even closer as brothers ever since. When I turned fourteen it was like I wondered if I was too old to be fucking him, but he didn’t care. He’s even tried fucking me—he needs to get a little bigger. Anyway, he turns eleven at the end of the month and I’ll feel less weird.”
“I think things will work with me and Austin. I mean, I won’t be his first, and he’s already been fucked by a teen. I assume William isn’t as big as me, though.”
“He’s a half-inch or so bigger than me, so way over an inch short of you. He says it’s been growing pretty quick.”
“You know what all this is doing to me, don’t you?” James asked.
“Oh, yeah. I can feel it poking my leg. Maybe we should take care of business.”
And so James set to work getting his six plus inches up John’s ass and taking care of the second and last part of their business for the night.
<Austin and William>
“I’m so happy you and John got things straightened out,” Austin told William in between kisses. He and William had spent the last half hour naked on William’s bed kissing and licking each other’s necks, sucking each other’s nipples and balls, and exchanging long, deep, tongue filled kisses. William was almost spewing precum over himself or Austin depending on their positions.
“Well, it’s all good for now.”
“I think it will stay good. James is a great brother because he’s a great guy, and if he says everything’s cool with him now, that means everything’s cool.”
“I’ll believe you,” William said somewhat doubtfully. “I mean, you’ve lived with him your whole life, so you should have a pretty good idea of what he’s like.”
“Well, since you told him that you were okay with us fucking, I think that means you believe what he said.”
William gave Austin a long kiss and then said, “That’s a good point. I think I need to get over myself and just let you two be the loving brothers you’re supposed to be. It kind of makes me wish I had a brother at home waiting for me to fuck him.” Austin noticed how William had phrased his wish and wondered if that would change after William no longer had a virgin ass.
“Did you or James say anything about you two having sex together?”
“Whoa, have you lost your mind?” William chuckled. “There’s no way that’s going to happen.”
“How do you know if you don’t talk about it.”
“I’ll think about it, okay?”
“I promise. But I only promise to think. And now, we’re having way too much talk and way too little action. If I was going to be fucking you tonight, I’d rim your sweet smooth ass right now.”
“So, rim it anyway. Then we can have two firsts. And maybe I’ll get brave enough to rim somebody in the quartet on Wednesday.”
“Who would you do?”
“All of them, if I could.” Austin couldn’t help but giggle as he imagined himself moving from ass to ass and licking them. Then the exact nature of rimming struck him hard. “Or maybe none of them.”
John had brought up the topic of rimming at dessert after outside talk was over. “I’ve never done it,” he’d said, “but I hear it’s pretty sexy.” Austin was surprised that William was interested in doing it.
“How about we do what we planned to do tonight. Tomorrow we can talk about if we seriously want to do rimming,” Austin suggested.
“Sounds like a plan to me,” William said. “But before we do anything tonight, I gotta go pee.”
William headed for the bathroom.  Austin thought that sounded like a good idea and trailed him into the toilet stall. They peed standing side by side at the toilet. They spread their legs and pushed their erections down, working to not urinate on the floor. As they headed for the door to their room, they heard a squeal coming from Gary’s room.
“Somebody felt good doing something,” Austin giggled. “Maybe I can make you squeal like that.” Austin closed and locked the door and followed William to his bed. “We always use your bed. We could use my bed, you know.”
“My bed has good sex karma,” William said with mock seriousness. “Mere mortals like us should not disturb the aura surrounding the bed.”
“You mean sexy mortals, don’t you?”
“Whatever. Get out the lube and fuck me. We’ve worked ourselves into a high level of horniness and I need some release. So, hurry before I change my mind and ask you to just suck me off. I need to know if I can do it.” William was nervous and was rambling in an attempt to convince himself he had nothing to be nervous about.
The hard core making out was over. The lube job was complete. But some kissing and licking seemed like a good idea to bring their hormone level back up following their pee break. William lay on his back, legs up, his pucker issuing an invitation for Austin to enter, which he finally did.
His three-and-a-half inches entered William’s ass like it was meant to be there. William often finger fucked himself when jerking off and over the last few days Austin had pushed a finger or two up his ass, as had John. William felt little discomfort and implored Austin to start humping. Austin started slowly, but quickly upped the pace as William’s rectum fit him like a glove. He drove in as hard and deep as he dared. When William didn’t complain, he went harder, faster, and deeper, his swollen cock grazing William’s prostate on the deepest thrusts.
The first time he hit William’s button, William squealed with delight, an action Austin would enjoy teasing him about for a long time to come. William now understood why gays liked to get fucked and knew deep inside his passion driven body that he was going to want more of that feeling. He wondered how long it would take for Austin’s cock to grow to where instead of just grazing him his cock would rub it hard. Austin’s hard fucking sent William into a frenzy. When he had the chance, he grabbed his own cock and that was all it took for him to see lights and stars and feel as if his body had been taken over by the redhead slamming his little body into him. William was in love, in lust, in everything he could be.
Like William, Austin knew he wanted more of what he was getting. When William spilled his load, the squeezing of his ass sent Austin into orbit as he shot his watery cum into his lover’s ass. He knew that everything between William and himself was exactly what it should be. He knew that the two of them were joined and were complete. He didn’t know how he knew that except that it all felt right.
“I love you, Austin,” William whispered to his lover as they snuggled in Austin’s bed after coming down. “I can’t believe I can love somebody like I love you.”
“I love you, too, Willie. What we’ve done the last couple of nights has been, like, wow. I can’t say what it’s like. I just want more and I want more of you and I feel like we fit together perfect?”
Austin replied with a deep kiss, which William returned. Cuddling even closer, Austin and Willie fell into a close sleep filled with love.
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