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April 4, 2023: Changing of the Guard at *True's Fandom*
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone!

I wanted to reach out to regular readers here at True's Fandom as well as those who circulate throughout the Fort Family of hosting sites. One exceptionally difficult job is finding someone willing to take over the work started by a community/family member who we all miss. We all know that TrueFan (Lenny) put a lot of himself into his own work as an author as well as in growing his site. In the few years that True's Fandom has existed, he has amassed an impressive library that signifies the personality of those hosted on the site as well as give many newer authors a jumping-off point or even a home base. When we lose a site owner, we can maintain the hosting so the work isn't lost and active authors can still contribute but, we need to find someone who is willing to carry the torch lit by its creator. Today I am very happy to announce someone who not only is willing to take the wheel but, if given the opportunity, someone I believe Lenny would have chosen himself as his successor.

For those of you who are readers both at True's Fandom as well as many of our other hosting sites, author "Garret D. M." who has been a very close friend of many of us, including Lenny, has accepted our request for him to take over his online "Dad's" site and I know for a fact, this would make TrueFan himself both very happy as well as very proud. Garret brings with him new ideas & new direction as well as the ability to pay tribute to a man who quite literally was his online Dad, which is awesome!

So please join us all in welcoming Garret D.M. as one of our newest site owners and let's all support him as he learns to drive the vehicle Lenny and his hosted authors have built! 

- Jeff

February 23, 2023: Feb 22nd Updates
Posted by D Barber

Time for updates once again. To start things off we have two updates from ACFan with Ch 11 of Life Renewed – Revised and Ch 15 of CSV-DSM Part 2. Next is DouglasDD with CH 14-17 of Mayfield Magic. We also have Ch 2 of Voyagers Book III by the Voyagers Authors. Finally, we have 3 updates from The Story Lover. First is a Societal Commentary titled. I am A Real Man! . Next is Beyond This Place There Be Dragons from Dragon Earl: Book Two, and finally we have a Dragon Quote By John Lennon from Dragon Earl: Book Two. Check back soon for more updates.

February 8, 2023: Februrary 8th Updates
Posted by D Barber

It’s time for updates once again. To start things off, there have been multiple updates by the Voyagers Authors as they start work on Book 3. There have been updates to the Duty Rosters for Space Fleet Academy and Aliens Encountered, as well as updates to the lists of Families on the Sooloo as well as the Uniforms and Space Fleet Regulations. There is also a Galactapedia, Glossary, and Calendars created for Book 3 as well. Finally, for updates from the Voyagers Authors, we have Ch 1 of Voyagers Book 3. There have also been updates from other authors as well, with Ch 10 of Life Renewed – Revised by ACFan and Ch 10-13 of Mayfield Magic by DouglasDD. Check back soon for more updates.  

February 4, 2023: That time of year again
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Authors and Readers,


It is that time of year again. Yes, it is time for our Annual Pledge Drive to keep the lights on and our Fort Family of sites servers running.

So please give us a helping hand to keep our sites alive. No donation is too big or too small, all donations are greatly accepted and appreciated.

Remember none of our sites have ads or Premium Fees!

Please help us keep our founder August Christopher's dream alive.


To Donate just click on the Donate Button in the left side panel on any site.


Thank you for your help over the years,


The Fort Family Admins

January 12, 2023: January 11th Updates
Posted by D Barber

It's time for the first Update Post of the new Year. To start things off we have Ch 70-72 of Three Finger Cove Book 6 by Chowhound. We also have some updates from The Lonely Kitten, with Ch 1-2 of A Brand New Start and Ch 1 of The Prophecy of Ascrya. There is also updates from DouglasDD as well with Ch 21 of Emerald City Boys and Ch 9 of Mayfield Magic. Finally, we have multiple updates from the Voyagers Authors as they End book 2 with Ch 31 of Voyagers Book 2 and Start Book 3 with The Cover Page and Synopsis of Book 3 as well as the SS Sooloo Ship Specs and Duty Rosters for Earth, SS Soolo, SS Endurance, SS Stephen William Hawking, SS Endurance, and SS Darastix and the SS Joseph Hooker. Check back soon for more updates.

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